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come? (Isa 42:23). Yes, we are to anticipate the future and be fortified against it, by storing up the Word in our hearts for
coming emergencies.
7. Practicing the Opposite of Sin
An individual is spiritually profited when the Word causes him to practice the opposite of sin. Sin is the transgres-
sion of the law (1Jo 3:4). God says Thou shalt, sin says I will not; Godsays Tou suelt ot ,50702 216.895 0 Td [(i)-5.15007(n

Now the measure in which we profit from our reading

The Scriptures and Prayer

Prayer Is the Christians Breath

A prayerless Christian is a contradiction in terms. Just as a still-born child is a dead one, so a professing believer who
prays not is devoid of spiritual life. Prayer is the breath of the new nature in the saint, as the Word of God is its food.
When the Lord would assure the Damascus disciple that Saul of Tarsus had been truly converted, He told him, Behold,
he prayeth (Act 9:11). On many occasions had that self-righteous Pharisee bowed his knees before God and gone through
his devotions, but this was the first time he had ever really prayed. This important distinction needs emphasizing in this
day of powerless forms (2Ti 3:5). They who content themselves with formal addresses unto God know Him

The lack of positive conviction of the deep importance of prayer is plainly evident in the corporate life of professing

The Scriptures and
Good Works

Dangers in the Perversion of Trut

The Trtth oftGod may well be likened to a narrtw pa th skirted on eithertside by a daagertus and destrt cutive prt eci-

willing and determined to walk that narrow way which alone leads thereto? It is at this point that we may discern the pre-

When the Ethiopian can change his skin, and the leopard his spots, then may they also do good that are accustomed to
do evil (Jer 13:23).t

We are not Christians at all unless we have fully surrendered to and received Christ Jesus the Lord (Col 2:6). Oh,
dear reader, we would plead with you to ponder that statement diligently. Satan is deceiving so many today by leading
them to suppose that they are savingly trusting in the finished work of Christ while their hearts remain unchanged and
self still rules their lives. Listen to Gods Word:

Here again we would earnestly and lovingly beg the reader to attend closely to this detail. Any man who supposes that

low that narrow way which alone leads thereto. True spiritual desires use the means of grace and spare no pains to

will get the victory over them. Settle it then in y

ing, support their families, and attend to their worldly business. But they are forbidden to love the world, as though it

Both the promises and the things promised are made over to the Lord Jesus and conveyed unto the saints from Him.
This is the [chief and grandest] promise that He h

4:19); if then there is a promise anywhere in His Word which just fits22 your present case and situation, make it your own
as suited to your need. Steadfastly .esist .very

6. Awaiting the Fulfillment of Gods Promises
We profit from the Word when we patiently await the fulfillment of Gods promises. God promised Abraham a son,
but waited many years for the performance of it. Simeon had a promise that he should not see death till he had seen the

The Scriptures and Joy

3:2). I have to decide whether I will go and stand in the light or hide among the shadows. Not to rejoice in the Lord is
more than a misfortune, it is a fruit which needs to be confessed and forsaken.
2. The Secret of True Joy
We profit from the Word when we learn the

Scripture to describe to us the nature of God, our relations to Him, and our future destiny, is more suggestive of joy and
gladness. What other thing in nature is as beneficent and beautiful as the light: God is light, and i

It hardly seems fitting that these articles should be concluded until one has been devoted to the consideration of Chris-

far short in degree it is the same in essence as His of whom we read, Having loved His own which were

know nothing; yet I can express my love for them, a