• Managerial skills-REUIM A step towards a better work culture • September 2006 • Facilitator: Mrs.Hyacinth Arya Mob: 9822607363 – hyacintharya21@gmail.com •

Personality Development (PD) Blocks: • Self-imposed constraints and Impulsive evaluation. I begin tot think I may not be able to do it… • Need for unique answers and conformity. I hear from others that this is how is was always done, I am not aware I just came to know so now I am worried. • How to cross failure and humiliation. This is a result of our incompetence and prior preparation to attack. • Allergy to ambiguity. I am not comfortable when the opposite party does not specify and I am lazy not to have clarified. • Confidence and high self belief and when you love yourself makes you overcome fears. • Starred sensibilities especially because of over-specialization- blocks you thinking and we begin to thinks “ I am too smart”. • Rigidity, biases, prejudices and stereotyping. I try not to innovate and follow what has always been done, hence seem like ‘a new foot in an old shoe’. PD-The desired factor: • Positive attitude by introspection - ASK- MVP- SMOC, SMART Goal setting techniques that inspire. • Empower & Encourage, you will have more who co-operate with you. • Power through Co-operation and how to identify and align with key personnel. • Empathy. Flexibility & Adaptability - Keep ego & rigidity away. • Listen to learn and learn to listen. • Self Motivated, Self Starter. • Result Oriented not just Activity Oriented - 100% commitment PD-Self Vs Self: • Self Awareness: Moods, Emotions & drives- its effect on self & others. Have self-confidence and a good sense of humor. • Self Regulation: Ability to control impulses, suspend judgment. Look before you leap. • Self Skills: Proficiency in managing relationships, networking & rapport. Acquire effectiveness in leading & changing. PD-Professional Etiquettes:

Never forward trash emails or chain mails.they will respect you more. People expect that we are prompt and genuine just be that way. look and behave approachable. so is courtesy to human contact. • Courtesy not only to customers. People are also on the look out to find comfort in someone they belief in and can reply on. (give to get in return). • External appearance – first Influence & impression. FANTASTIC & HAPPY. Once you take care of your personality you automatically become more confident. just say and wish them. Yes ‘Chakka Chak’ you must shine above all. • Much attention & time devoted – ‘spit & polish. Courtesies Manners & Vices: • As Oil for wheels and a machine. Personnel etiquettes. Dressing. Use telephone for personal reasons sparingly. Telecon etiquettes. Ensure you lead new entrants and new comers to the company or department. Ensure you voice and tone is not disturbing others. • Listening skills –keep an open mind and do not clog the intake out by your own thoughts. because you have to show only what is best to both you and the front person. value company property. • Speak up or show up –see what’s best. • The feel of BIG. GREAT. Usages. its about see a bigger picture yeaers later.infrastructure & Machinery. “Oh what a hard Day” • Salutations & Wishes – taken for granted.. Take care of Hygiene and grooming. • Promoter: Offer a Vision to your colleagues and peer • Nurturer: Repose = Result. Email protocols. Be aware of manners and timing so that it does not sound like an insult to others or inconvenience them in any way. Stationery/equipment/ Office supplies etiquettes. Treattreated. . • Affects on inner morale. Think big and have a wider canvas to work into. Techniques to stay Connected: • Cultivator: “switchboard” come up with options for any problems and enquiries. Remember the company is also paying for this to ensure you work smoothly do not take mean advantage of the same. Never take these for granted that someone will understand from gestures or facial expressions. – this is the lasting impression. Email to concerned personnel data or responses promptly.• • • • • • Salutations. Personally YOU: • “A man without a smile shouldn’t open his shop”. Responses. • How to be. countenance & 0utput.

• Work and behave as if this is your investment. • Be amiable and amicable.The Dare to overcome inferiority.If client/ customer’s e-mail . The use of Emotional Intelligence: • Selfishness. • Well prepared is well faced. known as “flames” in cyber-speak. Truth.‘Thank-you’ or Congratulation’ notes. grouses & grievances-proper forum.never severe the connection. they will honour and respect you too. • Problems -ACT but most often we REACT. don’t ramble. slowly.. Telephone Etiquettes. • Leave your name and number. • Belief . at the beginning and end of your message. Pace & Accuracy = Value addition. This clarifies it in your mind and to make sure you understand the question. Never underestimate self. • Paraphrase the question before answering it. • Be in business for yourself. • Co-operation must be earned not demanded. not ignorance = courtesy fall. • In arguments . • Compliment .• • Indicator: Regard for another is also a soft skills that requires you to learn the art of aligning. brevity and full knowledge of expectations. Email Etiquettes – a rewind to finer tune your skill: • Responses: Don’t “flame” people. it can hurt people and cause awkward situations. Ego and Self Management – Ways to self improvement: Tolerance is courtesy =leads to harmony. • Poor individual interpersonal skills results in losses.respond within at-least 24 hours.A Recall to another aspect: • Never say your message is urgent unless it is. • Speed. YOU know what’s best for YOU. • Fixer not Finger pointer. • Facilitators are mere guiding factors. • Appreciate with Ands’ not Buts’. • As with other communication technology. • True character and discipline is revealed by what he does when no one is watching. Not the place to make negative comments. Appreciator: Learn to track personnel’s credits and achievements and congratulate them. Be a service centre. • Be specific and concise when leaving a voice-mail message. confidential or sensitive information should not be delivered using this medium. Discussions. . • E-mails . You don’t know who may have access to the person’s voice mail. noting details and not relying on memory is the best way of communicating. we need one another to reach the top. If you use antagonistic words or critical comments.

Raise loyalty through targeted results. Even deleted messages can be accessed by software programs/ on-line services. • Consensus Decision Making – Seek to understand others’ point of view. • The right time to speak. • Confidentiality must be maintained as per requirement. Nothing is private. CRM RE-DEFINED IN DETAIL: • Direct & advanced technology use. • Identify why customer is most valuable. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) Check. Commitment 100%. • Identify best customers. CC Or Not to CC? Just like a regular memo. • Keep hierarchy/seniority and protocol in mind. Designation. Most e-mail software will locate misspelled words.• • • • • Unsolicited e-mails. • Develop Power through co-operation.like the boss. familiar with the lingo and various emotions. • Clarity of thought on subject…Back up (documents). and trust others. If you don’t. don’t assume the recipient is.” consider what may happen if the message is read by someone else -. • Empower. Steam and Team up to a Change: • Inspire & Motivate others: • Arouse enthusiasm. . • Develop friendly relationships. • Ensure customer & organisation interaction. You may be an Internet pro. If at a Restaurant . inspire.Billing. • All care must be taken to ensure that senior personnel are not offended. • Proper use of customer database to increase loyalty. take a minute before a click “send” to review message.PAY THE BILL. you may want to send copies – find out relevance or personnel and matter.be a perfect host. department etc. they may very well consider it “spam” “junk mail” and delete it unread. if not suggest/ask the next right time and day (cater for time zones). Enquire right person at the other end. Use these features.in brief: Before call to customer: • Exact name (spelling). No such thing as private e-mail. Check spelling and punctuation. • Check customer comfort zones on food and beverage habits/preferences. encourage. some also check for grammar. • Provide customised services and responses. Never assume anything. Before a click on “send. • Align business processes with customer strategies. Identify key people & align with them. Copies for customer/client.Ensure value to recipient.

Am I doing a presentation to Persuade. hygiene. for processing your query or conversation. Morally you are responsible top deliver as expected and possibly more.Understanding the time and the reason and the topic and whether it is of concern to the receiving party – in such cases they may disconnect so keep your motivation high. for better interaction and professional benefits.be a perfect host • Eagerness to meet again. CRM: Begin to Wind up well: • Clarity of thought on subject…Back up (documents). • Be a thorough professional: The see off. .• Understand customer demand before supply. • Give the feeling of panache. • Some wine and dine habits. • Exact venue and date. Intellectually – you must ensure you have covered all points and concerns for the client.Emotionally . • Avoid Groupism between colleagues in customer presence. Feel good factor. Inform or Explain? • EMI . Facial and expressions. other final touches (gifting). • be given to attendees in advance as per company policies. • Check your customer comfort zones on food and beverage habits/preferences. Copies for customer/client. The agenda along with • Invitation / letter giving information of scheduled meeting. Time of commencement of meeting.Purpose – Audience and Logistics before you get into a presentation. • A check back: Have you reached safely sir? Hope your visit was fruitful? Will be glad to see you again. fruitful & smooth conduct Meeting. not that customer again!” from the mind and thought process. • Remove Attitude Barriers. Meeting Manners: • Agenda: Title of coy / group. no side bar conversations. • Technology cannot help if attitude is incorrect or does not exist. • PIE. Dress. conveyance. • Be concerned & sensitive. Fair idea of venue and services • Billing. perfume. Hand softness ( use moisturizer) • Motivate team players to be more sensitive to customer needs. Non-verbal: • Care…Hair. “Oh no. Praises in abundance (right time & place/person). • Enables preparation. Presentations: • Better know – PAL. Identify value of customers with examples.

It is the chairperson’s responsibility to intervene. . loyal & dependable? • Am I committed to excellence or happy with the non-descript? • Would I feel a sense of pride & achievement when I get there? • What is it that I see as my future? “As you begin any new task or assignment. Meeting Manners. Time the meeting is expected to end. Do not take recourse in emotional scorn/ un-official remarks. (yelling/ dramatics) Respect the Chairperson irrespective of seniority. Be on time. Never monopolise – speak briefly irrespective of your position.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Names of the expected attendees. it is your attitude more than anything else that will determine your success”. Be in time with all desired documents and latest update of matters undertake and expected to be put forth to the members. Never distract self or others. Never interrupt others. Concentrate and add value as per agenda. Any other matter with the permission of the chair Note: Come prepared to answer your portion of issues. Ensure copies for all present individually. Bring back-up material to substantiate claim. Objective/ reason of meeting. Politeness & decency conforming to protocol must be adhered to. List issues to be discussed/ resolved. Introspective questions: • Am I committed to getting there? • Am I motivated enough to achieve? • Am I inculcating the right of attitude? • Am I achieving my goals? • Am I committed to personal mastery & seeking opportunities to enhance my skills? • Am I open to new ideas? • Am I sincere. Never distract self or others. Never monopolise – speak briefly irrespective of your position. (yelling/ dramatics) Respect the Chairperson irrespective of seniority. Previous meeting minutes and status of follow-up on matters discussed (to be read & confirmed) before commencement of this meeting. Background / backup material and indication of preparation to attendees. Concentrate and add value as per agenda. Do not take recourse in emotional scorn/ un-official remarks. punctuality helps timely conduct & conclusion of meetings.

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