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1. If the anticipated rate of inflation is 5.

5% and the nominal rate of interest is 10% , what

is the real rate of interest? 4.50%
2. The amount of money that individuals have left over after they pay for necessities such
as food, clothing, and housing is called. Brand income
3. Regulation, order, and decisions by government agencies, such as the Occupational
safety and Health. Administrative law
4. The term open source software refers to computer software that. grant access to the
code so that a user may add feature to the software
5. If the United States government implements an expansionary fiscal policy. Increase-
6. Imposing a price above the market equilibrium price creates a. price floor and will result
in excess demand
7. Which of the flowing increases net income? Selling common stock at an amount greater
than par
8. Depreciation expense is recognized for financial and reporting purposes based on the.
Matching principle
9. Which approach to corporate social responsibility manages ethical conduct by doing the
minimum required by law. The compliance approach
10. The total quality management approach to organizational performance is most
successful under which type of control philosophy? Decentralized
11. Compared with, media advertising, online advertising and social media marketing are.
Very effective foe reaching, ass markets but not for reaching targeted customers
12. Which of the following federal laws guarantees workers a minimum wage and overtime
pay? Fair labor standards act
13. Which of the following financial ratios is the best measure of the operating effectiveness
of a firms management? Return on assets
14. Which method of inventory costing is NOT permitted under International Financial
Reporting Standards? Last-in, first out(LIFO)
15. The primary benefit of investment diversification is that it. Reduces risk
16. Many entrepreneurs choose to open their own business because they want full control
of their work environment. Fail to delegate authority and responsibility
17. Meciers Wood product, Inc, produces wooden frames for upholstered furniture product.
Derived demand.
Which constitutional provision gives Congress very broad powers to regulate business
and the economy? Commerce clause
18. A countrys central bank can take which of the following actions to increase the money
supply? Sell government bonds in the open market
19. A web-based automotive inspection service uses a large list of independent inspectors
who are available for constant travel on inspection project. Inconsistency
20. In how many ways may a committee of three be chosen from a group with twelve
members? 12! / 3!
21. Research indicates that group effectiveness is most threatened by which of the
following? Groupthink
22. A $15million project to develop a new, innovative home security system currently has a
negative net present value. Continue to invest in the project if the internal rate of return
is positive.
23. The two methods that may be used for calculating cash flows from operating activities
are. Direct and indirect
24. Which type of database stores information in the form of logically connected two-
dimensional tables? Relational
25. What is the margin of safety? 250 units
26. Darlene acts as the secretary and treasurer of her neighborhood homeowners
association. Robbery
27. On the inside of each wrapper, a candy company provides the web site address for an
online survey for customers to complete. Primary
28. If an economy is producing two goods and the combination of the final production of
these two goods lies inside the production possibilities frontier. The country cannot
produce more of one good without giving up production of the other
29. Which of the following cash flows would have the highest present value? $1000 per year
for 12 years discounted at 7%
30. is a social-networking site that seeks to connect everyone,
everywhere, across border, languages, and devices. Mission statement
31. John purchased 500,000 euros in London at an exchange rate of 0.71 euro to 1 United
states dollar. Arbitrage
32. A financial services firm offers investment advice to moderate income clients. The firm is
adding clients rapidly but is also experiencing an increase. An online comment form
33. The sum of the squared deviations around a sample mean is mathematically divided by
(n-1) instead of n. Efficient
Tanaka Electronics is a Japanese producer of consumer electronics. Percentage of sales
34. Which of the following contracts should be in writing under the Statute of Frauds? An
employment contract for an unspecified length of time
35. Cecilia and Marie are general partner in a bakery, caf, and catering business. Cecilia is
liable because she is a partner in the business
36. Quigley Companys common stock is selling for $60 per share today. 10%
37. Which of the following types of securities represents ownership in a firm without
priority for dividends or priority a bankruptcy? Corporate bonds
38. Which of the following is a requirement of unity of command, one of Henri Fayols
fourteen general principles of management? Each employee should be assigned to only
one supervisor
39. A fashion retailer collects a large volume of data on consumer purchasing patterns. Data
40. The cost of which the following is most likely to increase immediately as the number of
units produced increase? Direct materials used
41. Which if the following is true about the Unite States supreme court? It is the final arbiter
of the constitution and federal law
42. Export (in millions) over a five-year period were $878, $892, $864, $870, and $912,
respectively. Which of the following best characterizes these values? A linear trend
43. Which of the following best describes what an income statement shows? The result of
operation at a given pint in time
44. Chris Lee, the manufacturing manager of a cosmetics company, is direct to start
producing a new line of sin care location. Controlling
45. Which of the following will shift the demand curve for apples to the right? An increase in
the price of bananas, a substitute for apples.
46. One commonly used method of comparing income statements for multiple years is to
create common size statements. By expressing all amount on the income statement as a
percent of sales revenue
47. Which of the following lists the components of the strategic planning process in the
correct order? Mission, objectives, marketing, strategy
48. Which of the following would increase a firms break even point? Decrease in variable
cost per unit
49. Businesses often employ the utilitarian approach to decision making. This means that
they consider. The consequences and the number of people involved
50. The systems developed life cycle consists of a series of steps taken to develop a new
information system. Design, development
51. Which of the following has the highest interest-rate risk? XYZ corporation six- month
commercial paper
52. Value analysis is an effective tool in operations management because it. Seeks
improvements that lead to either a better product or a product made more
53. Which of the following statements about the foreign law exception to employment
discrimination is true? It requires a nation to recognize the law and judicial actions of
another country
54. A multinational company that places people from its home country into key positions
worldwide is demonstrating, which approach to strategic planning? Polycentric
55. During International Forest Month, Mr Romero offers a special promotion in which he
allocates $1. Cause- related marketing
56. Mr. Romero wishes to expand his sales to organization buying larger quantities of coffee
for their employee cafeterias. Pay lower prices and demand tighter delivery schedules.
57. Texas technology (TT) stock has a beta of 1 3, and United Utilty(UU) . The required
return for TT is greater than the required return UU.
58. A business strategy manager must determine whether or not to outsource cell phone
production to an overseas plant. Decision support system.
59. A bin contains ten parts, only two of which are defective. 56/90
60. Maxichip produces small microprocessors for producers of desktop computers and
makers of mobile telephones. Geographic and demographic
61. Which of the following best represents the difference between the price at which a
company sells an item from its inventory and items original cost? Gross profit
62. Which of the following acts defines the records that an organization must store and the
length of time the organization must store and the length of time the organization must
store them as way of protecting shareholder and the public from deceptive accounting
and other fraudulent practices? The Sarbanes Oxley Act
63. If the appropriate discount rate is 15 percent, which of the following is closet to the net
present value(NPV) of the project? $141
64. Which of the following early implementations of cloud computing was used in the pay
per use revenue model to deliver application? Software as a service(SaaS)
65. To james, the marginal utility of a third bottle of root beer is worth $1.20, which implies
that he. Will get zero consumer surplus from drinking three bottles of root beer if it
costs $1.20 a bottle
66. A program evaluation and review technique (PERT) network contains four jobs. R, S, T
and U
67. The leader-member exchange model of leadership focuses on which of the following
factors? The quality of relationship between a leader and the leaders direct reports.
68. If Juan puts 410,00 in a saving account that yields 10 percent compounded
semiannually. $11,025
69. A North American online financial services company knows that its client around the
world value financial security and stability highly. Symbols values
70. The most effective growth strategy for companies in an emerging market that have few
start-up resources is which of the following? Merging with differentiation based on
quality improvements
71. Billy Books has a target capital structure of 50 percent debt. 10.00%
72. Any normal probability distribution can be converted to a standard normal probability
distribution by. Subtracting the mean from each observation and dividing the difference
by the standard deviation.