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by James Maliszewski

Requires the use of the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
Modern 13 more Occult Artifacts
To Ian Sturrock for ideas and inspiration.

The Artifacts
While D20 Modern Roleplaying Game can be
used to create any kind of contemporary setting,
among the most popular are those that deal with
supernatural beings, occult powers, and nefarious con- Each artifact uses the same basic format. That for-
spiracies. The D20 Modern core rulebook supports mat is as follows:
such settings in a variety of ways, from advanced Name: The name of the artifact.
classes to creatures to FX abilities. What the core rule- History: A short history of the artifacts origins
book lacks, however, are some of the staples of such and influence throughout history.
settings: occult artifacts. Certainly there are many FX
Physical Description: What the artifact looks
items to be had, but they owe their existence to purely
game mechanical considerations rather than to occult
Current Whereabouts: The location of the arti-
or supernatural history. Which offers a GM more
fact at present, if known.
flavor for his occult-based campaign: a talisman of
pure good or a Vril Battery? Alternatives: Other possible interpretations of the
Game Mechanics: Game rules for using the arti-

Using this Product

Thirteen More Occult Artifacts, like its predeces-
fact, including a Purchase DC and other details.

sors, provides the GM, naturally enough, with thirteen

different occult artifacts, each one drawn from the real
world. Admittedly, not all of the artifacts described
actually exist (at least so far as anyone knows), but all Each artifact in this PDF is presented on a
of them derive from people, places, and events in the single page along with a set of forms. GMs can
conspiratorial history of the world and thus add a great print only the devices they plan on using and, by
deal to any D20 Modern campaign that deals with the making notes on the printed pages, keep track of
supernatural. Each entry provides background infor- the artifacts status in a campaign.
mation on the artifact in question, as well as game These sheets can be inserted into the cam-
mechanics, allowing the GM to insert the artifact into paigns binder along with sheets from Ronin Arts
his campaign with ease. In several cases, alternate Modern: Campaign Planner, Modern:
interpretations of the artifacts are offered, giving fur- Contacts, and other releases in this series.
ther options to the GM and ensuring that his version
of, say, the Kusanagi Sword suits his campaigns real-
ities rather than the other way around.
All organizations referenced in this product are
described at greater length in Thirteen Conspiracies,
another D20 Modern product available from Ronin

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Modern 13 more Occult Artifacts

alberts handgonne
History: St. Albert the Great (often called naturally enough, in the possession of the Society of
Albertus Magnus, his Latin appellation) was a brilliant St. Albert, whose top researchers are attempting to
Dominican philosopher, theologian, and bishop of the reproduce its effects in order to outfit their field
mid-thirteenth century. In addition to teaching a young agents. There are legends that St. Albert produced
St. Thomas Aquinas (himself renowned for his intel- more than one of these remarkable weapons and, if so,
lect), Albert was reputed to have been a dabbler in they might have fallen into the hands of other occult
alchemy, astrology, and natural magic, among other organizations, most likely the Vehmgerichte or the
occult sciences. Because he used his arcane knowl- Templars. Indeed, some of these legends claim the
edge in the service of the Church against the forces of saint intended to send plans for his handgonne to allies
supernatural evil, he was never censured or otherwise in knightly and religious orders across Europe, mak-
condemned. In fact, Alberts studies enabled him to ing it possible that the Society that bears his name is
create several artifacts for use in battling the powers of not the only source of contemporary reproductions of
Hell on Earth. One of the most significant of these was it.
his handgonne, a primitive firearm that fired specially Alternatives: Plenty of other individuals through-
made and blessed projectiles. In the hands of a skilled out history have been reputed to have invented
user, the handgonne is a potent weapon, particularly firearms before their time, including Aufidius Caelus,
against fiends and the undead. Albert himself is said to Merlin, and Roger Bacon, among others. Likewise,
have personally used his handgonne on numerous given the remarkable nature of the handgonne, other
occasions during his long life and, after his death, it inventive geniuses, such as Leonardo, Edison, Tesla,
passed into the hands of the Dominican order, where it or others could be credited with its creation. Similarly,
remained until the 17th century, when it was lost dur- in campaigns with a more cinematic quality or where
ing one of the battles of the Thirty Years War. the occult wars are not so hidden, the handgonne
Physical Description: The handgonne is an over- might be mass produced and regularly used by Society
sized matchlock pistol with a trigger. The weapon operatives in their war against supernatural evil.
must, of course, be hand-loaded and can fire only one Game Mechanics: The handgonne is a +3 holy
projectile at a time. These projectiles are, like the fiend bane pistol with the following stats:
handgonne itself, oversized compared to later ammu- Damage: 1d10 (+2d6 vs. evil/+2d6 vs. fiends), x3
nition. They are spherical in shape and do not contain Critical, 30 ft. Range Increment, Piercing.
their own propellant. Instead, gunpowder must be To use the handgonne properly, one must have the
poured into the handgonnes barrel in the proper Exotic Firearms Proficiency.
amount to fire it.
Type: Artifact (magic); Caster Level: ;
Current Whereabouts: Alberts Handgonne is, Purchase DC: None; Weight: 5 lb.

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Modern 13 more Occult Artifacts

History: The unicorn, though widely believed to Current Whereabouts: The only known true
be a legendary beast, once actually existed, living in alicorn in existence is in the possession of a Central
India and other parts of the subcontinent. It was never Asian dictator who uses its magical properties to keep
a common creature and its remarkable beauty and himself alive, despite numerous attempts by rivals to
gracenot to mention the magical properties of its assassinate him. Other reputed alicorns are said to be
hornmade it an attractive target for hunters and indi- found in China, France, and the United States.
viduals who prized rarities. By the 1st century A.D., Alternatives: The horn could be that of another
unicorns were already on the way to being regarded as unicorn-like creature, such as the yale of Ethiopia or
purely mythical. Still, enough existed that wealthy and the ki-lin of China (or its Japanese counterpart the
powerful persons could obtain unicorns horns, known kirin). Alternatively, it might not be a horn at all, but a
as alicorns, for their own use. Alicorns possess tooth, tusk, or some other body part of a legendary
remarkable healing abilities. They purify food and creature. Other options include magical gems, metals,
drink, detect and protect against poison, and, under the or woods that have similar properties to the alicorn.
right circumstances, can even bring the dead back to Game Mechanics: The alicorn enables its posses-
life. Unsurprisingly, alicorns were prized possessions sor to use cure light wounds three times per day and
across Europe, Asia, and Africa. Because their more cure moderate wounds once per day (caster level 5th)
impressive powers require that they be destroyed in by touching a wounded creature with the horn. Once
the process, there have been no proven sightings of per day, the possessor can use neutralize poison (DC
intact alicorns in centuries. 21, caster level 8th) with a touch of the horn. If the
Physical Description: A true alicorn (as opposed possessor has an allegiance to good, he can cast raise
to the many fakes that circulate throughout the world) dead once per year.
is a long spiraled horn, whose base is pearly white, Type: Artifact (magic); Caster Level: ;
middle is black, and tip is red in color. Purchase DC: None; Weight: 1 lb.

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Modern 13 more Occult Artifacts

the diane
History: John Whiteside Parsons, better known as Current Whereabouts: The Diane is currently
Jack to his friends, was an early rocket propulsion afloat somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. It rarely enters
researcher and one of the founders of the Jet port anywhere that has extradition treaties with the
Propulsion Laboratory. So important was he that United States, preferring to remain in international
Werner von Braun called him the father of the waters and getting its fuel delivered to it rather than
American space program. Parsons was also chosen by risking seizure by hostile forces.
occultist Aleister Crowley to lead his Thelemic move-
ment in California, which he did, often assisted by
Diane (225-foot luxury yacht): Crew 8
Frater Hbetter known to the world as Lafayette
(minimum); Passengers 10+; Cargo 40,000 lb.;
Ronald Hubbard, science fiction author and founder of
Init -5; Maneuver -5; Top Speed 45 [4]; Defense
Scientology. Parsons and Hubbard worked closely
3; Hardness 5; hp 70; Size C; Purchase DC 55;
together until 1947, when Hubbard absconded with
Restriction Lic [+1].
Parsons money, girlfriend, and his yacht, the Diane.
The yacht remained in Hubbards possession, despite
Parsons attempts to reclaim it, during which time he Alternatives: The Diane could be a boat associat-
used it as a sacred space from which to work mighty ed with some other eccentric and/or nefarious person-
magical rituals. Shortly after Hubbards death in 1986, age. Alternately, it could be another type of vehicle,
the boat was seized by a breakaway group of such as an airplane, that fills a similar role.
Scientologists who believed the mainline Church had Game Mechanics: The Diane is a potent magical
murdered Hubbard in order to turn the religion into a multiplier. Any adept or mage who casts spells from
money-making organization without any concern for the Conjuration (Creation) or Enchantment schools is
the spiritual well-being of humanity. The Church of treated as if he were three levels higher for the pur-
Scientology has attempted to reclaim the Diane on poses of determining variable effects. In addition, he
several occasions, but has thus far failed to do so and may use any metamagic feats he possesses at half their
it remains in the hands of the breakaway sect. normal cost rounded down, meaning that metamagic
Physical Description: The Diane is a luxury feats that raise a spell level by less than two are effec-
yacht measuring over 200 feet long and 50 feet wide. tively free when cast aboard the yacht. Finally, spell-
It is large enough to sport a small helicopter and two casters gain a +10 bonus to their Knowledge (arcane
touring boats. At its top speed, it is capable of travel- lore) checks when casting incantations while afloat.
ing over 5000 nautical miles before requiring refuel- Type: Artifact (magic); Caster Level: ;
ing. Purchase DC: None; Weight: .

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Modern 13 more Occult Artifacts

the golem
History: In 1580, the Jews of Prague were suffering under stats are as follows:
anti-Semitic attacks and propaganda orchestrated by a priest The Golem: CR 10; Large construct; HD 11d10+30; hp 90;
named Taddeush. Rabbi Loeb, called the Exalted One because of Mas ; Init 1; Spd 20 ft. (cant run); Defense 22, touch 8, flat-
the reverence in which his people held him, prayed to God for a footed 22 (1 size, 1 Dex, +14 natural); BAB +8; Grap +19; Atk
way to deal with these libels. In a dream, God directed the Rabbi +14 melee (2d10+7, slam plus cursed wound); Full Atk +14
to make a Golem, a facsimile of a human being imbued with melee (2d10+7, 2 slams plus cursed wounds), or +6 ranged; FS
great strength and resilience, to act as a defender of the Jewish 10 ft. by 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.; SQ construct, berserk, magic immu-
community. Assisted by his son-in-law and his pupil, Rabbi Loeb nity, damage reduction 10/+1; AL good; SV Fort +3, Ref +2, Will
consulted the Sefer Yetzirah (see 101 Occult Books, also available +3; AP 0; Rep +0; Str 25, Dex 9, Con , Int , Wis 11, Cha 1.
from Ronin Arts, for more information) for the means to do so. Skills: None.
He then crafted the Golem from clay and, with the intercession Feats: None.
of God, brought him to life. The Golem patrolled the Jewish
Berserk (Ex): When the Golem enters combat, there is a
ghetto of Prague and fought evildoers until the threat to the Jews
cumulative 1% chance each round that it goes berserk. The
abated, after which Rabbi Loeb deactivated the Golem and
uncontrolled Golem goes on a rampage, attacking the nearest liv-
stored its lifeless body in a synagogue, in case it should ever be
ing creature or smashing some object smaller than itself if no
needed again.
creature is within reach, then moving on to spread more destruc-
Physical Description: The Golem looks like a genderless tion. Once the Golem goes berserk, no known method can
human with a slightly waxy complexion. It stands six feet tall reestablish control.
and, when active, is supple and warm to the touch, despite its
Cursed Wound (Ex): The damage the Golem deals does-
construction material. The Golem has hair, eyes, and nails like
nt heal naturally and resists even healing spells. A character
normal human beings and it breathes.
attempting to cast a conjuration (healing) spell on a creature dam-
Current Whereabouts: The current whereabouts of the aged by the Golem must succeed on a DC 26 caster level check,
Golem are unknown. Until the mid-20th century, the Golem was or the spell has no effect on the injured character.
hidden within a synagogue in Prague. Sometime either during or
Immunity to Magic (Ex): The Golem is immune to any
immediately after the Soviet occupation of the city, it disappeared
spell or spell-like ability that allows spell resistance.
without a trace, although rumors in the occult underground have
placed it in several places in recent years, most notably New York Any magical attack against the Golem that deals acid dam-
City. age heals 1 point of damage for every 3 points of damage it
would otherwise deal. If the amount of healing would cause the
Alternatives: The Golem described here is a specific crea-
Golem to exceed its full normal hit points, it gains any excess as
ture, but there is no reason that another of its type could not be
temporary hit points. The Golem gets no saving throw against
created under the right circumstances. Likewise, non-Jewish sor-
magical attacks that deal acid damage.
cerers might have similar rituals by which they can bring inani-
mate clay to life to serve themperhaps for more nefarious pur- Haste (Su): After it has engaged in at least 1 round of com-
poses than the defense of a persecuted minority. bat, the Golem can haste itself once per day as a free action. The
effect lasts 3 rounds and is otherwise the same as the spell.
Game Mechanics: When activated by someone with an
allegiance to good (or, at the GMs discretion, Judaism), the Type: Artifact (magic); Caster Level: ; Purchase DC:
Golem comes to life and will obey its master unquestioningly. Its None; Weight: 600 lb.

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Modern 13 more Occult Artifacts

iron crown of lombardy

History: The Iron Crown of Lombardy is perhaps rently held in the Cathedral of Monza in Italy. Of
the oldest extant symbol of European monarchy. Its course, throughout its history, numerous individuals
origins go back to the 4th century A.D., when St. seized the Iron Crown for their own use. It is quite
Helena, mother to the first Christian emperor of possible that they made a copy and returned this fac-
Rome, Constantine the Great, gave her son one of the simile to the cathedral, keeping the original for them-
nails that pinned Christ to the Cross. Constantine in selves. If so, the real Iron Crown could conceivably be
turn gave this nail to Pope St. Sylvester I. The Papacy almost anywhere, although the most likely places are
held this relic until the reign of St. Gregory the Great, in western Europe in the hands of someone with pre-
when it was gifted to Duke Agilulf of Turin in 590, tensions to royal authority.
who had just been elected king of the Lombards. Alternatives: Instead of the Iron Crown of
Agilulf was a great friend of the Church, as well as the Lombardy, this artifact could represent any number of
founder of a stable kingdom in northern Italy, after magical crowns, in Europe or elsewhere. The German
decades of chaos and war. The nail was beaten into a occultist believed that the Holy Grail (described in
thin metal band and set into a reliquary crown that Thirteen Occult Artifacts, also available from Ronin
Agilulf and his successor used as their regalia. Arts) was in fact a crown of life sacred to the divine
Throughout the Middle Ages, various German and rebel Lucifer. The Iron Crown (or some other magical
Italian rulers wore the Crown in an attempt to lay crown) could be this crown, in which case its origin
claim to the heritage of Agilulf and the Churchs bless- would have to be changed to reflect its infernal power.
ing. In 1805, Napoleon Bonaparte used the Crown in In this case, itd become an object of reverence for
his own coronation ceremony as King of Italy (he had groups like the Temple of the Serpent and other demon
become Emperor of France the year before). When he worshippers.
placed the Crown on his head, he is claimed to have Game Mechanics: The wearer of the Crown
declared, God has given this to me; woe to him who gains a +5 insight bonus to his Charisma while it is on
touches it. Unsurprisingly, many legends have his head. In addition, he may cause fear and command
swirled about the Iron Crown and its powers of ruler- at will, as if a caster equal to his character level.
ship, making it a popular object of occult speculation. Anyone who attempts to touch or harm the wearer
Physical Description: The circlet of the Iron while the Crown rests on his head must make a Will
Crown consists of six gold and enamel segments made save (DC 15) or be afflicted with the effects of a
from beaten gold, joined together by hinges and set bestow curse spell each time he attempts to touch or
with precious stones that stand out in relief, in the harm the wearer. Once affected by this spell, a target
form of crosses and flowers. Within it is a narrow band cannot be affected again until the original curse has
of iron, about three-eighths of an inch in width, from been removed.
which the Crown gets its name. Type: Artifact (magic); Caster Level: ;
Current Whereabouts: The Iron Crown is cur- Purchase DC: None; Weight: 10 lb.

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Modern 13 more Occult Artifacts

History: The marvelous sword known as

which most Westerners consider typical A downdraft blows from the center out-
Kusanagi (or Grass-cutter in Japanese) was Japanese swords. ward in equal strength in all directions.
originally named Murakakumo-No-Tsurugi Current Whereabouts: The current An updraft blows from the outer edges
(or Sword of the village of the clustering location of the sword is unknown. Most schol- in toward the center in equal strength from all
clouds) and found by the god Susano-O-No- ars believe that the weapon remains lost in the directions, veering upward before impinging
Mikoto when he slew the eight-headed serpent waters off the coast of Dan-no-ura and can on the eye in the center.
Koshi. Susano-O gave the sword to the god- never be found. As ever, there are stories of A rotation causes the winds to circle the
dess Amaterasu to settle an ancient dispute wealthy nationalists (perhaps with ties to center in clockwise or counterclockwise fash-
between them and she kept it until the reign of ancient Taira family) seeking out and finding ion.
the 12th emperor of Japan, Keiko, when she the sword in an effort to establish themselves A blast simply causes the winds to blow
gave it to the heroic warrior Yamato-Takeru to as occult powerbrokers in Japan. No such in one direction across the entire area from one
protect him from danger. The hero used the story has been confirmed, of course, but then side to the other.
sword to save his life when he was trapped in they rarely are. Wind Strength: For every three character
a grassland set ablaze by a villainous daimyo. Alternatives: As with the Iron Crown of levels, the wielder can increase or decrease
Yamato-Takeru quickly cut the grass around Lombardy above, the sword could be associat- wind strength by one level. Each round on his
him to deprive the fire of its deadly fuel, which ed with another nation than Japan, as there are turn, a creature in the wind must make a
gave the weapon its more common name. He many countries with magical swords in their Fortitude save (DC 14 + wielders Charisma
then used the swords other power to control legends. Likewise, the weapon type could modifier) or suffer the effect of being in the
the wind and push the flames back toward his change appropriately. windy area.
foe. Later, Yamato-Takeru died and the Game Mechanics: Kusanagi is a +4
weapon fell into the hands of other Japanese Strong winds (21+ mph) make sailing
brilliant ghost touch sword with the following difficult.
heroes, eventually becoming owned by the stats:
child-emperor Antoku in the 12th century. A severe wind (31+ mph) causes minor
Damage 1d8, 18-20 Critical, Piercing, ship and building damage.
During the Genpei Wars of that time, the Taira
Medium Size A windstorm (51+ mph) drives most fly-
and Minamoto clans fought for control over
the imperial court. The naval Battle of Dan- In addition, once per day, the sword ing creatures from the skies, uproots small
no-ura in 1185 secured the final defeat of the allows its user to alter the wind force in the trees, knocks down light wooden structures,
Taira, much to the chagrin of Antokus grand- area surrounding him. He can make the wind tears off roofs, and endangers ships.
mother, who then ordered her grandson and blow in a certain direction or manner, increase Hurricane force winds (75+ mph)
her entourage to commit suicide by drowning. its strength, or decrease its strength. The new destroy wooden buildings, sometimes uproot
When they jumped into the water, they took wind direction and strength persist until the even large trees, and cause most ships to
with them several imperial heirlooms, includ- spell ends or until the wielder chooses to alter founder.
ing Kusanagi. While the other items were his handiwork, which requires concentration.
A tornado (175+ mph) destroys all non-
recovered, Kusanagi never was and quickly He may create an eye of calm air up to 80
fortified buildings and often uproots large
became the Japanese equivalent of Excalibur feet in diameter at the center of the area if he
in myth and legend. so desires, and he may choose to limit the area
to any 40-ft. high cylindrical area less than 40 The range of this ability is 40 ft./charac-
Physical Description: Kusanagi is a ter level and the effect lasts no more than 10
ft./character level in radius.
finely made double-edged sword with a beau- minutes/character level.
tiful lacquered handle. Its blade is short and Wind Direction: The wielder may choose
one of four basic wind patterns to function Type: Artifact (magic); Caster Level: ;
straight, in keeping with its archaic origins, Purchase DC: None; Weight: 4 lb.
and looks very different from the katanas with over the spells area.

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Modern 13 more Occult Artifacts

lamp of ala-ed-din
History: Ala-ed-din was the son of a tailor living in China. ately upon being released. If not, the genie grants the user three
He was tricked by a sorcerer who was pretending to be a long- wishes before returning to the bottle until he has a new master.
lost relative into entering a magical cave that was trapped to pro- These wishes can do the any of the following:
tect it against robbers. The sorcerer wished Ala-ed-din to find Duplicate any spell, psionic power, or incantation (includ-
the greatest treasure hidden within the cavea magic lamp that ing raise dead).
held a genie bound to serve whoever possessed it. When the sor- Undo the harmful effects of a spell, psionic power, or
cerer attempts to kill him, Ala-ed-din uses the lamp himself and incantation.
escapes the sorcerers clutches. With the help of the genie, the Increase one creatures Wealth bonus by +20.
young man makes himself rich and powerful and marries a
Bequeath one nonmagical item with a purchase DC of 60
princess. Later on, the sorcerer returns and attempts to steal back
or less.
the lamp by deceiving the princess. Although the sorcerer suc-
ceeds, Ala-ed-din is again able to outwit him and regain the Bequeath one magic item with a purchase DC of 45 or
lamp for himself, which he then passed on to his descendants, less.
who, if the story is to be believed, continue to possess it even Remove all injuries and afflictions affecting one creature.
now. Over the centuries, there have been purported Lamps of Transport up to twenty creatures to any place the wisher
Ala-ed-din that have surfaced in the occult underground, but chooses.
none has proven to be the genuine article. Undo a single recent event.
Physical Description: The Lamp is an ornate golden oil Use the following stats for the genie, if necessary:
lamp made in a style common to pre-Islamic Central Asia. It has Genie of the Lamp CR 8; Large outsider; HD 10d8+20; hp
no markings or ornamentation to indicate it is anything other 65; Mas 14; Init +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative); Spd 30 ft.,
than it appears. Because of its age, it has become somewhat tar- fly 20 ft. (perfect); Defense 18, touch 12, flat-footed 15 (1 size,
nished and dented, making it even less noteworthy to someone +3 Dex, +6 natural); BAB +10; Grap +20; Atk +15 melee
unaware of what he is looking at. (1d8+9 plus 1d6 fire, slam); Full Atk +15/+10 melee (1d8+9
Current Whereabouts: The Lamp remains in the posses- plus 1d6 fire, slam); FS 10 ft. by 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.; SQ heat,
sion of some of al-Dins descendants in modern-day Pakistan. spell-like abilities, polymorph (self only), immune to fire, cold
At present, they are unaware of the Lamps powers, which suits vulnerability, telepathy, darkvision 60 ft.; AL evil, law; SV Fort
the plans of several conspiratorial groups, including the +9, Ref +10, Will +9; Str 23, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 15,
Hashishin, all of whom are attempting to acquire it for them- Cha 15.
selves. Skills: Bluff +12, Concentration +12, Craft (any one) +8,
Alternatives: The Lamp could instead be a ring or some Escape Artist +11, Intimidate +13, Listen +12, Move Silently
other object (like a monkeys paw) that grants wishes to its pos- +11, Read/Write Auran, Read/Write Ignan, Read/Write Infernal,
sessor. Whatever form it takes, wishes are granted literally, even Read/Write Language (any one), Sense Motive +11, Speak
if that comes at the expense of the person making the wishes. Arabic, Speak Language (any three), Spellcraft +9, Spot +12.
Game Mechanics: The bottle can be opened once per day. Feats: Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Combat Reflexes,
When opened, the genie imprisoned within issues from the bot- Dodge, Improved Initiative.
tle instantly. There is a 10% chance (0110 on d%) that the genie Type: Artifact (magic); Caster Level: ; Purchase DC:
is now insane from millennia of captivity and attacks immedi- None; Weight: 1 lb.

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Modern 13 more Occult Artifacts

omer of manna
History: After the Exodus from Egypt, the white flaky substance that melts on the tongue and
Israelites murmured against Moses leadership of tastes like honey but completely satisfies a human
them, complaining that they had no food and would beings need for food for one day.
surely die in the desert without it. In response, Moses Current Whereabouts: The Omer of Manna is
prayed to God, who granted the Israelites a miraculous presently possessed by an Israeli archeologist search-
food called manna that fell to the ground like frost ing for clues to the final resting place of the Ark of the
each morning (except on the Sabbath). The food was Covenant. He has no intention of partaking of any of
nourishing and provided for the Israelites nutritional the manna, as he believes it belongs rightfully within
needs throughout their forty years of wandering before the Ark itself and is holding it in trust until he can
entering the land of Canaan. Typically, any manna that place it there himself. Naturally, conspiratorial groups
was reserved or kept overnight would rot and become ranging from the Hashishin to the Thule-Gesellschaft
unpalatable. The only exception to this was the manna seek it for themselves.
kept in a golden jar that held a full days supply of it Alternatives: This artifact could be disconnected
a measurement the Israelites called an omer. This from the Exodus story and transplanted onto some
golden jar was placed within the Ark of the Covenant other mythology, such as the ambrosia of the Greek
as a reminder of the forty years of exile in the desert gods or other legendary divine foods. Alternatively, its
and of Gods providing for his people during this trou- origin could be alien, Atlantean, or some other highly
blesome time. When the Ark was lost after the destruc- technological but ancient culture.
tion of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, the Omer of Game Mechanics: The manna within the Omer is
Manna it contained was also lost, although there have sufficient to feed 1200 adult human beings for a single
been sightings of it separate from the Ark throughout day. Consequently, it could feed a single person for
the centuries. Indeed, some occultists believe that over three years. Once the manna within the Omer is
finding the Omer of Manna could point the way depleted, however, it is gone forever and cannot be
toward finding the Ark itself. replenished (barring another miracle).
Physical Description: The Omer of Manna is a Type: Artifact (magic); Caster Level: ;
large golden jar with a lid. It is otherwise unadorned or Purchase DC: None; Weight: 5 lb.
unremarkable. Its interior is filled to the brim with a

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Modern 13 more Occult Artifacts

ring of gyges
History: According to a legend reported in Platos gem. However, the ring has no inset gem and never
dialog The Republic, Gyges was a shepherd in the has.
employ of King Candaules of Lydia. After an earth- Current Whereabouts: The Ring is currently
quake, Gyges found a cave that turned out to be the owned by an American entrepreneur, who obtained it
tomb of an enthroned corpse who wore a golden ring, by chance in an antique shop in Istanbul while on a
which Gyges pocketed. Gyges later learned that when business trip there. Now that he realizes its powers, he
he turned the collet of the ring toward the palm of his has begun to use them to enrich himself further, which
hand, he became invisible. Turning the collet the other has drawn the attention of the Bilderbergers. Although
way, he could reappear. Gyges used his power of the conspiracy does not suspect a supernatural expla-
invisibility to seduce the Candaules wife and togeth- nation for the entrepreneurs sudden enrichment, they
er the conspired to murder the king, which they did, at are very suspicious and have dispatched several agents
which point Gyges became king of Lydia. In The to determine the secret of his success.
Republic, Plato places this tale in the mouth of the Alternatives: The Ring could take some other
interlocutor Glaucon, who uses it to advance the the- form, such an amulet or even a crown.
sis that justice is purely a social construct and that, if Game Mechanics: The Ring allows its user to
given the chance to act without being seen, men will gain the benefits of the spell invisibility at will. Unlike
frequently choose to do what would otherwise be the spell, however, the wearer remains invisible even
deemed unjust. Whatever Platos intention, ambitious while attacking or making other hostile actions. Each
men since ancient times have sought out the Ring of time the wearer uses the Ring to perform an unjust or
Gyges, hoping to use its remarkable power to act with- otherwise criminal act (GMs discretion), he must
out being seenjust as Glaucon had predicted they make a successful Will save (DC 20) or lose all alle-
would. giances except to evil, with the concomitant conse-
Physical Description: The ring is a rather ordi- quences.
nary-looking ring made of gold. It has no distinguish- Type: Artifact (magic); Caster Level: ;
ing features or marks upon it, except for a collet, or Purchase DC: None; Weight: .
indentation, that looks as if it were intended to hold a

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Modern 13 more Occult Artifacts

rod of aaron
History: The Rod of Aaron is a potent Jewish arti- where it had been taken twenty-five hundred years
fact once possessed by Aaron, brother of Moses and earlier after the Babylonians destroyed the Temple in
Miriam, and the first high priest of Israel. His Rod was Jerusalem. Several conspiratorial groups have been
endowed with miraculous powers by God. When operating in Iraq since 2003, using the Coalition inva-
Moses and Aaron confronted Pharaoh and demanded sion as cover for their own search for the staff.
that he free the Hebrew nation, the Rod turned into a Alternatives: Some versions of the legend sug-
serpent as a show of divine might. Pharaohs court gest the Rod of Aaron was made from a piece of the
magicians reproduced this miracle, turning their own Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and previously pos-
rods into serpents, which Aarons serpent quickly pro- sessed by Adam, whose descendants passed it on over
ceeded to devour whole. Later, in the presence of the many generations. Other legends say that it became
Ark of the Covenant, Aarons Rod blossomed and bore the crossbeam of the cross on which Christ was cruci-
almonds in another show of godly favor. The Rod was fied, in which case it was broken up into fragments
placed inside the Ark, along with several other arti- years lateror could be the single largest piece of the
facts (see the Omer of Manna, above), where it True Cross, if it wasnt.
remained until the Ark was lost in the destruction of Game Mechanics: Provided the wielder of the
the Temple in Jerusalem in 538 B.C. staff has an allegiance to good (or, more specifically to
Physical Description: The Rod of Aaron is a Judaism, at the GMs discretion), the Rod allows its
thick staff made of almond wood. Despite its obvious user to cast the following spells at will: bestow curse,
age, it is very sturdy and can support the weight of any bless, create water, faiths fury, insect plague, prayer
human being who leans against it. The staff stands and shield of faith.
nearly six feet tall. Type: Artifact (magic); Caster Level: ;
Current Whereabouts: The current location of Purchase DC: None; Weight: 5 lb.
the Rod of Aaron is unknown, although it is suspected
of being located somewhere in modern-day Iraq,

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Modern 13 more Occult Artifacts

spear of caenus
History: Caeneus was a Thessalian warrior who although he is considering selling it on the occult
sailed with Jason in his quest to find the Golden black market to the highest bidder. Preparations for
Fleece. He was an invulnerable to all weapons and such an auction are already under way and the occult
thus renowned for his bravery in battle. In truth, world is filled with stories of potential buyers and out-
Caeneus was born a woman: the beautiful maiden landish plans to seize the Spear should it fall into the
Caenis. The god Poseidon raped Caenis, but in order wrong hands.
to make amends for his crime, offered to give her Alternatives: The Spear could take a different
whatever boon she wishes. Caenis wanted to ensure form, being a different type of weapon or perhaps not
that she could never be raped again and so asked to be a weapon at all. Its origin could also be changed, such
made a man, which Poseidon did. In addition, he made that, for example, it could have been an Amazon spear
Caenis (now called Caeneus) immune to all weapons. and any who wield it is changed into a woman rather
Caeneus wielded a great spear in battle and that spear than a man.
became so strongly associated with him that, after his Game Mechanics: The Spear is a +3 wounding
death, some portion of his divine gift transferred to it, spear with the following stats:
allowing anyone who wields it to possess a modicum Damage 1d8, Critical 20, Piercing, Large Size
of Caeneus invulnerability.
In addition, the wielders gender is permanently
Physical Description: The spear is an archaic changed to male if she is female. The wielder also
Greek spear, whose point is made of bronze and whose gains Damage Reduction 20/+2 while holding the
shaft is a sturdy, dark wood. The spear is about five weapon.
feet in length, but is otherwise unremarkable.
Type: Artifact (magic); Caster Level: ;
Current Whereabouts: An Egyptian occultist Purchase DC: None; Weight: 10 lb.
associated with the Rosicrucians possesses the Spear,

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Modern 13 more Occult Artifacts

virga of vergil
History: Publius Vergillius Maro was born in is a small knob, made of bronze. Otherwise, it has no
Mantua, Italy in 70 B.C. and lived to become one of other adornments or markings to indicate its unusual
the greatest poets of the Latin language. His most character.
famous work was The Aeneid, an epic poem in the Current Whereabouts: The Virga is owned by an
style of Homers The Iliad, which tells the story of Italian multimillionaire with a keen interest in the
Aeneas, a refugee from the city of Troy, who wanders future of Europe. He has been using the Virga to plot
around the Mediterranean before finally settling in the his companies financial moves, as well as determin-
Italian peninsula and becoming the forefather of ing alliances with the right political factions within the
Rome. Vergil was reputed to be a magician and a seer European Union, with an eye to becoming a major
and tales of his exploits were especially popular in the political player himself. Both the Templars and the
Middle Ages. His prophetic powers were of particular Prieur de Sion wish to seize the artifact for them-
interest, as his Fourth Eclogue supposedly foretold the selves.
coming of Christ. According to many legends, Vergil Alternatives: Other famous prophets and seers
would prophesy by means of the sortes, a Roman may have possessed similarly magic artifacts. The
method of divination that involved opening a text and Virga could just as easily be a crystal ball, mirror,
pointing to a random passage with a thin baton called Tarot deck, or some other divinatory item.
a virga. Because of the words similarity to Vergils Game Mechanics: When used with a copy of The
own name, it is sometimes spelled Virgil instead. Aeneid, the Virga enables its user to cast an unfailing
Whether the artifact that bears his name was ever pos- version of the augury spell at will. In the hands of a
sessed by Vergil himself is unclear, but there can be trained spellcaster, the Virga also grants a +1 bonus to
little doubt that it is a potent aid to divinations, which effective caster level when used in conjunction with
is why it has been sought after since ancient times. any spells from the Divination school.
Physical Description: The Virga is a thin lac- Type: Artifact (magic); Caster Level: ;
quered wood baton, reddish-brown in color. At its tip Purchase DC: None; Weight: 1 lb.

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Modern 13 more Occult Artifacts

vril battery
History: In 1871, the English novelist Edward George tion) that can contain the vril without reacting with it. At each
Bulwer-Lytton wrote The Coming Race, a fantastical tale end of the battery is a silvery metallic lead that allows it to be
about a subterranean race of men known as the Vril-ya, who slotted into any vril-compatible device.
use a mysterious energy source called vril to power devices, Current Whereabouts: A vril battery is not a singular
weapons, and automatons. The Vril-ya were the survivors of artifact. Numerous examples of it can be found throughout
a great deluge on the surface world and fled underground. the occult world, particularly in the hands of the Thule-
Although Bulwer-Lytton never intended his novel to be Gesellschaft, which uses vril batteries to power many of its
taken seriously, many Victorian and later occultists believed devices, including its stealth saucers and other aircraft.
it revealed hidden truths about the world, some going so far Alternatives: The vril battery need not be a technologi-
as to say that the author was an unknowing conduit for hid- cal device. Instead, it could take the form of naturally occur-
den truths! In any event, a German cabal known as the Vril ring crystals, metallic spheres, or even (as some Nazi
Society was founded in the 20th century to (among other occultists believed) religious icons. Likewise, the power con-
things) seek out the Vril-ya and obtain access to their mirac- tained within these batteries need not be vril but could be
ulous energy source. Over time, the Vril Society (or almost anything, from cosmic rays to orgone energy.
Luminous Lodge, as it was sometimes known) was co-opted Game Mechanics: Vril batteries contain enormous
by the Thule-Gesellschaft, which itself was a tool of the Nazi energy and are unlimited in their durations. That is, they
Party. During World War II, Thulist investigators sought the never burn out or require replacement. Thus, a vril battery
Vril-ya in Asia, eventually finding evidence of their civiliza- placed in a flashlight would last until the flashlight itself wore
tion in Agharti beneath Tibet. The Thulist conquest of out and even then the battery could be transferred to another
Agharti was not complete before Hitlers defeat in 1945, but device. In addition, a single vril battery can replace an entire
vril energy was obtained and placed into batteries for use by collection of batteries of almost any type. At the GMs dis-
German forces in the final days of the war. Some of these bat- cretion, vril batteries can also alleviate the need for other
teries fell into Allied hands, who then set about harnessing power sources, such as gasoline, so that a vril powered car
them for their own purposes. Unfortunately for them, the would never need refueling once a single battery is placed
only reliable source of vril was in Agharti, which remains within it.
solidly under Thule control to this day.
To convert an existing device or vehicle to vril power
Physical Description: A vril battery looks like a small requires a successful Craft (mechanical) check (DC 20). If
metallic cylinder slightly larger than standard chemical bat- the character also has 10 or more ranks in Knowledge (arcane
teries in common use throughout the world. The cylinder is lore), he gains a +2 synergy bonus to the Craft check.
bronze in color and feels slightly warm to the touch. It is
Type: Artifact (magic); Caster Level: ; Purchase DC:
made from specially crafted phlogiston (see Thirteen Occult
30; Weight: -.
Materials, also available from Ronin Arts, for more informa-

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