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Secrets of the Dwarves

by Sam Witt
Dwarves are an insular lot, keeping mostly to themselves in their subter-
ranean kingdoms and labyrinthine mines. While the more adventurous of
their number may travel to the surface to explore the world and their mer-
chants are always eager to trade with others, dwarves prefer their privacy.
The faces they show to the outside world are not always their true faces, and
the secrets of the dwarves are deeper and stranger than most suspect.
Requires the use of
a Roleplaying
Game Core Book This supplement provides a dozen secrets the dwarves keep from the rest of
published by the world and ways in which you can use those secrets in your campaign.
Wizards of the When determining which secrets to use in a campaign, it is important to
Coast, Inc.
remember that not all of these secrets are designed to work in the same cam-
This product uti-
lizes updated paign. The World Machine and Guardians of the Core present incom-
material from the patible views of the world, for example.
v.3.5 revision.

Secret Descriptions
A Cancer of Magic Campaign Uses
Dwarf bounty hunters are scouring the
While arcane power has its uses, only the dwarves
earth for powerful magic users. They intend
understand magics dire consequences. Though
to kill mages and destroy arcane tomes in
magic appear as an infinite source of power and
an effort to preserve the earth from destruc-
energy, in truth it draws its strength from the deeps
tion. These dwarves believe they are fight-
of the earth. As centuries pass and magic is used
ing for the future of their world and are
more frequently, the dark mines and pillars of the
utterly ruthless they do not believe they,
earths core grow brittle and collapse. In time, the
or the rest of the world, will be safe until the
dwarves fear, rampant use of arcane magic will
most powerful magicians and magical
destroy the world, devouring it from the inside out.
items are hidden away and the knowledge
of the most powerful spells is extinguished.
The dwarves are not entirely against arcane magic,
A drow priestess knows dwarves are hoard-
however. Their studies teach them that magic only
ing magical items and arcane knowledge;
becomes a real danger at its most powerful
she will stop at nothing to claim this power
extremes. Relatively minor spells (those of 3rd-
for herself. The dwarves find themselves
level and below) seem to have little effect on the
under attack from all sides as the drow call
world, even when used in large numbers.
in all their allies and begin a genocidal
Moderately powerful spells (those of 4th to 7th
attack on the dwarf strongholds. Desperate
level) are dangerous and create significant prob-
and outnumbered, the dwarves send a plea
lems even when used sparingly. The most powerful
for help to the surface world, hoping
spells (of 8th, 9th, and Epic levels) are so destruc-
enough heroes will answer their call to
tive that even a single spell can cause detectable
swing the tide of battle before it is too late.
erosion of the world.

Secrets of the Dwarves
A band of gnomes is struggling to pre- investigate this similarity will find them-
serve the magical heritage of its race and selves drawn into a historical conspiracy
has come into conflict with the dwarves. as they trace the origins of dwarf writing
The dwarves will not reveal their secret to and eventually uncover the alien plot.
the gnomes and so the battle continues, Earth elementals are appearing, unbidden,
with the dwarves stealing magic and in dwarf territories. They attempt to com-
killing sorcerers and wizards while the municate with anyone who will hear them,
gnomes fight to keep their arcane lore warning them of the coming of the
from disappearing forever. Only a canny, devouring earth. These elementals only
tactful negotiator will be able to get both remain in place for a short time (2d6 min-
sides to set down at the table and work out utes) before they are pulled back to their
their differences without revealing the own plane. Characters who have a chance
dwarfs secret. to talk with these elementals learn the
basics of this secret.
Alien Runes Demonic creatures are leaking the truth of
dwarf writing to neighboring kingdoms.
The writing of dwarves appears stolid and utilitar-
The demons, of course, twist the truth and
ian, runes meant for engraving in stone or etching
tell anyone who will listen that the
onto metal. What few know, however, is that the
dwarves and their elemental allies are
dwarf language is actually an alien tongue given to
about to spring a trap on the rest of the
the dwarves by allied earth elementals millennia
world. The demons tell just enough of the
ago. What even the dwarves do not know is the
truth to convince nearby powers to begin
true purpose of their runes to grant elementals
taking action, which inevitably results in
access to the world of mortals.
hiring adventurers to do some investiga-
So far, the plans of the elementals have not borne
fruit. The time is coming, however, when the
arrangement of dwarf runes around the world will Fear of Dragons
finally permit a convergence between the elemen- Though few would admit it, dwarves fear dragons.
tal plane of earth and the material plane. When this Like dwarves, dragons are hoarders of gold and
occurs, the elementals will pour forth and begin other treasures, storing their wealth in vaults hid-
waging a war of conquest against all mortals. den away beneath the earth. This similarity is the
root of the dwarf fear their legends speak darkly
To prevent the invasion, certain key dwarf sites of miserly dwarves who become slaves to dragons
will need to be destroyed. Ancient temples, or, in some cases, become dragons. Dwarves often
revered forges, and city keystones must be, at the refer to this affliction as dragon fever or, more
least, defaced to prevent the elemental invasion. rarely, the gold curse.
Convincing the dwarves to follow through on this
is another matter entirely even those who know Whether or not this is true, many dwarves firmly
the dangers these carvings present will be hard- believe they will become dragons if they become
pressed to destroy such treasures. too infatuated with hoarding treasures. To prevent
this, some dwarves have begun a twisted sort of
gift-giving, in which they lure outsiders to try and
Campaign Uses steal their treasure. The dwarves will often disable
The characters discover an ancient tome some of their deadlier defenses to allow the
detailing an evil sect of creatures living on thieves a better chance at escaping with some
the elemental plane of earth. Samples of loot, but there are still many dangers to face and
text taken from the belongings of one of would-be burglars are in real danger if caught in
these creatures bear a striking resem- the act.
blance to dwarf runes. Characters who

Secrets of the Dwarves
This tradition amongst wealthier dwarves allows a prison in which hideous enemies of the world
them to comfortably continue their hoarding ways, were imprisoned by the gods. The dwarves must
knowing someone will eventually come along to safeguard the core, preventing its occupants from
pilfer some of their goods hopefully preventing escaping and, just as importantly, preventing evil
the dwarf from becoming a dragon in the process. disciples of those occupants from finding their
way to this secret prison.

Campaign Uses As the years pass, this becomes more and more
A dwarf recently completed its transfor- difficult. The creatures imprisoned within the
mation into a dragon and is now holding a Infernal Core are demons, devils, abominations,
small mining colony hostage. Dwarf lead- and horrors from other planes. As the strongest
ers believe they can reverse the process by prisoners destroy the weaker, their strength grows
stealing away enough of the dragons ever greater. Now they send forth dreams and
hoard. What the dwarves do not have are visions to those who share their evil nature, always
enough thieves to carry out the mission. looking for followers they can use to open the
To make sure enough treasure is taken, Core and begin a reign of terror.
they hire several teams of adventurers and
turn them loose on the dragon. In a twist to
the usual employment requests, the adven- Campaign Uses
turers are specifically told not to kill the Unbeknownst to the dwarves, the Infernal
dragon or its slaves; the dwarves want to Core actually holds the old gods of the
rescue the mining colony, not destroy it. world. While these creatures are definitely
A clan of dwarves has captured a brood of hostile to the new gods and their follow-
young dragons and is attempting to use ers, they are not evil by nature. Druids and
them in an alchemical process to reverse rangers, along with many barbarian tribes
the dragon change occurring in one of the and even some monastic orders, are
clan elders. Obviously, the dragons are receiving visions now and wish to free the
willing to do just about anything to get primal gods from their prison.
their children back, but a straightforward The dwarves now realize at least one of
attack can only end in disaster. The char- the denizens of the Core has become so
acters are hired to sneak in and get the powerful it threatens the integrity of the
young dragons out of the dwarf hold. entire prison. Left alone, this beast will
Alternatively, the characters could be eventually grow too powerful to be con-
hired by the dwarves to protect the eggs tained and will certainly rupture the Core
from intruders hired by the dragons. as it escapes. A group of heroes must be
Three dwarves are racing towards becom- assembled to venture into the Core, find
ing a dragon, each hoping to seize the this creature, and destroy it before it can
power it brings in order to expand their bring ruin to the world.
territory and holdings. Characters may A dwarf seer claims he has seen the truth
work for any or all of the dwarves, alter- of the Core. This seer believes the Core is
nately stealing from and adding to treasure not a danger, but rather a great boon which
hordes. the petty gods wished to hide from their
children. This heretical dwarf claims any
dwarf who reaches the center of the Core
Guardians of the Core will become as a god himself. Of course,
the journey will not be easy, given the
Dwarves do not live below the earth by choice;
powerful guardians the gods have placed
they live in their subterranean caverns because
within the core and the zealous protec-
they must. When the dwarves were created, they
tion provided by those dwarves who do
were given the duty of guarding the Infernal Core,
not understand the truth of the core.

Secrets of the Dwarves
Lifes Work at least in a limited fashion, it can be used to
steer them towards new adventures.
The greatest dwarf smiths all know, from a very Charismatic dwarf priests have started a cult
early age, when they will die. They sense their death based on a number of powerful weapons
in omens others cannot interpret and are always they believe are True Masterworks.
aware of their impending mortality. These legendary Unfortunately, these weapons are all intelli-
smiths also know their lives will not end when their gent, evil magical items introduced to the
bodies weaken and collapse from age. Their dwarves by a family of devils. Unless some-
essences are transferred into the items they create, one can convince the priests (and their fol-
their thoughts and memories are passed down from lowers) of the real provenance of their True
generation to generation through the products of Masterworks the cult will spark off a dwarf
their forges and smithies. Known as True civil war.
Masterworks, these items are sacred to the dwarves
who see them as a combination history book and
immortal master smith.
Mithril Keys
Anyone who possesses a True Masterwork may con- Dwarves are often called upon to construct vaults,
verse with the weapon via a speak with dead spell. prisons, chains, and other means of securing objects
The True Masterwork is not intelligent, but it does or people of value (or those which are dangerous).
provide expertise and information. If asked about While most craftsmen do their jobs dutifully and in
specific crafting technique the True Masterwork good faith, there are some unscrupulous dwarves
object provides a +2 bonus to any Craft skill check who add in a few special features on all such jobs.
involving metal or stone. A True Masterwork object
also provides the equivalent of bardic knowledge in The most notable of these features is a vulnerability to
matters related to dwarf culture. Checks made using a mithril key. During the creation of the item or struc-
this special ability have a +10 bonus. ture, a mithril key is also fashioned which can open
all locks associated with the item. Mithril keys will
not open locks made or installed after the items initial
Campaign Uses creation and delivery to the customer, however.
Three hundred years ago, one of the greatest
dwarf smiths ever to walk the tunnels of the Dwarves have different reasons for creating mithril
Underearth died. During his lifetime, seven keys, but most see it as a safeguard against betrayal.
of the most powerful weapons he ever cre- After all, if someone shorts you on a payment, you
ated were given as gifts to various human make sure the key gets into the hands of a thief who
kingdoms. Now the smiths ancestors want will be happy to recover your fee for you and a lit-
those weapons back, as they seek to recov- tle off the top for themselves. Dwarves never adver-
er the techniques of their most revered mas- tise the existence of these keys, preferring to keep
ter. Unfortunately, due to wars and other them secret to protect their reputations and forestall
tragedies, many of these weapons have been ambitious thieves who would certainly want to steal
lost to the ages. The characters are hired to these keys if they knew of them.
track them down and restore them to the
Campaign Uses
A group of adventurers discover a True
Masterwork weapon in a treasure trove. A An impregnable vault was found open
successful Knowledge (Religion) skill with its contents missing. The dwarf who
check (DC 20) uncovers various necroman- constructed the vault has hired the charac-
tic entreaties inscribed upon its blade, ters to investigate how this happened but
including runes denoting communication doesnt tell them that his mithril key was
with the dead. Once the characters discover stolen several weeks ago. Ideally, the
that the weapon can be communicated with, dwarf wants the characters to find the thief

Secrets of the Dwarves
and deal with him - permanently. What the body within a great forge in the hopes that the dwarf
dwarf does not know is that the thief was will return in a new form.
the dwarfs son, who is disgruntled with
the life of a smith and wants to become an
adventurer. Campaign Uses
In the depths of some particularly heinous Dwarf characters are hired to stand watch
dungeon, the characters stumble across a over a particularly active forge which is pro-
dwarf skeleton. While most of the dead ducing dwarf children at an accelerated rate.
dwarfs gear has long since decayed or been After the characters start spying on the
stolen away, a small mithril key can be found forge, it stops producing children. To set
with some diligent searching (successful things right, the characters must undertake a
Search skill check, DC 20). The key contains quest to placate the dwarf gods of fertility
two items of information useful to its finders. and the forge.
First, a dwarf heraldic crest is inscribed on its Small dwarf towns are being wiped out by
handle (this is uncommon knowledge, DC mysterious forces. Neighboring dwarf com-
20, for bardic knowledge checks). Second, a munities are requesting help and the charac-
name is written on the barrel in ancient dwarf ters are hired to check into things. The cause
runes (Decipher Script, DC 25). The name is of the problem is demons, who discovered
that of a well-known, exceedingly wealthy the dwarfs secret and have been switching
merchant from the nearest city. dwarf children with disguised demons.
A beleaguered group of dwarves comes to Characters will need to rescue the children
the characters with a request for aid. The and destroy the demons in order to save the
dwarves worked together to build a vault for dwarves.
an avaricious black dragon, who then turned A recent discovery of wraith ore (see below)
on the dwarves and refused to pay them. The has resulted in strange deformities and
dwarves offer the characters a mithril key deaths amongst newborn dwarves. The
which will open the vault used to store the dwarves in this community know nothing
dragons hoard. The dwarves would like the about wraith ore and will have to rely on the
dragon killed and their fee recovered from its characters to discover the truth. If the char-
hoard. acters do not discover the connection
between wraith ore and the deformed chil-
Reincarnation dren, some of the children will become pos-
sessed by evil essences (see wraith ore) and
of the Forge will turn against their parents.
Baby dwarves are not born they are made. The great
forges of the dwarves, used to smelt metal and fash- Scent of Gold
ion items of great power, are also the source of dwarf Many dwarves actually can smell gold and use this
children. From time to time, at unpredictable inter- ability to track down rich veins of ore, lost treasures,
vals, baby dwarves are found in piles of scrap metal and heavy coin purses. While this ability varies in
and waste ash near forges. No one ever sees them effectiveness, and is available only to a small num-
placed there, but they are often found shortly after ber of dwarves, it has allowed dwarf cultures to con-
periods of intense activity or the creation of a partic- sistently ferret out and mine gold.
ularly impressive weapon at a given forge.

These children are fostered to parents by the rulers of Smell Gold [Racial]
the dwarf community, based in part on whether a cou- Prerequisite: Must be a dwarf.
ple has had children before and who owns the forge. Benefit: You are able to smell gold when you
There are those who believe that the children are rein- come near it. You automatically detect any gold
carnations of other dwarves cremated at a forge. As a within 30 feet (60 feet if downwind from the gold)
result, dwarf funerals often involve the burning of the

Secrets of the Dwarves
the smallest amount of gold you can detect is the homunculi. The dwarves will, of course,
equivalent of 10 gold pieces. Detecting gold does pay well for the recovery of their children
nothing more than indicate its presence within but may renege on their deal and become
your detection range. As a move equivalent action, violent if the characters discover their
you are able to pinpoint the location of gold with- secret.
in 10 feet or the general location of gold within 30
feet (60 feet if downwind from the gold).
Stoneblood Guardians
As a full-round action, you are able to determine
From time to time, a dwarf is born with more in
the approximate amount of gold by the intensity of
common with the elements surrounding him than
the smell. This provides an estimate (within a 25%
with is parents or other relatives. These children
margin of error) of the total amount of gold you
are treasured by their parents and their communi-
are currently detecting.
ty, as they represent a sign from the dwarf gods.
From the moments of their births, these children
You are able to smell gold as long as the gold is not
are cared for by the community, with the under-
completely sealed in an air-tight container or
standing that one day these children will care for
underwater, though doors or intervening walls
the community.
reduce your range to 10 feet (regardless of wind
The stoneblood guardians, as such children are
known, are tougher and more resistant to damage
This feat provides a +2 bonus to any Appraisal
than others of their kind. They are regarded as the
checks used to determine the value of items con-
protectors of dwarf culture and most spend their
taining at least 50% gold.
time far from the eyes of other races, standing
watch over important dwarves or items of power.
Campaign Uses A few surface during times of war, leading war-
riors against their enemies, but these are rare
Orc slavers have captured a number of
dwarf prospectors and are currently forc-
ing them to sniff out gold deposits.
Needless to say, the company the prospec- Campaign Uses
tors work for wants them back, not only to
Fewer stoneblood guardians are being
save the dwarves but to prevent the orcs
born and many of those which are born are
from becoming competition.
not being discovered until late in life,
A thieves guild has invaded a local city
sometimes after they leave home and
and seems to be able to detect valuables
begin adventuring in the world. These
with uncanny precision. Pockets are being
guardians make excellent adventurers, but
picked, jewelry is stolen, and raw coins
they are sought by their communities,
are disappearing at an unbelievable rate.
which want them to return and live up to
Of course, dwarves with the ability to
their responsibilities. Stoneblood
smell gold are behind the crime wave.
guardians who leave home are hounded by
Characters can be called in by the local
their relatives and other agents of their
authorities or by nervous dwarves who
communities, who pursue them and do
believe they know who is committing the
anything within their power to bring them
back home.
Dwarf children are going missing and
A number of dwarves are hearing a strange
their parents have been unable to find
call, which they feel compelled to answer.
them. A wizard and her allies have been
All those who hear the call are potential
stealing the children away, hoping to find
stoneblood guardians, they just do not
one with the smell gold ability so she can
know how to tap into their abilities. Those
research it and replicate it in an army of

Secrets of the Dwarves
who answer the call find themselves jour- characters race. If a character has already taken
neying far from home and encountering racial paragon levels in a racial paragon levels in
many odd dwarves. When they finally his original race, he can never become a paragon
arrive at some barren location deep in an of another race. However, such shapechanging and
isolated mountain range, those who form-altering magics also cause no loss of a
answer the call are met by earth elemen- paragons class abilities the class abilities gained
tals that warn them of a danger to all from racial paragon levels are affected no more or
dwarves and show them how to become less drastically than benefits gained from having
stoneblood guardians. levels in any other class.
The guardians are not a type of dwarf
they are a new evolution in the dwarf race. Stoneblood guardians have the following game
More stoneblood guardians than ever statistics.
before are being born now and many are
seeking positions of leadership within Abilities: Stoneblood guardians are defenders of
their communities. These powerful crea- the dwarves, accustomed to fighting the enemies
tures are gaining control of some dwarf of their people. Stoneblood guardians rely heavily
communities and are turning them against on Strength and Constitution to augment their
their former allies. While not all are evil, fighting abilities and improve their survivability in
all bring a message of dwarf superiority combat.
and conquest, making them a great threat Alignment: Any
to surrounding nations. Characters can be Hit Die: d12
hired to assassinate these guardians or to
negotiate with them in an effort to stop a Class Skills
wave of dwarf conquest. The stoneblood guardians class skills (and the key
ability for each skill) are Appraise (Int), Climb
(Str), Craft (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str),
Game Information Knowledge (dungeoneering)(Int), Profession
The stoneblood guardian is a variant racial (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), and Survival (Wis).
paragon class available to any dwarf. Like the
fighter, wizard, and other standard character class- Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Int Modifier
es, racial paragon classes have no prerequisites
(other than being a member of the appropriate
Class Features
race). Paragon class levels can be taken any time Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Stoneblood
a character gains a new level, even at 1st level (in guardians are proficient with all simple and mar-
which case they receive four times the normal tial weapons, with light, medium, and heavy
number of skill points gained at each succeeding armors, and with shields (but not with tower
level). A character can multiclass freely between shields).
standard character classes, prestige classes for Natural Fortification (Ex): At 1st level, the
which he or she qualifies, and the characters stoneblood guardians body grows thicker and the
appropriate racial paragon class. musculature and bones more dense around vital
organs and major blood vessels. As a result, the
It is possible for a powerful magic effect such as stoneblood guardian is more resistant to critical
shapechange, reincarnate, or wish to change a hits and sneak attacks. Whenever a critical hit or

Table: Stoneblood Guardian

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will
Bonus Save Save Save Special
1st +1 +2 +0 +0 Natural Fortification
2nd +2 +3 +0 +0 Enhanced racial combat bonuses
3rd +3 +3 +1 +1 Stoneblood

Secrets of the Dwarves
sneak attack is inflicted upon the stoneblood The real truth is that the dwarves caused
guardian, there is a 5% chance the critical hit or the last major apocalypse a heretical sect
sneak attack is negated and damage is rolled nor- of priests made contact with a primal earth
mally. Note that this ability does not stack with the elemental in an attempt to gain power for
fortification special abilities of armor or shields. themselves. When the primal elemental
Enhanced Racial Combat Bonuses (Ex): At 2nd briefly gained access to the prime materi-
level, the following combat bonuses replace the al plane, its presence fractured the earth
standard dwarf racial combat bonuses: and wiped out most life on its surface. The
+3 racial bonus on attack rolls against orcs and same thing is happening again and the
goblinoids. dwarves are hiring outsiders to deal with
+6 dodge bonus to Armor Class against mon- the issue, in a fatal way. This time, the
sters of the giant type. dwarves want the heretics killed and the
Stoneblood (Ex): At 3rd level, the stoneblood heretical texts describing the elemental
guardians blood thickens and slows in his veins. and ways to contact it destroyed. They are
As a result, the stoneblood guardian becomes willing to pay handsomely for these serv-
resistant to injury, but also becomes less able to ices but, of course, they cannot provide
react quickly. The stoneblood guardian gains dam- any other assistance and will have to deny
age reduction 1/-, but his Dexterity is reduced by any connections to the characters.
2. The dwarf fear of another apocalypse is a
real phobia. The last apocalypse was
Survivors caused by a meteor storm of epic propor-
tions, one which will not happen again.
Dwarves are the sole surviving race of an apoca-
The dwarves believe another apocalypse
lypse; they live below the surface of the earth not
is coming, however, and are dispatching
out of choice, but out of an age-old fear of what
the characters on a wild goose chase to
came before. While the dwarf lore keepers remem-
prevent the end of the world. Characters
ber this disaster and keep its secret, most other
will need to figure this out and talk sense
dwarves (or members of other races) know noth-
to the dwarves to avoid sparking off a
ing of this prehistoric cataclysm.
potential war between the intelligent races
of the world.
Now, a second extinction event is looming and the
signs are read by the keepers of the dwarf secrets.
It is not too late to avert this great disaster, but sur- The World Machine
vival is only assured if action is taken immediate- At the heart of the world likes a wondrous
ly. The dwarves are quietly assembling teams of machine, a thing of steam and fire and iron. The
adventurers to look into the problem, in the hopes dwarves know as long as the machine churns, the
of saving the world before it can come to an world will go on. They also know it is their solemn
untimely end. duty to keep the machine running, no matter the
cost. As millennia pass, this becomes more and
more difficult. Gears break from age, an improper-
Campaign Uses ly tended furnace overheats and cracks, goblin
Dwarves and elves have a longstanding sabotage all are problems the dwarves must con-
enmity what few know is that the tend with on a daily basis.
dwarves blame the ancestors of the elves
for the destruction of the ancient world. To make matters worse, the machine is not a sin-
Dwarves believe elves are once again tam- gular thing. Connected by magical conduits scat-
pering with forces beyond their control tered throughout the world below the surface,
and want a gang of adventurers to make many smaller machines provide energy and bal-
off with a small clutch of artifacts before ance to the core of the world machine. These
the elves can tap into its power. machines are vulnerable to attacks by evil crea-

Secrets of the Dwarves
tures and many fail through simple neglect and and hidden defiles. Some held in the cold embrace
misadventure. The dwarves rely on their most of the earth were not happy to go, their lives were
adventurous to tend to these machines, forming snuffed out in horrific ways, well ahead of their
young heroes into bands of reality mechanics and naturally allotted times. As the centuries pass and
sending them out into a dangerous world. the bodies calcify or turn to sludge, the spirits
become trapped and hidden within the surrounding
soil. These ghostly remnants become wraith ore, a
Campaign Uses strange material that is neither stone nor metal.
The number of dwarves declines every
year the rigors of their duties and their Dwarf smiths, always eager to experiment with
naturally low birth rates have reduced new materials, discovered wraith ore some time
their numbers to dangerous levels. Rather ago. They constructed great weapons and arms
than let the world die out, some groups of from it, smelted and formed it into beautiful sculp-
dwarves are working with outsiders to tures. Sadly, all of these items are cursed and they
keep the world machine running. Though spread their hate and evil wherever they travel.
it is dangerous to reveal this secret to out- While many dwarves destroyed wraith ore cre-
siders, these dwarves know they have no ations as soon as they discovered the issue, an
other choice if they wish to save the unscrupulous few sold them or otherwise released
world. them into the world. These cursed items now pose
A renegade group of dwarves has splin- a grave threat to anyone who comes into contact
tered off from the rest of their society. No with them.
longer content to merely tend the
machines and hope for the best, these
dwarves are actively tinkering with the Campaign Uses
machines in an attempt to change the While wraith ore is made up from isolated
world to better suit their desires. ghosts, they are all linked together by an
Unfortunately, they have no understanding underlying consciousness. These cursed
of how the machines really work and, items are all working to the same goal
unless they are stopped, their actions will releasing this evil entity upon the world.
doom the world in the span of a few short When enough of these items are finally
years. together, their combined power will be
The world machine is actually one of sev- enough to release the evil.
eral reality cores and is merely the dwarf Members of the Kazark dwarf clan recent-
model of the world. It is failing because ly discovered wraith ore items bearing
other reality cores are growing in power their mark being sold to the surface world.
the more numerous humans and orcs are They want the items found and returned
able to protect and expand their cores for destruction before the wraith ore curse
much more quickly than the dwarves. If can damage their reputation.
the dwarf world machine ever fails entire- Assassins are finding their way into the
ly, then the dwarves will die out, but the empires of men, mercilessly slaughtering
world will go on. In order to save them- rulers and heirs. All of these assassins die
selves, the dwarves must fight a final, bru- after striking their fatal blow and all are
tal war of extinction against one of the found with dwarf-forged weapons in their
more powerful world machine races. hands. All of these weapons are cursed
objects tainted by wraith ore and the
ghosts they contain are attempting to
Wraith Ore spark a war between dwarves and men to
satisfy an ancient grudge.
The earth holds the remnants of countless peoples,
in graves marked and unmarked, in pits and caves

Secrets of the Dwarves
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