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Solution brief

HPE Helion Professional

HPE Helion Design Services
You created a cloud strategy sothat HPE design expertise can be acquired
Cloud Solution Design 6
flexibly without compromising of coverage or
now what about execution? consistency. The result? A design that meets
the needs developed in the Strategy phase,
Cloud strategies recognize that the business
and which is ready to implement.
model of IT is changing, whether inside the
enterprise or externally, and cloud design 3 5

HPE Helion High Level Design Service

must do the same if it is to meet the goals of 7
To move from strategic goals and scope to a
the strategy.
solution architecture thats detailed enough to
provide budgetary estimation, our clients use
HPE can help address the business model
the HPE Helion High Level Design Service.
and technical opportunities through an open, 4

and flexible approach called HPE Helion,

This service provides a functional and logical Governance, Finance, Risk, Compliance Management Design 2
which provides a consistent basis for evolving
view of a cloud solution independent of
the role of IT around 3 functions: Organization Design 1
specific hardware and software products.
Producer of services (private or public cloud Itleverages HPE Functional Cloud Reference Service provides recommendations for
service provider) Architecture for worldwide consistency. organizational structure, sizing, roles, and
skill sets, which help manage the required
Trusted broker and advisor for the sourcing changes. Knowledge structuring and transfer
HPE Helion Detailed Design Service
of IT services to consumers, cloud architects, operations,
Clients that already have a high-level design
Service integrator across private, public, provided by HPE or others can leverage and implementation teams all contribute to a
managed and traditional IT delivery models HPEHelion Detailed Design Service to turn successful cloud-ready organization.
(hybrid delivery) the logical design into a detailed physical
design covering specifications across the 2. Cloud design for finance, security, and
To do this, the HPE cloud provides a concerted eight domains of cloud design described Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC):
method across all design domains that need to below, and including all interactions. With enabling and controlling your cloud
change and be aligned with each other. this detail, clients can start their cloud With the cloud, financial accountability and
implementation confident that their solution risk shifts to the provider. This requires
meets business needs and will be built and financial models (service-based pricing
A design service that operated efficiently. and costing), processes and systems to be
fits your situation
However, as your enterprise evolves to a
Where to start A concerted approach across hybrid delivery model that includes externally
Clients come to HPE at different stages in eight cloud design domains delivered services such as a public cloud,
their cloud journey, so we offer a broad range it becomes more important to revalidate
of design services to meet your specific To supply cloud services successfully, you or rethink security and GRC processes and
requirements. All services are grounded in the need to consider these eight design domains: policies. This achieves successful adoption,
modular design framework outlined above, while achieving business outcomes dictated
1. Cloud organization design: empowering
by shifts in the economy. Other aspects
your people for the cloud
include goal-setting, decision rights, and
People are critical to the success of the
design and performance measurement that
end to-end processes required for cloud
drive accountability.
service operation. The HPE Helion Design
Solution brief

3. Cloud service portfolio design: Automation software and libraries for 8

providing the right services in your cloud service lifecycle automation
Successful execution of your cloud strategy
Service designers and design templates
starts by defining a services portfolio aligned
with your business needs. A successfully Virtualization software
designed service catalog provides a balance
Middleware, network/server/storage/facility
of internally or externally delivered services Traditional Private Cloud Public Cloud Managed Cloud
at multiple levels (business process as a Hybrid cloud design makes sure users have
service [BPaaS], software as a service [SaaS], Usage data aggregation service choice while having consistency and
platform as a service [PaaS], or infrastructure confidence in service quality, transparency,
Closed-loop resource management, such as
as a service [IaaS]), and is relevant for and user experience. Business processes
availability and performance management
multiple groups of users. can then function predictably even when
6. Cloud user demand management design: services or functions are leveraged across
4. Cloud service operations design: multiple delivery models. Hybrid cloud design
delivering the right user experience
manage services reliably and predictably helps organizations design three capabilities
This domain focuses on creating the
Delivering cloud services according to their that span individual cloud designs, whether
outstanding experience for consumers and
SLAs requires significant changes to the delivered in-house, externally, or both:
users with the cloud service itself and the service
functions typically included within the ITIL v3
provider. Part of this experience is to design Cloud service brokering
definition of service operations. This includes
access and support anywhere and anytime,
event management, incident and problem Hybrid cloud (workload) optimization
using either a self-service portal or an API. It also
management, and change and configuration
includes the design of initial capacity required Hybrid cloud service integration
management. The cloud model requires
for the defined portfolio, as well as methods to
end-to-end system integration with high
understand and predict user demand. HPE Helion One Service Proof of Concept
levels of automation for all processes and
tools across cloud services and functions When you require a proof of concept,
7. Cloud service design: designing each this service allows you to validate a cloud
to deliver an outstanding total customer
cloud service you offer strategyconsistently. It covers the integrated
experience. Capacity planning and business
At the heart of each cloud are the services design across all eight domains at a basic
continuity management require different
being offered and consumed. This domain level and reduced scope in terms of the cloud
approaches in cloud environments.
covers the detailed, service provider service portfolio.
architecture of each cloud service and
5. Cloud service platform design:
documents how each cloud service instance
effectively hosting cloud services
A risk in cloud design is locking in resources
will integrate with the cloud design domains About HPE Helion
described above. Included is the service
and assets for a particular cloud service using
architecture, user-facing design tradeoffs and
Professional Services
proprietary technology or appliances. To
(re)design of all service lifecycle processes Featuring seven modular, integrated, and
avoid this risk, more flexible and cost-effective
and operations required to make automated highly flexible sets of services, HPEHelion
cloud designs use a common cloud service
service delivery, assurance, and usage Professional Services can help you understand
platform, which is a shared and virtualized
monitoring and management possible. all aspects of the cloud and define your
service hosting environment, or is a
container for multiple cloud services whereby desired future state, then plan, design, build
8. Hybrid cloud design: ensuring seamless and ensure operational efficiency of your
resources can be pooled and optimized based
integration across cloud models hybrid cloud solutionall under the guidance
on actual demand. A well-designed cloud
Many organizations realize hybrid delivery is of a knowledgeable and experienced HPE
platform integrates multiple capabilities:
their future IT operating model. The Hybrid team. HPE Helion Design Services is one of
Cloud security and protection design Cloud Design Service helps organizations the seven components within HPE Helion
design for this model. Professional Services.
Cloud controllers with service orchestration
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