present Represenring SWT
An{V Pitf (Monoging Direcror - Choir) Andrew Welsby (HR Direcror)
lcn .,lohnston (Cusicmer Service Dlrecior] Jon Choudhry (Operotions Director) Simon Gimson (Business lmprovement Director) Steve Bunce (Heod of Employee Relotions) Hursj (Employee Communicotions Monoger) Christine Kernoghon (Heod of Finoncial Servilesi Libby Moore (Occuporionol Heolth) Stephonie Moskell {Secretory)

Represenfing Sfoff Side
loin Anderson, TSSA Regionol Orgoniser. Groham Mori'is, ASLEF District Orgoniser. Employee Represeniotives Dove Butler Michoel Compbell RMT Rickey Goodmon


Wolsh lon Heritoge





Kevin Smith - Unite
Shoun Seymour - ASLEF




Andy Pitt gove o summory of SWT's current business position, covering the following key points:

' o

Full yeor results better thon budget due to: revenue whilst poor not being qs bod os expected, further cost soving, o"nd o substontioi fr"r Dff in respect of Smortcqrd ticketing.

implicorions of governmenr spending curs cousing

Foctors offecting income include cLE ond GDP both of which hove been negoiive for mosi of the yeor, severe weother cousing opprox g5m revenue ross, pAyG introduction in Jonuory with some 60%;f users migroiing to this product ond

irt oiaouli; [;;;;ssion.

Following o question from Grohom Morris concerning fhe fronchise dispufe befween stogecooch ond the Dff, Andy Piit exploined thot ttl"1os" hod now beln heord olthough the orbitrotors decision hod not yet been onnounced.

fhoyn Seymour osked if it would be possible to combine oyster ond stoff trovel cords ond lon Johnston replied thot this moy be o future possibility but wos not o priority ot present.



Andy Pitt highlighted the following key developments within Engineering:

. . ' r .

Wimbledon Depot - nery ponel commissioned on 22^d Moy Closs 458 tonking modificotion now complete ReGen broking - 458 triols o success with fitment plons being drown up. Testing corried out on 450 units prior to in-service triols Won Silver Sponner Modern Roilwoys Aword solisbury depot won Golden sponner for 3'd time in succession.

loin Anderson osked if there ore plons to use ex Southern 460s qnd Andy pitt replied thot this moy be o considerotion within HLOS.




lon Johnston gove on updote covering:

o ' . ' ' t

Smortcord now live on 3 lines of roufe PAYG live from Jonuory 20.lO (PAYG focility now used for 6O%of point to point journeys in London) Plons to further improve TVM functionolity Chonging buying hobits - only 39% of soles now through ticket offices ond 5% on trcin. Rernoinder being from TVMs, Customer Service Centre ond lnternet. Securiiy & Crime Prevention (crime down 77o on lost yeor, CCW now instolled ot oll

Refurbishment to stoff occommodotion completed or underwoy ot o further



Shoun Seymour expressed concerns of the poor stondord of occommodotion of some depot locotions ond he osked if there ore ony plons for heovy-cleoning or redecorotion. lon Johnston exploined thot the Heod of Estqtes is looking io prioritise oreos of greotest need olthough resources ore very limited.

lon Heritoge osked for on updote on the proposols io omend ticket office opening hours under Schedule I Z ond lon Johnsfon soid thot London Trovel Wotch ond possenger Focus hod responded ond the motter wos with fhe Dff. lon Heritoge osked obout the current sifuotion ond fuiure plons for revenue protection ond whether numbers of penolty fores ore up or down. He osked if there or" onf to flon, increose reYenue proteclion stoffing numbers porticulorly on{roin. lon Johnsion replied thot ot the peok, the number of penolty fores issued stood oround 9,000 ond this hod reduced to 2,000 since borrier gotes instollotion. He soid thot utilisotion of revenue protection stoff wos constontly.chonging ond it wos o question of deploying stoff in the most effective woy olthough there ore no plons lo increose numbers, totolling some 400 ot present in oddition to some 600 Commerciol Guords.


loin Anderson osked if SWT intended to retoil Oyster cords ond lon Johnsfon soid there is no business cose to do so ot preseni olthough the sqle of Oyster through TVMs moy be o possibility for the future. Michoel Compbell believed thot by not selling Oyster SWT wos neglecting it's customers. lon soid thot there ore mony outlets where Oyster moy be purchosed both in london os well os on the lnternet.




Jon choudhry gove the performonce updore highlighting the following:

. o

Performonce hos improved ofter o difficult winter. Period I PPM at 96.9% {torget 94.5%l with A AA ot 93%. Right Time or 82.1% (rorger 73%l with lvlAA ot 70.7% Effects of Jonuory snowy conditions - 45O filter burn-uls ond ongoing workstreoms to improve performonce ond customer informotion during disruption

Dqvid Henderson osked obout the recent deloys ot Woterloo when the informotion boords were giving incorrect informotion cousing confusion. Jon Choudhry replied thot the service problems hod been reloted to the hot weother ond he outlined the plons underwoy to improve the quolify of informotion during times of disruption. Grohom Morris osked if there wos on issue wifh Network Roil chonging controctors for provislon of deicing ond leaf clecring troins. Jqn Chaudhry scid that 5Wf hod taken steps to ensure thot Network Roil deliver the provision of these services occording to controct specificotion. Michoel Compbell osked if considerotion hod been given to using energy through the conductor roil to provide heot when conditions ore icy. Jon Choudhry replied th]ot this hqd been looked ot but hod been discounted becouse of the huge omounL of energy needed.




Andrew Welsby gove o summory of key HR octivities.

. . . Q: A:

Response rotes by function with the overoll response

aI 5s.4%

The oreos scoring highly ond those oreos requiring ottention Next steps on oction plons with heodlines oppeoring in 'on Trock'

Questions from employee representotives ond responses:

How con the return rote from lT be 1 18%? This would be where individuols hod shown the wrong code for their grouping.

Q: A:

Will the results be published on-line? The intention is thot results, etc will be coscoded to employees through the
monogement briefing system.

Andrew outlined some octions from oreos scoring low in the survey including on increose in the number of 'Meet the Director' sessions ond o new infronet - 'switch On;- being plonned with improved links in depots with occess ot home being o long tem ospirotion.

Ride 2 Work Scheme

Andrew gove detoils of the Ride 2 Work scheme being introduced including the orrongements for communicotions with employees.
Questions from employee represenfotives ond responses:

Q: A:

Whot would hoppen if on individuol opted not to buy the bike ot the end of the hire

Under the hire ogreement, SWT leose the bike to the employee for l2 monihs ond ofter I2 months the employee will be given the option to puichose the bike from SWT qt o foir morket volue; typicolly 5% of the bike volue. lf on employee opts not to purchose, the bike would be returned to SWT.

Q: A:

Whot hoppens if the bike is stolen port-woy thought the hire ogreement? Under the hire ogreement, the hirer will still be required to coniinue with the hire

Pension Voluotion

Andrew set out the iimetoble for the 20.l O voluotion of the SWT Section soying thot the interim voluotion for 2009 will show o significont deficit. The lotest dote for olreeing ony revised contribution schedule would be 3.|" Morch 2012.

Other Motters loin Anderson osked obout the meeting ogreed os port of the 2OO9 poy deol to discuss the trode union ospirctions for retired stoff frovel focilities. Andrew confirrned thst o dste world be orronged.

Grohom Morris roised on issue concerning the supply of poperwork for interviews held under the Attendonce Procedure. He suggested thot this be discussed os o seporote item ot the
some meeting.


Emplovee Wellbeino

Libby Moore from the Occupotionol Heolth teom gove on updote on the Wellbeing strotegy covering:

. . Q: A: Q: A:

The Progromme of events throughout 2O1O/1.l wifh the strotegy focussing on heolth screening/promotion, physicol fitness, lifestyle chonge inifiotives, heolth educotion, mentol well being, diseose monogement, sofety prevenlion ond employee benefits. Relounch of the employee ossistonce scheme with PPC.

Questions from employee representotives ond responses:
ls there on opportunity to screen for diobetes? This will be considered for the future olong with ony other heolth ospects thot people

moy find helpful. Concerned ot the lock of heolthy food choices ovoiloble ot outlets on Woterloo stotion ond ony influence SWT con hove will be beneficiol to stoff. ln reolity, Nefwork Roil the stotion owners will rent outlets to the most competitive bidder. A ronge of food opfions is provided on the stotion ond personol educotion on heolthy eoting is the key.




a revised poyslip o'*.rtlining ihe reosons for the chonge, the need to issue new poy numbers to stoff, loyout of the revised poyslip ond timescoles. Christine exploined thot fhe chonge wos linked to the switch over to o new computerised poyroll pockoge ond olso thot the chonge to 4-weekly poy ond 4-weekly poyslips ogreed os port of the 2OO9 poy deol would hoppen ot the some time. lntroduction wos plonned for November 20.l0 ond there will be q communicotion with stoff.
Shoun Seymour osked if it would be possible to link the new poyroll system with leove records with o messoge focility giving outstonding leove on poyslips. Christine soid thqt this is on ospirotion but would not be possible ot present.

Christine- Kernoghcn briefed the meefing on the introduction of




Simon Gimson gave on updote covering the Following pi-oiects:

. . .

HLOS - no decision os yet ond Government spending cuts could hove implicotions.

I0 Corr roilwoy - involving plotform
TfL extension

lengthening of Eost London Line to Clophom - involving plotform modificotions ot

Clophom Jct.