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1. ........................, may I have your attention, please?

a. Anyone b.Everybody c.Students d. a and c are correct

2. Attention please! Are we ................ready to learn English?
a. are b. am c. is d. all
3. Molly : Do you understand of what she said?
George : Yes, she ......that we should speak English in our English class.
a. say b. Saying c. says d. said
4. Teacher : What do you think if we use English in our English class?
Students : ......................................
a. I agree with him b. I have no idea c. That is a good idea d. I dont think so
5. Teacher : Dayu, please look at me! Would you stop doing that please? Are you ............ to
a. all b. ready c. happy d. feel
6. Teacher : Edo, ................English easy or difficult ?
a. am b. is c. are d. may
7. Teacher : You can wash your hand at the back yard of the school
Studens : Mom what is wash in Bahasa?
Teacher : Oh, it is ............... in Indonesian
a. bersih b. mencuci c. membersihkan d. mengepel
8. Mr. Adnan says: It is not easy to read a story to your friends loudly and correctly. But, Im
happy that many of you can do it well. Adi for example he still makes some mistakes, but he
can write quickly, read the story loudly, he also can remember many words.
According to Mr. Adnan, Adi can do lots of things except
a. read story b able to remember many words
c. Write very fast d. can speak English fluently
9. Irsad : Can you understand of what our teacher ask you to do?
What is the meaning of ask in the statement above?
a. meminta b. Menanyakan c. mengharapkan d. a dan b benar
12. Arman : can you come to my party?
John : ......... Its fun.
a. sorry b. Its up to you c. No I can d. certainly
13. Teacher : Can you clean the whiteboard please?
Student : ...........(13 )
a. sorry b. Yes, thank c. Yes, Maam d. No thanks
14. Maura : Will you join us to the library?
Maya : Ok, but wait a minute.
How do you say wait a minute in bahasa ?
a. Tunggu sebentar b. ya nanti c. Boleh sebentar d. tunggu semenit
15. Student : knock.. knock ...knock .. Excuse me, Sir.
Teacher : Oh, somebody is knocking the door. Would you come in, please!
Student : ...................(14)
a. please b. Thank you c. Sorry d. You are welcome
16. Ahmad : Would you Please accompany me to see the principal
George : Sorry, Im a bit shy to see him.
What is the meaning of to see the principal in the sentence above
a. untuk meminta kepala sekolah b. Untuk bertemu ketua kelas
c. Untuk melihat kepala sekolah d. Untuk berjumpa dengan kepala sekolah
17. What is the synonym of Principal
a. teachers a. A teacher c. The chairman of the class d. the headmaster
18. Lina : May I use your pen?
Dayu : Sure. ..............................Dont use the red one. Theres no ink in it.
a. take the green one b. buy me a pen c. is this your pen d. that is mine
19. Merry : Do you see myjacket?
John : Is it .................?
Merry : No, Its Edos jacket. Our ackets are similar but the sizes are different.
a. mine b. yours c. theirs d. ours
20 William : Iforgot to bring a pair of scissors. May I use yours.
Umar : Yes, certainly, You can use mine
William : Great, thank you. You are .............
a. very good b. very well c. very kind very rich
21. William : Umar Would you like to bring me the ribbon?
Umar : Certainly. ..............
a. this is friend b. that it the ribon c. here I am d. here you are
22. Udin : Is this seat taken? Can I sit here?
Edo : No, the chairs leg is loose. Dont sit on it. Please take the seat near the window.
the statement please take the seat near the window. Is a kind of.................?
a. Prohibition b. respond c. invitation d. Instruction
23. Siti : Lets wrap the gift for Lina. Can we do it on your table?
Beni : Please do, but dont make a mess.
The expression but dont make a mess. Is a kind of
a. Prohibition b. respond c. invitation d. Instruction
24. Udin : Its very cold. Can I wear your jacket?
Edo : Sure. I have two jackets. Dont forget to wash before you return it to me, ok?
In the dialogue above Edo remind Udin to wash the jacket before he returns it
What is meant by remind in the sentence above?
a. melarang b.merintah c. menanggapi d. mengingatkan
25. Lina : you dont have to buy anything for my birthday?
Condro : Its not a big deal, I can buy it.
What is a big deal in bahasa?
a. Itu bukan hal yang menarik b. Itu bukan masalah besar
c. Itu bukan masalah anda d. tak ada yang benar
26. Cucu : Dont tell Lina that we will give her a special gift
James : ok, no worries.
What is the meaning of special gift in the sentence above?
A. hadiah c. kado d. kejutan d. hadiah istimewa
27. Udin : Hallo, good morning. This is Udin, I just received an invitation card for
your birthday.
Milla : you are coming arent you? Be there and dont be late
Udin : Yes, I am. Thanks for ................ me.
a. invite b. Invites c. Inviting d. Invited
28. what is Invitation card in bahasa?
a.surat undangan b.surat Permintaan c. kartu selamat d. kartu undangan
29. What is the menaing of be there?
a. harus hadir disana b. harus mengikuti rapat c. jangan terlambat d. Harus tepat waktu
30. Udin : How about you Richard ? Would you like to come to Millas birthday?
hard : Im afraid I cant because Ill have a badminton competition on that day. Anyway, lets buy a
birthday gift for her. I hope she doesnt mind for my not coming.
Udin : all right, ...........................(30)
a. Of course b. certainly c. Lets go then d. dont worry
31. In the conversation number (30) above who celebrates birthday ?
a. Udin b. Richard c. Milla d. Millas friend
32. What is the meaning of anyway in the text above?
a. walaupun b. ya begitulah c. ya bagaimana d. Namun demikian
. To : Beni You are invited!
Please come to my 14thbirthday party. Which will be held on
Saturday, November 8th 2013. 3-5 P.m
At : Mentari Residence Jl. Serma Muchtar no. 97
RS.V.P, please contact 0769879 (john)
Love, Lina
33. Based on the invitation card above Who is invited to the party?
a. Lina b. Beni c. Jl. Serma Muchtar d. John
34. Who celebrate the birthday?
a. Lina b. Beni c. Jl. Serma Muchtar d. John
35. When will the party begin?
a. Its 3p.m. to 5 p.m b. Its 07698 79
c.Its Jl Serma Muchtar d. Its November the 8th
36. Acording to the invitation card above How old is Lina ?
a. Its 3-5 p.m b. Its 14th years
c.Its Jl Serma Muchtar d. Its November the 8th
37. Acording to the invitation card above Where will the party be held?
a. Its 3-5 p.m b. Its 07698 79
c.Its Jl Serma Muchtar d. Its November the 8th

Happy mothers day

My dear sweet mother
I hope your special day is blessed with sunshine and smiles laughter,
Love and happiness
I love you,
your daughter, Irma and Wulan .

38. What is the meaning of happy mothers day

a. Selamat hari guru b. selamat hari ibu

c. selamat hari bapak d. selamat hari ulang tahun
39. What kind of card that is normally written for expressing this special occasion
a. greeting card b. invitation card c. congratulation card d. SIM card
I would like to tell a story of my uncle. My uncle is a zoo keeper. He feeds the animals everyday. He
prepares foods and drinks for the animals every morning. He clean the animals cage every day. His
friends help him to wash the animals. There are also doctors who take care of sick animals and the
technicians regularly repair the animals cages. My uncle looks very hapy as a zoo keeper. He loves
his job.

40. What is the Indonesian for zoo keeper?

a. Kepla kebun binatang b. penjaga kebun binatang
c. dokter kebun binatang d. teknisi di kebun binatang
41. The term of feed the animal in the sentence above is resemble with one of the statement below?
a. give food every day to the animal b. give drinks regularly to th animals
c. Look after the sick animals d. repair the cages of the animals
42. A person who repair the cage of a zoo is called
a. a doctor b. a zoo keeper c. a technician d. a plumber
43. Based on the story above, is it enjoyable to be a zoo keeper?
a. Yes, it is b. No, it isnt c. I am no sure d. Probably yes.
What do the animals eat?
The elephant eats a lot of grass in the morning and the afternoon.The bear eats a lot
of fresh fish day and night.The deer eats grass.The tigers eats a lot of meat in the morning
and the afternoon.The monkey often eats banana and peanuts.The cat eats rice with fish.
44. Does elephant eat a lot of meat?
a. not it doesnt b. Yes it dos c. yes, it is d. No, it snt
45. A herbivore such as deer is a kind of animal that only eats plants. Is it true?
a. not it doesnt b. Yes it dos c. yes, it is d. No, it snt
everyday activities
It is always busy in the morning at my classroom. Beni is sweeping the floor. Udin is puttingthe book
into the shelf. Lina is erasing the whiteboard. Dayu is throwing the rubbish into the trash can. Siti is
moppingthe floor.
46 How do you say sedang mengepel lantai in Engllish?
a. It is sweepingthe floor b. It is erasing the whiteboard
c. It is throwing the rubbish d. It is moppingthe floor
47. What is Dayu doing in text above.
A,. He is.........................
a. He is sweepingthe floor b. He is erasing the whiteboard
c. He is throwing the rubbish d. H e is moppingthe floor
For Number 48 t0 50 Choose one of the correct answer that correspond to the picture

What are they doing?

48. They ...........................................
a. are walking by the beach b. are sitting Near the beach
c. are Having some food d. are climbing up the three

What is she doing? Look at the picture above?

49. She ..............................................
a. am reading a book b. is looking a magazine
c. is reading a book d. is wrapping a a diary

What is Margaret doing?

50. She .....
a. is having some cake b. is having some water
c. is dringking some water d. b and c are correct

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