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Name: Kazuki Tamura

Class: L1/2-26
Smart Goal Map ALESA Writing Goals
Try and fill out for at least two goals
What do you want to accomplish?
Make it
S Goal 1: Acquire the form/style of academic
Goal 2: Learn how to make my points clear.
How will you know when you have
accomplished your goal?

Goal 1: When someone familiar with

Make it
M academic writings reads my one and talks
about it without saying it is weird.
Goal 2: When someone who read or listen
to my argument response based on my
How can the goal be accomplished?

Make it Goal 1: Learn the form/style, read actual

Attainable articles, write ones, make them corrected.
Goal 2: Be conscious with the structure of
my arguments.
Is the goal worth working hard to
accomplish? Explain

Goal 1: Yes, it is. The form/style is essential

Make it
R to express my thoughts officially. Also, they
themselves have deep meaning, such as the
way of constructing logic.
Goal 2: It is important to put in order and
communicate my thoughts.
By when will the goal be accomplished?
Make it
Timely Goal 1: As soon as possible.
Goal 2: Maybe the change is gradually.