Outtake 1: Intro

*** “I have to go?” Jasper asked my mom. “Yes, we're moving.” She told him for the tenth billion time. “But Why! All my friends are here!” Jasper whined. :I know that, but mommy and daddy have too.” She said. “Please let's stay!” Jasper begged her. “We can't honey.” My mom said getting frustrated. It was my turn now. “Jasper? Let's go into the car and we can play on our gameboys. Yeah?” I interceded. “Pokemon?” He asked. “What ever you want.” I said. “Can we play with Emmett, too? Rose won't want to play, but that's okay.” Jasper said. “Yeah, Emmett can play, too!” I told him. “Yeah! I'll meet you at the car. Imma go find Emmett.” He said excited and took off. “Thank you sweetheart.” My mom said. “Your welcome.” Our ride to our new home in Forks, Washington was long and quite. Jasper and Emmett fell asleep quickly. Some how I fell asleep to and was woken up at the site of a beautiful white house. The next morning mom woke me up at 7:00 am, it was to be our first day of school here at Forks. We were in the car and on our way to school 40 minutes later, we went into the main office. A lady with glasses greeted us and gave us a room number.

When we got there my parents knocked on the door, a lady opened the door and talked to my parents. She left and talked to the students and then opened the door and let us go in. Once we were inside I ignored all the attention that was given to us and let who ever was talking, talk. My Parents and siblings introduced themselves and I did to., then my parents left. Our new teacher told us to find a place to sit and I looked around. There was an empty chair next to a girl with strawberry blond hair making a weird face. Nope! Then I saw a table with two girls sitting across each other at the ends with empty chairs. Good one for me and one for Jasper. I started to walk to the table, then Jasper join me too. That's when I saw her. Brown hair and eyes, pale skin, and a heart shaped face. She was wearing something that complemented her, it was a blue dress that made her look like a princess. I sat down and introduced myself. Bella. Bella Swan. Beautiful Swan. I had grabbed her hand to introduce myself, and I tried to let go, but I just couldn't. *** “Edward?” A pixie like voice asked. “Five more minutes.” I said to tired to care. “Bella's out of surgery.” She said. Bella? In surgery? Then everything flooded back. Winter Formal. “She is?!?” I asked after the shock passed.

“Yeah. Your dad said she hit her head pretty bad.” Alice said and left. It was all my fault. If I hadn't bought her the flowers, If I hadn't asked someone to tell the DJ to play that song for her. But everything went well for me. While she was stuck in a hospital bed, here I was feeling sorry and some what happy for myself. Happy? Yeah because I finally got to feel her lips and body smashed together with my lips. My body. The taste of her was sweet and she sill smelled like strawberries. I liked how she knew how to kiss, and that made me want things I didn't know. She was my first kiss, and the thought of having her as my first, brought back memories of our sixth party night. *** I just got back from my last date with Charlotte. Last because I was going to break up with her, I never really liked her. I only asked to get Bella jealous, but she seemed happy for me and then she said yes to James Nomad for Winter formal. Charlotte's Mom dropped me off at my house and I went up the stairs, stopping at Rose's floor and thinking what things they were doing to Bella. Probably making her look like a princess for James. I hate his guts. I continued up the stairs to my floor and went for my door. Locked? I locked it? Maybe. I unlocked the door and froze. Bella.

In. My. Room. Naked. She didn't even see me walk in on her, she was walking to get her towel of my couch. Too soon I gasped and she ran towards the couch and put it on. My body seemed to have a really weird reaction and it was painful. I apologized and we talked for a while. I told her about my break up and she hugged me! She hugged me in only a towel! Her breasts touched my chest and the weird reaction seemed to be even more painful and it was making my jeans very uncomfortable. Ever since that day about her as just a friend. I already felt more, but seeing her and having that image in my head made it hard. *** She moaned, probably thinking it was James and I couldn't stop my next action. My hands went to her hips and started to hold them tightly. Her body was soft and her strawberry smell filled my senses. I did the mistake of groaning and all too soon she realized I wasn't James. She pushed me and she lost her balance and fell. I was in panic and I didn't want anyone to know I played the song or caused her to fall, so I ran around the corner and went into the bathroom.

Moments later I heard people screaming her name in horror. I came out looking causally and then ran to the group of people and I saw her and the floor was splattered with blood. “Move!” I yelled and everyone did. “Why?” James asked crying. Whoa he does have true feeling for her. “CI know what to do in case of an emergency. Call for an ambulance and tell them Edward Cullen needs help.” I said and people started to call. “Please help her! She loosing so much blood!” James said still crying. I checked her breathing and her pulse. The ambulance came and thanked me for checking her pulse and breathing. They left with her and the dance was cut short. As we were walking out to wait for our parents, Stacy made the mistake to say something. “Hey Edward?” She said. “Yeah?” I asked. “Why are you wearing lip gloss?” She asked looking confused. Everyone outside heard. James. I licked it off quickly,”What no! It's my my saliva.” Everyone looked at Irene, my date and she looked at me confused. At least Bella was in the hands of my father. In the background a song that was so true and yet so wrong played.
Watching every motion

In my foolish lover's game On this endless ocean Finally lovers know no shame Turning and returning To some secret place inside Watching in slow motion As you turn around and say My love Take my breath away Take my breath away Watching I keep waiting Still anticipating love Never hesitating To become the fated ones Turning and returning To some secret place inside Watching in slow motion As you turn around and say My love Take my breath away Take my breath away Through the hourglass I saw you In time you slipped away When the mirror crashed I called you And turned to hear you say If only for today I am unafraid Take my breath away Take my breath away Watching every motion

In this foolish lovers game Haunted by the notion Somewhere there's a love in flames Turning and returning To some secret place inside Watching in slow motion As you turn around and say My love Take my breath away Take my breath away ***

The screams woke me up, I didn't even noticed when I fell asleep. “Edward! Your dad said we can go inside now!” Alice screamed while jumping. “Okay.” I said still sleepy from just have woken up. “COME ON!” She said and grabbed my hand forcing me to stand up. Once we were inside I made sure that I would stand in the very back. Because if she remembered and some how drew up It was me, I'd rather it be away for her boyfriend, her girlfriends and her father. I would wait and see and the next few moments made me think of possibilities. But nothing prepared us all for what happens next, because Bella gave us a very big surprise.

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