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United Nations @ Nations Unies READQUARTERS + SIEGE NEW YORK. NY 10017 20 October 2017 Dear Mr. Lee, am writing in reference to a story you published today on Inner City Press, which included audio of a conversation recorded without the knowledge or consent of the other party (http://www.]01917.html), Please note, this act is in violation of the UNHQ media guidelines, to which all press card holders must abide. Specifically, I would like to draw your attention to the following rule: “In areas of general access, Correspondents are permitted to record interviews and conversations with diplomats, staff, officials and journalists, subject to their prior consent. Photographing and filming, including smart phone video recording or live broadcasting, requires MALU approval. Hiding recording or filming equipment is strictly forbidden” (hup://www.un.orgen/media/accreditation/guidelines.shtml), Similarly, we would like to remind you that filming and recording on the 38th floor are limited to official photo opportunities, and recording conversations of others in the room is not permitted. It has been brought to our attention that you breached that rule recently. Please kindly take note that any further violation of the guidelines and established journalism standards could lead to review of your accreditation status Sincerely yours, Toh habe Tal Mekel, Chief Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit Department of Public Information ‘Mr. Matthew Lee Inner City Press

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