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Lesson Plan in Practical Research 2: Quantitative Research

LESSON TITLE Learning from Others and Reviewing the Literature

CONTENT Review of Related Literature
LEARNING At the end of the discussion, the students will able to
OUTCOME/OBJECTIVE write coherent review of related literature
INSTRUCTIONAL Powerpoint Presentation
REFERENCE Curriculum Guide, Downloaded Materials

A. Prayer
B. Checking of Attendance
C. Review
Ask learners the following questions:
1. What are possible sources of research problem?
2. What are the possible areas of interest of grade 12 learners?

D. Motivation
1. Show sample of research journals (books, news papers). Inform the learners that
these are examples of possible source of information.
2. Aside from what are presented, ask them to give other examples.

Lesson Proper

The teacher will present the topic and the learning objective of the lesson.
Learning from Others and Reviewing the Literature
A. Activity
Group Activity- Developing Review of Related Literature
1. Group the students into five. Sample research problem will be given to each group
(same problem). Based on the problem, develop a coherent review of related literature.
2. Present group output after 15mins.

B. Analysis
Ask the following questions:

1. How do you find the activity?

2. What insights did you get out of the activity?
3. How do you write review of related literature?

C. Abstraction
Gives short lecture-discussion on the importance of RL in developing research
1. What is the importance related literature in developing your research problem?
D. Application
Ask the learners to rewrite the RL they have previously written. Tell them to consider
insights they have learned from the discussion.

Exchange output from other table. Using the output of the other group, revise the review
of related literature coherently.
Excellent VS Satisfactory Needs
Criteria improvement
45-50 39-44 35-38 36 below
All lit. Are Some lit. Are Some lit. Are With lit but not
Content relevant with at relevant with at relevant with at more than 5
least 10 least 8 sources least 6 sources sources
All sources are Some sources Some sources With sources
Use of Sources relevant with at are relevant Are relevant but not more
least 10 with at least 8 with at least 6 than 5 sources
reference sources sources
With logical With logical Not so logical Illogical and
Presentation of presentation presentation though not following
Ideas following but not following structure
structured following structured format
format structured format
Direction: Research about sampling techniques
Mastery Level: 35/40 achieved 80% mastery level
Instructional decision: Proceed, provide intervention to 5 learners by peer tutoring

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Demonstration Teacher EPS-Science
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