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13 gravity age rumors

by philip Reed
This PDF provides the GM with a selection of Whats Required to Use this PDF?
rumors that can be used in any space opera cam-
In order to use Future: Gravity Age Rumors you
paign that includes starships. These rumors make
will need the modern d20 roleplaying game SRD and
some assumptions about your campaign and will
the official future SRD. No other Ronin Arts products
be most useful in campaigns in which the follow-
are required to use this PDF.
ing statements are true:
Future: Datastream
The campaign is not a hard science setting. As of the time of publication, Ronin Arts Future:
Campaigns that are more space Datastream subscription service is running, intro-
opera/adventure movie are the intended ducing new material for futuristic campaigns five
target for these rumors. times each week. For more information on the
Starships are not rare or unusual. All of the Future: Datastream, including subscription infor-
rumors in this issue assume that space trav- mation,please visit the official forums at www.rafo-
el is a standard and common occurrence
individuals either fly their own ships or ride
on passenger ships. Starships and space Open Game Content
travel are as common for characters as a All of the text of this PDF is presented as open
plane ride is for people of our reality. game content. While this means absolutely nothing
Space combat is not uncommon. Its just to your campaign it does give other publishers per-
another exciting adventure when the player mission to use this material as long as they follow the
characters have to engage the enemy while open game license (see the end of this PDF).
fleeing from some world or other.
The campaign is packed with action. If
About the Author
things arent exploding, how much fun can Philip Reed has been working professionally in
the game really be? the roleplaying game industry since 1995. In that
time he has worked for such companies as West End
Games, Privateer Press, and Steve Jackson Games.
While some of the following rumors may slot
Today Philip spends his days at home running Ronin
into campaigns in which all of the above is not true
Arts, writing and designing new games, and reading
it will likely require some work on the part of the
whatever books interest him at the time. To learn
GM. No matter what the basic assumptions of your
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campaign are, though, all GMs of futuristic cam-
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paigns should be able to take some ideas from the The approved Ronin Arts fan forums can
rumors in this PDF.
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using the rumors

This PDF is intended solely for the GM. Players cessful result.This adds some roleplaying opportuni-
who suspect that their GM may have a copy of this ties and, Ive found, encourages the PCs to talk over
PDF would do best to close this file now and find the false rumor before discovering the truth.
something else to peruse. Each rumor follows the format:
The rumors in this PDF may be sprinkled liberally
in a campaign either as written or modified by the Rumor Heading (Gather Information DC)
GM. GMs should always be prepared for the situa- Failed Gather Information Check: If the check
tions, characters, and locations discussed in any is failed this is what the PCs hear. A section of this
rumor to leap to the forefront of the game session; entry is to be read aloud to the players though many
you never know what bit of information the players GMs will choose to paraphrase the information
will grab and run with. (especially if any of it needs to be tweaked to better
When in any cantina,hangar bay,powerstation,or fit the campaign).This entry also discloses the source
similar establishment where men and women gath- of the rumor.
er, select a rumor (or two or three) from this PDF and Successful Gather Information Check: If the
have each player make a Gather Information check check succeeds this is what the PCs hear. Again, this
and then check the roll against the chosen rumor(s). entry is intended to be read aloud and gives the
Ive discovered that these rumors work especially source of the rumor.
well if, after the Gather Information check is rolled, Follow Up: If the PCs choose to investigate the
you give the PCs first the failed result (if they made rumor this information will help the GM to prepare
their roll) and then, shortly after, give them the suc- for what could happen.

the rumors
If the player characters are interested, and can
THE BLACK HOLE SYNDICATE NEEDS negotiate a payment for information, the old man
SMUGGLERS (DC 10) continues:
You want to haul yourselves down to Bay 112.
Failed Gather Information Check: You
Ask for Rigger Clive and tell him Jacobs sent ya.
know the Black Hole Syndicate, boy. Well, theyre
Hell get you boys working.
lookin for pilots without a criminal record to
Source: Arthur Jacobs [male human, Strong
operate some of their freighters. Its good pay and
Ordinary 3, 12 hp], a lean, tall man in his fifties.
safe work since the Syndicate has pretty much
Jacobs talks in a slow, broken tone the mans
every cop between here and the Dio Rings taking
seen better days. He wears a simple jumpsuit and
bribes. I could point you in the right direction . . . for
carries a Fusion Age laser pistol. If pressed, Jacobs
a small price.

agrees to lead the player characters to Bay 112 but Rock, a maximum security prison in the Noah
hell attempt to sneak away if things turn ugly. System. Bailey is only repeating what he overheard
Successful Gather Information Check: I a few minutes ago.
couldnt help but overhear Jacobs. If youd take Successful Gather Information Check:
make advice, friend, I recommend you dont go into Yeah, the Chikako Confederation is hiring mercs
that meeting without first arranging some protec- but the jobs no picnic. My brother died working for
tion.The Black Hole Syndicate, while they do some- those Chikako bastards; they sent him and ten oth-
times hire freighter pilots, is better known for ers into a battle against several dozen and kept
snatching people and selling them into slavery. Id them there until every merc was dead.The Chikako
expect the worst, if I were you. pay well if you can survive the assignments but
Source: Irina Alekseyevna [female morphean, they demand a lot for their credits.
Smart Ordinary 2, 9 hp], an attractive woman Source: George Argos [male human, Strong
with short red hair dressed in a tight, revealing Ordinary 2, 8 hp], a pale-skinned man wearing
bodysuit. Alekseyevnas gene therapy modifica- gray fatigues and unarmed. Argos is friendly and
tions are not apparent visually. She refuses to get will do everything he can to persuade the player
involved, stating prior commitments. characters to not seek employment with the
Follow Up: If the player characters choose to Chikako Confederation.
go to Bay 112 theyll meet Rigger Clive [male Follow Up: If the player characters go to the
human, Tough Ordinary 5/Charismatic trouble of traveling to Selfakan VII theyll be per-
Ordinary 5, 55 hp] and eight of his thugs. Clive mitted to meet with Chikako Confederation
will attempt to lure the player characters into a recruiters. The exact way in which the meeting
nearby light freighter to show them the ship, evolves will depend on the type of campaign that
hell say but once inside he and his men will you want to run (and that the players want to par-
attempt to capture the player characters. If Rigger ticipate in). Its highly recommended that this par-
Clive and his men succeed the player characters ticular rumor, more than any other, be used prima-
will be bound and gagged and whisked off to an rily as background chatter and not the basis for
illegal slave market. If the player characters suc- adventure. Still, if you want to run a campaign in
ceed and gain access to the ship theyll quickly which the player characters are hired mercenaries
determine that its little more than a hull the this is certainly a good way to get the ball rolling.
Black Hole Syndicate has used this tactic a lot over
the last few months. THE WINNER OF THE STARCROSS
Failed Gather Information Check: You look Failed Gather Information Check: You
like a tough bunch that can hold your own in a havent heard of the Starcross? Its a new race being
fight. If youre looking around for work you may put on by the Haver Corporation. Each ship in the
want to consider heading out to Selfakan VII and race has to pay an entrance fee but the prize is big!
signing up with the Chikakos. Last I heard they The team that wins the race is gonna be given a
were in the market for mercs and paying good Fusion Age courier ship. Sure, its not top of the line
wages. Its supposed to be easy work. but a free ships a free ship. I hear the competition
for the race is gonna be pretty intense hell, Im
Source: Black Bailey [male human, Tough
thinking about borrowing a ship and entering
Ordinary 5, 27 hp], a towering, heavy-set bald
myself so I bet theres gonna be some foul play
man a prosthetic arm. Bailey is wearing a suit of
during the run.
scout armor and has a laser rifle slung over his
shoulder and a plasma pistol on his hip. He hires Source: Richard Kubek [male human, Fast
himself out as an enforcer, bodyguard, or thug and Ordinary 4, 14 hp], an agile man in his early thir-
has spent several years incarcerated on Devils ties dressed in an old flight jacket and one-piece

black bodysuit. Kubek spent several years as a cor- ing and crying in panic, rushing about looking for
porate courier, flying one-man starships between someone to take her to a place with ample
all of the wealthiest worlds, but lost it all when a amounts of food and water.
crash destroyed his legs and left him in a coma for Successful Gather Information Check:
years. Under the bodysuit Kubek is a mix of flesh Ignore that woman, shes insane. Yes, the Alliance
and cybernetics. was destroyed in a meteor storm but it wasnt car-
Successful Gather Information Check: An rying anything more than circuit boards and diag-
old courier? Hardly. The prize is a decommissioned nostic components. Besides, even if the Alliance
bulk freighter. Old, sure, but a lot more useful to the was bringing in food and water the station has a
right group than a courier. If I win Ill take the ship, six-month supply on hand and can get fresh sup-
hire a few men, and start running cargo for a living. plies in less than twelve hours.Theres pretty much
It would be nice to get out of the hangar and actu- no fear that well ever run out of food or water.
ally travel the stars. Source: Adriaen Tappan [male human, Smart
Source: Jorgen Holm [male human, Smart Ordinary 4, 10 hp], an elderly gentleman that
Ordinary 6, 16 hp], a blond-haired man in his late makes his living onboard the station as a traffic
forties dressed in a station engineers outfit. Holm control director. Tappan was in the control booth
has spent the past twenty years working in the when the report of the Alliances destruction
hangar, performing minor maintenance and reached the station so hes far more informed
repairs on starships. Hes managed to convince his about the situation than the screaming woman.
boss to loan him an Information Age shuttle that Follow Up: Unless the woman is silenced (or
has been heavily customized. Unfortunately for sedated) shell push several people onboard the
Holm, though, the ships just too old to compete station into a panic that, if left alone, grows into a
against the newer model ships that are sure to be riot. Station security will be overwhelmed in such
entered into the race. an event and begin hiring competent men and
Follow Up: If the player characters choose to women to assist in dispersing and sometimes
enter the race this is a great opportunity to run a arresting the rioters.
session that doesnt rely heavily on combat. Of
course, some competitors are going to do every-
thing they can to sabotage the others but actual
weapons fire during the race is not allowed vio- THE ANTARNOX LANE (DC 15)
lators will be expelled. Whether or not the player Failed Gather Information Check: Six times
characters win depends completely on whether or in the past week pirate ships have ambushed
not you want them to get their hands on the prize. freighters traveling along the Antarnox Lane, the
most recent ambush taking place just yesterday.
THE FREIGHTER ALLIANCE WAS LOST The man looks down at his datapad, types a few
quick keys, and looks back up to the player charac-
IN A METEOR STORM (DC 15) ters.My sources tell me that the pirates are oper-
Failed Gather Information Check: Did you ating out of the Keyes Ring and Ive heard rumors
hear? The Alliance was completely destroyed in a that the Shippers Guild is going to offer a bounty
meteor storm; there were no survivors! She was on the pirates no later than next week. An experi-
coming in with a load of food and water and now enced group such as yourselves may want to get
the stations going to run out of supplies before out there and try to capture a pirate ship or two
tomorrow.The woman turns away from the player before the bounty is posted; there could be some
characters and starts shouting: Were going to good money in it.
starve! Source: David Weaver [male human, Fast
Source: Jessica McCutcheon [female human, Ordinary 8, 20 hp], owner and operator of the
Dedicated 1, 4 hp], an early-twenties woman Planet Carrier, a light freighter. Weaver has been
with long black hair and a long, hooked nose. She running the Antarnox Lane for a decade now and
grows increasingly louder until she starts scream- has never personally encountered pirates (though

hes had a few encounters with the law; he some-
times smuggles illegal cargos for the Black Hole FAISAL ABDO HAS BEEN ARRESTED
Syndicate). Weaver has dark hair, a moustache, FOR MURDER (DC 15)
wears glasses, and dresses in plain, cheap jump-
suits. If he gets into trouble there are 1d4+1 men Failed Gather Information Check: Abdo had
in the immediate area that are employed by it coming, the murderous slime. I spent six months
Weaver; these men will jump to his rescue no mat- serving with that fool on the FTL Shadow and he
ter the conditions. was never anything but a thief and a liar. If it were
up to me, the man looks around nervously,Abdo
Successful Gather Information Check: I
would be shoved out of an airlock. The laws going
wouldnt set out in search of those pirates without
to be far, far to lenient on the man. Patting his pis-
ensuring Ive got a combat-ready ship, myself. A
tol the man stares hard at your group. I should
short, thin man in red scout armor steps up as soon
have killed him when we were on the Shadow. It
as the player characters finish talking with David
would have saved us all some trouble.
Weaver.Weavers right, and hes a trustworthy fel-
low, but that doesnt make those pirates any less Source: Paul Martin [male human, Tough
dangerous.Ive got a few friends working in station Ordinary 4, 20 hp], a thick, powerful man with
security and they tell me that the pirates are oper- well-defined muscles and a broad smile. Martin is
ating with no fewer than a dozen assault fighters, well known to merchants and smugglers in this
escorts, and one rebuilt cruiser. The man takes a sector of space hes served on dozens of different
slow drink.Besides, its best to leave the problem ships over the years and hes very well liked.
to the military theyve got the equipment and Martins carrying a laser pistol, a dagger, and is
manpower to handle the situation and should be wearing a battered spacesuit.
on the case in less than a week. Successful Gather Information Check:
Source: Alexander Dane [male aquan, Smart Sure, Abdo Faisal was arrested for murder, but
Ordinary 5/Fast Ordinary 3, 25 hp], captain of what theyre not telling anyone, the woman
the hauler Galaxy Whale. Dane has had encounters glances around and then lowers her voice, What
with pirates in the past and is keeping his ship in theyre not telling anyone is that Faisal escaped last
stardock for the next few weeks until this recent night.Word is he had help from a guard but Im not
pirate situation is dealt with by the military. Hes sure if thats true or not. Station security is moni-
quite friendly and will ask the player characters to toring all ships leaving the station and theyre will-
have a meal with him. He believes the best thing ing to pay a healthy bounty to anyone that can cap-
anyone can do for now is avoid the Antarnox Lane ture Faisal and bring him in. Id go after him myself
and wait for the military to do their job. but Im scheduled to make a run to Moreau Station
in just a few hours.
Follow Up: If the player characters foolishly go
in search of the pirates theyll find them. Lots of The woman motions the player characters clos-
pirates. If they wait around it will be less than a er.For the right price I could be persuaded to share
week before the Shippers Guild offers a bounty on what I know about Faisal including, she grins,
each pirate ship brought in to the station (DC 35 where he can be found on the station.
sale value for purposes of determining the effects If the player characters can give the woman
of claiming a bounty on a player characters Wealth enough to make her happy she hands them a small
bonus) and a few days after that a military task map of the station with a maintenance closet on
force begins patrolling the shipping lane.The play- the lowest level marked. Faisals there, but Id be
er characters, if they do not own their own starship, careful if I were you.
could sign up with a freighter to help provide Source: Ayame Eriksson [female human,
defense in the event of a pirate attack. If they do Charismatic Ordinary 6, 22 hp], an attractive
own their own starship they may choose to hire woman of Oriental/European ancestry.She has sev-
themselves out for escort duty during the crisis. eral friends in station security that told her about
the escaped Faisal after she swore to keep her
mouth shut until she blasted off.When she saw the

player characters, though, she figured she could fectly safe as long as we stay onboard the station
make some quick cash off of the information and until the battle has concluded.
then leave before anyone found out that she had Source: Irina Alekseyevna [female morphean,
let the secret out. Smart Ordinary 2, 9 hp], an attractive woman
Follow Up: Though Faisal [male human, Fast with short red hair dressed in a tight, revealing
Ordinary 5, Smart Ordinary 5, 48 hp] is a crim- bodysuit. Alekseyevnas gene therapy modifica-
inal he did not commit the murder that hes been tions are not apparent visually. She leans back and
accused of. In fact, there was no murder the mur- invites the player characters to join her for a drink.
der is just a smokescreen station security was using Follow Up: Alekseyevna is correct, the military
to grab Faisal so that they could ship him off to is in the middle of a combat with the pirate ships at
Devils Rock, a maximum security prison in the this exact instant. Unfortunately for everyone flee-
Noah System, and have him as far away from the ing the station, most the independent ships blun-
station as possible. der into the battle and confuse things for the mili-
Faisal will not go down without a fight and tary craft, unwittingly leading to a pirate victory.
when the player characters reach the maintenance About an hour after the player characters first hear
closet in which hes hiding theyll also find 2d4+1 of the danger, a trio of pirate cruisers drop into
men that are waiting with Faisal. All of them are the system and begin making attack runs against
paying the Black Hole Syndicate to smuggle them the station. Will the player characters join in the
off of the station. If the player characters alert sta- defense of the station or run and hide?
tion security or otherwise thwart Faisals escape
from the station, both Faisal and the Black Hole
Syndicate will actively work to harm the player
characters for interfering in the operation. BUYING HOT STARSHIPS (DC 15)
Failed Gather Information Check: Its not
A PIRATE ARMADA IS APPROACHING like its news or anything. Hell, theyre always buy-
ing stolen starships. The man motions to a darker
THE STATION (DC 15) corner of the room and if the player characters fol-
Failed Gather Information Check: As the low him he continues, They dont pay much for
player characters enter a new location they see a starships but the Black Hole Syndicate asks no
large crowd breaking-up, please screaming and questions and pays on delivery. Last I heard theyre
running for the exits. As a man runs by and the looking for bulk freighters, haulers, and escorts and
player characters attempt to find out whats going are paying better rates for those than any other
on the man pauses for a moment. What are you type of ship. You need to talk to Christopher
stopping me for fools? Theyve already destroyed Koenraad in Bay 87 if youve got a ship to sell.
six freetraders that crossed their path and theyll be Source: William Seaborn [male desert
here in less than three hours. Were doomed! He crawler, Charismatic Ordinary 9, 36 hp], a tall,
then takes off, rushing for the hangar bays. sandy-complexioned man dressed in thick, heavy
Source: Carlos Engel [male human, Dedicated clothing (he spent so many years on a world of
Ordinary 2, 7 hp], a heavy, doughy man with short, intense heat that most climate-controlled locations
stubby fingers and legs. Engel wears his black hair feel cool to him). Seaborn has never actually sold a
close and cropped and is clean-shaven. When the ship to the Black Hole Syndicate and has no con-
player characters meet him hes wearing a loose nection to the criminal group, hes just repeating
two-piece outfit and a heavy jacket. information he was given the day before.
Successful Gather Information Check: Successful Gather Information Check:
Relax, my friends, theres nothing to fear. Yes, Buying starships? Yeah, theyre always buying
theres a small armada of pirates headed our way starships, but never from random guys theyve
but military vessels have already engaged the never met before. If youre foolish enough to
pirates and theres absolutely no chance that the attempt to contact the Black Hole Syndicate I bet
pirates will reach the station. Trust me, were per- youll end up sold as a slave.

Source: Gregor Skulsky [male human, Smart military is planning on stripping down and exam-
Ordinary 6, 20 hp], a chaming, friendly man that ining. A weapon? Well, its probably equipped with
maintains eye contact while talking and offers to weapons but the techs that discovered the ship
buy drinks for the player characters. Skulsky is tall, have already determined that the ship is thousands
attractive, and works on the station as a medic. of years old and every system is ruined from so
Follow Up: If the player characters have many years underwater. If you ask me, theyll even-
already encountered Rigger Clive (see p. 3) theyll tually end up parking the ship in orbit over some
recognize him immediately Clive and Koenraad resort world and running tourists through it. Initial
are the same man. Otherwise, events will play out reports indicate that theres absolutely nothing of
much like as described in the Black Hole Syndicate technological value to be gained from the wreck. It
Needs Smugglers rumor.With work a GM could eas- sounds as if the aliens that built it werent quite as
ily blend these two rumors into one the Black advanced as we are today.
Hole Syndicate will load a stolen starship with Source: George Argos [male human, Strong
cargo and then pay the player characters after they Ordinary 2, 8 hp], a pale-skinned man wearing
deliver the ship and cargo to a distant world. Of gray fatigues and unarmed. Argos is well-connect-
course, this variant is also an elaborate trap ed and likes to keep up with the latest news in alien
designed to capture the player characters and artifacts and archeological discoveries.
place them into slavery. Follow Up: If the player characters take
Corrigans advice and attempt to steal the
AN ALIEN ARTIFACT DISCOVERED weapon they find it in orbit over Craxade IV,
though its a worthless wreck and not a single
ON CRAXADE IV IS A WEAPON onboard system is operational. A battleship, two
corvettes, and a dozen fighters have been assigned
(DC 20) to defend the wreck until a tow ship can arrive and
Failed Gather Information Check: They say transport the alien craft to a military research facil-
that if activated its powerful enough to complete- ity.
ly destroy a planet. My friend, well he asked that I Attempting to steal the alien ship would be a
keep his name out of it, showed me video of the suicide mission.
artifact and it is as large as a starcarrier. The techs
found it beneath one of Craxades oceans and
pulled it into orbit with grav tethers and booster
rockets. The militarys supposed to take possession
of the artifact next week but until then its sitting
Failed Gather Information Check: Its true, I
in orbit over Craxade IV, protected by just a couple
just heard it over the Shippers Guilds radio fre-
of science vessels and an escort ship. I bet someone
quency. Heakae Base was completely destroyed by
with the right equipment could steal that thing
an unidentified fleet of starships. The transmission
and make a fortune.
warned all Shippers Guild members to avoid the
Source: Gavin Corrigan [male eclipse chaser,
Heakae system until the military can close in and
Strong Ordinary 5, 25 hp], a thin, tall man thats
deal with the situation. The man shakes his head.
constantly looking around. Corrigan, like most
And me stuck with this cargo that has to be at
eclipse chasers, is nervous and paranoid and con-
Heakae Downstation in three days. I pray this gets
stantly trying to be sure that his back is to the wall.
dealt with quick or else Im gonna miss a delivery
Corrigans wearing a heavy jacket and a bodysuit
and Ive never missed a scheduled delivery in
and keeps his hand on his holstered sidearm both
almost twenty years as owner of the Midnight
to warn others away and to reassure himself that
its still there.
The man looks around the room. You guys
Successful Gather Information Check:
wouldnt happen to know anyone with a ship that
Sure, Ive heard about the artifact found on
would be willing to attempt the run?
Craxade IV, its an ancient alien starship that the

Source: Julian Rabadan [male human, Fast tion should take less than 10 hours for most star-
Ordinary 5, 24 hp], a hispanic gentleman in his ships so delivering the cargo should be no problem
early forties with long, thick hair and a finely- at all. If they elect to steal the cargo, though, their
trimmed beard. Rabadan is willing to give up the future might get a little more complicated as
cargo (see box) to anyone that convinces him they Rabadan reports them to the Shippers Guild.
are trustworthy and will deliver the cargo to
Heakae Downstation.
Successful Gather Information Check:
Destroyed? Not likely.Sure Heakae Base took some A BOUNTY ON HIS HEAD (DC 20)
damage recently but it was from an orbital hazard Failed Gather Information Check: That fel-
and it didnt destroy the station. From what I hear low there, in the blue combat armor, is Ogre Craft;
all travel to the orbital station itself is restricted for hes wanted in seven systems. Theres a bounty on
the next few weeks while they repair the damage his head that would make any one of us rich.What
but Heakae Downstation is still open for business. do you say, guys, should we work together and grab
Why do you ask? him? I bet that together hed be easy to take
Source: Dean Verdruss [male human, Strong
CARGO: CASE OF HYDRODYN Ordinary 5, 21 hp], an arrogant, take-charge guy
that constantly bullies others into doing what he
SEAHAWK PARTS (PL 7) wants. If the player characters agree to work with
This 15-foot square metal case features one him Verdruss is sure to live up to his name.Verdruss
heavy, electronically locked door on one side. knows exactly what hes doing (keep reading).
Opening the case requires the proper access Successful Gather Information Check: As
code (or successful DC 35 Disable Device the player characters move to get a closer look at
check). Ogre Craft one of them feels a hand on his arm.
Inside the case are spare parts for the Turning quickly the player characters see a thin,
HydroDyn Seahawk, including new water-tight attractive woman who beckons them to follow her
seals, engine casings, and control circuits. to a booth on the other side of the room.Once seat-
Case Hardness/Hit Points: 8/80. ed she leans over and whispers to the player char-
Cargo Space Requirements: 15-foot acters: Are you idiots? Dont you know who that
square, 3,500 lb. is? If the player characters answer her she shakes
Cargo Value/Purchase DC: 25 (as sepa- her head and looks around at each one of them.
rate components the case has a purchase DC of You are idiots. Thats not Ogre Craft, thats Major
23 and the parts have a purchase DC of 23). Fyodor Popov, station security. Hes working under-
cover trying to grab that fool you were talking to a
Restriction: Licensed (+1).
few minutes ago. Best watch your backs, boys.
With that she gets up and leaves quickly, doing her
best to avoid being seen by Popov or Verdruss.
Source: Adriaen Tappan [male human, Smart
Source: Sabrina Espinoza [female human,
Ordinary 4, 10 hp], an elderly gentleman that
Charismatic Ordinary 5, 20 hp], a beautiful star-
makes his living onboard the station as a traffic
ship engineer that works in the stations upper
control director. Tappan has friends living on
hangars. When off-duty Espinoza dresses in very
Heakae Base and has talked to them since the acci-
revealing clothes shes always used her beauty to
dent three people were killed in the accident but
fluster men and get her way. Shes decided to help
the stations still in excellent condition and repairs
the player characters out because she finds one of
will be completed fairly quickly.
them attractive. What Espinoza will do to display
Follow Up: This is a good opportunity for the her interest is better left to each individual GMs
player characters to make some quick money. The style.
run to Heakae Downstation from their current loca-

Follow Up: If the player characters assist Dean wears his black hair in a ponytail. His thick, scraggly
Verdruss theyre suddenly surrounded by off-duty, mustache and beard makes the man appear crazed
undercover, and in uniform station security and though anyone that spends time with him quickly
whisked away with Verdruss and charged as his realizes the Ivanovich is an intelligent, resourceful
accomplices. Verdruss is a hired killer sent to the man.
station to kill Popov Verdruss knows Ogre Craft Follow Up: As long as the contaminated bio-
personally and knows that the villain is in a com- cort story remains a whispered rumor and is not
pletely different system when this goes down. He proven before the new biocort arrives everything
selected the player characters to assist him since he should be fine. If proof of the crime reaches the
figured they looked like they would be useful but public before the new shipment arrives, though,
easy to shake once Popov was killed. the medical center is forced to deal with dozens of
angry people that are demanding immediate med-
THE STATIONS BIOCORT ical attention. In only a matter of hours over half of
the people on the station find themselves desper-

(DC 20) Station security forces may just look to hire

someone to investigate the situation. Sounds like a
Failed Gather Information Check: perfect job for the player characters.
Contaminated? Not a chance.The medical center is
a secure area no one gets in or out of the phar-
macy without passing through two checkpoints.
Its impossible for anyone to tamper with the med-
ical centers supplies, including the biocort.
Source: Paul Martin [male human, Tough SUBJECTS (DC 25)
Ordinary 4, 20 hp], a thick, powerful man with Failed Gather Information Check: Ive
well-defined muscles and a broad smile. Martin is heard whispers of people being sold into slavery by
well known to merchants and smugglers in this the Black Hole Syndicate but I havent heard a word
sector of space hes served on dozens of different about some secret genetics laboratory. The
ships over the years and hes very well liked. woman stands from her table and moves to leave
Martins carrying a laser pistol, a dagger, and is the player characters.I think you boys have spent
wearing a battered spacesuit. too many years in space; youre getting space
Successful Gather Information Check: happy.
Station security and medical personnel have been Source: Katina Steinbach [female human,
working at keeping it quiet but every last ounce of Fast Ordinary 3, 12 hp], a plain-looking woman
biocort on the station including the individual in her late thirties. Steinbach is gunner on a mili-
injectors kept in the security offices has been tary escort that has docked with the station for a
contaminated. After reviewing security cameras day of R&R. She ignores the player characters and if
station security forces have determined that a they refuse to leave her alone all she has to do is
robot entered the secure areas and injected a poi- shout and several crewmates will rush over and ask
son into each separate biocort container. Even as her if she needs any assistance.
we speak the contaminated biocort is being jetti- Successful Gather Information Check: Yes,
soned into space and replacement biocort is its true, the Black Hole Syndicate is capturing peo-
enroute to the station.The only reason the author- ple and selling them into slavery but theres anoth-
ities are attempting to keep the contamination a er group of kidnappers operating on the station.
secret is to avoid starting a panic the new ship- The elderly gentleman asks the player characters to
ment should arrive in less than six hours. buy him a drink. If they do he continues. I saw
Source: Victor Ivanovich [male greenhouse them on the lower levels, weird genetically-engi-
dweller, Tough Ordinary 3, 15 hp], a cargo lifter neered men that looked more like animals than
operator on break. Ivanovich is short, stocky, and men. They were grabbing anyone that walked

through Sector Eight the only reason I managed their number is killed the group scatters. Any that
to escape was that they grabbed Fritz and he put are caught cant speak theyve been surgically-
up a struggle. The man begins crying into his altered and stripped of their voice and only a few
drink. I shouldnt have run. I should have stayed moments after being captured an internal bomb
and helped Fritz. Now hes going to become one of detonates killing anyone that was captured. For
the animal men. now, it seems, the player characters cannot uncov-
Source: Regis Esercito [male human, Strong er the source of this group or their goals.
Ordinary 4, 18 hp], a frail-looking man in his late Any player characters that are captured are
fifties. Esercito is a customs agent onboard the sta- knocked unconscious and transported to a secret
tion and is close to retirement. He feels guilty for orbital station in the Setrix Prime system. This
his friends capture but not so guilty that hell could evolve into either a rescue mission as any
report the incident to station security. player characters that managed to avoid capture
Follow Up: If the player characters descend to work to free their companions or a prison break.
the lower levels to look for the kidnappers it does- If the GM decides to run the campaign through a
nt take long for them to find their quarry 4d6 prison break hell need to create his own map of
toughs come out of the shadows and attempt to the research station (though Ronin Arts Future:
capture the player characters alive. Each is obvious- Installation 1 would certainly work in a pinch).
ly a man but has animal features.The instant one of

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