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2 Main Poster Environment

N 2017-07-03 \begin{tcbposter}[hoptionsi]
henvironment contenti
This creates a tikzpicture environment with suitable additional settings defined by the
given hoptionsi. Basically, \posterbox P. 401 and posterboxenv P. 401 are used to place
tcolorboxes as nodes into the environment, but additional TikZ code can also be used.
As hoptionsi all /tcb/posterset/ keys may be applied, namely:
/tcb/posterset/poster P. 398 : poster settings like columns, rows, sizes. . .
/tcb/posterset/coverage P. 399 and /tcb/posterset/no coverage P. 399 : settings
for a surrounding tcolorbox for background and margins.
/tcb/posterset/boxes P. 400 : style of the tcolorboxes used for the poster.
/tcb/posterset/fontsize P. 400 : scaling of used fonts.

poster = {showframe,height=10cm,spacing=2mm},
boxes = {beamer,colframe=blue!50!black,colback=blue!50,colupper=yellow!50},
\posterbox{name=A,column=3,row=2}{My first box}
\posterbox[adjusted title=Second box]
{name=B,column=2,span=2,below=A}{My second box}
\posterbox[adjusted title=Third box]
{name=C,column=2,between=B and bottom}{My third box}
col1 col2 col3

My first box

row3 Second box

My second box

Third box

row4 My third box