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Love is called Milan to the material and spiritual beauty.

The love of material things is physical or

bad, while the love of mental things is spiritual and vague. In this sense, love for explicit beauty
causes births because these beauties are not eternal. The love of spiritual things is eternal and it
does not matter.


"If love in a heart is realistic, it is virtual, and if there is unrealistic love is virtual." This is a secret
key that has many difficulties.



Hopefully, there will be many kinds of love in love. 'Hope and love are both of the death of
death. Hope and love discovery are on the souls and they live with them during all the stages of


Physics detect the effects of illness from illnesses when the illness lays and feeds these effects.
Likewise, love-loving 'love' as a lover of affection is considered to be the people of the world.
And this is "Knowledgeable!"