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(20 Marks)

Choose the best answer to complete the sentence.

Pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat berikut.

1. Last month, Safwan ____________ to Singapore with his mother.

A go
B goes
C went
D gone

2. Aiman is not as ____________ as his brother.

A strong
B stronger
C strongest
D stronger than

3. There are __________ people waiting in the clinic.

A any
B little
C much
D many

4. Your parents bought you a bicycle, ______________

A did they?
B had they?
C didnt they?
D hadnt they?


5. Who is knocking ___________ the door?

A in
B on
C under
D through

Choose the most suitable idioms.

Pilih maksud peribahasa yang paling sesuai.

6. The idiom close shave means ______________.

A a narrow escape.
B a dangerous situation.
C a pleasant experience.
D an unforgettable memory.

There is legend of Bujang Senang in Sarawak. He was a strong and _______7______

Iban warrior named Simalungun. His enemies were jealous of his strength. They
kidnapped his wife hoping that he would tell ________8_______ the secret of his
strength. He fought in a battle near the Senang River to free his wife.
Unfortunately, he lost the _________9_________. His wife was killed.

7. A weak
B brave
C scared
D coward

8. A her
B him
C they
D them


9. A war
B battle
C fight
D quarrel

Choose the word that has the opposite meaning as the underlined word.
Pilih perkataan yang berlawanan maksud dengan perkataan yang bergaris.

10. Alya spoke rudely to her brother, so her mother scolded her and told her to
speak ______________ .
A gently
B roughly
C politely
D gracefully

Choose the sentence with correct punctuation.

Pilih ayat yang mempunyai tanda baca yang betul.
11. A Watch me! Im going to get the fruit, said the monkey.
B watch me. Im going to get the fruit. said the monkey.
C Watch me Im going to get the fruit. said the monkey.
D Watch me! Im going to get the fruit, said the monkey.

Look at the picture and choose the best answer.

Lihat gambar dan pilih jawapan yang terbaik.


This is my neighbourhood park. A group of boys is playing basketball. Two young

boys are watching them _______12______. At the other end of the park, a group of
boys is playing _______13_______. Two girls are playing _______14________ the swings.
Their mothers are sitting on one of the _______15____ nearby and keeping an eye
on their children.

12. A playing
B singing
C dancing
D running

13. A. golf
B tennis
B hockey
D football

14. A in
B on
C by
D at


15. A sofas
B stools
C chairs
D benches

Questions 16 to 20
Read the email below carefully and answer the questions that follow.
Baca email di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan yang berikut.

Subject: Points for better communication

Hi Amy,
It is a good thing you emailed me. I just read an article about better
communication few days ago. I have some points, which you can use for your essay.
First, you must stop to think before you speak. Think of what you want to say
before you say it. Once you say something, you cannot take it back. The article also said
that eye contact is important. You must look a person in the eye when you talk. This
shows that you are an honest individual. You will also get the persons attention when you
look them in the eye.
Another point you can include in your essay is to state your opinions in simple
short sentences. This helps the listener understand your message easily. If you use
difficult words or long sentences, the listener may get confused or lose interest.

16. Why do you think Suzane sent an email to Amy?

A To give Amys point about an essay.
B To get Amys advice about an essay.
C To inform Amy about an essay-writing competition.
D To suggest to Amy how to be a better communicator.


17. The word points can also be replaces with

A advice
B ideas
C items
D plans

18. When you look at someone in the eye when you talk, they will
A understand your message.
B know you are honest.
C also listen to you.
D not get confused.

19. Simple and short sentences can

A be very confusing.
B be easily understood.
C help from good opinions.
D create interest in topic.

20. Which of the following statements is true

A You should do the talking rather than listening.
B State your opinion in long sentences.
C Talk as well as listen to the other person.
D Avoid eye contact during a conversation.

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