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21st-century revival

Rubik's Cubes continued to be marketed and sold throughout the 1980s and 90s,[18] but it was not
until the early 2000s that interest in the Cube began increasing again.[31] In the US sales doubled
between 2001 and 2003, and The Boston Globe remarked that it was "becoming cool to own a Cube
again".[32] The 2003 World Rubik's Games Championship was the first speedcubing tournament since
1982.[31] It was held in Toronto and was attended by 83 participants.[31] The tournament led to the
formation of the World Cube Association in 2004.[31] Annual sales of Rubik branded cubes were said
to have reached 15 million worldwide in 2008.[33] Part of the new appeal was ascribed to the advent
of Internet video sites, such as YouTube, which allowed fans to share their solving
strategies.[33] Following the expiration of Rubik's patent in 2000, other brands of cubes appeared,
especially from Chinese companies.[34] Many of these Chinese branded cubes have been engineered
for speed and are favoured by speedcubers.[34]