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In preaching a Bible story, the storyteller- The Preaching Plan is often called the
preacher tells the Bible story that is the text to sermon outline. The Preaching Plan will
his sermon; afterwards, he develops selected include:
life-lessons discovered in the story as the 1st THE BIBLE STORY
divisions of his sermon. The preaching 2nd DIVISIONS
application is delayed until after the telling of 3rd CONCLUSION
the story.


The sermon begins with the telling of the sure to include the facts that identify the
story. Begin with the initial-situation and then initial-problem. Continue narrating the
narrate the sequence of events: sequence of events in chronological order
# Describe the initial-situation (context). until the final-situation of the story has
Explain background information that help been told.
the listeners understand the historical
circumstances surrounding the story. Attention: While telling the story, do not
# Narrate the sequence of events of the explain the story and do not mention life-lessons.
Bible story in their chronological order. Be

Use the Preaching Cycle With Each Life-lesson Selected for the Sermon

The storyteller-preacher needs to select # Clarify details and present facts about the
appropriate life-lessons for his listeners. He Bible story that make the life-lesson more
should consider all the life-lessons discovered in understandable.
the story and select the ones that most meet the # Explain the historical and cultural context of
needs of his listeners. I recommend that the the Bible story.
storytelling-preacher choose only two or three # Define or clarify words that might be better
life-lessons to develop. understood.
After selecting the life-lessons he wishes to # Use other Bible texts that help explain and
communicate, he will use the Preaching Cycle reinforce the life-lesson.
with each one. Events from the story, that is the text to the
The Preaching Cycle requires three sermon, help explain the life-lesson.
activities for each life-lesson selected to The Bible interprets itself. Therefore, the
become a sermon division: preacher can use other teaching texts to explain
# Explain the life-lesson; the life-lesson being emphasized. For example:
# Illustrate the life-lesson; Psalms, Proverbs, Jesus teachings, Paul's
# Apply the life-lesson to the lives of letters, the General Epistles and Hebrews can
the listeners. be used to explain a life-lesson.

1. Explain the life-lesson 2. Illustrate the life-lesson

Some of the things the storyteller preacher Each sermon division may be illustrated
does while explaining the life-lesson are: with events from other Bible stories or from

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stories outside the Bible. 3. Apply the life-lesson to the listeners'
Types of Illustrations:
# Examples An application establishes what God
# Stories outside the Bible desires the listeners to know, to be, or to do as
# Jokes a result of understanding the life-lesson
# Comparisons discovered in the Bible story.
# Other Bible stories All life-lessons presented in a sermon
# Personal experiences should have change as a common goal. The
# Sport events preacher wants his listeners to change in one or
# Historical events more of the following ways:
# Contemporary events # Believe a truth they haven't believed.
# Trust a promise they haven't trusted.
Attention: # Understand something they haven't
# A good sermon illustration is usually short understood.
and simple. # Obey a command or law they haven't been
# Use illustrations that link to things the obeying.
listeners know and have experienced. # Become something they haven't been.
Dont use illustrations from the farm life # Do something they haven't been doing.
with people who only know the city life.
Application explains how the listeners
A storyteller is successful when should change by putting the life-lessons
entertaining, but a storytelling-preacher is presented into action.
effective only when stories help communicate
biblical truths.

Example of the Preaching Cycle

Story: The Temptation of Jesus gymnasium and their opponents are the Chicago Bulls.
Text: Luke 4:1-13
Life-lesson converted into a sermon division: Satan Satan is going to schedule temptations for each
is the one who schedules the temptation. one of you. You need to be prepared at all times
because you never know when the temptation will come
Explanation: nor what the temptation will be. You can know only that
Satan is the one who schedules the temptations Satan is scheduling temptations for you, and you always
that each person must face. He schedules the time, need to be prepared.
place and kind of temptation without informing the
person to be tempted. The Preaching Cycle touches the
After Jesus had fasted forty days, Satan came to
tempt Him. listener's:
# Brain (explanation)
Illustration: # Heart (stories that illustrate)
The Dallas Cowboys have a schedule of when and # Personal life (application)
who they will play, and are able to prepare in advance for
each game. Yet, if Satan were scheduling the games,
the Cowboys could be preparing to play the Denver The preacher who touches all three in a
Broncos on Sunday, but on Wednesday receive a call rhythm that explains, illustrates and applies
saying, "Time to suit up. The game begins in thirty will keep his listeners tuned in to his sermon.
minutes." To the Cowboys surprise, when they suit up
and run out to play, the playing field is a basketball

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The conclusion should summarize: The conclusion should be short and

# Principal facts of the Bible story powerful, similar to New Orleans "espresso
# Life-lessons (divisions of the sermon) coffee." The conclusion should be:
treated # Strong (powerful),
# Hot (animated),
All sermons should have a common goal: # Sweet (leave a good taste),
to get the listeners to change. The conclusion # Little (short).
should invite the listeners to change by putting
the life-lessons presented into action.

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