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Visual & Performing Arts Lesson Plan- Dance

Grade Level- 5th
Description- Students will go on a field trip before Christmas break to watch a
performance of The Nutcracker as a class. The following day we will discuss the
performance as a class. They will break into groups to answer specific discussion
questions, such as, what genre of dance did you see or what was the mood of the
performance and how did the dance contribute to that mood. After discussion,
students will individually write a five-paragraph essay on how dance added to the
performance. They must use some dance vocabulary and address elements of dance
that had an affect on the audience on portrayed a certain feeling or idea.
Standards- 1.5
Use appropriate dance vocabulary to describe dances.
4.1 Use dance vocabulary to identify and support personal preferences for dances
observed or performed.
4.2 Apply specific criteria to analyze and assess the quality of a dance performance
by well-known dancers or dance companies (e.g., technical skill, musicality,
dynamics, mood).
Objectives- Students will understand the meaning of a well-known professional
performance. Students will be able to analyze a dance to acquire its meaning.
Students will be able to write about specific elements of dance and how they affect a
Adaptations- If students cannot agree on discussion question answers, they may
raise their hand and I will help to assist and clarify the discussion. If a student
cannot afford the performance, it will be covered so they may attend.
Assessment- Essays will be collected and graded for understanding of the piece as
well as understanding of what the elements of dance meant and what they helped

Grade Level- 4th
Description- We will have been learning about patterns in math and how to
recognize them and find the missing numbers. We will review and then relate it to
dance. I will ask how patterns are used in dance and let students discuss in groups.
We will do a warm-up activity together by standing in a circle and talking about
certain dance moves we want to use to create patterns as a group. We will come up
with five different moves we will use in patterns. Students will then be split into
groups of five or six and using some of the moves, create a pattern. We will stand in
a circle around the group presenting their pattern and after they do their
movements, we will do the movements that follow the pattern.
Standards- 2.1 Create, develop, and memorize set movement patterns and
2.7 Demonstrate additional partner and group skills (e.g., imitating,
leading/following, mirroring, calling/responding, echoing).
Objectives- Students will be able to recognize and predict patterns in both math and
Adaptations- If students understand the concept well, add more members to the
groups to create more complex patterns. If I student does not understand how to
predict and recognize the patterns, provide them with additional resources to help
with learning, such as videos or other hands-on activities depending on the type of
learner they are.
Assessment- Participation in creating a pattern with their group, as well as looking
for understanding as a class by how students respond to the patterns and if they can
dance the following moves.

Grade Level- 4th
Description- Students will be broken into groups of 4-6 and be given a biome to
research. They will collect information they will present to the class in a
PowerPoint. After they have gathered research and understand their biome and the
plants and animals and weather within it, they will create a dance representing that
place. They will perform it before their PowerPoint presentation, and the class will
discuss after their performance to analyze and try to ultimately guess what biome
they represent. After the dance, they will then present what they learned as a group
about the habitat they were assigned.
2.1 Create, develop, and memorize set movement patterns and sequences.
3.3 Perform and describe dances that reflect the geographical place in which the
dances are performed (e.g., deserts, rain forests, islands).
4.3 Describe ways in which a dancer effectively communicates ideas and moods
(strong technique, projection, and expression).
Objectives- Students will be able to identify and describe the major biomes of the
world. Students will be able to create movement to convey an idea. Students will be
able to derive meaning from dance performances.
Adaptations- Provide extra time for students who work slower researching and
creating their dance. If a student is struggling with learning the dance, assign them a
peer buddy who is probably the one who know the dance best to help them one on
Assessment- The PowerPoint will be graded for content and the dance will be
assessed based upon participation and understanding of biome demonstrated.

Social Studies:
Grade Level- 5th
Description- Students will choose a country to research the history of a traditional
dance there. They must first get their country approved, and then they may research
to create a PowerPoint presentation showing an understanding of the traditional
dance the country is known for. They must demonstrate understanding of dance
vocabulary as well as explaining the dance in detail in regard to its meaning,
movements, who performs it, etc.
Standards- 1.5 Use appropriate dance vocabulary to describe dances.
3.3 Select traditional dances that men, women, or children perform and explain the
purpose(s) of the dances.
5.1 Describe how historical events relate to dance forms (e.g., the rebellion of the
1960s was represented in popular social dances with a move from partners to
individual expression).
Objectives- Students will be able to explain in detail a traditional dance from a
selected culture. Students will demonstrate understanding in the purpose and
meaning of the dance. Students will be able to utilize key dance vocabulary terms in
their presentation to provide insight into the dance.
Adaptations- If a student has a more difficult time in class, they may work with a
partner to split up work. If a student has major difficulties with presenting in front
of the class, allow them to create a movie presentation using a recording of their
Assessment- The PowerPoint will be turned in and graded for content on the dance
the student selected.