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Requires the use of the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

Nanotechnology is a topic about which
very little is known. The potential appears to NANOAUGMENTATION ADDENDUMS
be endless, but the executing is currently Unless otherwise noted, a host may have only
sorely lacking. That being said, wouldnt it one of any given type of nanoaugmentation;
be cool if we could all just be injected with nanoaugmentations of the same type do not stack
some little machines that makes us faster, (i.e. a host could not be injected with two medic
stronger, healthier, etc.? nanoaugmentations in order to gain fast healing
In that vein, albeit focused more on com- 4).
bat and adventuring, this PDF presents thir- Nanoaugementations can be either continuous
teen nanoaugmenters designed to give PCs (meaning that they operate continuously and can-
the edge over their opponents (assuming not be turned off by the host) or on-demand (they
their opponents dont also have nanoaug- operate only when triggered by the host); on-
menters). They are written in the style, and demand activation is free action.
to the standard, set forth in the standard rules
and are ready to plug-and-play.

The Nanoaugmenters
What follows is the list of nanoaugmenters. As in the standard rules, these nanoaugmenters can
be handed out to the PCs as rewards or given to them when they join a particular organization.

Future: 13 Nanoaugmentors is copyright 2004 Michael Hammes. All text in this book is designated as open game content. You
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by Michael Hammes
APPLE the host is able to distinguish colors even in
dim light.
Obviously the originator of this nanoaug- The cat eye nanoaugmentation operates
mentation had a sense of humor. Developed by continuously and does not interfere with the
the space program to aid astronauts in coping hosts normal vision.
with the various hazardous environments
encountered in space, the apple nanoaugmen-
tation has also been used to aid individuals
with weak immune systems. A favorite of endurance athletes and all those
The apple nanites implant themselves that are on the move a lot, the marathon
throughout the hosts circulatory system and nanoaugmentation allows the host to operate
work as filters, aiding the body in removing beyond his or her normal endurance limits by
unwanted organisms and substances from the implanting itself within the hosts muscles and
bloodstream. As a result, the host gains a +2 reducing the amount of lactate/hydrogen ions
equipment bonus on Fortitude saving throws to present in the body.
resist poisons, diseases, and radiation sickness. The marathon host receives a +4 equipment
The apple nanoaugmentation operates con- bonus on the following checks and saves:
tinuously. hourly Swim checks to avoid becoming
fatigued, Constitution checks to continue run-
AUDIO BOOST ning, Constitution checks to hold the characters
breath, Constitution checks to avoid damage
Originally intended for those with hearing from starvation or thirst, Fortitude saves to
problems, the audio boost nanoaugmentation avoid damage from hot or cold environments,
has since spread into other areas, most notably and Fortitude saves to resist suffocation or
covert operations. drowning.
The audio boost nanites implant themselves If the host also has the rush (see below) or
in the hosts inner ear and serve as not only a overdrive nanoaugmentation (see below),
sound amplifier, but also as a filter (for static, marathon increases the time either nanoaugme-
background noise, etc.) and noise suppressor nation can safely be sustained by 2 rounds (from
(i.e. for sudden, loud noises such as gunfire or 3 rounds + the hosts Constitution modifier to 5
explosions). rounds + the hosts Constitution modifier).
Audio boost provides a +5 equipment bonus Furthermore, should the host continue to use
to all Listen checks and a +10 equipment either nanoaugmenation beyond this safe period
bonus to Fortitude saving throws to avoid deaf- or activate either nanoaugmenation while in a
ness. fatigued state, the host only suffers 1d2 points
The audio boost nanoaugmentation operates of temporary Constitution damage per addition-
continuously. al round. Finally, should the host go uncon-
scious from either nanoaugmentation, marathon
CAT EYES ensures that the host remains unconscious for
only 1 hour, reduces the required Fortitude save
Popular with everyone from soldiers to
(DC 10 + 1 per additional round overdrive was
criminals or anyone else frequently at work in
active beyond the safe period) and, should the
the dark, cat eyes are nanoaugementations that
host fail the save, the host loses only 1d2 points
implant themselves within their hosts eyeball.
of permanent Constitution drain.
Cat eyes provide their host with low-light
The marathon nanoaugmentation operates
vision, allowing the host to see twice as far as
normal in poor lighting conditions. In addition,

MEDIC so a host cant use it to cast a second spell or
otherwise take an extra action in the round).
One of the most useful nanoaugmentations In addition, the host gains a +2 dodge
for those facing combat on a regular basis, the bonus to Defense (this also applies to pilots
medic nanites to keep its hosts body as involved in starship combat) and Reflex saves;
healthy as possible by implanting themselves any condition that makes the subject lose his
in the bloodstream and healing any physical or her Dexterity bonus to Defense (if any) also
damage suffered by the individual (i.e. cuts, makes the subject lose the dodge bonus pro-
energy damage, ballistic weapon damage, vided by the overdrive nanoaugmentation.
etc.). This healing is accomplished through All of the hosts modes of movement
accelerating the release of appropriate chemi- (including normal movement, burrow, climb,
cals (i.e. coagulating agents) and physical fly, and swim) increase to double the hosts
work (i.e. suturing). normal speed.
A host with medic nanites has fast healing The overdrive nanoaugmentation operates
2; at the beginning of the hosts turn, the host on an on-demand basis. Overdrive is very
heals 2 hit points from any physical damage strenuous on the host and can be safely sus-
suffered. Medic nanites are not able to revive tained for no longer than 3 rounds + the hosts
their host from death; they stop working when Constitution modifier per encounter; the host
their host is reduced to -10 hp or less. may shut off overdrive at any time as a free
Medic nanites do not repair damage from action. At the cessation of overdrive the host is
attack forms that dont deal hit point damage fatigued (-2 penalty to Strength and Dexterity)
(i.e. ability drain), nor do they restore hit for the remaining duration of the current
points lost to starvation, thirst or suffocation. encounter.
Medic nanites are not capable of regenerat- Any attempt to sustain overdrive beyond
ing or regrowing lost body parts. this safe time period, or activating overdrive
The medic nanoaugmentation operates while in a fatigued state, causes the host to
continuously. suffer 1d4 points of temporary Constitution
damage per additional round that overdrive is
OVERDRIVE maintained. Taking Constitution damage from
A combat-related nanoaugmentation that overdrive results in the host being exhausted (-
has found its way into sports and the criminal 6 penalty on Strength and Dexterity) until the
underworld, overdrive is a must for all those end of the encounter, after which the host is
that require faster-than-normal reflexes. The fatigued until he or she can gain 1 hour of
overdrive nanites accomplish this by attaching complete and uninterrupted rest.
themselves to the hosts nervous system and If the hosts Constitution drops to 0, or the
pituitary gland, enabling the host to move and host attempts to activate overdrive while
act much more quickly than he or she would exhausted, the host immediately becomes
normally be capable of. The overdrive unconscious and remains so for 1d3 hours at
nanoaugmentation has several effects: the end of which time the host must succeed at
When making a full attack action, the host a Fortitude save (DC 15 + 1 per additional
may make one extra attack with any weapon round overdrive was active beyond the safe
he or she is holding. The attack is made using period) or permanently be drained of 1d4
the hosts full base attack bonus, plus any points of Constitution. A Treat Injury check
modifiers appropriate to the situation (this (DC 15 + 1 per additional round overdrive was
benefit does not actually grant an extra action, active beyond the safe period) can be used to

remove the unconscious condition from the
host, but the host must still succeed at the
Fortitude save to avoid permanent Developed for the military for use in front-
Constitution drain. line shock troops, the rhino hide nanoaugmen-
The negative effects of overdrive can be tation is one of the few nanoaugmentations
mitigated somewhat by the marathon with readily noticeable effects. The rhino hide
nanoaugmentation (see above). nanites implant themselves under the hosts
skin and stimulate the production of skin cells
RADAR to the point where the hosts skin becomes
very tough and leathery, providing significant-
The radar nanoaugmentation was devel- ly greater protection than the hosts normal
oped in a top-secret government project. skin.
Designed to aid covert agents in their assign- Although it is generated by equipment,
ments, individuals equipped with radar can be rhino hide provides a +3 natural armor bonus
virtually impossible to surprise. to its hosts Defense.
The radar nanites implant themselves While quite useful, most individuals are not
throughout the hosts body, acting like minia- comfortable going about looking like a giant
ture radar transceivers as they send out weak walking callous and so this nanoaugmentation
electrostatic impulses and receive those that has largely remained within military circles.
bounce back from objects or people. This
The rhino hide nanoaugmentation operates
information is then communicated to a set of
interpreter nanites implanted near the hosts
visual cortex, allowing them to be interpreted
by the host. As a result, the radar host has RUSH
blindsight out to a range of 30 feet, making This combat-related nanoaugmentation is
invisibility and darkness irrelevant (although finding its way into sports and the criminal
like normal vision, the radar augmentation underworld. Attaching to the hosts adrenaline
does not allow the host to see through or glands, the rush nanites dramatically increase
around obstacles such as walls); the host usu- the hosts adrenaline output, temporarily
ally does not need to make Spot or Listen boosting the hosts Strength and Constitution
checks to notice creatures or objects within scores.
range of its blindsight ability. Activating rush temporarily bestows a +4
Radar is a continuously operating nanoaug- bonus to Strength, a +4 bonus to Constitution,
mentation, that is, it continuously sends and and a +2 morale bonus on Will saves to the
receives its signals. However, the host can host, but the host also takes a 2 penalty to
only interpret those signals by closing his or Defense due to increased aggressiveness. The
her eyes and concentrating on the radar image increase in Constitution increases the hosts
relayed to the visual cortex by the interpreter hit points by 2 per level, but these hit points go
nanites; the host cannot make use of both his away when rush is cancelled, at which time
or her vision and radar simultaneously. the hosts Constitution score drops back to
Initially, if done in the same round, switch- normal.
ing from vision to radar and back again is a Unfortunately, this increased combat
move action that provokes an attack of oppor- prowess is offset by a reduction in higher
tunity but with practice (time determined by thought-processing capacity. As a result the
the GM based on adventure and campaign host cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or
needs), this can be reduced to a free action. Intelligence-based skills (except for Balance,
Drive, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Pilot, or

Ride), the Concentration skill, any abilities the hosts skin and act as sonic dampers,
that require patience and concentration reducing noise of the hosts movements to
(including spellcasting and manifesting psion- almost nothing. Silence provides a +10 equip-
ic powers), or any items that must be activat- ment bonus to the hosts Move Silently
ed to function. checks.
Rush can be safely maintained for a num- Silence is usually an on-demand nanoaug-
ber of rounds equal to 3 + the hosts (newly mentation.
acquired) Constitution modifier; the host may
end rush at any time as a free action. At the SNIFFER
expiration of rush, the host is fatigued (-2
This rather unusual nanoaugmentation was
penalty to Strength and Dexterity) for the
created largely because, well, it could be. The
remaining duration of the current encounter.
sniffer nanites attach themselves to the hosts
Any attempt to sustain rush beyond this olfactory receptors, exponentially increasing
time period, or activating rush while in a the ability of the hosts sense of smell (rough-
fatigued state, causes the host to suffer 1d4 ly equivalent to that of a dog); the host gains
points of temporary Constitution damage per the scent special ability.
additional round that rush is maintained.
Just how capable is the sniffer nanoaug-
Taking Constitution damage from rush results
mentation? The host can identify the scent of a
in the host being exhausted (-6 penalty on
creature lightly touched on a glass slide after
Strength and Dexterity) until the end of the
two weeks outside, or one month inside; the
encounter, after which the host is fatigued
host can identify which of six steel tubes was
until he or she can gain 1 hour of complete and
held in the hand of an individual for less than
uninterrupted rest.
5 seconds.
If the hosts Constitution drops to 0, or the
In addition, the host can detect opponents
host attempts to activate rush while exhausted,
within 30 feet by sense of smell. If the oppo-
the host immediately becomes unconscious
nent is upwind, the range increases to 60 feet;
and remains so for 1d3 hours at the end of
if downwind, it drops to 15 feet. Strong scents
which the host must succeed at a Fortitude
can be detected at twice the ranges noted
save (DC 15 + 1 per additional round rush was
above. Overpowering scents can be detected at
active beyond the safe period) or permanently
triple normal range.
be drained of 1d4 points of Constitution. A
When the host detects a scent, the exact
Treat Injury check (DC 15 + 1 per additional
location is not revealedonly its presence
round rush was active beyond the safe period)
somewhere within range. The host can take a
can be used to remove the unconscious condi-
move or attack action to note the direction of
tion from the host, but the host must still suc-
the scent. If the host moves within 5 feet of the
ceed at the Fortitude save to avoid permanent
source, he or she can pinpoint that source.
Constitution drain.
The host can now follow tracks by smell,
The negative effects of rush can be mitigat-
making a Wisdom check to find or follow a
ed somewhat by the marathon nanoaugmenta-
track. The typical DC for a fresh trail is 10 (no
tion (see below).
matter what kind of surface holds the scent).
This DC increases or decreases depending on
SILENCE the strength of the quarrys odor, the number
The silence nanoaugmentation is the result of creatures being tracked, and the age of the
of yet another top-secret government project. trail. For each hour that the trail is cold, the
The silence nanites implant themselves under DC increases by 2. The ability otherwise fol-

lows the rules for the Track feat. A host track- (i.e. on the ceiling), the host climbs normally
ing by scent ignores the effects of surface con- (Climb speed of one-half speed, retains
ditions and poor visibility. Dexterity bonus to Armor Class and suffers no
The sniffer nanoaugmentation operates penalty).
continuously. Should the host fall, as long as he or she is
within reach of a surface the host can auto-
SPIDER matically catch him- or herself simply by
making contact with the surface (at the GMs
The spider nanoaugmentation allows its
discretion, the resulting jarring impact may
host to walk on walls and cling to ceilings like
still cause damage).
a spider. The spider nanites achieve this by
permeating the skin on the hosts hands and Spider nanites cannot do their work if both
feet and making molecular contact with what- the hosts hands and feet are covered; in such
ever surface the host wishes to climb. cases the host is dependent on his or her nor-
mal Climb skill. A host with both hands and
As long as the hosts hands and feet are
feet covered that falls cannot automatically
uncovered, the host can cling to and climb any
catch him- or herself.
surface including ceilings (the host can actual-
ly walk upside down on a ceiling) and perfect- Spider is an on-demand nanoaugmentation.
ly smooth, flat, vertical walls. While climbing
in this manner, the host gains a Climb speed of STATIC BURST
half his or her speed and need not make Climb The static burst nanoaugmentation is a
checks. Furthermore, the host retains his or direct outgrowth of nanotechnology research
her Dexterity bonus to Armor Class (if any) into using nanites as energy sources. The stat-
while climbing and does not suffer any penal- ic burst nanites produce significant additional
ties to Defense due to climbing. The host can- electrons (the charge) within the hosts body
not, however, use the run action while climb- that are discharged when the host touches an
ing or traveling upside down. A creature with object or person.
a Strength of 25 can pull the host off a surface. When these additional electrons are dis-
If the hosts feet are covered and hands charged against a non-electronic object (i.e a
uncovered, the host is still able to cling and door handle), nothing more than a bright spark
climb any surface with his or her hands. and a loud zap result.
However, at all times while climbing the When discharged against an electronic file
hosts Climb speed is reduced to by one-half device, such as a computer, external hard
(to one-quarter of his or her speed) and the drive, CD-ROM, PDA, or magnetic disk, the
host is considered flat-footed and suffers the charge erases all files on that device; the
standard -2 penalty to Defense against both device is rendered empty of data.
Melee and Ranged attacks. When used against other electronic
If the hosts hands are covered and feet devices, such as a circuit board, the discharge
uncovered, the host is still able to cling and ruins delicate circuitry within the device. As a
climb any surface with his or her feet. result, the device is rendered either complete-
However, while climbing vertical surfaces, the ly or partially unable to function (given the
hosts Climb speed is reduced by one-half (to wide variety of possibilities inherent in this,
one-quarter of his or her speed) and the host is the GM is encouraged to adjudicate this in a
considered flat-footed and suffers the standard manner consistent with the goals of the adven-
-2 penalty to Defense against both Melee and ture or campaign; see the electromagnetic
Ranged attacks. When moving upside-down pulse spell for some guidelines).

When discharged against an opponent, the Static burst is an on-demand nanoaugmenta-
discharge is strong enough to potentially stun tion. It takes 1d4 rounds for the nanites to build
the opponent. In order to stun an opponent, the up a sufficient charge to harm an electronic item
host must use his or her bare hand to touch an and 10 rounds to build up a sufficient charge to
opponent; this requires a successful melee stun an opponent. Most individuals with this
touch attack. If the host strikes successfully, nanoaugmentation keep a pair of leather, synthet-
the opponent must succeed at a Fortitude save ic, or rubber gloves on their hands so that they
(DC 12 + the hosts Constitution modifier) or can charge up and not discharge until they are
be stunned for 1d4 rounds. ready to do so; removing a glove is a standard
action that does not provoke attacks of opportu-