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Inrush current is a current that is much larger than the steady-state
as power is input to the electric circuits that operate the load.
Inrush current occurs for loads such as motors and incandescent lam

1. Inrush Current
Resistive Loads Lamp Loads

The current is constant from the time that Inrush current of

power is turned ON. steady-state curr
is turned ON and

2. Inrush Current and Ratings

If ratings are given for both motor loads and lamp loads, switch
applicability is determined with the relevant value. 6/8/2017
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If the rating is given only for a resistive load, the inrush current
for the actual load is calculated to determine if the rating would
be exceeded.

The steady-state current must
A resistive
Heater: be less than the resistive load

Ten times the steady-state

Incandescent A lamp
current must be less than the
lamp: load.
resistive load rating.

Six times the steady-state

A motor
Motor: current must be less than the
resistive load rating.

Include the inrush current when you consider ratings

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