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Question 2

Accountability towards self is more important that accountability towards students. Give your
justifications towards the statement above.

 Teachers need to equip themselves with the Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) in
order to determine the effectiveness of the teaching and learning. PCK enables teachers
to train and guide students to acquire skills in learning how to learn. Without sufficient
PCK, it will affect pupils’ in terms of their academic achievements.
 Teachers need to have a dynamic, competitive, virtuous and optimistic personality that
can be a source of inspiration to students. Therefore, in order to develop pupils holistically,
teachers themselves need to be a role model for pupils to emulate.
 Teachers need to control own emotions to bring tranquility and peace of mind. With a
good emotional control, teachers are able to think wisely and be fair to all students
without any biasness regardless of race, religion, and other factors.
 Teachers need to equip themselves with knowledge through reading a variety of
educational materials in order to be an expert in their own field. With a lot of knowledge,
they are able to implement various new interesting methods and techniques to be applied
in the teaching and learning session.