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Name : Loh Chia Sin

Class : T4 TESL

IC : 940302-07-5690

Matric no. : 2014271340027

Date : 5 / 1 / 2017

One of the issues that I encountered

during practicum phase II was the pupils were
weak in writing. The Year 3 pupils which was
in average proficiency level were not able to
write simple sentences. Majority of them could
not produce simple sentences correctly
although the pictures and key words were
given. The reason that caused this problem
was the lack of writing practices for them.
Besides, I noticed that the pupils were too
dependent on the teacher during writing
lesson. Lastly, I also noticed that the pupils'
proficiency level were low and they did not
understand the key words given.
To solve this problem, I gave them another
exercise which is model writing. I started with
giving them two examples and showed them
how to make a simple sentences by
substituting the keywords. For example, "The
boy is swimming." For this sentence, a picture
and two keywords (boy & swimming) was
given. Then, I gave them the example of the

One of the suggestions given by my friend

is to guide the pupils steps by steps and from
concrete to abstract. For instance, show pupils
a picture that they can see in their daily life so
that they can relate to it. Next, guide pupils to
label the pictures by asking them to spell the
words while the teacher writes it on the board
with legible print. Then, the first keyword is
given and it is better to be an adjective so as
to describe the object in phrase. If possible,
teacher can let pupils replace the adjective
with other words such as colors or shapes.
After that, form a simple sentence with SVO
structure such as "I have a red shirt." Lastly,
teacher can guide pupils to replace "I have"
with others such as "We have" or "She has".
With this, teacher is unintentionally teaching
pupils about grammar and sentence pattern.