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The Coalition For Change, Inc. (C4C)

Volume 4, Number 3 (Fall 2017)
ISSN 2375-7086 (Online)

C4C Addresses the State of the C4C Addresses the State of the Black
Black Federal Workforce Federal Workforce
Fast Tracking
Federal EEO Complaints:
Is it Good or Bad?

MSPB Backlog:
Federal Employees Waiting for Justice

A Victory for Federal Workers!

Supreme Court Case
Perry v. Merit Systems Protection Board

H.R. 702
Federal Employee
Anti-discrimination of 2017

Whistleblower Summit for Civil and

Human Rights 2017
Pictured: Arthuretta Holmes Martin (left) Tanya Ward
Jordan (center) and Paulette Taylor (right)
About the EEOCs Leadership?
The Coalition For Change (C4C) leadership
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity
held a seminar on the State of the Black
Commission (EEOC) leadership comprises six
Federal Workforce at the 2017 Blacks In
(6) presidential appointees. They include five
Government (BIG) Training forum. The
Commissioners (including the Chair) who
BIG sponsored event took place on August 21-
serve staggered five-year terms and the
24, 2017 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Our
General Counsel. No more than three
C4C presenters, Arthuretta Holmes Martin
Commissioners (including the Chair) may be
(Chair-Health and Wellness), Tanya Ward
from the same political party. In January
Jordan (C4C President and Founder) and
2017, the EEOC announced that Republican
Paulette Taylor (Chair-Civil and Human
Victoria Lipnic would serve as EEOCs
Rights) covered workplace demographics;
Acting Chair. She took the reins from
retaliation in the federal workplace, the
Democrat Jenny R. Yang. Lipnic has served as
impact of stress on health; and the failings of
an EEOC Commissioner since 2010.
C4C Federal Exchange Newsletter FALL Edition 2017
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the EEOC redress system. The C4C reported Conversely, white employees, roughly 63% of
on the EEOCs poor performance in the federal workforce, are over-represented in
unearthing discrimination in the federal management and hold 70% of the
workplace. Notably, In FY 2014, EEOC supervisor/managerial positions.
Administrative Judges issued 126 decisions
finding discrimination, which was 5.3
percent of all decisions on the merits of
complaints. [Source - EEOCs FY2014
Annual Report of the Federal Workforce -
Table 15]

During BIGs Legislative forum the C4C

officers informed training participants about
C4Cs recommendations for improving the
federal workplace climate. The C4C
suggestions spurred the bill H.R. 702 - the
Federal Employee Anti-discrimination Act of
2017. Congressman Elijah E. Cummings
presented the bill on July 11, 2017. Read
Government Executive dated July 12, 2017 Fast Tracking Federal EEO
article entitled: House Back Bill Would Complaints: Is it Good or Bad?
Rev up Punishment for Feds Who
Discriminate. Click HERE. A concerned federal worker reached out to
The Coalition For Change, Inc. (C4C) to ask
Additionally, C4Cs presentation addressed about the U.S. Equal Employment
the Office of Personnel Managements March Opportunity Commissions launching of pilot
2017 federal workforce statistics. The data projects that purportedly fast tracks the
showed that black federal workers, 18% of the federal complaint resolution process. The
federal workforce, are under-represented in C4C has made a Freedom of Information Act
management and hold only 14% of the request to the EEOC to learn more about
supervisory /managerial positions. pilot projects the EEOC approved under 29
CFR 1614.102 (f) Agency program.
The EEOC guidelines provide the following:
Unless prohibited by law or executive order,
the Commission, in its discretion and for
good cause shown, may grant agencies
prospective variances from the
complaint processing procedures
prescribed in this Part. Variances will permit
agencies to conduct pilot projects of proposed
changes to the complaint processing
requirements of this Part that may later be
made permanent through regulatory change.
. . . Pilot projects must require that
participants knowingly and voluntarily opt-
in to the pilot project.

C4C Federal Exchange Newsletter FALL Edition 2017

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MSPB Backlog: Whistleblower Summit for Civil and
Federal Employees Waiting For Human Rights 2017
Ms. Marcel Reid and Mr. Michael McCray,
The Merit Systems Protection Board Esq., lead organizers of the Whistleblower
(MSPB) serves as an independent quasi- Summit for Civil and Human Rights, invited
judicial agency established in 1979. MSPB, the C4C to join other activists groups in
originally made up of three (3) board co-sponsoring the 2017 Summit.
members, is to protect federal merit systems
against partisan political and other prohibited
personnel practices and to ensure adequate
protection for federal employees against
abuses by agency management. However, the
departure of two board members has left only
one member to carry out the Boards
administrative and executive functions.

The lone Board Member,

Mark A. Robbins, serves as
the temporary MSPB
chief. Mr. Robbins term Marcel Reid (left); Michael McCray, Esq. (center)
expires on March 1, Andrew Krieg-Justice Integrity Project (right)
2018. According to the
MSPB website, pending Since May 2007, the Make it Safe Coalition
re-establishment of a (MISC) members have assembled
Board quorum, Robbins whistleblowers in Washington, DC for an
will perform the functions vested annual conference originally known as
by Title 5 in the Office of the Washington Whistleblowers Week. The
Chairman. Summit provides an opportunity to share
activities of the whistleblowers and the MISC
To the harm of federal workers, organizations.
without the two Board positions,
now vacant, the MSPB does not
have a quorum to decide any
adverse action appeals or any other employee
appeals that come before the Board from
Administrative Judges decisions. Under the
present administration, the build-up of cases
literally sits at the Boards headquarters in
Washington, DC waiting for members to be
quorum-means-no-movement-mspb-appeals Mark Robbins - Acting Chief of MSPB (left);
Tristan Leavitt - Acting Special Counsel at U.S.
Office of Special Counsel (center); and Tom
Devine - Legal Director of the Government
Accountability Project) (right) spoke at the
2017 Summit.

C4C Federal Exchange Newsletter FALL Edition 2017

Page 3
The free summit, held annually near the end A Victory For Federal Workers!
of July, provides a meaningful mutual
support network for whistleblowers and our
advocates across the country. Learn more On June 23,
about the annual summit at 2017, the Supreme Court
of the United
States decided
the case of
Discrimination Costs!
Anthony Perry
v. Merit Systems
Board (MSPB).

Holding: The U.S. District Court, rather

than the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of
According to the U.S Equal Employment Appeals, is the proper review forum when
Opportunity Commissions (EEOC) FY2016 the Merit Systems Protection Board
Performance Accountability Report (p.34), dismisses a mixed case an employee
the EEOC recovered more than $482.1
complaint of a serious adverse employment
million for victims of discrimination in
action attributable, in whole or in part, to
private, state and local government, and
bias based on race, gender, age or disability
federal workplaces. This included $82
million for federal employees and on jurisdictional grounds. Read more about
applicants. Perry v MSPB No. 16-399. Click Here.

About C4C Federal Exchange:

IN THE NEWS The C4C Federal Exchange Newsletter is a
quarterly publication of The Coalition For
Change, Inc. (C4C). The internet publication,
Video: State of the Black which addresses race discrimination and
Federal Workforce retaliation in the federal sector, obtained its ISSN 2375-7086 from the U.S. Library of
Congress in October 2014.
Media Campaign:
Shine the Light on Federal Racism
Since incorporating in 2009, the Coalition For
Change, Inc. (C4C) has received many
complaints about the EEOCs failure to
effectively address race discrimination in the
federal sector. For this reason, the C4C GOT NEWS?
recently launched a "Go FUND ME page to Contact Us at
foster a media campaign to shine light on
abuses inside the federal government.

C4C Federal Exchange Newsletter FALL Edition 2017

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