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The market study shows the estimated number of government agencies and

population of nearby towns that will patronize and utilize the said project.

Demand for the Facilities

The proposed project provides facilities that shall cater the needs of numerous

expected clients. These facilities that are offered are designed to meet and surpass the

expectations of the potential clients in terms of size, ambiance, services offered and

orientation. Its location is accessible to nearby towns, a 27 min ride from the Central

Business District of Tacloban City. This project aims to attract local and domestic


Demand Analysis

The number of tourist arrivals, foreign and domestic, in Region VIII is considered

for the demand analysis since they are much expected to patronize the said project.

The determinant in analyzing the demand in this study is the lack of an ecotourism park

and resorts that are offered in Region VIII. Thus, the proposed project aims to offer the

public with a park and resort that offers accommodation, recreation activities and also

conservation of the environment.

Table 1. Department of Tourism Region VIII Report on Regional Tourist


2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Tourist arrivals 490,472 731,000 964,093 1,099,489 1,203,089

Table 2. Events (seminars, convention, conference, etc.) conducted per

year by Government Offices

Events Conducted
Name of Agency
per year
Civil Service Commission 50
Department of Health 40
Depatment of Public Works and Highways 30
Bureau of Internal Revenue 24
National Economic and Developmentg Authority 300
Departmene of Education 200
Department of Trade an Industry 16
National Food Authority 24
Philippine Coconut Authority 20
Commission on Audit 100
Department of Social Welfare Development 300
Total 1104

Table 1 shows that the number of tourists arrival in Region VIII is constantly increasing

from 2012-2016 thus the demand for facilities that offers accommodation is sought

after. Also, Table 2 shows the potential clients that may patronize the resort to cater

events like seminars, convention, conference, team-building, etc.

Survey Questionnaire

The following questions were asked to determine if they will be willing to

visit and patronize the proposed project. There are a total of 100 respondents in the


1. Do you try and live a greener lifestyle?

Yes (91/100) No (9/100)

2. If you answered yes to question a, do you feel that you have lived a greener

lifestyle since the media interest has pushed green issues into the public eye?

Yes (63/100) Maybe (20/100) No (17/100)

3. What is your level; of understanding of the ecotourism?

No Understanding (0/100) Moderate Understanding (38/100)

High Understanding (1/100) Good Understanding (61/100)

4. Are you interested in ecotourism parks that offer a more environmentally friendly

experience on holidays?

Yes (94/100) No (6/100)

If yes proceed to the following questions

5. What motivates you to spend holidays in an ecotourism park?

Being in untouched wildlife areas (94)

Wildlife viewing (65)

Minimizing your carbon footprint (62)

Experiencing the local culture (87)

6. Would you pay more to go on a holiday that ensures as less damage to the

environment can be done as possible during your stay?

Yes (85/100) Maybe (5/100) No (10/100)

7. Please list down below, in order od importance when choosing an ecotourism


Note: Use number from 1-5 (1-most important, 5- least important)

8. What do you consider to be the most important factors when choosing your


Note: Please list in order of importance, next to each category using

numbers 1-5 (1- most important, 5-least important)

1 2 3 4 5
Destination 0 3 7 39 51
Price 2 3 20 33 42
Referrals 2 6 26 34 32
Popularity 3 3 15 36 43
Conservation 5 9 12 35 39

9. What benefits do you seek the most when on holiday?

Visiting un-crowded destinations (92)

Experiencing remote and unspoiled nature (85)

Increasing knowledge of wildlife (57)

Interacting with native people (57)

Supporting economic benefits to local communities (48)

See unusual plants and animals (51)

Increasing confidence through challenging activities (51)

10. How long do you go on holiday for?

1 to 3 days (40/100)

4 to 6 days (47/100)

1 to 2 weeks (13/100)

Others (0/100)

11. How much do you spend on an ecotourism holiday?

P 0-500 (0/100)

P 500-1000 (7/100)

P 1000-1500 (7/100)

P 1500-2000 (24/100)

P 2500+ (62/100)

12. Are you willing to visit for an eco-tour destination?

Yes (86/100) No (14/100)

13. Do you agree that Barangay San Antonio, Basey, Samar has enough attractive

natural attractions for ecotourism development?

Totally disagree (0/100)

Disagree (14/100)

Neutral (34/100)

Agree (52/100)

Totally Agree (0/100)

A survey has been made with the following outcome based on the needs survey

assessments. The survey instrument was made with the following question given to the

random representatives from Region VIII. The questionnaire shows that majority of the

respondents will patronize the proposed project. The results indicate that the project is

needed. A follow-up question was asked to those who answered yes on question

number four (4). Furthermore, the results indicate that majority of those who

responded yes says that they are interested in an ecotourism park and resort that

offers a more environmentally friendly experience.


The project offers different types of facilities that offer accommodation and

amenities that aim to surpass the expectations of the potential clients. The proponents

designed these facilities to suit their specific purposes. The availability of the supply

must be ensured to compensate the target market.

Table 3. Capacity of Available Facilities

Room Area Quantity Capacity

Function Hall 523.91 1 175 pax
Two Bedroom 56.00 5 3 pax/room
Standard Bedroom 42.13 3 1 pax/room
Twin Bedroom 16.12 22 2 pax/room

Restaurant 993.72 1 220 pax

Cottage A 12 10 10 pax/room
Cottage B 8 15 7 pax/room
Room Area Quantity Capacity

Couple 12 2 2 pax/room
Single 6 2 1 pax/room
Outdoor 30 10 1 pax/bed
Gift Shop 52.00 1 20 pax
Coffee Shop 147.62 1 75 pax
Chapel 99.65 1 30 pax
Camp and Grill 500 1 165 pax

Table 3 shows that the number of maximum capacity of each hotel room and

other facilities offered. The table also shows that the project can supply the potential

clients with rooms that would satisfy their expectations and facilities to cater their social


Competition of Supply

The project is not the only one that offers rooms and accommodation to local,

domestic and foreign clients. The major competitors of the project are The Balicuatro

Islands, Cuatro Islas Protected Landscape and Seascapes and other hotels within

Taclobans Central Business District. Some of the top competitors are Leyte Park Resort

Hotel, Hotel XYZ, Tacloban Plaza Hotel, Hotel Alejandro and etc.

The project does not only supply rooms and accommodation but also land and

water sport that offers recreational activities open for all interested clients. There are

only few ecotourism park and resorts offered in the region thus with this project more
potential clients are expected to patronize the area since it is accessible by land and sea

and only a 27 minute ride by land from Taclobans Central Business District.

Demand-Supply Analysis

After the onslaught of the super typhoon Yolanda, annual celebration of the

tragedy stimulates visitors; local, domestic and foreign to Samar and Leyte. Hotels

particularly in Tacloban could not accommodate all of this visitors hence the demand for

more rooms and accommodation is essential. Government Agencies conduct seminars

and events at a regular basis. They do not have the facility to accommodate these


The demand is obtained from the number of tourists arrival from year 2012-

2016, the number of events conducted by government offices and the survey

conducted in the target market. There are around 1.2 million tourists arrival in region

VIII. The demand was narrowed down to those who will patronize the project.

According to the survey 90 out of 100 says that they are interested to be in an

ecotourism park and resort that offer a more environmentally friendly experience.

The number of supply that the project can provide is fixed. However, it will

depend upon the occurrence of new structures to be built for a wider development of

the area.
Market Strategies


The different kinds of facilities and recreational activities offered in the project

will serve as its commodities. These amenities and activities of the project shall be the

key drivers of the development to a profitable success.


The proposed ecotourism park and resort is located in Barangay San Antonio,

Basey, Samar, and is 6.9 kms. (12 minute ride by land) away from the town proper and

16.1 kms. (27 minute ride by land) away from Central Business District of Tacloban





The following are the management scheme and programs to gain the expected

market and encourage possible clients to use the facilities.

Online Advertising. Advertising on the Internet is much more cost-efficient

than using traditional mass market and niche media. Internet ads shall be viewed by

millions of people while being displayed all day and night.

Billboards/Tarpaulin. This shall be erected to announce the existence of the

facility, its location and amenities offered. These 3 x 3 meters billboards shall be placed

in public places to be recognized.