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Unit 18 Alone in space Answer Key See pages 80-83 SB, 42-43 WB

2 PREVIEW 8 ASTRONOMY in English Page 83 SB

2 PREVIEW Words B / C Answers 8 ASRONOMY in English A Answers
B Photo (b) shows Saturn, a planet. A 2 Travelling at the speed of light, it would take
Photo (c) shows a galaxy. seven hours to get from Earth to Pluto. To reach our
C a comet, a planet, the Sun, the solar system, a nearest neighbour in the cosmos would take at least
galaxy, the universe 25,000 years. The Milky Way is one of about 140
billion other galaxies. There could be as many as ten
2 PREVIEW Language A / B / C / D / E billion trillion planets.
Answers 3 Because there could be as many as ten billion trillion
A All the sentences. planets, it is a statistical probability that there are mil-
B The first two sentences. lions of other life forms and civilisations in the universe.
C The last two sentences. 4 It might not be based on the carbon, hydrogen,
D In the first two sentences, could have and might oxygen and nitrogen on which we depend. Some sci-
have have more or less the same meaning. entists think it could be based on the element silicon.
E The final sentence.

WORKBOOK answers Pages 42-43 WB

3 READING CD 2 (Red) track 20, page 81 SB 1 Language: must, might, could, cant + present
3 READING A / B / C / D Answers perfect
A 1 (d) 2 (b) 3 (e) 4 (c) 5 (a) 6 (f ) 1A 1 The aliens cant / couldnt have abducted
(g) Suggested title for the missing paragraph people from Earth.
7 Possible explanations 2 There must have been life on other planets,
B 1 True 2 Maybe 3 False before ours on Earth.
C 1 the bodies at Roswell were aliens. 3 You cant / couldnt have seen a UFO.
2 they wanted publicity. 4 The Dogon people cant have known about
3 imagine experiences. Sirius B from French scientists.
D 1 The Dogon believe that they have knowledge 5 The Dogon people must have learnt all this
given to them from spacemen from the star Sirius. by watching the sky.
This says that the star Sirius has a dark companion 1B Suggested answers
(which is not visible in the night sky). This belief is 1 must have
hundreds of years old. 2 must have / cant / couldnt have
2 Because Sirius does have a dark companion, anoth- 3 must have / must have
er star called Sirius B, but this fact was not discov- 4 must have
ered until 1922. 5 cant / couldnt have
3 French missionaries and anthropologists. 1C 1 (a) 2 (b) 3 (d) 4 (c)

2 Use of English
5 LISTEN IN CD 1 (Blue) track18, page 82 SB
2A 1 According to Dogon mythology, Sirius has
5 LISTEN IN B / C Answers
a dark companion.
B 1 True 2 Maybe 3 Maybe
2 Its true that Sirius has a dark companion.
4 False 5 Maybe 6 Maybe
3 But you can only see these things with a
C 1 Simon believes there may be intelligent life
in space.
4 But it was not until 1862 that this was
2 No, he says there is no real evidence for this.
3 He says that scientists dont know.
5 It is not possible that spacemen have visited
the Earth.

QSE Intermediate Unit 18 Brookemead Associates 2009

Unit 18 Alone in space Answer Key See pages 80-83 SB, 42-43 WB

2B 1 permission 2 glowing 3 metallic

4 illuminated 5 flashing
6 approaching 7 hysterical

3 Writing
Students own answers

4 Connections
4A 1 (a) dream (b) imagine
2 (a) discover (b) invent
3 (a) Star (b) planet
4 (a) claim (b) exclaim
5 (a) spacecraft (b) aircraft
4B 1 dreamt 2 lonely 3 alone
4 invent 5 star 6 planets
7 claim / an aircraft 8 imagine
9 spacecraft / exclaimed 10 explain

QSE Intermediate Unit 18 Brookemead Associates 2009