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Instructions for 100_Metres.

In this project, you will develop a workbook detailing all the Gold medal winners in 100 Metres event of the summer Olympic games held every 4 years. Resources
Necessary to complete THIS Workbook are provided.
When complete, it will have two worksheets and include an image and 3D pie chart.
To begin, import the text file in the Resource window. Then, follow these instructions to complete the examination.
Use the checkboxes to help track the instructions you have completed. The checkboxes are not automatically updated and do not impact your score.
Note: Accept the default values in all cases unless specified otherwise in the instructions.

Workbook Setting or Condition
 Worksheets 2
 Theme Colors Slipstream
 Data Source 100_Metres.txt [tab delimited in cell A1]
 Cut text Worksheet 1 [Rows 35 through 53]
 Paste text Worksheet 2 [Rows 1 through 19]
Worksheet 1 (100 Metres) Setting or Condition
 Name 100 Metres
 Column Insert new [Column B]
 Text Insert Year [cell B2]
 Values 1896, 1900, …, 2012 [cell range B3:B32]
 Text Insert 100 Metres Gold Medalists [cell A1]
 Merge and center 100 Metres Gold Medalists [cell range A1:F1]
 Style Accent 1 [cell range A1:F1]
 Font Bold and underline [cell range A2:F2]
 Column width 8.00 or 61 pixels [Column A]
 Hide Rows 8, 14 and 15
 Decimal places 2 [cell range F3:F32]
 Conditional Formatting 3 Flag [cell range F3:F32]
 Display the Red Flag when value is greater than or equal to 11 Number Type
 Display the Yellow Flag when value is greater than or equal to 10 Number Type
 Display the Green Flag when value is lower than 10 Number Type

com  Print preparation Set print area [cell range A2:C32]  Print Gridlines  Center Vertically Worksheet 2 (Medals) Setting or Condition  Name Medals  Formula Number of Gold medals [cell range C2:C19] Note: Formula must include COUNTIF and range Code  Table Table Style [Medium 9cell range A1:C19]  Name [CountryCode]  Format [enabled First Column]  Sort [by GoldLargest to SmallestThen by CountryA to Z]  Filter [GoldExclude 0]  Formula Average time of all medalists [cell F3] Note: Formula must include AVERAGE  Formula Fastest time of all medalist [cell F4] Note: Formula must include MIN  Formula Full name of fastest medalist and country code [cell G4] Note: Formula must include CONCATENATE and “ – “  Formula Slowest time of all medalist [cell F5] Note: Formula must include MAX  Formula Family name of slowest medalist [cell G5] Note: Formula must include RIGHT  Chart 3D Pie Chart [cell range B1:C9] Note: The location within the sheet is unimportant.contoso. Hyperlink Associated with Harold Abrahams  Link Address http://www. See the reference image for an example of placement  Alt Text [Gold Medals]  Title [100 Metres Gold Medals]  Style [Style 7] .

 Format [Data labelsInside End position] Final Steps Setting or Condition  Document property Subject [100 Metres]  Check Accessibility Insert any text string as necessary to correct displayed errors Note: ignore warnings .