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AP Psych 2nd Six Weeks 2017-2018 > Blended Learning Course (5 required moodle quizzes) Module 12 will be the

first quiz for the 6 weeks
NOTE: It is imperative to stay current with the reading schedule AND to support your reading with authentic, hand-written reading notes.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Oct 2nd Oct 3rd Oct 4th Oct 5th Oct 6th
Module 13 and 14 Module 15 Early Release Day
Behavior Genetics Understanding Human Nature
Module 14 quiz Module 15 quiz

Oct 9th Oct 10th Oct 11th Oct 12th Oct 13th
No school Test Review Test Unit III (cumulative) FRQ Biology
Optional Test Review Brain Drawing Due Reading Guide due
Vocab Unit III due Vocabulary and Reading Guide
Assign Unit IX

Oct 16th Oct 17th Oct 18th Oct 19th Oct 20th
Unit IV Module 46 and 47 Module 48,49 and 50
Module 45 Physical Development Social Development, Gender
Developmental Issues, Prenatal Module 46 quiz Cognitive Development Development, Parents, Peers
Development, and the Newborn Development Project assigned and Early Experiences

Module 45 quiz Module 47 quiz Module 48 quiz

Oct 23rd Oct 24th Oct 25th Oct 26th Oct 27th
Module 51 Module 52 and 53 Module 54
Physical and Cognitive Social Development and Physical, Cognitive and Social
Development Module 51 quiz Emerging Adulthood Development Project Due Development
Sexual Development Module 53 quiz Unit IX Vocab Due
Module 52 quiz Module 54 quiz
Module 49 quiz
Module 50 quiz

Oct 30th Oct 31st Nov 1st Nov 2nd Nov 3rd
Test Review Unit V Module 56
Test Unit IV Module 55 Module 55 quiz Psychodynamic Theories and
Reading Guide Due Exploring the Unconsciousness Modern Views of the
Unit X Reading Guide and Unconsciousness
Vocabulary assigned Character Analysis Project
Module 56 quiz
Last Day of Six Weeks

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the 2nd Six Weeks! YOU CAN DO THIS! I believe in you!! 