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EMF Emissions – Where Are They and What is a

Safe Distance?
EMF emissions, also known as electromagnetic radiation, cause health problems
with excessive exposure. The problem is, the emissions are everywhere and who is
monitoring ‘safe levels’ – NO ONE. It’s up to you to find out where they are and to
test to see how much radiation is in your regular environment.

An occasional exposure to even moderately high EMF emissions isn’t the problem. The
problem is when you are in an unsafe field on a regular daily basis, like at your
bed or desk, or too much wireless technology at your home or office. Our bodies
can only take so much then we start having serious health problems. AND an increasing
percentage of the population is developing a very disabling health problem called EMF

Each person has what I call a ‘radiation cup’. Once that cup gets full, health
problems and disease sets in. And I can tell you by the thousands of tests I’ve
performed for myself and others, there are more strong fields in our environment today
than safe ones. Technology has boomed and so our EMF emissions – and so our health

Distance - The Only Completely Safe Tactic

If you want to be completely safe from EMF radiation, distance is the only sure-fire way.
The only problem with that is that it is virtually impossible to get away from all EMF
emissions today unless you live at the North Pole with no cell phone and no
electricity. The wise solution is to know where your sources are and reduce all
levels in your daily environment to safe levels. Also be very clear as to what is good
EMF and what is bad EMF as noted here:

The Four Forms of Electromagnetic Radiation

The four forms of electromagnetic radiation include:

 Electric - Anything having an electric field including power lines that transport
 Magnetic - Anything having a magnetic field which could come from an electric
source or from a motor or engine.
 Wireless/RF/Wi Fi/Microwave - Anything that communicates with a
wireless signal using radio frequency, microwave, wi-fi, etc.
 Ionizing - Includes gamma rays, UV rays and X-rays.

Likely Places for EMF Emissions

The only way to know if an area or device is safe is to test with EMF
meters. One model of wireless house phone may be safe, but most are extremely high
radiation like cell phones. One model of computer may be safe in one room but high
electric radiation in another room - Yes, very same computer! One wall in your house
may be safe and the other may have a wiring problem and test on overload (max for the
meter). A cell tower in your neighborhood may not be transmitting toward your house or

The EMF emissions from power in houses normally extends from 4 to 15 feet from the wiring or device depending on how much current flows in the wires . And it could be a half mile away and unseen from your location. fans. RECOMMENDED EXPOSURE LIMIT OF AC ELECTRIC FIELDS: BELOW 10 V/M. jackhammers. Fluorescent lights can drastically increase the magnetic field in nearby or downline wiring. Here is a list of many sources and facts for each category:  Electric . microwaves (have an electric and ionizing radiation field). electronic devices such as computers.with an average of about 4-6 feet. My bone cancer symptoms started in the bone where the pins are. resonating from the corded phone beside it. For example. lamps and lighting fixtures. some granite countertops are known to have ionizing radiation. electric heaters. Many unusual things occur with EMF emissions that you would never imagine.Wireless and Ionizing. You can’t know for sure where these EMF emissions fields are and how strong they are unless you measure them with a EMF meter. A/C unit. I have found that all metal (including the metal pins in my foot from a previous surgery) ‘picks up’ electrical currents that are in close proximity and radiates that ‘stolen’ electricity. food processors. PREFERABLY BELOW 1 V/M (AT 50/60 HZ). but the ones I have tested all had spots of extremely high electric radiation resonating from them. electric blankets and heating pads. weed eaters. stereos. a metal lamp in my bedroom had EMF emissions. I found this out by buying two meters and using them often. go carts. coffee makers. motorcycles. Electric EMF Emissions Facts . You don’t need a handful of expensive meters to accomplish a safe environment – just two – and I’ll give you that information here. The electrical field extends out from the wire at a range depending upon how much current flows in the wires. cell phone chargers. because of the electrical wiring under. cars. telephones. above and beside them. So.Magnetic fields can come from two sources: 1) from moving electric currents or 2) from electron motion (orbital or spin). furnaces. kitchen appliances such as blenders.  Magnetic . all electrical sources above will also have a magnetic field and additionally.Electrical power called VLF (very low frequency)A/C (alternating current) at 60 Hertz can only be transmitted in wires. etc. to the naturally occurring metals in the granite. devices which have spinning electrons such as gas powered engines – riding mowers. hair dryers. printers. golf could be sending extremely unsafe levels right through your walls. . Magnetic. toasters. Also. electrical boxes and wiring. air conditioners. laptops. transformers. four wheelers. televisions and much more – anything you plug in to electricity. even though it was unplugged. EMF Emissions Categories The four main categories for EMF emissions are Electric.Anything powered by electricity including electric power lines.

wireless internet connections. Three types of ionizing radiation are UV rays. the cells in our body start turning into cancer cells and other types of disease. Electric meter reporting is beginning to go wireless in many areas with wireless devices at the pole and some even in the house. Remember the invisible ‘radiation cup’ that fills up with the EMF emissions our body is exposed to? Once it’s full. RF. colon cancer and lung cancer in about 2-3 weeks time of daily use. printers. if not most. etc.Many. a laptop can be hardwired to the internet connection so the wireless radiation is eliminated (put the receiver outside the house and wire inside to computer – then test to be sure no radiation is in house). It is cumulative and very difficult to disperse from the body. Wireless EMF Emissions Facts . police. MP3. GPS. laptops.)  Ionizing . taxi. ionizing EMF emissions destroys DNA in living cells at the fastest rate of all radiation. (And remember. PREFERABLY BELOW 20 NT (. These high powered machines add to what is already there and fills the cup up very quickly. electronics have the option of being hardwired or wireless. cell phones. magnetic and ionizing radiation of the computer – but it is possible to have a pretty safe system you can be on for hours – it’s all in the setup. video. Includes all wireless technology that communicates without being hardwired to the device it is communicating with. baby monitors. even then you have to deal with electric. THE GOAL SHOULD BE NO WIRELESS RADIATION IN YOUR REGULAR ENVIRONMENT. it still radiates until you turn off the wireless capability – and that is not even possible with some devices. service providers such as military. FOR BEST EMF PROTECTION. And then there is the man I talked to who had developed testicular cancer during the winter months when he was using a jackhammer all winter at work. mobile phone. broadband towers and routers. They sure make life easier and sometimes more fun – but then we have no life!  Wireless . I told him to tell her not to be on it much and he said she didn’t ride it anymore – she got breast cancer. palm computers.RECOMMENDED EXPOSURE LIMIT OF AC MAGNETIC FIELDS: BELOW 200 NT (2. fire. micro wave. cellular EMF Emissions distributed by devices such as computer. For instance. I later was talking to a young man at a register about my mower and he said his mother had one. Magnetic EMF Emissions Facts . wireless house phones. cell towers. X-rays and gamma rays.Includes wi fi . . But to achieve complete elimination of wireless radiation you must also switch off wireless button on outside of computer and go internally and turn off wireless technology.The most powerful at low doses with shorter wave lengths.You don’t hear as much about magnetic radiation as the other types of radiation – but don’t let that fool you! It was the magnetic radiation from a very high powered zero-turn lawnmower that gave me breast cancer.00 MG). SCIENTISTS CONSIDER A PERSON'S HEALTH TO BE MORE AT RISK FROM WIRELESS MICROWAVE RADIATION THAN RADIATION FROM HOUSEHOLD WIRING AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES – THE PULSING ‘CHATTER’ MORE UPSETTING TO HUMAN CELL STRUCTURE.20 MG) (AT 50/60 HZ). What many people don’t know is that even if you have a device hardwired. business and public service communication systems.

X-rays. THE RECOMMENDED ANNUAL DOSE LIMIT FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC IS 1 MSV. tobacco. barium from upper GI’s. those who fly frequently at high altitudes. radioactive iodine. it all boils down to how much EMF emissions you are getting as a whole from day to day. . cathode ray tubes in televisions and computer screens. Radon (vapor from uranium decay that comes up out of the ground) in homes is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking and second hand smoke. integrated circuits. This category is harder to measure but usually more obvious without a meter and easier to avoid. lantern mantels. In summary In summary. Here are some of the sources found in our environment: medical therapy such as radiation therapy. building material such as some granite. You can’t know this unless you have a wireless meter and an electric and magnetic meter.Even low dose exposure causes damage to living tissue including cancer. Ionizing EMF Emissions Facts . mammography (use thermography instead). nuclear weapon test sites. smoke detectors and hoses for floor heating. irradiated food. PET or SPECT/CT. ACCORDING TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION. emissions from combustible fuel such as gas and coal. etc. airport X-rays. luminous watches and dials. for best emf protection. travertine. emissions from burning fossil fuels such as coal fired power plants. emissions from nuclear power plants. fluorescent lights. tumors and genetic (DNA) damage. THERE ARE NO SAFE LEVELS OF IONIZING RADIATION. radon in homes. white blood cell scans.