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Reaction Paper :

While watching The Devil Wears Prada, I realized on how really a

business runs. I am really impressed on how Miranda Priestly managed
Runway and how she instills fear and intimidation to her workers but still do
her job as their boss. On the other hand, I disagree/dislike with Andrea that
she stayed in her job, when really all she wanted to do was write for a
magazine. But, instead, she became a secretary. She turned in to what she
mocked before, and she also lost time for her friends and loved ones. But, I
commend her for still doing her job and trying her best to do it even though
Miranda was giving her a hard time, especially at the time when she asked for
an unpublished manuscript of Harry Potter. I still think that Andy shouldve
quit her job and went to another major publishing company because its not
all about the major break out or experience, you should also consider your
well-being as a person and know if youre still enjoying the environment
youre in. I also appreciated Nigels motivation to Andy, because without him,
Andy might had already left Runway. With Nigels motivation, Andy made an
effort to change her image to fit in more on the workplace shes in.

I think that you shouldnt forget where you came from, and what you
are. I feel Andy, because shes just trying to get credentials to be accepted in a
major publishing company. But, we dont have to do what we despise and
change who we are because we want to attain something, as if there is no
other plans or ways to do it. Im not telling that it was a bad decision that Andy
continued working, but it wasnt a good decision either. But, for least, she
learned a lot about the industry and also from Miranda. We make decisions in
life not because we wanted it, because we need it to sustain and to grow. And I
think that is the overall moral in this movie. We all encountered this kind of
event in our life, but in a different form. We thought that were doing the great
deal, but all what were doing is killing our old selves and replacing our entire
identity. Its important to know what we should do what we love, not just
because we have to do it because we have to do it.
Planning :

-- When they were in a meeting, they were planning on how to deliver the next


-- Planning the fashion show in Paris

-- The plan to replace Runways CEO with Jacquelline Follet

Organizing :

-- Deciding/choosing for the collection for the upcoming Runway

-- Critiquing Andys fashion sense

-- Choosing the dress-belt combination scene

Staffing :

-- At the beginning of the movie when Andy was being interviewed

-- When Miranda decided that Andy was doing a greater job than Emily and

chose her to come in Paris

--Each department has its own heads and representatives in meetings

Directing/Leading :

-- Motivating Andy to do better by giving her incentives (giving her designer

clothes to make her look better and make her fit more in the industry)
-- Emily giving Andy instructions on what to do

-- Miranda giving Andy commands on what to do

Controlling :

-- Setting up a dress code in the workplace

-- Miranda instilling pressure and fear to her employees so they could work

accordingly in a timely manner

-- Miranda separating her work life to her personal life

-- Miranda controlling her emotions to be professional

Allyza Princess P. Magpantay

St. Therese of Lisieux ABM 11-A