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Pag niraise nila ung Consitution kasi hindi naman directly pinag babawal ang
same sex marriage sa constitution.

However, the 1987 Philippine Constitution, the supreme law of the land,
neither discriminates nor prohibits same-sex marriage. It provided only for
the significance of marriage, such that marriage, as an inviolable social
institution, is the foundation of the family and shall be protected by the State.

But how can you make your own family if you will not procreate?
Procreation is only made by a man and a woman

Point out mo ung mga rate ng same sex marriage na nag succeed. Marami
bang tumagal? Saka ung mga bata na inaampon nila. (research ka pa)

Recent last-ditch arguments alleged harm to children. No party to

Obergefell contested that same-sex couples may build nurturing
families after adopting or tapping medical advances to produce
babies with related DNA. Prohibiting same-sex marriage harms
children by making such families unstable, as only one parent may
legally adopt and have rights in relation to a child. With all these
discredited, the Obergefell dissents simply raised that marriage is
so central a social institution that it is better redefined by
democratic process than unelected judges. Proponents may
consider opponents homophobic, bigoted, narrow-minded
religious zealots, but none of these disqualifies one from being a
citizen. Chief Justice John Roberts argued that proponents should
have relied on how popular opinion was rapidly shifting in their
favor than ending all debate by court order.
Check mo din ung divorce rate sa ibang bansa
We are not blind to the fact that, through the years, homosexual conduct, and
perhaps homosexuals themselves, have borne the brunt of societal
disapproval. It is not difficult to imagine the reasons behind this censure
religious beliefs, convictions about the preservation of marriage, family, and
procreation, even dislike or distrust of homosexuals themselves and their
perceived lifestyle. Nonetheless, we recall that the Philippines has not seen fit
to criminalize homosexual conduct. Evidently, therefore, these generally
accepted public morals have not been convincingly transplanted into the
realm of law.