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In the Depths of BlackWater

PDF Edition:
New material and editing
by Philip Reed 1. BLACKWATER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Half-Elan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 DEVIANTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17
HISTORY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 CLASSES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Ananoka . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17
Illustrated by Christopher Shy Timeline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Guardian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Sewer Crawlers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
THE CITY TODAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Multiclass Characters . . . . . . . . . .13 Sewer Stalkers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
PortTown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 SKILLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 ADVENTURE SEEDS . . . . . . . . . . . . .19
PEOPLE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 FEATS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
Party Composition . . . . . . . . . . . .20
Print Edition: City Guards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 3. THE DEPTHS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
GLOSSARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21
2. CHARACTERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 THE SEWERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
Written by Russell Godwin RACES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Derelicts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 OPEN GAME LICENSE . . . . . . . . . . . .21
Elan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 THE CAVERNS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 PRODUCT IDENTITY . . . . . . . . . . . . .22
Additional Material by blight TRADITIONAL MONSTERS . . . . . . . . . .17

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Proofreading by Vikki Godwin Introduction
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In the Depths of BlackWater
Chapter One
BlackWater When the first settlers discovered the bay in the
early spring, its waters were dark and murky,and so
they named the bay Blackwater. The sea turned blue
GEOGRAPHY in the summer, but when the next spring came, the
Blackwater sits on the northern rim of a large bay sea once again turn black. The rangers and druids
on the Sothrin Sea. The bay is deep and provides a searched for the cause and discovered that black silt
natural harbor from the rough sea beyond. Cliffs and dirt runs off from the Dartok mountains into the
stretch along the coast for over 40 leagues (240 miles) bay. Once out in the open sea, the water becomes a
in both directions. To the north of the city, plains and familiar deep blue, but after especially harsh win-
forests extend for 25 leagues (150 miles) gradually ters, the blackness can spread miles beyond the bay.
turning into the foothills of the Dartok Mountains,
which run northwest to southeast. The mountains are
over 60 leagues (360 miles) wide where the Great
Passage connects the Blackwater area to Kyrstok.

The Passage through the Dartok Mountains was
discovered in 794 CR (common reckoning) by
explorers from Kyrstok. Three expeditions were lost
in mapping the route before a fourth finally made it
through. The explorers negotiated an agreement with
the dwarves in the Dartok Mountains for future trav-
el through their abandoned mines and halls, which
made up over three-quarters of the Passage. Shortly
after their return, the explorers met their demise on
another mission, and the passage was soon nothing
more than an entry on a scroll in a sage's library.
In 829, Kriistov VI ascended to the throne. A
learned and educated man, he value knowledge over
military conquest, and created many public works,
among which was a great library. He decreed all
books and scrolls from other libraries should be
copied and placed in the central library, to preserve
the knowledge for all. (At the urging of the Mages
Guild, personal journals and spellbooks were exclud-
ed from this process.) Even with the hiring of hun-
dreds of scribes and wizards, the task would take over
30 years.
In the Depths of BlackWater
In 850, a young scribe was given yet more scrolls to Kriistov anxiously read the captains report. The The captain decided it was safe to explore and sent
begin copying. The first one he opened had the explor- map was completely accurate, and the Passage was more scouting parties into the forest. When such a
ers story of the Great Passage and the valley beyond. easily navigated. The expedition had seen no signs of party tried to go too deep into the forest, the trees
Excited by the discovery, he rushed to show the master the dwarves mentioned in the scroll, but they had moved to form a barrier or great wolves would appear
scribe. The scribe burst into his masters office, disturb- encountered and destroyed many dark and strange to stop the scouts. After three weeks of cautious
ing a meeting between the master scribe and Kriistov. creatures. Once through the Passage, rangers were exploration, the expedition made it through to the
Kriistov was equally excited by the young scribes dis- sent on a brief scouting mission into the forest gently rolling plains beyond. Two weeks later, they
covery. Within weeks, Kriistov sent a heavily armed beyond. They only thing of consequence they found discovered Blackwater Bay. There were no signs of
expedition to the Dartok mountains to see if the scrolls was a small group of what they believed to be elves, villages or inhabitants in this valley.
story and map were accurate. Three months later an obviously patrolling the woods. The elves kept their This was enough to convince Kriistov to establish a
advance scout rode into the royal castle, bringing word distance from the rangers and the expedition, never colony. Kyrstok was a small, landlocked kingdom, and
that the expedition had returned. approaching the strangers. establishing its own port would mean new opportuni-
ties and wealth. He was a practical educated man.


The first colonists were chosen carefully. They had to
794 Discovery of the Great Passage and the land beyond it. be self-sufficient and ready for any challenge since
852 Colonists travel through the Great Passage and settle at Blackwater bay. Kyrstok was, at best, a full months travel from
Blackwater. Over 150 people members of every guild,
868 The Great Cataclysm seals the Passage, isolating Blackwater from Kyrstok.
nobles, farmers and laborers, priests, fighters, mages,
873 Formation of the Council, with representatives from the noble houses, guilds, and commoners. rangers, and druids were recruited for this effort.
877 Settlers construct the first fleet (3 ships) to explore beyond the harbor. Scouts from the previous expedition were sent to escort
879 The Purge begins. Abominations appear, destroying the temples and killing the clerics. the colonists to their new home.
The colonists left in early 852, wanting to arrive in
896 Discovery and settlement of the Antiri Islands. the valley in the spring. The journey through the
939 End of the Purge. The Council outlaws the cleric class. Passage was uneventful and relatively quick, but their
951 The first guardians appear. luck did not hold. On the third evening after emerging
1602 Completion of construction of the sewers beneath Blackwater. from the Passage, a great storm rose up and horrific
creatures attacked the colonists. The colonists repelled
1606 First contact with the ananoka and discovery of the caverns. the creatures with only a few losses, but the storm and
1647 Birth of the first half-elan. creatures had destroyed many of their supplies. Some
1719 A great earthquake causes the Reopening of the Great Passage. wanted to turn back, but the leader of the group, Lord
Kondrati, convinced them to push forward.
1724 Kyrstok begins re-exploring the Passage. Eight expeditions are lost in the exploration.
The scouts and druids provided some food and
1727 The Ninth Expedition arrives in Blackwater. Kyrstok resumes relations with its lost colony. water for the colonists, but within a week, they knew
1731 First Dartok War Orcs, goblins, and other dark races begin attacking the trade caravans travel- it would not be enough. The colonists awoke one
ing through the Passage. A combined Blackwater-Kyrstok army defeats them. morning to baskets of fruit and bread, and got their
1741 Discovery of new veins of gold in the Great Passage. Kyrstok begins mining side passages. first glimpse of the elves the scouts had reported
seeing. The elves continued to help the colonists,
1749 Kyrstok tries to reassert its sovereignty over Blackwater. The Elan convince Kyrstok to abandon its plan for
albeit from a distance, until they arrived at the bay.
After this initial contact, the elves were not seen
1752 Construction of PortTown begins. again for over three generations and became a leg-
1755 Events of this book. end among the settlers.
In the Depths of BlackWater
The colonists quickly constructed a small village Kondrati received word of their plans and acted quick- Much of Blackwater was devastated in the fighting,
on the hills overlooking the bay and planted crops in ly. Working in secret with the guild masters and other but in 882 the Abominations disappeared as quickly
the fields to the north. Their first summer was pleas- loyal nobles, Kondrati established a Council, rather as they had appeared. The citizens began the long task
ant, and the winter very mild, especially compared to than himself or any one man, to rule the city. With the of rebuilding the city. Homes were the first priority,
the icy winters of Kyrstok. The next year, replace- backing of the entire city, Kondrati was able to easily with the public works and temples a close second.
ment supplies and more colonists arrived from defeat the treacherous nobles, and Blackwater became Exploration had been suspended during the attacks
Kyrstok. a city-state. and the reconstruction, but resumed in 895 as the tem-
The village began to take shape as a small wall was The Council ordered the construction of public ples were reopening. The Abominations returned the
constructed (more out of habit than necessity) and works in honor of Kriistov. A library was the first next month, this time even stronger and more deter-
permanent structures replaced the thrown-together project, but Lord Kondrati had other plans as well. He mined. This time, however, they attacked the entire
shelters from the first year. Everyone, from the lowest financed the construction of a fleet to explore the city, forcing the troops to split their men, making the
workers to Lord Kondrati, was proud of their accom- Sothrin Sea. Official records state that Kondrati died priests and temples easier targets. This second wave
plishment. Over the next 15 years, more settlers in 877, the night after watching the ships sail from the lasted just two months; the Abominations were grow-
arrived, including members of six other noble houses. harbor. Most sages discount this as part of his myth ing more efficient. Fewer people were killed in the
Blackwater was well on its way to becoming a thriv- and claim he died a month before the ships launched. second wave than the first, but much more of the city
ing hold of Kyrstok. That was about to change. was destroyed.
The explorers returned in early 896 with news of a
THE GREAT CATACLYSM group of islands far to the southwest. The captain had
In the fall of 868, a great earthquake struck the area. named them the Antiri Islands, after himself. He was
Even though it was not centered on Blackwater, it did a braggart, but a natural born leader and expert sailor.
extensive damage to the town. Legends say that the Against the Councils wishes, he recruited over 200
quake lasted a full day and night, but no sage or druid settlers (including many of his own men) and left
believes this possible. A scouting party was immedi- Blackwater to establish a new life in the Islands.
ately dispatched to clear rubble and debris from the The citizens of Blackwater now faced the task of
Passage and assist travelers, but when they arrived, rebuilding yet again, but this time with fewer people to
the entrance to the Passage was gone. Large boulders THE PURGE repair much more damage. In 920, as the construction
covered the entire area, many the size of wagons. Two years later in 879, the first Abominations neared completion,the Abominations returned in a third
Lord Kondrati ordered all the mages, priests, and appeared horrible, misshapen creatures that rose up wave. This time, their attacks were well coordinated, as
druids to open the Passage. As they approached the from the earth and descended from the skies. At first if being led or directed by something, and they
Passage, the trees, animals, and even land itself they appeared in groups of two or three, and were eas- destroyed only the temples and priests. After this attack,
blocked and attacked them, but never to kill, only to ily destroyed. The creatures seemed to grow stronger the Council contemplated abandoning Blackwater and
dissuade. When they finally reached the entrance, and more focused between attacks, and attacked in joining Antiri and his settlers in the islands, but Lord
they found not rubble and boulders, but smooth stone, larger numbers each time. Most assumed that were Arkadi, Kondratis son, convinced them to stay.
as if the Passage had never been there. A small expe- mindless beasts, but it soon became apparent that The reconstruction was completed in just five years,
dition was sent the next summer, to try to cross the these Abominations had a goal to destroy the priests and life returned to normal for a time. But in 939 the
Dartok Mountains, but even during the summer the and temples. Abominations struck one last time. Priest and novice
peaks were impassable. With little choice, the vil- The Abominations had some way of sensing the alike were killed gruesomely, and the temples were
lagers of Blackwater went on with life cut off from stronger priests and attacked them first during a bat- turned to rubble. The Abominations then rampaged
their homeland of Kyrstok. tle. If one fell while attacking a priest, another would through the city, killing and destroying indiscriminant-
In 873, when it was obvious that Blackwater was take its place, even it meant ceasing an attack on ly. Only 300 people survived the time of the Purge, and
truly isolated, several of the nobles saw this as an another foe. If there were no priests nearby, the the town was in ruins. The Council declared the wor-
opportunity to seize power. Lord Kondrati had been Abominations would charge the temples. They were ship of gods illegal and forbade anyone from becoming
chosen by Kriistov not only for his education and loy- relentless; they always fought until they were priests or servants of any god.
alty but also for his sense of obligation to his subjects. destroyed.
In the Depths of BlackWater
The elan (the elves encountered earlier) appeared
in 940, offering aid to the survivors. Although aloof
and distant to most of the villagers, they did show
interest in a handful, all of whom were especially adept
at healing. The elan (see pp. 9-10) invited these healers
into their forest village to train them to use their gift.
The healers reappeared a decade later, trained in elani
and druidic traditions and with their natural healing
ability enhanced. Within a few years, the healers began
to exhibit a very strong sense of duty to the village and
villagers, and were soon given the name Guardians
by the populace. (See Guardian, pp. 11-13.)


With such a small population, rebuilding was a long,
arduous process, as daily survival took precedence
over rebuilding or expanding. The reconstruction took
centuries. Although the completion of the sewers in
1602 officially marked the end of the Lost Years,
Blackwater and its population had completely recov-
ered by the mid 1500s. (See Chapter 3 THE DEPTHS for
more information on the sewers.)

In the mid 1630s, the elan once again visited
Blackwater. This time, it was not an isolated
incident, but rather the start of a trend among
young elan to explore the world, curious a bout
the humans and their city. They tended to stay
near the Guardians, feeling more at ease with
them, but some befriended other citizens. In RECENT EVENTS (just six years ago!), most citizens of Blackwater
assume that the Councils reluctance to explore the
1647, the first half-elan (see pp.10-11) was
born. Needless to say, this caused an uproar The most important event of the past hundred years Passage was a fear of losing Blackwaters sovereign-
among both communities, but within a decade was, of course, the Reopening of the Passage in 1719 ty as a city-state. Others believe it had something to
12 more had been born. Today, there are more and the subsequent reestablishment of trade and rela- do with three elani wizards who met privately with
than 100 half-elan. tions with Kyrstok. Although a scouting party certain members of the Council. It is rumored that the
informed the Council that the Passage was once again same three elani wizards are responsible for dissuad-
open, they chose not to send an expedition through. ing Kyrstok from reclaiming Blackwater.
After narrowly avoiding war with Kyrstok in 1749
In the Depths of BlackWater


Blackwater is a thriving metropolis, the center of The Port Quarter (more commonly called the
trade for dwarves, elan, and the people of the Antiri Docks) consists of the docks, warehouses, and some
With the influx of Outsiders from beyond the
Islands, as well as the merchant caravans that once older (but not run-down) housing for the workers and
Passage, Blackwater is quickly running out of
again travel between Blackwater and Kyrstok. The their families. The Docks contains the highest of the
space. There is ample space in the fields to the
city is composed of the Merchants Quarter, the Noble commoners and the lowest of the middle class. The
north, but the Guardians and elan warn against
Quarter, the Port Quarter, and the Old Quarter. Aside people of the Port Quarter work hard, and play hard-
using it.
from the Noble Quarter, each is like a small city, con- er. Drinking, gambling, and wenching are the favored
Lady Inessa, a member of the Council who fan- pastimes of the laborers and dock workers, and there
taining the necessary shops, businesses, and public cies herself an architect, suggested that the city be
services to function if the need arises. (The Noble is an abundance of taverns, inns, and brothels.
expanded into the bay, or rather, over the bay. Her
Quarter is more like a small country, but still relies on design called for a large rock peninsula to be
services from the Merchant Quarter.) shaped from the floor of the bay. The mage guilds OLD QUARTER
Located in each quarter are bakeries, general stores, Council member, while flattered by the ladys The Old Quarter (referred to as the Slums) is the orig-
markets, blacksmiths, schools, entertainment, and confidence in him and his guild-brothers, fought inal settlement. Most of the buildings are run-down, but
more. The quality and price of these goods and serv- the proposal, as did the guardian, druid, and mer- the Slums provide the only affording lodging for the
ices vary greatly from quarter to quarter. chant Council members. Even the elan sent a rep- poorest workers. The Council ensures that the city guards
resentative to warn the Council against such a patrol regularly within the Slums. The Council may be
MERCHANT QUARTER foolish tampering with nature. The druids and hard pressed to deal with the poverty of those who live
guardians were worried about the effect such a there, but they can make them as safe as possible.
Inarguably the largest and busiest section of
meddling would have on the land and sea, while Within the Slums are the Ruins,the portion of the orig-
Blackwater, the Merchant Quarter (called the Vaults
the merchants were concerned with the more prac- inal town that was never rebuilt after the Purge. It con-
by the lower class) is the center of trading. All the
tical prospect of a storm destroying their ware- sists of the temples and their immediate area. The
guilds are located here, as are many residences for the
houses and merchandise. Derelicts reside there out of necessity, and it is a haven
middle class artisans and less prosperous merchants.
Banks, luxurious inns, jewelers, sages and all other In the end, Lady Inessa and her supporters won, for the criminals since the city guard doesnt patrol often
manner of goods and services can be had here for a but the opposition was able to force the project to (if at all.) The Docks may be full of thrills, but the Ruins
price. be completed in four phases, both to reduce costs are full of adventure and excitement!
and to ensure no harm is done to the sea. The
The city guard has a very strong presence in the
peninsula is expected to be finished in 1758.
Merchant Quarter. During the day, they stay near the
banks, magic shops, and guild houses. At night they PEOPLE
patrol the streets, always moving, and ever alert for carved out a small hall; Kyrstok maintains a sizeable
anyone who looks even vaguely out of place. manor and estate; and even the elan have a small
grove set aside for their use on the rare occasion that There are 10 noble houses in Blackwater, not
NOBLE QUARTER elani elders visit. including House Kondrati. Each house is (in theory)
The nobles have their own private troops to protect equal to the others, as all nobles have the title of Lord
The nobles originally settled in the hills overlook-
their estates, as well as elaborate mechanical and or Lady. House Kondrati, though, is first among
ing the village and port and have remained there to
magical traps. The lower classes dont mind this, as it equals, the ruler of the rulers. Among these noble
this day. The original Kondrati manor is now a muse-
frees the city guards to serve where they are most houses, politics is more common outside the Council
um to his and his familys legacy to the city. The
needed. However, the city guards grow frustrated chamber than inside.
citys library is located in the Noble Quarter, as is the
Council Hall. The richest merchants have large when they are dispatched by their captain, only to be Four of the houses predate the Purge: Gennadi,
estates here as well, but below those of the nobles. told by a lords lackey that their services wont be Illarion, Kassian, and Zarek. These are the houses that
Below the merchants are the estates of the various required. remained loyal to Lord Kondrati during the near
representatives of other kingdoms: the dwarves have rebellion.
In the Depths of BlackWater
The average member of the city guard has a broad skill set from
which to draw, since practically every citizen of Blackwater studies at
least two professions. It is not uncommon to find members of the
mages guild occasionally serving in the guard, as well as guardians,
merchants, dock workers, and sailors. Likewise, a rogue may be sur-
prised when a guard is able to track her flawlessly, regardless of how
well she has covered her tracks.
In game terms, all members of the city guard will have at least one level
in some other class beside fighter. The most common secondary classes
are ranger and rogue. Wizard-guards are very rare, but
sorcerer-guards are more common. The rarest second class is guardian;
perhaps one or two every generation choose to live within the city.
Many of the city guards carry magical weapons or armor. Most of these
items are of limited power,given to them by grateful mages or merchants.
One lieutenant of the guard, Danja the Rat, has over 20 magic items.
Fortunately for him, he was wearing many of them the night his was over-
powered and pushed from a tall tower in the Noble Quarter. He survived
the fall with only a scratch. The 20 goblin attackers . . . didnt.

The other six houses are descended from individuals

who were made nobles for service to the city: Dariya,
Dobromir, Jaromil, Mirek,Svatopulk, and Uranja. Note
that Dariya and Uranja were women who were made
nobles by House Kondrati.

There are 88 members on the Council: 10 nobles
(one from each house except Kondrati); 28 guild rep-
resentatives (1 or 2 from each guild, depending on size
and power); 18 merchants; 1 dwarf; 1 halfling; 6
guardians; 22 commoners; and 2 half-elan. House
Kondrati is the hereditary ruler of the Council, but
votes only when there is a tie (which hasnt occurred
in over 300 years). Still, the words of Lord (or Lady)
Kondrati carry great weight with the Council, and they
have been known to sway members when deemed
necessary for the good of Blackwater.
The Council runs the city-state, and leaves
the day-to-day operation of the city to a staff of
In the Depths of BlackWater

Chapter Two

This chapter details two new races, a new class, and
various other details necessary for players creating
NEW RACE: ELAN Elan are also very proud and self-confident, which
makes them very hard to work with in a mixed group.
native characters of BlackWater. This game informa- The elan (singular and plural) are an enigmatic An elan respects the wisdom and abilities of her elani
tion requires your GMs approval before use in a cam- race, superficially resembling tall elves. Many schol- elders, but does not give the same respect to older
paign. ars speculate that one race is an offshoot of the other, members of other races.
but sages who have studied both races discount this
Although the elan appear to be aloof and indiffer-
theory. Still, Outsiders react to the elan as if they are
ent, they are a very emotional race. Feelings are
RACES elves . . . until they discover first-hand how different
the two races are.
meant to be shared with family and friends, and few
Because the Blackwater area is isolated from the elan have friends outside of their own people.
Personality: Unlike the elves they resemble, the
rest of the world by the Dartok Mountains, the popu- Physical Description: Elan are tall and slim,stand-
elan do not like change. Tradition is paramount to the
lation is not as diverse as would be expected in a typ- ing about 6 to 6 1/2 feet tall and weighing 130 to 160
elan; after all, it wouldnt be tradition if it werent the
ical fantasy setting. Before the arrival of the human pounds. Elani men and women are the same height,
best way to do something.Young elan are not quite so
(and a few half-elven) settlers eight centuries ago, the with the men weighing slightly more. They are all
set in their ways, but are still practical and staid. Once
major races of the area were the elan, who kept to fair-skinned with white or pale-blonde hair and vio-
an elan chooses to do something a certain way, she
their forests, and the dwarves, who kept to their let, ice-blue, or light-green eyes. Elan have a lifespan
will always do that task in the same manner until con-
mountain halls. There is a small enclave of halflings of four to five centuries; a few claim to be nearly a
vinced, usually by an elder, that there is a better or
in the foothills, but most have moved to the city of millinneum old. An elan reaches majority at 50 years
more efficient way to do so.
Blackwater since its construction, preferring the com- of age.
pany of humans to that of dour dwarves.

A player who wishes for her character to be
from Blackwater (either the city or the surround-
ing area) must play a dwarf, halfling, human,
half-elan, half-elf, or a young elan.

Since the Great Passage was reopened, however,

there has been a steady influx of other races.
Gnomes, elves, and even half-orcs can be found in
Blackwater, but they are still small minorities com-
pared to the humans, half-elves, elan, half-elan, and

In the Depths of BlackWater

Elani Lands: The elan are found only in the valley

and hills surrounding Blackwater. They live in com-
munities of varying sizes, from small tribes of fewer A half-elan is the offspring of a union between an
ELANI RACIAL TRAITS than 20 to large villages of 200 or more. There are elan and a human. Half-elan are a very new race the
+2 Intelligence, +2 Dexterity. Elan are smarter and first known half-elan was born just over a century ago.
more graceful than humans. rumors of an elani capital with a population in the
thousands, but no expedition that has ventured deep A half-elan seldomly knows her elani parent. The
Medium-size: As Medium-size creatures, elan majority of half-elan are born to human women, and the
into the elani forests has ever returned. The original
have no special bonuses or penalties due to their father returns to the elani community within a few years
human settlers learned quickly and kept their dis-
size. of the childs birth. The majority of elani mothers give
tance. The recently arrived envoys, explorers, and
Elani base speed is 30 feet. adventurers do not heed the locals warnings, and their children to the care of the guardians shortly after
+2 racial saving throw bonus on all arcane spells many have disappeared. birth, but a few keep their child for a time, reluctantly
and effects except chaos spells, to which they suf- Religion: The elan do not believe in or worship leaving the child with the guardians before returning to
fer a -2 racial saving throw penalty. gods as the other races do. Instead, they practice a their people.
Low-light Vision: Elan can see twice as philosophy (or spirituality) that reveres creation and Personality: A half-elan is very gregarious and out-
far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, order. going. They express their emotions much more readily
and similar situations of poor illumination. They Language: The elani spoken language is subtle and than their elani parents. Although neither society readi-
retain the ability to distinguish color and detail beautiful, and shares many words in common with ly accepts them, half-elan feel at home with either
under these conditions. elven. However, the elani use an alphabet that is bare- humans or elan. Elani society rejects them because of
Proficient with longsword; proficient with long ly recognizable as a variant of (or more likely, pre- their random, unpredictable nature, while the humans
bow and composite long bow or short bow and cursor to) draconic. simply fear their elani heritage. Elani rangers and druids
composite short bow. and human Guardians openly accept the half-elan, hop-
Names: An elan remains unnamed until she is 14,
ing to set an example for their people to follow.
Automatic Languages: Elani and Draconic. when the communitys elders give her a name. This is
Bonus Languages: Common, Elven, and Dwarven. more than a simple naming ceremony; it also includes Physical Description: A half-elans heritage is obvi-
the use of powerful magic to see the childs future. ous at first glance. All range in height from 5 3/4 feet to
Favored Class: Wizard. A multiclass elans wizard
Elani names sound similar to elven ones, but older 6 1/4 feet tall, and they are slightly slimmer than
class does not count when determining whether she
and more formal. humans of the same height. In contrast to her elani par-
suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing (see PHB).
ent, a half-elans hair color is invariably dark, but her
Alignment: Any non-evil and non-chaotic. Adventurers: The elans rigid society doesnt
skin is just slightly darker. A half-elan has the pointed
encourage the individuality needed to make great
Available Classes: Due to their structured society, ears of her elani parent but a blending of the facial fea-
adventurers. However, since the humans arrival the
an elan may only choose from druid, fighter, monk, tures of both parents. Eye color is invariably a bright
elani elders have grown tolerant of the curious and
ranger, and wizard. green. Half-elan are very graceful and charming,but do
young elans need to explore and find her place in the
not have the clarity of mind of their elani parents. A
world. It is now almost common to allow her to go out
half-elan reaches majority around 20. No one knows
among the humans until her elani heritage calls her
Relations: The elan are reclusive and keep contact their average lifespan yet, but the oldest half-elan is 108
back to her people. No elan remains outside her peo-
with other races to a minimum. When they do inter- and is still in his prime. Most suspect that their lifespan
ple for more than ten years at a time.
act with other races, elan are courteous and polite, yet is two to three centuries.
Note: The elan are an old and powerful race, and
very formal. The dwarves in the area will have noth- Relations: A half-elans charm makes her very like-
designed primarily for use as an NPC race. A PC elan
ing to do with the elan and go out of their way to able, and in return, she is generally liked. Due to her
must start the game no older than 45 years of age, and
avoid them. The elan do not reciprocate this animosi- passionate nature, however, a half-elan makes friends
must return to her people before reaching majority at
ty Neither race will discuss the reasons for this, and enemies with equal ease.
age 50.
except references to past grievances. Alignment: Unlike her orderly elani parent, a half-
Alignment: The elan are a very structured, hierar- elan is generally undisciplined and impulsive. A half-
chical people, and so they tend to be lawful. They are elan is almost always chaotic and is never lawful or
never chaotic or evil. evil.
In the Depths of BlackWater
Religion: A half-elan shares her elani parents innate
HALF-ELANI reverence for nature. This is reinforced by the beliefs of GUARDIAN SPELL LIST
the Guardians, rangers, and druids whom the half-elan 0-level spells: Create Water, Cure Minor Wounds,
RACIAL TRAITS befriend. Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Flare, Guidance, Know
+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma. Direction, Light, Mending, Purify Food/Drink, Read
Language: A half-elan speaks both Common and
Medium-size: As Medium-size creatures, half-elan Magic, Resistance.
Elani. Even those raised by their human parent and never
have no special bonuses or penalties due to their 1st-level spells: Animal Friendship, Alarm, Calm
exposed to the elani language still are able to speak
size. Animals, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Animal or Plants,
Elani. No one can explain this unusual trait.
Half-elani base speed is 30 feet. Endure Elements, Faerie Fire, Magic Armor, Magic
Names: A half-elan has either a human or elani name. Fang, Protection against [Alignment], Obscuring Mist,
Low-light Vision: A Half-elan can see twice as far Upon reaching majority,she often creates a new name for
as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and Pass Without Trace, Summon Natures Ally 1.
herself, combining a part of each parents name to do so. 2nd-level spells: Animal Messenger, Animal Trance,
similar situations of poor illumination. They do not
Adventurers: A half-elan takes after her human par- Barkskin, Bulls Strength, Cats Grace, Charm Person
retain the ability to distinguish color and detail
ent, always curious and exploring. She adventures not or Animal, Cure Moderate Wound, Delay Poison,
under these conditions.
for fame, power, or glory, but simple for the thrill and Flame Blade, Hold Animal, Hold Person, Lesser
Proficient with longsword; proficient with long freedom inherent in the act. Restoration, Resist Elements, Speak With Animals,
bow and composite long bow or short bow and Summon Natures Ally 2, Summon Swarm.
composite short bow.
3rd-level spells: Call Lightning, Charm Monster,
Automatic Languages: Common and Elani. Bonus Contagion, Cure Serious Wounds, Diminish Plants,
Languages: Draconic, Dwarven, and Elven. PREFERRED CLASSES Dominate Animal, Fear, Invisibility, Neutralize Poison,
Favored Class:Any. Like her human parent, a half- Starting characters may choose from guardian Growth, Poison, Protection from Elements, Remove
elan may choose any class to be her Favored class. or any class in the Players Handbook except Disease, Summon Natures Ally 3.
A multiclass half-elans Favored class does not cleric or paladin. Characters from Blackwater 4th-level spells: Cure Critical Wounds, Hold
count when determining whether she suffers an XP should start a second class instead of progressing Monster, Dispel Magic, Freedom of Movement, Giant
penalty for multiclassing (see PHB). to second level in their first class. Vermin, Magic Circle against [Alignment], Quench,
Alignment: Any non-evil and non-lawful. Remove Curse, Reincarnate, Summon Natures Ally 4.
5th-level spells: Animal Growth, Atonement,
Awaken, Commune With Nature, Death Ward, Healing
Half-Elani Lands: The half-elan do not have any CLASSES Circle, Improved Invisibility, Summon Natures Ally 5,
Tree Stride, Wall of Thorns.
lands of their own. They either dwell in the guardian The original settlers included members from many
community or in the surrounding forests. 6th-level spells: Antilife Shell, Find the Path, Greater
guilds and professions, so members of most classes
Dispelling, Ironwood, Restoration, Spellstaff, Summon
can be found in Blackwater. The notable exceptions
Natures Ally 6, Transport via Plants.
to this are clerics and paladins. (See Clerics on p. 13
THE FIRST HALF-ELAN? for more information.) However, there are not many
7th-level spells: Changestaff, Control Weather,
Creeping Doom, Dream, Harm, Heal, Summon
There are rumors that the first half-elan was powerful members of any given class due to the
Natures Ally 7, Nightmare, Sunbeam, True Seeing,
actually born six centuries ago to a young noble cross-training that occurred early in the citys history. Wind Walk.
girl. from House Illarion. Although there is no (See Multiclass Characters, below.)
8th-level spells: Animal Shapes, Command Plants,
actual proof of this, there can be no denying that
Finger of Death, Forbiddance, Greater Restoration,
about the same time, paintings of the noble fam-
ily began to portray them as more graceful and
NEW CLASS: Reverse Gravity, Summon Natures Ally 8, Sunburst,
beautiful, with just a hint of the exotic. While THE GUARDIAN Whirlwind, Word of Recall.
9th-level spells: Antimagic Field, Earthquake,
many enjoy the scandalous nature of such a The guardian class combines a druids reverence Elemental Swarm, Energy Drain, Foresight, Mass Heal,
rumor, the family and many sages claim that it for nature with an individuals sense of duty to com- Shambler, Shapechange, Summon Natures Ally 9.
was a natural change in the art style. munity.

In the Depths of BlackWater
Adventures: A guardians sense Background: A few genera-
of duty to her community keeps her THE GUARDIAN tions after the destruction of
from traveling extensively, although the temples and clerics (the
she will journey if required for the Base Fort Ref Will Spells per Day exact time is lost in legend), a
good of her people, such as to repel Level Attack Bonus Save Save Save Special 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 new class emerged the
invaders or to search for magical or 1 +0 +2 +0 +2 Innate healing 3 1 guardian.
natural components for a potion or 2 +1 +3 +0 +3 Nature sense 4 2
3 +2 +3 +1 +3 4 2 1 The first guardians were vil-
spell to help someone. Like a druid, lagers with a talent for healing
4 +3 +4 +1 +4 5 3 2
a guardian dislikes that which is 5 +3 +4 +1 +4 Resist Natures Lure 5 3 2 1 who were taken in by the elan
unnatural and will generally join in 6 +4 +5 +2 +5 5 3 3 2 and trained in their druidic
a group to destroy aberrations, 7 +5 +5 +2 +5 Wild shape (1/day) 6 4 3 2 1 ways. Upon their return to
unless doing so would leave her ter- 8 +6/+1 +6 +2 +6 6 4 3 3 2 Blackwater, the guardians found
ritory or community unprotected. 9 +6/+1 +6 +3 +6 Wild shape (2/day) 6 4 4 3 2 1 that a decade had passed, yet
Characteristics: Guardians cast 10 +7/+2 +7 +3 +7 6 4 4 3 3 2 they had not aged a day. They
divine spells much as druids do 11 +8/+3 +7 +3 +7 Venom immunity 6 5 4 4 3 2 1 continued aging at a normal rate
from the power of nature. However, 12 +9/+4 +8 +4 +8 6 5 4 4 3 3 2 upon their return.
13 +9/+4 +8 +4 +8 Wild shape (3/day) 6 5 5 4 4 3 2 1
their primary spells are oriented As Blackwater grew from a
14 +10/+5 +9 +4 +9 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 2
toward healing, with nature spells 15 +11/+6/+1 +9 +5 +9 A thousand faces 6 5 5 4 4 4 3 2 1 small village into a large, thriv-
being secondary. Guardians also 16 +12/+7/+2 +10 +5 +10 6 5 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 ing city, the guardians always
have an array of abilities, including 17 +12/+7/+2 +10 +5 +10 timeless body 6 5 5 5 5 4 4 3 2 1 moved so that they lived at the
an ever-increasing innate ability to 18 +13/+8/+3 +11 +6 +11 6 5 5 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 edge of the city, close to both
heal. 19 +14/+9/+4 +11 +6 +11 6 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 3 3 the people they felt a need to
Alignment: This is where the 20 +15/+10/+5 +12 +6 +12 6 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 help and the forest they felt
guardians differ radically from obligated to protect.
druids. Guardians care about life
first and foremost, so they are always good. How an
individual guardian expresses her goodness, either
through inspiring freedom or order, is up to her.
Religion: Guardians revere life and nature, gaining
their magical power from nature itself. They seek to
become one with nature through meditation and
study, not through prayer or devotion.

Due to their insular nature, the guardians have
been the topic of speculation since their formation.
One of the most repeated rumors is that the first
guardians were actually elan who took the place of
the humans they lured away shortly after the
Purge. Although this is a popular story, anyone who
has had contact with the elan give it no merit, since
they are even more insular than the guardians.

In the Depths of BlackWater

After the Purge, the Council declared the cleric class illegal. Although some continued to worship in their homes
or in small, secret groups, few ever became true clerics. To this day, those that do choose to become clerics never
progress beyond the fourth level.
There were no paladins or druids among the original settlers, but there were a few rangers. Despite initial fears,
SYMBOLS OF THE GUARDIAN ORDER their presence has never caused the reappearance of the dark creatures. Sages point out the elan have had very
powerful druids and rangers in their community for centuries, and the elan have never been plagued by these crea-
Races: Only humans and half-elan have demon- tures. Or so they claim.
strated the ability and innate talent to become Since the Reopening, the Council has lived in fear of the day that the powerful clerics from Kyrstok will come
guardians. to Blackwater to restore the temples and convert the populace, once again causing the abominations to wreak
Other Classes: In general, guardians get along havoc upon the city.
well with most other classes of adventurers as long An Outsider cleric may conceal her class for a time, but the Council watches new arrivals very carefully. If (or
as they are good. They are cautious of those of who more likely, when) the clerics class is discovered, her life will be in jeopardy not from the Council or the City
are neutral, except for rangers and druids, since Guard, but from the justifiably paranoid inhabitants.
guardians share with them a devotion to nature, and
consider those who arent evil to be brothers and sis-
ters. Guardians get along well with bards due to their Abilities: As per the druid class. Bonus Languages: A guardian may substitute Elani
shared sense of duty to people. Guardians will usual- Alignment:Any good. for one of the bonus languages available to her.
ly avoid clerics and paladins, and will work with Hit Die: d8. Innate healing: A 1st-level guardian begins play
them only if their community is in danger. with the spell-like ability to heal. She may do this once
Since the druidic tradition forms the basis of the
guardian class, most game rules for the druid class CLASS SKILLS per day per level. She heals 1d6 points of damage per
use of this ability, but doing so causes the guardian to
apply to the guardian class, with exceptions noted The guardian has the same skill list as the dr uid, suffer 1 point of damage herself. A guardian may not
below. except substitute Alchemy for Scry. heal herself with this ability.
Skill points at 1st level: As per the druid. Nature sense: A guardian gains this druid class fea-
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: ture at 2nd level.
MULTICLASS CHARACTERS 4 + Int modifier. Resist Natures Lure: A guardian gains this druid
Knowing they would need their parents varied class feature at 5th level.
abilities to survive and thrive, the descendants were CLASS FEATURES Wild Shape: At 7th level, a guardian gains this druid
careful to learn all they could from their elders. To All of the following are class features of the ability, but she never gains the ability to take the shape
ensure these skills would be preserved, most guardian. of a Large, Tiny, Huge or dire animal, nor the form of
became apprentices to two or even three Weapon and Armor Proficiency: As per the druid an elemental.
masters.This tradition lasts until this day, and class. Venom Immunity: A guardian gains this druid
human Blackwater natives are almost invariably Spells: A guardian casts divine spells according to class feature at 11th level.
multiclassed. Those who never learn a second class the table below. A guardian may prepare and cast any A Thousand Faces: A guardian gains this druid
are considered lazy, odd,or slow by other citizens of spell on the guardian spell list (see p. 11). ability at 15th level.
Blackwater. New arrivals to Blackwater may not Alignment Spells: Unlike the druid, a guardian Timeless Body: A guardian gains this druid class
notice this, and they may discover it in a most may cast spells of any alignment except evil. feature at 17th level.
unpleasant manner, such as having an angry sage
pull a sword on them or a disgruntled shopkeeper
cast a spell on them . . .

In the Depths of BlackWater

PARTY COMPOSITION Your diet and poor hygiene have made you resistant
It is strongly recommended that the GM require all PCs either be from Blackwater or be from Kyrstok. to disease.
If any of the PCs choose to play an elan (and no more than one elan should be allowed in a party at any Prerequisites: Non-elf, non-elan, Cha 9-.
given time), then all the party must be from Blackwater.
Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on all saves against
If the PCs choose to be from Blackwater, the players should have access to the Timeline (p. 4), Recent poison and disease.
Events and The City Today (p. 7), and People (p. 7). Being from Blackwater will be a slight benefit to the
Special: You may only take this feat as a first level
PCs in future supplements, but it does not offer much benefit initially.
If the PCs wish to be from Kyrstok, they should be newly arrived to Blackwater, unfamiliar with most of
its history, legends, and rumors. This can lead to more interesting roleplaying as they adjust to their new
surroundings and learn their way around the city and culture. In general, citizens of Blackwater do not trust LOVE OF THE SEA (GENERAL)
their cousins from Kyrstok, but there are always exceptions. You have a deep fondness for the sea found only in
Blackwater PCs may begin as agents for the various members of the Council. For a cohesive party, have sailors, fishermen, and others who have lived many
them work for the same or member, or at least aligned members (such as the half-elan and Guardians or years near large bodies of water.
nobles and merchants). For a more interesting party, let each be working for a different Council member! Benefit: You receive a +2 bonus to all skill checks
involving boats, fishing, and the sea. Your gamemas-
ter will make the final judgement call on what is or is
SKILLS ARCANE WEAVE MASTERY not an appropriate use of this bonus.
All skills listed in the PHB are available to begin- [METAMAGIC] Special: You may only take this feat as a first level
ning characters. In addition to those skills, the fol- Magical energy has been frequently refered to as a
lowing are also appropriate to BlackWater natives. weave by many spellcasters and sages. In some
Skills from other sources must be approved by your areas of magic, your mastery of this weave is supe- SCAVENGER (GENERAL)
GM before they may be used. rior to most other spellcasters. You are accustomed to picking over the remains of
Prerequisite: Ability to cast arcane spells, charac- your foes and appropriating their gear for your own
KNOWLEDGE (ELAN) ter level 3+, Intelligence 15+. use.
Benefit: Select one spell descriptor. Any spells you Benefit: You suffer only half the normal non-profi-
This skill involves history, culture, and other
cast with that discriptor are cast at a level one higher ciency penalty when using weapons and armor for
knowledge regarding the elan. Bards, wizards, and all
than your actual caster level. which you do not have the appropriate profiency feat.
elan may take this skill. Natives of BlackWater may
take this as a cross-class skill. Special: You may take this feat multiple times, but
never more than once for each spell descriptor.
FEATS BORN MARINE (GENERAL) You have been born the seventh son of a seventh son.
All feats (except Extra Turning) listed in the PHB You are a skilled combatant and sailor, like many Your natural psionic power and magical capabilities are
are available to beginning characters. In addition to sea-going soldiers. greater than that of normal mortals.
those feats, the following are also appropriate to Benefit: You receive Martial Weapon Proficiency Benefit: You gain +4 power points and, if a spellcaster,
BlackWater natives. Feats from other sources must be (Cutlass) and gain a +2 bonus to Profession (Sailor) two bonus 0-level spell slots per day and one bonus 1-level
approved by your GM before they may be used. checks. spell slot per day.
Special: This feat may only be chosen at first level
unless you get your game masters permission to take it at
a higher level. The discovery of the characters ancestors
would make an excellent roleplaying opportunity.

In the Depths of BlackWater

Chapter Three

The Depths through the city and ended in the bay. Normally, rain chants but did not change their minds. The guardians
PLAYERS BEWARE! washed the sewage and garbage into the bay every few
days, but during the dry season the filth would stagnate
chose to strike at the Council members hearts next
and infected their families (but not the Council mem-
This chapter is designed primarily for use by
for a week or more. The cesspools of waste and filth bers themselves) with the diseases spreading among
the Game Master. It contains secrets, game stats,
inevitably led to outbreaks of disease, especially among the poor and Derelicts. Three days later the Council
a map, and adventure seeds, so players should
the Derelicts the very poor living in the slums of the unanimously voted to construct sewers beneath the
stop reading now! After all, what fun is an
Old Quarter in the center of the city. city, and their families recovered within a week. Plans
adventure when you already know whats going
The Council, supposedly the protectors of the were developed quickly and construction began soon
to happen?
city, cared little for the plight of the Derelicts. Even thereafter.
the Commoner representatives would not speak up The sewers were completed in 1602, five years
The Depths are the areas beneath the city of for their poorer kinsmen. In 1585, outraged by the ahead of schedule.Vermin were (and still are) a major
Blackwater consisting of the sewers and caverns. The continuing indifference of the Council, the problem in the sewers as they had been in the trench-
Depths are a harsh, unforgiving environment where Guardians brought their full power to bear on the es. Cleaning details were routinely sent into the sew-
few dare to travel and fewer still return. recalcitrant Council members. The nobles and ers to kill the larger vermin and repair the grates.
The sewers are the better known areas of the wealthiest merchants, far above the city and its prob- Soon they began to encounter large spiders, dire ani-
Depths, having been mapped completely by the engi- lems, were the first targets. Rabbits, deer, and birds mals, and strange creatures, so the workers were
neers who constructed them over a hundred years ravaged their private gardens while wolves destroyed replaced by thrill-seekers and other adventurers.
ago. The maps are at the Great Library, but copies their private herds. This enraged the nobles and mer-
generally are available only to workers, Council
members, or those authorized by the Council. On the
other hand, the natural caverns are a mystery to most THE DERELICTS
and the few maps that exist of the area are only avail- Since the Reopening, the Derelict population has grown significantly. The poor of Kyrstok travel to
able for a sizeable bag of gold. Several sages and Blackwater, hoping to make a better life for themselves. Some do, but most use their life savings just to get
merchants in Blackwater will sell maps of the sewers there, then find themselves in a much worse position, cut off from any friends or families who could help
and caverns to those who ask, but the authenticity of them.
such documents is always in question. Most Derelicts are common folk from the Slums or the Docks who have fallen on hard times. Unable to
Game Masters interested in using The Depths in pay rent, they are forced to move to the Ruins for Shelter, where finding food and staying safe from the
their campaigns are encouraged to watch for the criminals are more important than working. A growing number of Derelicts are single mothers unable to
Blackwater sourcebook devoted to these dungeon- take care of themselves and their young children after their husbands die, and many turn to prostitution to
like areas beneath the city. support their families.
Contrary to most nobles and merchants opinions, they are not too lazy to work, nor all thieves and
scoundrels. In reality, the Derelicts serve a unique role in Blackwaters society they provide a cheap, tem-
THE SEWERS porary, skilled labor pool. They are invaluable when a storm damages the docks and repairs are needed
The sewers were constructed as the first great pub- quickly.
lic work after Blackwaters recovery from the Purge. All Derelicts have at least one level as a rogue. This reflects the abilities and skills they need to survive
Prior to their construction the only waste removal was in a harsh urban setting. Some Derelicts do turn to thieving (or worse) to survive, but they are the excep-
via small trenches dug into the ground that snaked tion and not the rule.
In the Depths of BlackWater
When the caverns (see below) were discovered,
members of the Merchants Guild petitioned the
Council to divert part of the sewer under the
Merchant Quarter into the caverns beneath so that
they could convert that part of the sewers into vaults,
storage, and passages for secure travel. Not wanting
to offend the Guardians a second time, the merchants
proposal also included an annual contribution for the
improvement of the Old Quarter. Most people called
this a bribe; the merchants considered it good busi-
ness. The Council approved the proposal with little
objection from the Guardians.

In 1606, a group of adventurers encountered the
first ananoka. This resulted in a systematic search of
the sewers, and the caverns below were soon discov-
The caverns provide the route for the melting
snows to carry the black silt into Blackwater Bay.
Much of this silt is deposited in the caverns, which
allows for a very rich ecology.

Pre-Cataclysm records clearly indicate that the
original colonists and travelers encountered
undead in the Great Passage as well as in the
Blackwater area itself. After the Cataclysm, ref-
erences to undead appear less frequently until the
time of the Purge, when such references disap-
pear completely.
After the Reopening, travelers through the
In any large city, there is a sizeable criminal ele- easily commit a theft in the Merchant Quarter and be Passage reported the presence of undead.
ment. In Blackwater it is concentrated in the slums of back in the Old Quarter before the city guards arrive. Initially, such reports were far and few between,
the Old Quarter. Many of the braver (or foolish) crim- This unforeseen use of the sewers for criminal activi- but in the last decade five years the number of
inals conduct their business in the sewers, far from the ties now has the adventurers who once hunted vermin reports has been steadily growing.
prying eyes of the city guards. Cutthroats and killers flushing out criminals instead. The criminals who use Since the caverns below the city are connected
use the sewers as a quick and convenient place to dis- the sewers, as well as those who hunt them, are to the mines and caves of the Dartok Mountains,
pose of bodies. referred to as Sewer Rats. (The sewer rat prestige The Council has the city guard on alert for the
The sewers also allow a person to travel unseen class will be detailed in Blackwater The Lost return of undead to Blackwater.
through most of the city. An experienced rogue can Colony, book two of the DarkWar Saga.)
In the Depths of BlackWater
The basis of the ecology is blue fungus strange,
luminescent fungus grows in the rich silt The fungus DEVIANTS COMBAT
Deviants are instantly recognizable as the Ananoka attack with claws or any battered weapons
requires precise conditions to grow, so it cant be
strange, the bizarre, the utterly and horribly unnat- they happen to find lying about the sewers (or claim
found just anywhere in the caverns. It provides low
from the corpses they find from time to time). Ananoka
light for a 30-foot radius, but it dies within 24 hours ural. They have weird looking bodies, alien intelli-
wear armor when they find it,but it is frequently in need
of being harvested. Many of the smaller creatures gences, unnatural abilities, or, in the most horrific of repair and offers a much lower AC modifier than sim-
feed on this, providing food for those high on the cases, any combination of these traits. ilar armor in good shape.
chain. The sewers beneath Blackwater, due to their Multiple Attacks: All ananoka have the Two-
links to the infested natural caverns, are filled with Weapon Fighting Feat.
TRADITIONAL numerous monsters classified as deviants. Several
of the upper level deviants are detailed below.
Immunities (Su): Ananoka are immune to all
forms of cold.
MONSTERS (Deviants of the lower levels will be detailed in a
Not only are The Depths inhabited by the new future book of the DarkWar Saga.) Bipedal, monstrous creatures of great strength
creatures described herein but there are also and low intelligence, ananoka appear as insect-like
numerous more traditional fantasy monsters liv- ANANOKA goblinoids. Some sages debate the ananoka are
ing in the dark underworld. indeed some deviant goblinoid race while others
Monstrous Humanoid (Goblinoid)
Goblins, orcs, ogres, and just about any other argue that the similarities in appearance are merely
Hit Dice: 1d8+2 (6 hp) coincidental. The grasshopper-like hind legs and four
monster presented with a Climate/Terrain classi- Initiative: +1 (Dex) powerful arms merge with the goblin-like body and
fication of Underground can be inserted easily into Speed: 30 ft. head to create a truly terrifying sight. A few rare
The Depths. Game Masters should take some care AC: 15 (+1 Dex, +2 natural, +2 from scrounged ananoka also sport small tentacles growing from their
and thought in the placement of these monsters, armor) faces. These are used to assist in grasping while eat-
and they should consider the entire gamut of possi- Attacks: 2 claws +3 melee, weapon +2 melee ing and are worthless in any combat situation.
ble enemies before designing an adventure or Damage: claw 1d6+1 or by weapon +2 The ananoka have a higher-than-animal intelli-
encounter in The Depths. Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft. / 5 ft. gence and are near the lowest levels of humanoid
Special Attacks: None intelligence (those commonly refer red to as mentally
Special Qualities: Dark vision (60 ft.), Low-light retarded in human societies).
vision (60 ft.), Cold immunity The ananoka operate in the sewers in small tribes
of 15 to 20 individuals, led by a single ananoka (typ-
Saves (F/R/W): +3 / +2 / +2
ically a rare intelligent ananoka of 3rd or 4th level
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 11, Con 13, Int 6, Wis 10, Adept character class).
Cha 8
Ananoka are frightened of others (including
Skills: Hide +6, Intuit Direction +4, Listen +3, strange tribes of ananoka) and will attempt to flee
Move Silently +5, Spot +3 from any encounter. If cornered, or threatened in their
Feats: Two-Weapon Fighting lair, the ananoka will attack and fight until dead.
Climate/Terrain: Underground The ananoka are omnivores and live off of the
Organization: Tribe (15-20 individuals, plus a 3rd small plants growing in the sewers and any small ani-
to 4th level Adept leader) mals they can catch.
CR: 1/2
Treasure: None (individuals); 5-40 cp (tribe) ANANOKA CHARACTERS
Alignment: Usually neutral Rare ananoka with higher than average intelli-
Adv. Range: By character class gences possess low levels as adepts or, in
extremely rare cases, sorcerers.
In the Depths of BlackWater

SEWER CRAWLERS They operate in swarms typically consisting of 10

to 20 crawlers of various sizes and strengths. There is
Surprise Attack (Ex): A sewer stalker does an
additional 2d6 of damage with its tentacles if its
Small Beast no leader of the swarm and the monsters are as likely attack negates the targets Dexterity bonus to AC.
Hit Dice: 1d8+2 (6 hp) to attack each other as they are an invader to their lair. Rumors about the stalkers began over 30 years ago
Initiative: +1 (Dex) in the Old Quarter, especially among the Derelicts in
Speed: 20 ft.
AC: 17 (+1 Size, +3 Dex, +3 Natural Armor)
SEWER STALKERS the Ruins. Stories had existed for decades before
about other dark creatures lurking in the sewers and
Medium Aberration caverns beneath the city, but most were based on the
Attacks: Bite +3 melee
Hit Dice: 4d8 (18 hp) ananoka, sewer crawlers, and old myths of the
Damage: 1d4+2
Initiative: +6 (+2 Dex, +4 Imp. Init.) Abominations. The stalker rumors however were
Face/Reach: 5 ft. / 5 ft.
Speed: 30 ft.; Climb 20 ft. something entirely new, and all the reports were fair-
Special Attacks: Poison
AC: 16 (+2 Dex, +4 natural) ly consistent. The Derelicts only speak of these crea-
Special Qualities: Dark vision (60 ft.), Low-light tures in very hushed voices, and never near a sewer
vision (60 ft.), Cold immunity Attacks: 2 Tentacles +6 melee, Bite +6 melee
Damage: Tentacles 2d4, Bite 1d6 grate.
Saves (F/R/W): +3 / +2 / +2 The first stalker corpse was recovered eight years
Abilities: Str 7, Dex 17, Con 13, Int 3, Wis 2, Cha Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft. / 5 ft.
ago in 1747. A stalkers body decomposes very quick-
1 Special Attacks: Surprise Attack, Poison
ly, usually within two days, so sages have not been
Skills: Intuit Direction +10, Listen +4, Spot +4 Special Qualities: Dark vision (60 ft.), Low-light able to study them in depth. Any attempts to capture
Feats: Toughness vision (60 ft.), Immunity, Damage Reduction these creatures has resulted in failure they die with-
Climate/Terrain: Underground Saves (F/R/W): +5 / +3 / +1 in a day of being captured then decompose normally.
Organization: Swarm (10 to 20) Abilities: Str 14, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 9,
CR: 1/2
Skills: Hide +8, Intuit Direction +6, Listen +4, A stalker appears as a cross between a human, a
Treasure: None
Move Silently +6, Spot +4 snake, and an octopus. The figure is vaguely
Alignment: Neutral
Feats: Alertness, Improved Initiative humanoid, with a torso and human-like head covers
Adv. Range: Medium 2-4HD
Climate/Terrain: Underground in scales. A stalkers eyes are solid black and milky,
Organization: Solitary or packs of 3 to 6. like those of an octopus, but it has sharp rows of teeth
COMBAT CR: 3 like a shark. A stalker has octopus-like tentacles in
Treasure: Double Standard place of arms and legs, but these tentacles are covered
Immunities (Ex): Sewer crawlers are immune to in scales, like a snake.
all forms of cold. Alignment: any non-lawful evil
Several Sewer Rats claim to have seen stalkers
Poison (Ex): Anyone bitten by a sewer stalker must Adv. Range: Large 5-8HD
melt into some sort of goo when killed, but this is
make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 14) or suffer an just a rumor.
additional 1d6 damage from poison. No secondary
damage. COMBAT They prefer the flesh of sentient creatures, but can
survive on the sewer crawlers, spiders, rats, and other
Immunities (Ex): Sewer crawlers are immune to vermin in the Depths.
The sewer crawlers are small, insect-like creatures all forms of cold.
It is clear that the stalkers are intelligent. They will
covered in octopus-like tentacles. The exact number Damage Reduction 5/+1 (Su): A sewer stalker not leave the safety of the sewers to pursue a meal,
of legs and tentacles varies from crawler to crawler ignores the first five points of damage dealt by a non- and they retreat into the Depths when greatly wound-
but is typically six to ten of each. Their heads are cov- magical weapon. ed or outnumbered.
ered with dozens of eyes and a small, pincer-like Poison (Ex): Anyone bitten by a sewer stalker must Stalkers hunt in packs of three to six, but it is not
mouth filled with rows of needle-like teeth. make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 14) or suffer an uncommon to come across a solitary one.
These Deviants have an animal intelligence, acting additional 1d6 damage from poison. No secondary
more on instinct than any true consciousness. damage.
In the Depths of BlackWater

Chapter Four

Adventure Seeds The PCs have the opportunity to make a great deal of roll for their characters to recall, that Maya was
STORY ARC silver, but is the slaughter of other intelligent creatures
worth it? Alternately, the PCs may investigate the
found not far from here. She may have witnessed the
attack! The womans tracks disappear a few yards
These adventures should be played in the order attacks. If so, they can find the young girl. Maya. She away from the where Adros is found.
they are presented to preserve the story arc that will tell them that the ananoka didnt attack her; they When the PCs report back to Lord Gavriil, he
builds toward the events of book two.. The first two saved her!. Unfortunately, she cant remember who did. insists on accompanying the PCs back to the sight,
should be played in succession, with no adventure Good PCs should try stop the hunt as soon as possible. along with three of his private guards. He also sug-
or time between them. The third seed may be set a If any of the PCs are agents for a Council member, they gest that they get the girl to accompany them, as see-
few weeks after the second, and there should be at can get word to them. ing the area might cause her to remember some-
least three adventurers between. The fourth should thing.
be set within a month after the third, with one or
two adventurers between. 2. NOBLE INTENTIONS Once the PCs, Maya, Gavriil, and his men arrive
at the area, Maya begins to remember a young man
The PCsactions gain them an audience with Lord
and woman (Adros and Alina) were making their
Gavriil of House Jaromil. He tells them that his sis-
way through the sewers, when Adros was suddenly
1. DAMN BUG-FACES ter, the Lady Alina, has been missing for several
attacked from behind by another man. She screamed
nights (specifically, the number of nights since the
One night while out carousing at a tavern, the PCs and ran away, chased by the attacker, but she does-
attack on the young Derelict girl).
hear several sewer rats (or city guards, or Derelicts, or nt remember anything after that.
Sailors, or . . .) talking about all the damn bug-faces He is a bit uncomfortable discussing family prob-
Gavriil suddenly grabs Maya as his men draw
(ananoka) down in the sewers. When the PCs investi- lems with strangers, but finally admits that she had
their weapons. In true villain fashion, he explains
gate, they discover that the ananoka have gradually planned to secretly meet with young Lord Adros of
that his older sister Alina will inherit the family
been moving into the sewers over the past few weeks. House Zarek, but never returned. He offers the PCs
estate and seat on the Council, not him. He planned
(And why have the ananoka moved into the sewers? 1,000 gp (and will go up to 3,000 gp) for their assis-
to take care of her that night as well, but got dis-
A large, powerful monster has moved into the cav- tance. Gavriil gives them 200 gp and a medallion
tracted by the brat (Maya). His men caught Alina,
erns, and the ananoka would rather face the weapons bearing the crest of House Jaromil to prove they are
but the ananoka prevented him from finishing off the
of the citizens of Blackwater than its fangs.) acting on his behalf.
girl. He doesnt plan to kill Alina, but to give her a
Although the ananoka usually arent anything more He judges them to be honorable people of good potion of forgetfulness, then sell her to one of the
than a nuisance to those in the city above, they have character for their part in stopping the slaughter of brothels in the Port Quarter.
injured several Derelicts who stumbled into ananoka the ananoka. He believes they went to the Merchant A fight ensues, with Gavriil running into the dark
nests while using the sewers as their normal shortcuts. Quarter via the sewers for a secret tryst as they have sewers. As the PCs give chase, they hear a horrible
The most recent victim was a young girl who was done in the past, and he fears that they were attacked scream echo through the sewers. They discover the
viciously attacked two nights ago. Fortunately, a in the sewers by thieves or worse. bloody lower half of Gavriil lying next to an open-
guard patrol found her before the ananoka could kill As the PCs are searching the sewers, they discov- ing to the caverns beneath. They can hear some-
her. er the hastily hidden body of Adros, with a single thing large moving around down there, but never get
This childs attack enflamed the people of dagger wound in the back, and signs of a struggle. a glimpse of it.
Blackwater,so the Council placed a bounty (1 sp each!) three sets of footprints leave the area a womans
Afterward, the PCs quickly rescue Lady Alina,
on the ananoka to quickly get rid of the problem. Now, set (by the shoes) goes in one direction, while a
who rewards them appropriately.
the sewers are well patrolled,and the ananoka are being childs sets and a mans set goes in another. If the
exterminated by the hundreds. players dont think of it, the GM should have them
In the Depths of BlackWater

The PCs are summoned to the Council chambers by
Lord Kondrati himself! They are met by Lord
Kondrati, Lady Jaromil (Alina), two Guardians, and
five elan. Only three of the elan talk (obviously eld-
ers), and they want to know everything the PCs know
about the creature that killed Gavriil. When the PCs
explain that they never saw it, only heard it moving,
the elan elders ask the PCs to accompany the two
young elan into the caverns and assist them in finding
and destroying the creature.
The young elan are fascinated by the PCs, as well
as Blackwater and its people. (GMs should empha-
size how nave the elan are.) After three days of
exploring, the PCs and the elan encounter something
completely unexpected undead! The PCs know that

STEFANS STORY only a handful of undead have been seen in boy has no real training in the priesthood, only a
Blackwater since the Great Cataclysm. At first, the desire to help and heal. However, Stefan is such a nat-
Stefan has been with Zivon and Kasia for over discover only a few zombies and skeletons, but as ural healer and has such a strong belief, that he has,
a year, travelling from village to village, healing they descend deeper into the caverns, closer to the without training, become a 1st level cleric and 1st
the sick, and collecting donations for the less for- Dartok Mountains, they encounter more and more. level guardian.
tunate throughout Kyrstok. While working a con Eventually, the party is forced to turn back due to the Zivon and Kasia know better than to claim to be
in his village, his patrons heard of his natural number of undead. priests, and just let the residents of the Old Quarter
ability to heal, and they recruited him.
When they get back to the areas below the sewers, think they are good people. By playing on the
Before coming to Blackwater, the trio was they are attacked by a giant squid the creature that poors anger and frustration, Zivon has inadvertently
attacked by the villagers they were attempting to has been plaguing the ananoka and the city for started a movement among them that could easily
help. Zivon and Kasia claimed that it was an months. (Or maybe theres something else down in turn into riots or a revolt. This what the Council fears
infernal plot to stop their good works. (In reality, the caverns . . .) most.
someone caught on to the scam and wanted their
The PCs will have a hard time finding the trio, and
money back). Stefan really does have the gift of
healing, but he has been duped by Zivon and 4. GODS AND MONSTERS they must be careful not to use the words priest or
cleric around the citizens. While this would nor-
Kasia. They sell potions they claim are made The Council, via Lady Alina, asks the PCs to inves- mally cause a crowd to attack those accused of being
and blessed by Stefan. (Stefan does have a knack tigate reports of a mysterious trio that have appeared clerics, in this case it would have the opposite effect
for brewing potions, and many of their false in the Old Quarter. The city guards have had no luck the crows would attack the PCs for accusing them!
potions really do work.) in locating them the people in the Old Quarter will
If the PCs learn the duos true intentions, the
While Zivon is not a paladin (just a not tell the city guards where the trio are.The Council
Council will use the PCs to give them a payoff to
rogue/fighter), Kasia really is an ex-priestess of hopes that the PCsreputation will get the residents of
leave town. Before they can leave, undead begin
the patron goddess of rogues. (She dared to steal the Slums to arrange a meeting with the trio.
emerging from the sewers, and the PCs must persuade
from her deitys temple, but she considered it to (Actually, the PCs reputation as agents of the
the trio to help defend the city. After the attack, word
be a great honor to the goddess, not an offense.) Council will work against them.)
spreads of Stefans and Kasias true nature, and the
Stefan would make an excellent recruit for the The trio are a con man and woman (Zivon and PCs will find themselves having to protect the
Guardians. Kasia) and a very young, nave novice (Stefan). The trio from the crowds.
In the Depths of BlackWater

Antiri Islands: Island group to the south of Great Cataclysm: The great earthquake that Outsider: Anyone from the north side of the
Blackwater, settled by citizens of Blackwater escap- closed the Great Passage over 800 years ago. Passage, especially Kyrstokians.
ing the Purge. Great Passage (or Passage): The series of caverns, Purge: The time early in Blackwaters history when
Derelicts: The very poor living in the slums of the tunnels, and dwarven mines that connect Kyrstok to dark creatures destroyed the temples and clerics.
Old Quarter in the center of the city. Blackwater. Reopening: The earthquake that unearthed the
Elan (EE-LAHN): Elf-like race native only to the Guardian: A class of innate healers unique to the Great Passage 28 years ago.
Blackwater area. Blackwater area. Sewer Rats: Term for the criminals who use the
sewers, as well as those who hunt them.

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In the Depths of BlackWater

101 Mundane 101 Spellbooks,

Treasures $3.00 Tomes of OPEN GAME CONTENT
From the author of 101 AND PRODUCT IDENTITY
Knowledge, and
Spellbooks, Tomes of Knowledge, All of the text in this book (excluding product
and Forbidden Grimoires comes Forbidden identity, identified below) is presented as open
another batch of treasure items. Grimoires game content. You may use this content in your
Every gamemaster has hundreds of $3.00 own work as long as you follow the terms of the
magic items to choose from when Expand Your Library! license. The Open Game License is printed at the
selecting treasure but how many No longer does a treasure end of this book.
mundane treasures are available? have to be merely a book. The layout, graphics, and illustrations present-
This book helps remedy that This book is designed for ed in this book are not open game content. You
minor problem. With 101 treasure items, each one the use of players and gamemasters. Inside you will may not distribute this PDF without permission
written specifically for this book, gamemasters may find 101 different books for use in any d20 fantasy of the author.
now start adding various mundane armors, shields, campaign as well as the spells, feats, skills, magic The following terms, no matter where they are
articles of clothing, pieces of jewelry, and even items, and poisons presented in some of the books. located, are part of the Product Identity of this
weapons to the treasure hoards their players find. 30+ pages of information for use in your next d20 product: Blackwater, DarkWar Saga, Guardians,
While players may find the contents of this 21-page fantasy game. All of the text within is designated as Kyrstok, Dartok, Antiri, Elan, Half-Elan,
book interesting, it is the gamemasters who will real- open game content so that it may be freely used in Derelict, Ananoka, Sewer Crawler, Sewer Rat,
ly benefit from the items within. other products that follow the OGL. Sewer Stalker, and the names of all characters
All of the text is designated as open game content. and noble houses.

101 Arcane Spell Components $3.00

Inside this 21-page PDF you will find rules for supplementary spell components.These are components that
can enhance already existing spells or, at times, provide strange side-effects to spells your caster thinks he
Players of arcane spellcasters and gamemasters will find the contents of this PDF open a new realm of magic.
With a cover provided by Larry Elmore ( and two versions of the book provided (one
letter-sized and one A4-sized) this PDF is both attractive and functional.
All of the text in this product is presented as open game content.

The Exceptions to Life Sketches and Underpaintings $5.00

For two years now, Christopher Shy (best known for his work on White Wolfs Vampire and Mage, Steve
Jackson Games Transhuman Space, and Eden StudiosAll Flesh Must Be Eater) has been struggling to com-
plete his dark masterpiece, Exceptions to Life. This 32 page PDF collects a sampling of the sketches and under-
paintings Christopher created while working on the Exceptions to Life book.
This digital sketchbook shares the artists base, primal vision with the viewer