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Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the King
James Version of the Bible.
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Homes are crumbling ... all around us.

Marriages of 30 years are crashing with adamant
faces proclaiming, "I never really loved him." Others
insist that they were deceived.
Few place any value on Wisdom.
Reports reveal that approximately fifty percent of
marriages in America end in divorce. Many believe
that marriages often come apart because maybe they
were not Scripturally founded nor in the will of God in
the beginning.
The most astonishing and shocking fact is that
almost none are investing any time, energy and
finances in a passionate pursuit of wise and Scriptural
counsel. While days are invested in internet research to
buy a used car, few are willing to research their Life-
World in pursuit of hidden pieces of their puzzle.
Your greatest investment .. .is in your own Mind.
Your second greatest investment .. .is your family Rela-
Marriage failure tortures you many years after
divorce papers are signed. Partner Number Two .. .is
forced to pay dearly for the pain of your past.
You can change your Home-World. Swiftly.
If you really care.
That's why I wrote this book.




Home Should Be Your Nest Without Thorns.

Your family life, your Home-Life is your most
important asset and investment. I am not talking
about a house of brick and mortar. I am not talking
about land and real estate. I am talking about the
environment where you receive motivation. You must
invest whatever it takes to make your environment a
nest without thorns.
Uncommon Mothers Invest Much In Their
Home Environment. My mother did. She spent more
money on books and 78 rpm record albums. I
remember the day she bought the World Book Encyclo-
pedia set ... a rich beautiful red! Nobody else cared. My
father doubted its value greatly. But knowledge
mattered to my mother. I remember her long talks with
the salesman. She had little cash, but she was
permitted small monthly payments. I remember
reading those encyclopedias hour after hour ... lying
across the bed. I read every single page of every

volume. Mother, thank you from the depths of my heart challenge gay marriage ... of two men raising children,
for having me ... teaching me ... and making my two women raising children. But, I assure you that God
childhood home an environment of continuous learning. will react to it. God will respond. If I never saw God
I will celebrate the day I greet you in Heaven. react to rebellion I would never know that He would
My mother felt our family was worth any react to obedience. If I never saw God penalize
investment. Daddy bought land. Mother bought rebellion, disobedience, I would never know that He
knowledge. would reward obedience.
Your Home- World really matters. Submission Your Home Is So Important To God That He
Your deposits into it will decide Has A Established The Scriptural Protocol For That
your withdrawals from it. It is where Different Environment. "Wives, submit yourselves unto your
you will draw your · strength, your Reward own husbands, as unto the Lord," (Ephesians 5:22; read
motivation. You must see your Home- Than also Ephesians 5:22-33; 6:1-4). Most men especially
World as an investment. It is your ir- Agreement. love Ephesians 5:22 on wives submitting to their
) . -.-J~~
rep 1acea ble asse t . husbands! But, my mother responded to this verse dis-
Satan never showed up in the garden until Eve missively, saying, "Just keep reading. There is more
did. When Adam was there alone, there was no than one verse."
discernable demonic presence, no satanic voice, no Submission Cannot Begin Until Agreement Ends.
temptation. The serpent never revealed himself... until If the wife says, "I want to go to that Mexican
the Possibility of Agreement was birthed. He despised restaurant," and the husband agrees, "I want to go
the Power of Two. there, too" ... this is not true submission, but Agreement.
Two In Agreement Are Unbeatable. Submission has a different reward than
Jesus verified this in Matthew 18:18-19. There is Agreement.
an imbalance when a father raises children without a Territorial Order is a Divine instruction. "For the
mother's voice and presence. It is not healthy for a husband is the head of the wife, ... Therefore as the
single mother to raise her children without the voice of church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their
authority, strength and stability of a dad in that home. own husbands in every thing," (Ephesians 5:23-24). It
We often trivialize the Power of Two. God intended for is difficult for any woman to follow a stupid man! God
two parents, male and female, to raise children. A compares the wife's submission as Christ with the
father and a mother. They have two very different and church.
necessary contributions. Neither is replaceable.
God Is Very Serious About Marriage Between Two Wisdom Keys To Remember
Man And Woman. There is a great battle against the
1. God Will Never Authorize A Man To Marry A
marriage. Almost no one in Christianity wants to
Woman Who Is Unwilling To Follow.

2. God Will Never Authorize A Woman To Marry

A Man Who Is Unwilling To Lead.
Your Home Must Follow Divine Design.
"Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let
the wives be to their own husbands in every thing. NEVER FORGET THAT YOUR
Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved
the church, and gave Himself for it; ... So ought men to HOME lIAs AN INVISIBLE
love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his
wife loveth himself," (Ephesians 5:24-28). ENEMY
Your Marriage Will Require A Dramatic
Change In Focus, Allegiance And Loyalty. "For
this cause shall a man leave his father and mother,"
(Ephesians 5:31). God said to leave your father and Anything Good Is Hated By Everything Evil.
mother. Change. You have a new life, a new focus, a When your Home begins to come apart, the first
thing you need to do is recognize your enemy.
new Garden to till, a new Place to sow your energy and
Identify the Third Voices. They divide the closest
friends on earth ... through whispers, suggestions and
"And shall be joined unto his wife, and they two words of distrust. "A froward man soweth strife: and a
shall be one flesh .. .let everyone of you in particular so whisperer separateth chief friends," (Proverbs 16:28).
love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she Suppose the wife is shopping with her friend. The
reverence her husband," (Ephesians 5:31-33). friend says, "I don't know how you put up with your
Treasure Your Home-Life As Your Most husband watching TV every night. I wouldn't let my
Magnificent Asset And Investment. husband do that." When the wife returns to her Home,
turbulence and anger is volcanic within her ... because of
that Third Voice.
The husband hears a suggestion from his job that
his wife has been unfaithful. Men laugh at him. He
spirals into a depression and enters his Home sullen
and withdrawn. The Third Voice is deadly.
Every Tragedy Begins With A Conversation.
The young husband goes to work. He kisses his
RECOMMENDED INVESTMENTS: wife goodbye. When he comes back that night, she can
The Uncommon Wife (BookIB-210/174 pages/$10) sense he is distant. His mind is detached ... withdrawn.
The Uncommon Husband (BookIB-211/176 pages/$10) His answers are mumbled. His disinterest is stunning.
Order Today... ! Why? He has heard a Third Voice that day.

Recognize Your Enemy. Open your eyes. Don't Your Children Have An Enemy You May Not
stay blind. See. Have your children hurled words of disrespect
Satan uses people to speak the third opinion. into your face? They have been listening to a Third
You are not the only voice your children are Voice. Seeds for rape and violence are planted in daily
listening to. Television is very powerful. One night television programs. The violence is horrific as women
Johnny Carson, a late night talk show host of many are slapped and beaten in almost every movie. Many
years ago, made a statement on his talk show. young men accept hurting a woman as natural. .. they
Somebody said a word and he said, "Go look that up in have grown up watching it on television.
your Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary." I read that within You Will Always Do What You See. Scientists
24 hours every single dictionary in every bookstore in did a test through a major university. They researched
America had sold out. One single statement ... can sell two groups of children, group A and group B. Each
a million products in 24 hours. group of children were shown videos of adult
Third Voices are everywhere. behavior ... with dolls. Group A of children was shown
Words Schedule Seasons. Every movie Video One ... of adults talking tenderly to dolls. In Video
producer knows that. Companies will pay a million One, adults handled the dolls gently, stroked them with
dollars to have their drink or logo on a cup in the movie affection and talked to them kindly. Group B of the
because millions will see that cup and purchase their children were shown Video Two ... where adults demon-
product. strated a different behavior. These adults ... acted
Your Home Has An Enemy. The goal of your cruelly toward the dolls, throwing them on the floor and
Enemy is to destroy the joy, the peace. It is everything kicking them.
anti-God. There is a demon power working on the earth Both groups of children were then sent into the
today. Any voice that births fear, doubt and distrust in rooms where the dolls awaited them. Children in
The Word of God .. .is demonic. "My sheep hear My Group A immediately went to the dolls, handling them
Voice, and I know them, and they follow Me," (John gently, they talked to them with affection and kindness.
10:27). Just as they had seen the adults do in the video.
You Must Discern Your True Enemy. It is not The children in Group B entered the room,
necessarily dangerous to have an grabbed the dolls, and began to hit them and kick them.
Enemy; it is dangerous not to discern It Is Not
Just as they had seen the adults do in the video.
your Enemy. What You See Is What You Do. "I will set no wicked
"For we wrestle not against Dangerous To
thing before mine eyes," (Psalm 101:3). "Mine eye
flesh and blood, but against princi- Have An
affecteth mine heart because of all the daughters of my
palities, against powers, against the Enemy; It Is
city," (Lamentations 3:51). That is why companies
rulers of the darkness of this world, Dangerous Not
invest $50 million .. .in television advertisements.
against spiritual wickedness in high To Discern Your What You See ... You Will Do.
places," (Ephesians 6: 12). Enemy.
You Are Carrying Invisible Seeds From Your

Past Experiences. Those Seeds are inside of you ...

growing and responding. If you heard your father talk
to your mother like she was a devil, that Seed is in you.
That seems permissible conduct. Research reveals that
where there has been abuse in a marriage, the husband
observed his father abusing his mother. REMEMBER THAT You ARE
A million emotional Seeds are within you. You are
growing those Seeds ... through confirming experiences, THE GARDENER IN YOUR
and continual replaying the video of Memory. You must
discern the Seeds necessary to remove ... before you can GARDEN OF LOVE
How would an Enemy destroy you? Think on this.
A Satanic Attack Against Your Marriage And
Your Home Can Become A Love Center.
Your Home Is Inevitable. It is usually sudden,
The greatest joy on earth is finding someone to love.
unexpected and indescribably suffocating. It is too em-
The second greatest joy is finding someone who loves
barrassing to discuss. You may feel humiliated when
you. To be loved by somebody is miraculous. To feel
the best ofyou .. .is not enough ... to satisfy your mate.
Have you lost confidence in your decision-making? their love is even more miraculous. Home Is The
Love Is A Seed. It can grow.
Is your pain disguised and undiscussed? Garden ...
Neglect will kill it. Every flower
Are you enduring your marriage ... simply hoping requires water, oxygen, caring. Your Where You
that the Seed of Endurance produces a change in the Home requires the same care. Grow The
other person? Home is your emotional Garden Fruit And The
Every Gardener has an unending battle with of Love. You are the Gardener. It is Fragrance Of
weeds, winds and insects. Marriage presents the same where you sow. It is where you pull Your Life.
challenge. weeds, sow flowers, pour water.
Resist the Enemy. "Resist the devil, and he will flee You control what enters ... your Garden.
from you," (James 4:7). You control what does not enter.
Fight back through Words and Worship. "For the You control Who enters ... through doors or Tv. You
weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty decide what the children see on TV and what they do
through God to the pulling down of strong holds," not see on TV.
(2 Corinthians 10:4). Pictures are Seeds.
Never Forget That Your Home Has An Invisible Every person imprints your Home ... and
Enemy. environment. You must filter ... anything that enters
RECOMMENDED INvESTMENTS: your Garden environment.
Seeds of Wisdom on Warfare (BookIB-19/32 pages/$3) Home is where you grow what you want to
Seeds of Wisdom on Adversity (BookIB-21/32 pages/$3) experience. It is your Garden ... where you plant the

Seeds of Time, Energy, Listening. Seed of Deception always produces disappointment in

Your Seed Of Listening Will Grow Knowledge the hearts of those deceived. Once the Seed of
Of Your Garden. A minister friend shared his broken unhappiness grows ... every disappointment IS
heart. magnified.
"My son hates me. I bought him a Corvette. I even Your Garden Will Require The Investment Of
sent him on vacations around the world. Yet, he is so Time. Everyone who has a Garden knows it takes a
disrespectful and despises what I believe." lot of energy, a lot of time to take care of flowers. Just
I suggested a change. "He is not reacting well to removing weeds is a major task. But, the finished
your Money-Seed. Try Time-Seed. product is worth every effort.
Invest two hours a day in private con- Wisdom Your Garden is worth every effort.
versation with him. Do it for 14 Can Be Home decides The Fragrance you carry into the
consecutive days. Avoid any sound of Bought. world. Home is the Factory for your Energy. It is a Life-
disapproval, disagreement or discipline. J
Investment. Gardening is a learned skill ... that
Ask meaningful questions. produces life-time fruit.
Demonstrate true interest in his focus and concerns. Your Garden May Require The Expertise Of
Listen carefully. Give him what no one else has given The Experienced. "Where no counsel is, the people
him ... and he will keep returning to the relationship. fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety,"
He may discern your difference. Just see what will (Proverbs 11:14). One of the greatest mistakes you will
happen." When You Want Something You Have Never
ever make in your life is waiting too long to go for
Had, You Must Do Something You Have Never Done.
My friend stared back at me. "Do you think it will
Explore different counsel. Pieces of your puzzle
I shrugged. "Money hasn't worked. Nothing else may come from a variety of places.
has worked. You have nothing to lose." Wisdom can be bought. So, buy it! "Buy the
His report back to me was exhilarating. On day truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and
five of the 14 days, they had become best friends, even understanding," (Proverbs 23:23). One book can stop
going fishing together. 20 years of pain.
Time-Seed Produces What Money-Seed Cannot. A man once complained to me, "I want to go to a
counselor but it will cost me $90 an hour. I cannot
Anything Dying Needs Immediate Attention afford that."
I said, "Your divorce will cost The Genius Of
Why Do Love Relationships Die? Does true you much more than $90." Youth Is Often
love really die? Does love require attention, Do You Feel Your Garden Of Unrewarded
nourishment, protection? I think so. The strongest Love Is Worthy Of Significant Because Of
body builder on earth will die within days ... without Investment? Personalities decide Their
proper nourishment. the stress in relationships. Painful Disrespect.
Deception Is The Seed For Disappointment. The experiences can damage our skills of .., u

dialogue, listening and other relationship skills.

Relationship skills require continuous learning.
What you fail to learn in childhood, you will be forced
to learn in adulthood ... or experience continuous
Your Home Is Your School Of Life. It is where
you learn Communication, Negotiation and Adaptation. RECOVERY CENTER
It is where you learn all your skills so necessary for
Business and Personal achievement .. .in an Environ-
ment of Tolerance.
Your Home Is Where You Can Learn The Your Home Is Where You Are Restored.
Rituals Of Honor. Children must never be permitted Life is a battle. My own life often feels like a
to grunt dismissively in a response to an adult continuous warfare ... to achieve tasks, keep my passion
instruction. I personally place great value on the alive and maintain a correct focus on God instead of
respectful tone, ''Yes sir."
contentious people.
Recently, I questioned if my lunch had arrived.
Every ship deserves a Harbor.
The youthful response, was a casual and flippant,
Picture yourself like a Ship.
''Yeah ... '' I have thought about that response at least
50 times in the last 30 days. The Genius Of Youth Is The Ocean is the World of Experiences.
Often Unrewarded Because Of Their Disrespect. Sometimes, the breezes and sounds of seagulls
Every Sin Is A Sin Of Dishonor. The first four comfort and soothe you. On other days, the storms are
of the Ten Commandments focus on terrifying. Sometimes a tsunami shocks you with
honoring God. The last six focus on Every Sin devastating loss.
honoring people. What your mom and Is A Sin Of That is why God designed The Home.
dad did not teach you may have to be Dishonor. Your Home is your Harbor. Your Recovery Center.
taught later on inside your marriage. ... J~ Your Comfort Zone. Every human needs Comfort
Love Helps Qualify You To Teach Others Zones .. .in times of a broken heart, emotional confusion.
Effectively. Love-Talk should exceed Corrective- That is why The Holy Spirit created the Blood System
Talk ... 10 to 1. The energy of discipline should never of Eternal Bonding ... The Family.
exceed the energy and expression of love. Any father Your Home is where your Voice matters most.
who is swift to strike, and slow to lavish affection, is Your Home is where your Opinion is sought.
one of the most painful experiences his child will have. Your Home is where your Pleasure occurs.
That Memory will never leave. Your Home is where your Difference is celebrated.
Remember That You Are The Gardener In Your In a world of Difference, the commonality of Love
Garden Of Love.
heals you ... warms you ...protects you. Your weakness

births smiles of affection instead of hatred. Your pain When you love ... you hear.
creates reaching instead of withdrawal. Your silence is When you love ... you reach.
understood and moments of solitude are granted. Have you heard my Wisdom CD, The 12 Proofs Of
God has given your family a supernatural ability Love? It is life-changing. It reveals the irreplaceable
to endure the burden of your Difference. energy and world that Love creates for you. (You can
Your Home Is Your Hospital. Sometimes, you order it through The Wisdom Room Bookstore on our
are the patient. Sometimes you are the doctor or n urse. website ...
Sometimes, you need attention and nurturing. And What are the Proofs of Love?
other times, disappointment on the countenance of The Proof Of Love Is The Passion To Pleasure.
those you love unlock a need to give, listen, love, hold. The Proof Of Love Is The Willingness To Listen.
You Can Be The Voice Of God In Your Home. The Proof Of Love Is The Swiftness To Protect.
Yes, you have the opportunity to sow whispers of caring, The Proof Of Love Is The Willingness To Adapt.
affection and approval into ears who have heard When you love someone, their wistful countenance
sarcasm and criticism all day from others. of desire and longing is like an invisible command
Your voice can heal. within you ... to move, get involved and make it happen.
Your words can strengthen. "Pleasant words are You become willing to do things that you do not feel like
as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the doing at all. God honors your willingness to love with
bones," (Proverbs 16:24). the Gift of indescribable significance and feelings of
Your Home Is Your Recovery Center. great worth.
Your Home is where you are restored. Nothing On Earth Has The Same Value. Your
Your Home is where the oil is poured. heart is more valuable than your hair. Your children
Your Home is where the wounds are healed. are more valuable than your dog. Remember what
When your Home becomes a place of pain, you Wisdom is. Wisdom Is The Ability To Discern Difference.
must make it the Priority Focus of your entire life. It is It is the ability to discern difference in an environment,
the foundation of your emotional world. difference in people and what is needed. Wisdom is
True Love Creates Discerning ... Of Needs knowing what matters most .. .in a moment. What
And Desires. You have heard a mother say, "I heard matters most to a person.
my baby cry." Nobody else heard the baby cry. But, she Your Home Is Your Place Of Wisdom Is
Healing. No matt er wh at you hear at Knowing What
did. Love makes you protective.
When you love .. .youprotect. the workplace, H ome heals. Home is Matters Most ...
InA Mom ent.
When you love ... you feel . the Emergency Room ... where ~'"---~
When you love ... you know. unspeakable wou nds receive
When you love ... you see. immediate attention fr om those who really care the

You Are The Creator And Founder Of Your
Home Environment. Your Influence Is Your Seed.
You can develop a militant and unstoppable wave of
change that nobody in your world can stop. It is your LEARN How To BECOME A
responsibility, to see that your Divine Function is
Make Your Home A Recovery Center.

You Are Accountable For Your Home- World.

You alone. It is not the responsibility of God. It is
your Garden, your School, your Ministry. Third voices
will enter your environment like the snake entered the
Garden of Eden. You must become militant at
protecting it.
The world is weeping for caring Leadership. True
believers have the Power of God and are persuaded that
His Presence brings change.
Millions of youth have no spiritual leader. A few
nights ago in Costa Rica when I asked about 4,000
young people how many did not have Christian mothers
and fathers, almost 80 percent stood up. Not a single
Christian in their home ... to bring comfort, correction
and godly caring.
A Leader is a Decision-Maker. The chief function
of a Leader is to control the focus of others ... toward the
priority of the Moment.
RECOMMENDED INVESTMENTS: A Leader discerns the role of others, Scripturally
The Uncommon Wife (BookIB-210/174 pages/$10)
and temperamentally. He or she monitors, mentors and
The Uncommon Husband CBookIB-2111176 pages/$10)
The 12 Proofs of Love (CDIWCPL-101$10) motivates. Few can really motivate themselves toward
7 Ways Every Man Can Show Honor To His Family (CDI their own dreams. They wait for others to encourage
WCPL-1761$10 ) them. Not the Leader. The Leader has more passion
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than he can contain within himself. .. so he motivates Why do we pay taxes? Because there is a Navy, an
others who are unstirred, unenergized and unfocused. Army, Marines, Air Force. We have rights , benefits ,
God Honors Those Willing To Accept The Re- privileges.
sponsibility Of Leadership. This was revealed in Submission Is A Seed With A Scriptural
His relationship with the patriarch in Scripture, Reward. I will not submit where there is no Harvest ,
Abraham. where there are no results.
Remember the angelic conversation before the Submission Is An Investment.
destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? God thought Submission Is Proof Of Honor.
aloud, "Shall I share My secrets with him? His Adaptation Is An Investment. My sister,
leadership toward his family has birthed a trust toward Deborah, brought that to my attention today. She said,
him. He understands the Law of Obedience. He has "Every wife knows that adaptation is an investment. I
embraced the Law of Territorial Order. I will share My yield but if the husband doesn't produce a house,
intimate secrets with him .. .because he will command doesn't produce a car, there is nothing to submit to."
his children to follow him." Maleness is not a qualifier for leadership.
You Are Scripturally Author- Submission Is If a husband will not pay the bills, he is not the
ized To Command Your Children The Proof Of leader. If a husband does not provide
To Follow You. If they don't, they Honor. the house, if he is not the provider, he Adaptation
may be disqualified for a roof, food, a "- is not really the leader. He may Is An
bed ... ! That explains why God even documents His in- boast, "I'm a man," but he cannot Investment . .
structions to children. accept the rewards of leadership... -Deborah M. Johnson
God Guaranteed Consequences To Those until he leads.
Who Bring Stress Into Their Home. "He that How do you know the difference between the
troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind," Leader and the Follower? The Leader ... can motivate
(Proverbs 11:29). There is a consequence for it. God himself and others sim ul taneously. The Follower ...
removes His Favor from anyone who troubles their requires someone to motivate him.
home. Remember Absalom, the son of David? His What Qualifies You To Be The Leader In Your
cancerous disloyalty stripped the heart of David of Home? Your passion to protect it ... heal it .. .build it.
every victory, every joy and his happiness. Are you willing to inspire the uninspired in your
Rebellion Aborts Rewards. Anyone who rebels environment? That's a Leader. Are you willing to
against the Chain of Authority is immediately disqual- remove the wounded from the field of battle? That's a
ified from receiving the rewards of Authority: Leader. Are you willing to keep moving when others
Provision, Promotion and Protection. These are the stop? That's a Leader.
Three Legitimate Proofs Of Authority. Every Home Deserves A Leader. Noone is

equal in a Home .. .in responsibility or The Woman

reward. Nothing on earth is equal. Creates The
Noone is equal at the beginning of Nest ... Where
life or at the end. We are not born The Warrior Is
with equal gifts, equal talents, equal Celebrated. EMBRACE YOUR HOME As
IQ. There is nothing equal about
anybody on the earth. If everyone is equal, how would YOUR PERSONAL MINISTRY
you reward loyalty, persistence, integrity?
That's why God rewards Passion with discovery. HEADQUARTERS
That's why God makes your Difference obvious.
That's why God qualifies you for Recognition.
Are You The Leader In Your Home? Emotional
Leader? Financial Leader? Spiritual Leader? Usually, Your Home Is Your Place Of Ministry.
you can lead in one area and not follow in another. Ministry is the healing of human hurt. It simply
Someone asked me some years ago, "If a man gets means that you lift those who are fallen ... strengthen
married, what if his wife wanted to change all the those who feel weak ... and carry those who want to stop.
furniture and change where they lived?" Ministry is becoming what another does not have.
I said, "Well, I'm from the old school that the wife Ministry is impartation ... of what you have been
is the Queen of the house. If she wants red, she gets given.
red. If she wants Spanish furniture, it's Spanish Ministry is filling up Empty Vessels.
furniture." Ministry is reaching toward those who have lost
The Queen decides the castle. the ability to pursue.
The King pays for the castle. Marriage is ministry ... to One ... for a life-time.
The Man is made for the Battlefield ... for the spoils Family is ministry to Few.
of war. Home Is Your Ministry Headquarters. It is
The Woman creates The Nest ... where the Warrior the place where you feel, fill and heal. Home is your
is celebrated. primary place of ministry. Do you see that? That is
Learn How To Become A Spiritual Leader. what marriage is. It is when you have found somebody
you want to spend your whole life ministering to.
Your Home is your primary place ... of Assignment.
RECOMMENDED INvESTMENT: The woman is the emotional compass in the Home-
The Uncommon Leader CBook/B-106/12S pages/$10) World. Her joy or sorrow reveals the weather
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incredible chapter of Proverbs 31. I Home Is Where disloyalty, dishonor and disapproval. This test .. .is the
urge you to secure a copy of my book You Learn... Master Secret of life. When you conquer this you can
entitled, The Proverbs 31 Woman. How To Recover conquer any other battle in your life-time.
The dominant picture of the From Disloyalty,
successful woman in Scripture is Dishonor And ' How To Recover From Family Wounds
thoroughly described in this chapter. Disapproval.
Her Home .. .is a major part of ~ \".\': f -- ~-----.) Decide To Be The Joseph In Your Family.
her World ... even though she oversees a prosperous Read the incredible biography of Joseph in the book of
business. Her house servants are paid well. Her Genesis. His own brothers sought his destruction. But,
husband is honored by city leaders. Her words are re- he chose a different focus. He selected tomorrow ... the
lentlessly kind and gentle. Her children are passionate Uncommon Dream .. .instead 'of retaliation. He used
about calling her blessed. She has secured the favor of energy ... to create credible relationships.
every person in her environment ... through diligence, Joseph Developed A Reputation For Solving
provision and the Law of Kindness. You can review this Problems. Great men have great problems. When he
book at my website ... solved them, he birthed Favor. Favor Greatness
A Successful Home Is A Continual Process. I is the unchanging currency in the Is The
asked my father one time to explain 63 years of his World of Greatness. It can be Willingness To
marriage to my mother. He replied, "Love is something exchanged continuously ... for Access, Ignore Small.
you build." Commendation and Money. -I.....

My mother confided one day, "Son, nobody loves Greatness Is The Willingness To Ignore Small.
every day. Sometimes you do not love anybody around Greatness Is The Ability To Discern Great.
you at all!" I have met very few people as open and Greatness Is The Ability To Unwrap Pain For Its
honest as my mother! "Every wise woman buildeth her Hidden Treasure.
house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her Greatness ... Is The Weapon No Enemy Can
hands," (Proverbs 14:1). Survive.
Everything You Need In Your Future ... Can
Be Learned In Your Home . 7 Scriptures That Can Heal Your Home
... negotiating with obnoxious people. "Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye
... adapting to unexpected changes. which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of
... unthankfulness for the gift of your time. meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be
... cynical resentment when others honor you. tempted. Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil
... their embracing of your Enemy. the law of Christ," (Galatians 6:1-2).
Home is where you lear:'l ... how to recover from "When thou passest through the waters, I will be

with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not

overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire,
thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle
upon thee," (Isaiah 43:2).
"For God maketh my heart soft," (Job 23: 16). SCULPTURE YOUR PALACE
"Cease from anger and forsake wrath: fret not
thyself in any wise to do evil," (Psalm 37:8). ENVIRONMENT THROUGH
" ... but as for me and my house, we will serve the
Lord," (Joshua 24: 15). THE KINGLY ANOINTING
"There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any
plague come nigh thy dwelling. For He shall give His
angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways,"
(Psalm 91:10-11). Create An Atmosphere Of Greatness.
"A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and Think Royalty. Dignify moments. Bring elegance
a word spoken in due season, how good is it!" (Proverbs and kindness into conversations. The Atmosphere You
15:23). Create Determines The Product You Produce.
Embrace Your Home As Your Personal Ministry Your Home is a place of supernatural performance.
Headquarters. Your Home Is Where You Prove Who You
Truly Are.
Oh, how I long to walk in a continuous Kingly
Anointing in my life. Do you long for the same?
Do you recoil from the sneering and sarcastic
environment of peasant conversation?
Is your heart uncomfortable with the devious,
slithering and deceitful plots of The Disrespectful? Ask
The Holy Spirit to give you The Kingly Anointing even
as you read these words. I pray ... the smallness of
others will never strip you of your greatness! You will
stay poised in any environment of Disrespect,
RECOMMENDED INVESTMENTS: Resentment and Retaliation.
The Assignment, Volume 1: The Dream & The Destiny (Book/B-741 Never Leave Your Chariot To Choke The
164 pages/$12) Peasant Who Throws The Tomato. Walk in The
The Assignment (6 TapesffS-52/$30)
Order Today.. .! Kingly Anointing.

Unhappiness Always Enters this woman settled the turbulence in his spirit. Words
Through A Person. It may be a person Decide What Men Feel.
on your job or someone in your family. Carrier What You Hear Determines What You Feel.
Scriptures teach that a person is a Of Joy. Here at my home, I am hearing sounds all around me as
carrier of trouble. "He that troubleth his ~ I write this encouragement to you. I hear a water
own house shall inherit the wind," (Proverbs 11:29). If fountain. There is no sound like water. I hear music
your Home fails, it will be because of and the chirping of birds. Oh, please grasp this
someone ... vulnerable to satanic influence, demonic principle ... the Law of Sound. You must choose what
voices ... or simply untrained and untaught. you hear ... and become militant about it.
Happiness Can Enter Through A Person. The Sound.
apostle Paul understood this principle thoroughly. Movement.
"Tychicus ... whom I have sent unto you ... that he might Light.
comfort your hearts," (Ephesians 6:21-22). Three needs in every Palace Environment.
Presence Is A Carrier Of Joy. Paul believed that
his very presence created change in the environments. Your Clothes Affect Your Self-Portrait
"That your rejoicing may be more abundant in Jesus A few weeks ago, I spoke to my men here at The
Christ for me by my coming to you again," (Philippians Wisdom Center. They laughed but I was quite serious
1:26). as I suggested success tips for keeping the Kingly
Ruth was a carrier of joy. Remember how Ruth Anointing in your home:
dispelled the loneliness of Naomi through her ... don't wear T-shirts with holes in them. Throw
passionate companionship? It intrigued Boaz, the them away.
wealthy landowner, who invited her to be his wife. . .. don't wear dirty, smelly socks with holes In
The psalmist David was the carrier of joy. King them. It affects your self-portrait.
Saul suffered excruciating and indescribable bouts of
mental anguish. He called for David, the young Labor For Kingly Conversation
psalmist. David sang. He played the harp. As he ... speak clearly, decisively in your instructions to
ministered, demon spirits swiftly left the palace ... as others.
The Holy Spirit dominated the palace environment. . .. be honest and truthful with every sentence you
Abigail was a carrier of joy. Remember Abigail? speak. Integrity is the Factory for Self-Confidence.
Though married to a fool, N abal, she sowed the Seed of ... swiftly admit when you make a mistake ... to
restoration as she entered the presence of David at one others and yourself. It hastens the discovery of the
of the lowest moments of his life. The Kingly Anointing right solution.
within him was unlocked when the reassuring words of

The Seven Minute Miracle remove them swiftly.

Invest the first seven minutes of every day in You are our King ... our God ... our Peace ... our
worship of The Holy Spirit in your Secret Place. Unfailing Provider. Make their home Your habitation.
The Seed of Time guarantees Divine Presence. It You are our obsession. Let Your Anointing on their
is the Seed that guarantees His Presence. His Presence life ... be multiplied in their Home. Every time You give
dispels all fear and doubt. me a Miracle ... schedule the same Miracle for them.
N ever attempt to change the nature of Deceivers I declare the Covenant of Prosperity established ...
in your environment. This is a God-task. Discern them for them and every person who stays in Scriptural order
under their Authority.
swiftly, silently and strategically. .
In Jesus' Name. It is done. Amen."
Identify the Thankful ... and integrate them Into
the successful world you are creating.
Sow Honor lavishly ... in those who honor you.
Thank You ...!
Keep Access to you ... as a Gift to the Qualified. Thank you ... for the privilege of being your
Keep your Home comfortable for God ... with personal Prayer Partner. Two are better than one.
Worship. He will linger .. .leaving a Fragrance that (Matthew 18:18-19.) Your next Miracle is closer than
heals. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Ever. you can lmaglne.
Thank you ... for becoming my Monthly Partner in
Remember God ...And His Difference The Work of God. His Word is eternal and so honoring
God is Royalty. Him guarantees the Covenant of Divine Provision for
God is the Creator of every universe. you, your children and your children's children.
(Malachi 3:10-11.)
God is the Companion of the Thankful.
God is the Provider of The Sower.
When you write me, expect your Seed to
multiply where you need it the most. An Uncommon
~ My Special Praye~ !,or You... .
Seed Always Creates An Uncommon Harvest. (Luke
{\ >--.. "Precious Holy SpmL.You have stIrred me to 6:38.)
'lI'- write these words on the heart of my dear
partner. Water them like Seeds that will grow. Grow
Faith. Grow Strength.
Wrap them in the Mantle of Kingship. Empower
them with the Kingly Anointing so strong that their
spiritual poise never leaves. When Deceivers, like
slithering snakes, poison their environment, expose and
is in tremendous demand
Are YOU The Person I Have Been as one of the most
Praying About? Will You Accept Jesus dynamic speakers In
: As Your Personal America today.
Your life matters to me. That's why 1 wrote this · Savior Today? More than 16,000
book ... as a Seed into your life. 1 have also asked The aadiences in 40 countries
Holy Spirit to bring into my Ministry new Prayer
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T he Bible says, "That if
thou shalt confess
with thy mouth the Lord
have attended his Schools
of Wisdom and confer-
Intercessor ... and monthly Faith Partner. Jesus, and shalt believe ences. Hundreds of
Are YO U that Partner that the Lord is speaking to? · in thine heart that God invitations come to him
· hath raised Him from the from churches, colleges
1 would love to hear from you. Please read my dead, thou shalt be
explanation of the Wisdom Key 3000 Partnership Plan .. . and business corporations.
saved," (Romans 10:9).
and write me back. Your Assignment matters to me .. . Pray this prayer He is a noted author of
from your heart today! over 200 books, including
probably much more than you can imagine. Please note
"Dear Jesus, 1 believe the best sellers, The
a special personal note page ... to send back to me. Leadership Secrets of
that You died for me and
Your Prayer Partner, ~ rose again on the third Jesus and Secrets of the

~ day. 1 confess 1 am a Richest Man Who Ever
~ sinner. .. l need Your love Lived. Thousands view his
§ and forgiveness ... Come weekly television pro-
~ into my heart. Forgive my
gram, Wisdom Keys with
C,) sins. 1 receive Your
eternal life. Confirm Your Mike Murdock. Many
love by giving me peace, have attended his Schools
joy and supernatural love of Wisdom that he hosts in
for others. Amen." major cities of America.
DYes, Mike! I made a decision to accept Christ as my personal
Savior today. Please send me my free gift of your book, 31 Keys to
a New Beginning to help me with my new life in Christ.




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ce (Luke 6:38).

1\1( h
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