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Unit 1 The Design Process

Activity1.8 Instant Challenge: Paper Bridge

Solving a problem is an amazingly creative process. Creativity can be messy. However, creativity
can be channeled into a meaningful solution by using a structured design process. In this activity
your team will design a solution to a problem using an engineering design process.

**You will document the process in your engineering notebook.

Engineering notebook Pencil and pen
in. wooden blocks (2) 1 sheet of 8 x 11 in. cardstock
Scissors tape measure
1. Use the design process learned earlier in this lesson.

Document all 6 steps in your engineering notebook.

(ink, signatures, dates, x-out blank space, initial over mistakes, etc)
Design and build a product that maximizes the distance between two blocks which are
connected by a continuous route of paper.
a. The paper must form a continuous chain of connectivity from one block to
another without touching the tabletop.

b. The two wooden blocks are in. wooden blocks.

c. Both blocks are at table height.

d. Card stock can be modified.

e. Additional material can be used (scissors, scratch paper) during construction, but
not on the final product.

3. The winning design must meet the constraints above in the class time allotted and have the
blocks farthest apart.

Project Lead The Way, Inc. Copyright 2012
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4.You will be graded on:

* Engineering Notebook all 6 steps documented as you go. This includes:
-brainstorming notes and sketches BEFORE you get materials
-making notes as you go, about changes you decide to make after testing it
(these notes can be in your evaluation step and/or sooner
-a picture of your progress or final solution should be attached in step 6 (I will take pictures)
* How well you work as a team
* How well your team answers the questions below
* The DISTANCE your bridge spans

ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS in your engineering ntbk after step 6.

Use the question in the answer and use complete sentences.
More than one sentence per answer is encouraged.

1. Why do you think brainstorming is helpful when solving a problem?

2. How did testing improve your design?
3. With respect to designing the solution of a problem, what are some important characteristics of
a successful team?
4. What was your best distance: ______________
(witnessed by another group) Witness: ______________

IED Engineering Notebook Grade Sheet Name _________________
Unit 1 Paper Bridge Date ______________
[ / 2 ] All 6 steps of Design Process are labeled clearly
[ / 10 ] Each step of Design Process is documented appropriately
[ / 2 ] All text entries are made in Blue or Black INK (No Markers) and all sketches are in pencil
[ / 3 ] Information is clear and readable
[ / 1 ] Tape or glue inserted items, NO staples, signed across
[ / 1 ] Every page numbered sequentially including pages to/from
[ / 1 ] Excess space on a page should have X through it w/initials
[ / 1 ] Entries should be top to bottom left to right, and on a line
[ / 1 ] Sign & date the bottom of each page when done
[ / 1 ] Each page witnessed with signature and date
[ / 1 ] Table of contents filled in

Points for Notebook _______/24 Points for
Distance: TOTAL _______/30
_____ / 3
Questions answered in
complete sentences _______/3

Project Lead The Way, Inc. Copyright 2012

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