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James Maliszewski

Requires the use of the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
Modern D20 101 Occult Books

Roleplaying campaigns that focus on game, giving the GM dozens of books to use
the supernatural and the occult thrive on in a wide variety of ways. With this product,
hidden mysteries and secret lore. Theyre creating memorable occult adventures
every bit as essential as nefarious conspira- became that much easier.
cies and men in black. One of the ways in
which such lore is passed on is through the USING THIS PRODUCT
medium of ancient books, written by individ-
101 Occult Books can be used in a vari-
uals who know more than the average per-
ety of ways. The simplest is as a source of
son and who share their knowledge with
atmosphere and flavor. Whenever the GM
those who read their texts. Usually hard to
needs to embellish a GMCs exposition of
find and written in dead languages, these
supernatural beings or events, he can refer
tomes are conduits through which D20
to one of the following books as a way to
Modern characters might enter the dark
lend it the weight of hoary authority. Another
world that exists just beneath the surface of
approach is to treat these tomes as treas-
everyday reality.
ure, which is to say, items that the charac-
101 Occult Books provides the Game ters might find in the course of their own
Master with just what its name implies: 101 adventures. Whether they contain only
different books that can be used in any information or something more, these books
occult-based campaign or adventure. The make excellent rewards in D20 Modern
book presented here are all real or based on campaigns with an occult spin. Finally,
real-world books. That is, each of the follow- these tomes can serve as adventure seeds.
ing books exists in the real world, although While some have fairly banal contents,
the veracity of their contents depends great- many do not. GMs can easily mine these
ly on ones worldview. In any event, they contents for inspiration in creating occult
make excellent additions to any D20 Modern adventures or even entire campaigns.

The Occult Books

Each of the occult books in this product able to read the book and gain any benefit
uses the following format: from it, the character must be able to read
Title: The common title of the book, with the language in question or find someone
alternates in parentheses afterwards. who can translate its contents for them.
Author: The name of the person who Alternately, the GM might rule that the ability
wrote the book. Entries have (attrib.) after the to read the language is not sufficient to gain
name are those of pseudonymous writers its benefits. In addition, the character must
who used the name of a famous person to succeed at an Intelligence check against a
lend authority to the work. DC of 14 + the bonus skill ranks the book
Date: The time when the book was written confers. Thus, if the book grants a +2 bonus
or presumed to be written. If a specific year to Knowledge (Arcane Lore), the DC is 16.
of composition or publication is known, it is Failure indicates the character has not
used rather than a general date. understood the contents of the book suffi-
Language: The language in which the ciently to gain its benefits. He may read it
book was written or, in some cases, in which again if the GM allows it, usually after some
extant copies of the book are written. To be period of time has passed.

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Modern D20 101 Occult Books

Contents: Abrief history of the book and 1. Aim of the Sage (Picatrix)
the topics it covers within its pages. Author: Al-Majriti (attrib.)
Benefits: This section details the effect Date: 1256
reading the book has upon the reader, usu- Language: Latin
ally bonus skill ranks in Knowledge (Arcane
Contents: This volume is a collection of
Lore) or other skills. In a few cases, more
many different topics, assembled togeth-
impressive benefits, such as spells, are pro-
er in a rough magical theory. It was very
vided. At the GMs discretion, these benefits
influential on medieval magical thought
can be altered to suit the realities of his
and was widely read well into the
Precisely how bonus Knowledge skill
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
ranks function is left to the GM, who can
choose one of several approaches. The first
is to stick to the standard rules, as present- 2. Amphitheatrum Sapientiae
ed in D20 Modern, which limits the ranks a Aeternae
character can possess in any skill to char- Author: Heinrich Khunrath
acter level +3 for class skills and half that for Date: 1595
cross-class skills. Using this option, charac- Language: Latin
ters who already possess many skill ranks Contents: Following in the footsteps of
will derive little benefit from reading an Paracelsus, this book is an attempt to lay
occult book, at least in the form of the foundation for a Christianized natural
Knowledge skills. magic, especially for the purposes of
Another approach is to allow skill ranks healing.
gained through the reading of occult tomes Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
to supersede the standard rules. Thus, the divine spell cure light wounds
ranks gained in this way allow the character
to break the rules and possess more ranks 3. A New and Complete
than would normally be permitted. This Illustration of the Occult
option makes occult books very valuable Sciences
and possibly overly powerful, at least in cer- Author: Ebenezer Sibly
tain types of campaigns. The GM should
Date: 1795
take care to limit how many he allows in his
game. Language: English
The third option is to rule that the bonus Contents: This book is a collection of many
skill ranks are in fact a bonus to Research different topics, from witchcraft to divina-
checks made while the book is at hand for tion to necromancy. The author owes
reference. This bonus does not apply when much to Swedenborg and is famous for
the book is not physically with the character. having cast a horoscope for the newly
Naturally, the bonus applies only to independent United States of America,
Research checks that pertain directly to the which he predicted (in 1787) shall soon
contents of the book. or late give laws to the whole world.
Any spells written in an occult book can Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
be learned only by someone capable of
casting the spells and who makes a suc- 4. Arbatel de Magia Veterum
cessful Spellcraft check against DC 20 + the Author: Unknown
level of the spell, as per the D20 Modern Date: 1575
rules. Language: Latin

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Modern D20 101 Occult Books

Contents: This book is a compendium of Benefit: +1 Knowledge (theology and phi-

the magic of the ancients, with an losophy) and +1 Computer Use
emphasis on white magic, as its
unknown author worries that black magic 8. Ars Notoria
can too easily lead to corruption. Author: Solomon the King (attrib.)
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane lore) and 1 Date: 13th c. A.D.
divine spell of each level from 1st to 3rd Language: Latin
(GMs choice).
Contents: This book instructs the reader in
the notary art, which is a type of memo-
5. Arcana Coelestia rization, as well as divination through
Author: Emmanuel Swedenborg dreams.
Date: 1749-1756 Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore), +1
Language: Latin bonus to Wisdom checks to remember
Contents: Ostensibly an exposition on the anything, and the spell augury.
spiritual meaning of the Biblical books
of Genesis and Exodus, this book is in 9. Baal ha-Turim
fact a foundational one for Author: Jacob ben Asher
Swedenborgianism, a mystical neo- Date: 14th c. A.D.
Christian sect deemed heterodox by
Language: Hebrew
most other Christian denominations.
Contents: This work is a commentary on
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (theology and phi-
the Torah, but includes mystical and sym-
bolic references, as well as using gema -
tria, a form acronymic numerology pecu-
6. Archidoxis Magica liar to Hebrew texts.
Author: Theophrastus Bombastus von Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
Hohenheim (Paracelsus) +1 Knowledge (theology and philosophy)
Date: 16th c. A.D.
Language: Latin 10. Book of Dzyan
Contents: A synthesis of Hermetic, Author: Helen Blavatsky
Neoplatonic, and Pythagorean philoso- Date: 1900
phies, this book is a treatise on healing
Language: English
magic, although its author rejected the
Contents: A key text of Theosophy, the
notion of magic as anything supernatural.
book purports to be a translation of an
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
ancient text that describes the ancient
+1 Treat Injury
history of the Earth, including its lost con-
tinents and lost root races of mankind.
7. Ars Magna et Ultima
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
Author: Ramon Llull
Date: 1305 11. Book of Enoch
Language: Latin Author: Enoch the Prophet (attrib.)
Contents: Though intended as a defense of Date: 2nd c. B.C.
Christian theology against the teachings
Language: Greek/Amharic
of the Muslim Averroes, this book intro-
duces a logical method of reasoning that Contents: This pre-Christian apocalyptic
is remarkably akin to that used by the work describes efforts by the nephilim
earliest computer pioneers. (the children of men and fallen angels) to
convince Enoch to intercede on their

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Modern D20 101 Occult Books

behalf before God. It includes a descrip- 15. Book of Thoth

tion of Enochs visit to heaven. Author: Aleister Crowley
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and Date: 1944
+1 Knowledge (theology and philosophy) Language: English
Contents: One of the Great Beasts last
12. Book of Navigation (Kitab-
works, this text details the meaning and
symbolism of the Tarot within the context
Author: Piri Reis of Crowleys overall theory of magic (or
Date: 1526 magick, as he would say).
Language: Turkish Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
Contents: This book is a detailed catalog of
sea lore from its time period. It is espe- 16. Book XV of Euclids
cially noteworthy for its map of the world, Elements
which includes a startlingly accurate Author: Euclid (attrib.)
coastline for the then-unknown continent
Date: 3rd c. B.C.
of Antarctica, as well as other oddities.
Language: Arabic
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
Contents: This lost book of Euclids classic
+1 Navigate
work on geometry is available only in an
Arabic translation. It deals with the occult
13. Book of the Composition
properties of geometric shapes, particular-
of Alchemy
ly the dodecahedron, associated with the
Author: Jabir ibn Hayyan (Geber) mysterious fifth element or quintessence.
Date: 1144 Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
Language: Latin +1 Knowledge (physical sciences)
Contents: This book is a translation of an
Arabic text, which teaches the secrets of 17. Chaldaean Oracles
alchemy, particularly the transmutation of Author: Zoroaster (attrib.)
matter. Date: Unknown
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and Language: Greek/Latin
+1 Craft (chemical)
Contents: This work, attributed to
Zoroaster the founder of the Persian reli-
14. Book of the Sacred Magic
gion that bears his name, is a collection
of Abra-Melin the Mage
of Chaldaean prophecies couched in
Author: Abra-Melin (Abraham the Jew) obscure metaphorical language.
Date: 15th c. A.D. Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
Language: Hebrew
Contents: Supposedly taught his magic by 18. Compendium Heptarchiae
angels, Abra-Melin set down in this book Mysticae
instructions on how to call and tame both Author: John Dee
angels and demons. The book was very
Date: 1588
influential in the occult revival of the 19th
Language: English
Contents: Believed by many to be a rough
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
draft for the later text, De Heptarchia
one divine spell from 1st through 4th
Mystica (see below), this text provides
detailed instructions on communicating
with angels and employing their aid.

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Modern D20 101 Occult Books

Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and 23. De Arte Cabbalistica

one divine spell from 0 and 1st levels. Author: Johannes Reuchlin
Date: 1517
19. Compendium Maleficarum Language: Latin
Author: Francesco Maria Guazzo Contents: Written by a celebrated German
Date: 1608 humanist whose command of Hebrew
Language: Latin was renowned, this book provides infor-
Contents: As its name suggests, this book mation on Kabbalistic doctrines and
is not an original work but a collection of numerology.
information from various sources about Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
witchcraft and demonology.
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and 24. De Auctore Spherae
+1 Knowledge (theology and philosophy) Author: Michael Scot
Date: 13th c. A.D.
20. Confessio Fraternitatis
Language: Latin
Author: Christian Rosenkreutz (attrib.) Contents: Written at the behest of the Holy
Date: 1615 Roman Emperor Frederick II (reputed to
Language: Latin/German have been the Antichrist in his lifetime),
Contents: One of the founding documents this book of astrology discusses the influ-
of the Rosicrucian movement, this text ence the stars and planets have on
lays out the philosophys basic principles earthly events.
and goals. Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
25. De Confessionibus
21. Corpus Hermeticum Maleficarum et Sagarum
Author: Hermes Trismegistus (attrib.) Author: Peter Binsfield
Date: 2nd-3rd c. A.D. Date: 1589
Language: Greek/Latin Language: Latin
Contents: A collection of 14 texts associat- Contents: This book is a manual for witch
ed with the legendary Hermes hunters. It was widely translated and is
Trismegistus, the Corpus is a touchstone noteworthy in its appeal to leniency for
for most magical theories in the Western children who participated in sorcery.
world. Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
Benefit: +3 Knowledge (arcane lore)
26. De Harmonia Mundi
22. Cyranides Author: Francesco Zorzi
Author: Hermes Trismegistus (attrib.) Date: 1525
Date: 2nd-3rd c. A.D. Language: Latin
Language: Greek Contents: This difficult to understand work
Contents: A significant part of the Hermetic appears to be an attempt to Christianize
corpus, this text discusses Egyptian many aspects of the Kabbalah, using
magico-medical practices. symbolic language.
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
+1 Treat Injury +1 Knowledge (theology and philosophy)

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Modern D20 101 Occult Books

27. De Heptarchia Mystica 31. De Magicis

Author: John Dee Author: Alexander of Hales
Date: 1582 Date: 13th c. A.D.
Language: English Language: Latin
Contents: This book is a detailed discus- Content: This book is a discussion of magic
sion of communicating with angels and from a Christian theological perspective
gaining their assistance. and, as such, views the matter with great
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane lore) and suspicion and distaste.
one divine spell from levels 1st through Benefit: +1 Knowledge (theology and phi-
3rd. losophy)

28. De Hierarchia Coelestia 32. De Mysteriis Aegyptiorum

Author: Dionysius the Areopagite (attrib.) et Chaldaeorum et
Date: 6th c. A.D. Assyriorum
Language: Greek Author: Iamblichus
Contents: A forgery bearing the name of Date: 300 A.D.
the Greek saint converted by St. Paul in Language: Latin
Athens, this text nevertheless provides Contents: This text describes the religious
detailed information on the hierarchy of and esoteric doctrines of the ancient
Heaven. It was one of the most widely Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Assyrians.
read and quoted texts of the Middle Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
Ages. +1 Knowledge (theology and philosophy)
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (theology and phi-
losophy) 33. De Nigromancia
Author: Roger Bacon (attrib.)
29. De la Causa, Principio, et Date: 16th c. A.D.
Uno Language: Latin
Author: Giordano Bruno Contents: This otherwise unimportant text
Date: 1584 of black magic gained greater currency
Language: Italian due to its alleged association with the
Contents: One of Brunos major metaphys- Dominican scientific pioneer Roger
ical works, it lays forth most of his char- Bacon.
acteristic doctrines, including pantheism Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
and reincarnationthe two beliefs that the spell bestow curse
led to his execution as a heretic in 1600.
34. De Occulta Philosophia
30. De Magia Author: Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa
Author: Giordano Bruno Date: 1531
Date: 1590 Language: Latin
Language: Latin Contents: Probably the most influential
Contents: One of Brunos few texts to book of Renaissance era magic,
explicitly treat the subject of magic, it pro- Agrippas text marries medieval natural
vides an overview of views on the subject magic to a more thoroughgoing synthesis
current in the late 16th century. of the occult and religion. The book was
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) condemned almost as soon as it was

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Modern D20 101 Occult Books

released, which ma well have contributed 39. Dogme et Rituel de le

to its popularity. Haute Magie
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane lore) Author: Eliphas Levi
Date: 1855
35. De Oraculis Chaldaica Language: French
Author: Julianus Contents: The founding text of contempo-
Date: 2nd c. A.D. rary magical theory, this book is notewor-
Language: Latin thy for incorporating the Tarot into its sys-
Contents: This book includes a collection of tem.
prophecies, oracles, and cryptic utter- Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
ances attributed to Chaldean mages. one arcane spell from levels 0 through
Benefits: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) 3rd.

36. De Praestigiis Daemonum 40. Dossiers Secrets

Author: Johann Wier Author: Antoine Bigou
Date: 1583 Date: 1781
Language: Latin Language: French
Contents: This treatise deals primarily with Contents: This is a collection of docu-
witchcraft and includes the pseudomonar - ments, including genealogies, associated
chia daemonum, a listing of the names with Rennes-le-Chateau, a site in south-
and descriptions of demons (later reprint- ern France associated in occult lore with
ed in many other occult books). the Merovingians, Cathars, Templars,
Benefits: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and the supposed lineage of Christ.
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
37. De Septem Secundeis +1 Knowledge (history)
Author: Johannes Trithemius
Date: 1508 41. Dresden Codex
Language: Latin Author: Unknown
Contents: This book is an examination of Date: 13th c. A.D.
the seven celestial intelligences said to Language: Mayan
move the planetary spheres. Contents: This illustrated astronomical text
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) may have had religious uses, for calcu-
lating the dates of eclipses and other por-
38. Dictionnaire Infernal tentous events, among other things. It
Author: Collin de Plancey also calculates that the end of the pres-
ent age (the Fifth World) will occur on
Date: 1818
December 21, 2012, thereby ensuring its
Language: French notoriety.
Contents: This illustrated tome purports to Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
offer much information on demonology,
black magic, and related matters, making 42. Egyptian Book of the
it a widely published book throughout the Dead
19th century. However, it is believed to be
a fake and its contents to be without Author: Unknown
value, although there is some dispute Date: 1240 B.C.
over this point among occultists. Language: Ancient Egyptian
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)

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Modern D20 101 Occult Books

Contents: A collection of rituals and spells Contents: This work is a meditation on the
for use by the dead (!) in navigating the seven days of creation and how to sum-
perils of the aftermath, this book is one of mon and control the angels associated
the oldest extant esoteric texts still of with each day.
interest to occultists. Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) one divine spell of 3rd level or lower
(GMs choice)
43. Fama Fraternitatis
Author: Christian Rosenkreutz (attrib.) 47. Index Librorum
Date: 1614/1615 Prohibitorum
Language: German/Latin Author: None Official Text
Contents: Another introduction to the Date: 1559
Rosicrucian philosophy, this text was Language: Latin
widely circulated in Europe and translat- Contents: Though not an occult book itself,
ed into many languages. the notorious Index of Forbidden Books
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) is an official listing of the texts that the
Roman Office of the Inquisition consid-
44. Grimorium Verum ered heretical, blasphemous, or other-
Author: Plangire wise unfit for reading by Catholics.
Consequently, it makes an excellent
Date: 1517
starting point for anyone doing research
Language: Latin into such topics.
Contents: This is yet another text on the Benefit: +1 Knowledge (theology and phi-
summoning of angelic spirits. It is note- losophy)
worthy for having a copy stolen from the
British Library in 1972, although police
48. In Scripturam Sacram
subsequently recovered it.
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
Author: Francesco Zorzi
two 1st-level divine spells (GMs choice)
Date: 1536
45. Grosser und gewaltiger Language: Latin
Meergeist Contents: This text argues that magic is not
Author: Johannes Faust (attrib.) inherently evil for a Christian to use, as
angels will act to prevent any Christian
Author: 1692
from falling under diabolic control through
Language: German its practice.
Contents: This tome derives its fame from Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
its supposed author, the damned sorcer- the divine spell bless
er Dr. Faustus. Its contents include a ritu-
al for summoning a sea creature (hence
49. Key of Solomon the King
its title), which is almost certainly fake.
(Clavicula Salomonis)
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
Author: Solomon the King (attrib.)
46. Heptameron Date: Unknown
Language: Latin
Author: Peter de Abano (attrib.)
Contents: One of the greatest occult texts
Date: 13th c. A.D.
in the Western tradition, this book is vast-
Language: Latin ly influential on the books that followed it.

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Modern D20 101 Occult Books

The Greater Key (as it is sometimes 53. Le Poule Noir

called) details the conjuration and bind- Author: Unknown
ing of spirits, both angelic and demonic,
Date: 1740
as well as the construction of pentacles,
Language: French
among many other related topics.
Contents: A notorious black magical text,
Benefit: +3 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
its primary focus is on the crafting of tal-
one divine spell from levels 1st through
5th (GMs choice)
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane lore)
50. Le Gran Albert
54. Lemegeton Clavicula
Author: Albertus Magnus (attrib.) Salomonis (Lesser Key of
Date: 14th c. A.D. Solomon)
Language: French Author: Solomon the King (attrib.)
Contents: This book, also known as the
Date: 17th c. A.D.
Book of Secrets, discusses the proper-
Language: Latin
ties of herbs, stones, and animals, as
well as being a catalog of worldly won- Contents: Purporting to be an ancient
ders. work, this book is of comparatively recent
origin, at least in its complete form. It
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
deals primarily with the art of command-
ing both good and evil spirits.
51. Le Grand Grimoire
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
Author: Unknown
Date: 1522 55. Liber Al Vel Legis
Language: French
Author: Aleister Crowley
Contents: This tome of black magic teach- Date: 1904
es the reader the art of controlling celes-
Language: English
tial, aerial, terrestrial, and infernal spirits,
along with the true secret of speaking Contents: This book lays out Crowleys phi-
with the dead, winning whenever playing losophy in greater detail, offering up laws
the lottery, discovering hidden treasure, for the coming New Aeon, which will
etc. overthrow current one and usher in an
age unlike any other.
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
spells bestow curse and fear Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)

52. Le Grimoire du Pape 56. Liber Juratus

Honorius Author: Pope Honorius III (attrib.)
Author: Pope Honorius III (attrib.) Date: 13th c. A.D.
Date: 1800 Language: Latin
Language: French Contents: One of the oldest and most influ-
Contents: This book is highly derivative of ential medieval magical texts, the Sworn
other occult texts, including the genuine- Book included a collection of rituals for
ly old Liber Juratus (see below). The conjuring spirits and angels, as well as
Grimoire discusses black magic, includ- the making of seals.
ing the summoning and binding of Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
demons. one arcane spell from levels 1st through
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) 3rd.

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Modern D20 101 Occult Books

57. Liber Loagaeth 61. Magia Naturalis

Author: John Dee Author: Giambattista della Porta
Date: 1583 Date: 1558
Language: Enochian Language: Latin
Contents: This text is written almost entire- Contents: Though intended as a com-
ly in an undecipherable language pendium of the scientific learning of its
revealed to Dee by the angels. Those time, the book nevertheless includes
capable of reading it will find that it is a many sections detailing what today
variant version of the Book of Enoch, one would be dismissed as occult practices.
more comprehensive than the standard Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
text and therefore more valuable.
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane lore) and 62. Magical Calendar
+1 Knowledge (theology and philosophy) Author: Tycho Brahe (attrib.)
Date: 1620
58. Lithica Language: Latin
Author: Orpheus (attrib.) Contents: This work describes the magical
Date: 4th c. A.D. effects of astronomical conjunctions and
Language: Greek motions, providing spellcasters signifi-
Contents: A poem on the nature of pre- cant benefits on the appropriate dates.
cious stones, this work had wide influ- Benefit: +1 effective caster level when cast-
ence during the renaissance and later. ing arcane spells on propitious dates
The English poet John Milton, for exam- (GMs discretion)
ple, was quite taken with its contents.
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and 63. Malleus Maleficarum
+1 Knowledge (earth and life sciences) Author: Jakob Sprenger and Heinrich
59. Magia Naturalis et Date: 1486
Innaturalis Language: Latin
Author: Johannes Faust (attrib.) Contents: Perhaps the most famous witch-
Date: 1505 hunting manual in history, the Hammer
Language: Latin/German of Witches provides guidelines for iden-
Contents: This book deals primarily with tification, prosecution, and elimination of
alchemical matters, with a significant witches.
digression into diabolic pacts. Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and +1 Sense Motive for the purpose of
+1 Craft (chemical) determining whether someone is a witch
or in league with diabolic forces
60. Lost Continent of Mu: The
Motherland of Man 64. Metamorphosis
Author: James Churchward Author: Lucius Apuleius
Date: 1926 Date: 158 A.D.
Language: English Language: Latin
Contents: This book relates the authors Contents: The only surviving Roman novel,
quest for evidence of an ancient civiliza- this book (also called The Golden Ass)
tion called Mu, the Atlantis of the Pacific. includes discussions of magic and ritual
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (ancient lore) initiations into mystery cults.

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Modern D20 101 Occult Books

Benefit: +1 Knowledge (theology and phi- Benefit: This book is intelligible only to
losophy) someone who makes a successful
Intelligence check against DC 25, with
65. Monas Hieroglyphica ranks in Craft (chemical) providing a syn-
Author: John Dee ergy bonus to the check. If successful,
Date: 1564 the reader learns to Brew Potion, as per
the Mage special ability of the same
Language: Latin
Contents: This enigmatic work is one of
Dees earliest and it appears to be a
69. Mysteriorum Libri
treatment of symbolic language.
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
Author: John Dee
66. Monita Secreta Societas Date: 1581-1583
Jesu Language: English
Author: Hieronim Zahorowski Contents: This text concerns itself with
angelic magic, as well as the Enochian
Date: 1614
language of the angels.
Language: Latin
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane) and
Contents: Written by a man claiming to be Language (Enochian)
a rogue Jesuit priest, this book purports
to lay bare the secret plans of the Society
70. Oahspe
of Jesus to take over the courts of
Europe through mind control technique Author: John Newbrough
which this book offers the means to Date: 1882
defend against. Language: English
Benefits: +1 Knowledge (theology and phi- Contents: Composed through automatic
losophy) writing by an American dentist, this book
is nearly as large as the King James
67. Mundus Subterraneus translation of the Bible. The book sets
Author: Athanasius Kircher forth the basis for a new religion that has
similarities to both Theosophy and
Date: 1653
Language: Latin
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (theology and phi-
Contents: This book discusses the subter- losophy)
ranean world in great detail, from miner-
als, ores, and stones to the creatures and
71. Oedipus Aegyptiacus
civilizations that might lie beneath the
surface of the Earth. Author: Athanasius Kircher
Benefits: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) Date: 1650
Language: Latin
68. Mutus Liber Contents: This book discusses Egyptian
Author: Isaac Baulot antiquities at great length, with an
emphasis on history and architecture, but
Date: 1677
with digressions into many other related
Language: None topics.
Contents: As its name suggests, this Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
alchemical text consists only of pic- +1 Knowledge (history)
tures, with only a handful of Latin and
Hebrew words throughout.

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Modern D20 101 Occult Books

72. On Stellar Rays 76. Regius Manuscript

Author: Al-Kindi Author: Unknown
Date: 9th c. A.D. Date: 1390
Language: Arabic Language: English
Contents: This book discusses the effects Contents: This short text is the oldest
of the stars and planets on the sublunary known evidence of European
world. Freemasonry and as such is an invalu-
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) able document for historical purposes.
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
73. Originalschriften des
Illuminatenordensekte 77. Ripley Scroll
Author: Adam Weishaupt Author: Sir George Ripley
Date: 18th c. A.D. Date: 15th c. A.D.
Language: German Language: English
Contents: This text is a collection of the Contents: This symbolic alchemical text is
founding documents of the Bavarian difficult to understand for all but the most
Illuminati, laying down its beliefs and astute scholars of the occult.
goals. Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
78. Sefer ha-Levanah
74. Pow-wows; or Long Lost Author: Unknown
Friend Date: 16th c. A.D.
Author: George Hohman Language: Hebrew
Date: 1820 Contents: The Book of the Moon is an
Language: English astrological text that may have been part
Contents: This book details Pennsylvania of a larger work now lost.
Dutch folk magic as practiced in the US Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
during the early part of the 19th century.
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) 79. Sefer ha-Ot
Author: Abraham Abulafia
75. Prophecies of St. Malachy Date: 1288
Author: St. Malachy (attrib.) Language: Hebrew
Date: 1595 Contents: The Book of Light is one of sev-
Language: Latin eral books of prophetic Kabbalah writ-
Contents: Although revealed to be a 16th ten by this unusual scholar, who attempt-
century forgery rather than the work of a ed (unsuccessfully, of course) to convert
12th century Irish saint, this list of the Pope Nicholas III to Judaismor at least
popes from the time of Malachy to what his peculiar version of it.
is presumed to be the end of time is Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
amazingly accurate. According to the list,
there are only two more popes after John 80. Sefer ha-Zohar
Paul II. Author: Joseph Gikatilla
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) Date: 13th c. A.D.
Language: Hebrew/Aramaic

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Modern D20 101 Occult Books

Contents: One of the premier Kabbalistic 85. Sword of Moses

texts, the Book of Splendor is a philo- Author: Moses the Prophet (attrib.)
sophical commentary on the Pentateuch.
Date: 10th c. A.D.
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane lore) Language: Hebrew/Aramaic
Contents: A pre-Kabbalistic text that teach-
81. Sefer Yetzirah
es how to use mystical names to ward
Author: Abraham the Patriarch (attrib.) against sickness, enemies, and other ills.
Date: 200 A.D. Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
Language: Hebrew the divine spell remove disease
Contents: The Book of Formation is a
proto-Kabbalistic text that discusses the 86. Tabula Angelorum
origin of the universe and of mankind. Bonorum Invocationes
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) Author: John Dee
Date: 1587
82. Somniorum Synesiorum Language: Latin
Author: Gerolamo Cardano Contents: This short text is a listing of invo-
Date: 1562 cations of the good angels, with an eye
Language: Latin toward convincing them to do the invok-
Contents: This book is a compendium of ers bidding.
information on the nature and meaning of Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
dreams, drawing on ancient writers and one arcane spell from levels 0 through
the authors own speculations. 2nd.
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
87. Tabula Smaragdina
83. Sphere of Sacrobosco Author: Hermes Trismegistus (attrib.)
Author: Ioannes de Sacrobosco Date: 2nd c. A.D.
Date: 13th c. A.D. Language: Greek
Language: Latin Contents: A brief text, it is one of many
Contents: An astronomical text, this book attributed to Thrice-Great Hermes, the
has digressions into philosophical and Greek name for the Egyptian deity Thoth.
theological matters about the celestial The Tabula outlines hermetic thought
spheres and their angelic movers. and serves as an introduction to other
Benefits: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) more advanced works.
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane lore)
84. Steganographia
Author: Johannes Trithemius 88. Testament of Solomon
Date: 1606 Author: Solomon the King (attrib.)
Language: Latin Date: 1st to 3rd c. A.D.
Contents: The book presents a system of Language: Greek
angelic magic, as well as a complex code Contents: The oldest of the pseudonymous
for sending messages in secret. books attributed to Solomon, this one
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and deals with summoning and binding
+1 Decipher Script angels to do ones bidding.
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
one divine spell from levels 1st and 2nd.

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Modern D20 101 Occult Books

89. Tetrabiblos Contents: A former secretary of Aleister

Author: Claudius Ptolemey Crowley wrote this four-volume text. In it,
he breaks his oath of silence and reveals
Date: 2nd c. A.D.
all the major rituals and ceremonies of
Language: Greek
the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn,
Contents: A mathematical treatment of an act that won him few friends in the
astrology, this book is divided into four occult community.
parts (hence its name).
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane lore)
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane)
93. The Magus
90. Thaumatographia
Pneumatica (Wonders of the Author: Francis Barrett
Invisible World) Date: 1801
Language: English
Author: Cotton Mather
Contents: Combining the study of alchemy,
Date: 17th c. A.D.
astrology, and Kabbalah, this text pres-
Language: English
ents one the greatest treatments of cere-
Contents: Part of a larger work (the monial magic.
Magnalia Christi Americana), this text
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
describes events in 17th century New
one arcane spell from levels 0 through
England during the witch craze, as well
as the authors own feelings about those
94. The Secret Doctrine
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
+1 Knowledge (history) Author: Helena Blavatsky
Date: 1888
91. The Discoverie of Language: English
Witchcraft Contents: Whereas The Book of Dzyan
Author: Reginald Scot outlines the theosophical cosmology and
worldview, this book creates the founda-
Date: 1584
tions for a new religion based on those
Language: English
Contents: This polemical work actually
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and
suggests that witchcraft is not a threat to
+1 Knowledge (theology and philosophy)
society and strangely lays the blame for
the witch craze at the door of the Catholic
95. The Testament of
Church. Most Catholic countries did not
Nicholas Flamel
in fact experience witch crazes. In any
event, King James I ordered copies of Author: Nicholas Flamel (attrib.)
the book burned in 1603, making them Date: 1806
very rare today. Language: English and French
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) and Contents: Supposedly penned by the man
+1 Knowledge (theology and philosophy) who discovered the secrets of eternal
youth through the philosophers stone,
92. The Golden Dawn this alchemical text treats similar topics. It
Author: Israel Regardie is believed to be a fake.
Date: 1937 Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
Language: English

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Modern D20 101 Occult Books

96. Theurgia 99. Turba Philosophorum

Author: Iamblichus Author: Unknown
Date: 300 A.D. Date: 12th c. A.D.
Language: Latin Language: Latin
Contents: Written by a Neoplatonic Contents: One of the earliest medieval
philosopher of great repute, this book dis- alchemical texts, the Acclamation of the
cusses higher magic, which operates Philosophers provides basic information
through the intervention of the gods. on the subject.
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (arcane lore) Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)

97. Tibetan Book of the Dead 100. Verus Jesuitarum

(Bardo Thodol) Libellus
Author: Padma Sambhava Author: Unknown
Date: 8th c. A.D. Date: 1508
Language: Tibetan Language: Latin
Contents: A funerary text, the book dis- Contents: Although obviously not of Jesuit
cusses what happens to the soul after origin as its title suggests (the Society of
death but before it is reborn into the Jesus wasnt founded till 1554), this book
world. provides rituals for conjuring and dis-
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) missing spirits.
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)
98. Tuba Veneris
Author: John Dee 101. Vaimankia Shastra
Date: 1580 Author: Maharishi Bharadwaja
Language: Latin Date: 4th c. B.C.
Contents: This short work of Dees is a dis- Language: Sanskrit
cussion of non-angelic magic and is of Contents: This reputedly ancient text
interest primarily to see the authors intel- describes what appear to be spacecraft
lectual development. and other flying machines in bygone
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore) India.
Benefit: +1 Knowledge (arcane lore)

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