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Technical Specifications
Enclosure format Desktop
Dimensions (WxHxD) 273 x 53 x 160 mm The Multichannel VPN Router 200 was designed especially for use in
Weight (ca.) 1 kg home offices and while travelling. With this device, an existing Internet
Power rating 12 VDC, 2 A max
connection can be bonded with another one by that, the achievable
bandwidth and reliability can be enhanced at very reasonable costs by
External AC/DC adapter
Power supply combining a landline medium like DSL or cable with a mobile data con-
100240 VAC, 5060Hz
nection like UMTS / 3G or LTE / 4G.
Working temperature 040 C

Fans: Number / Here, free unused upload capacities in mobile phone networks serve as
Regulation / Control upstream booster for DSL: This way, a slow DSL connection with 3
LAN Interface Gbit Ethernet Mbit/s downstream and 300 Kbit/s upstream is turned into a symmet-
WAN module slots 1 and 1x Gbit Ethernet ric link that provides several megabit in the upstream direction, e.g. for
video conferencing.
Maximum power
24 Watt
The integrated WiFi Access Point with 2.4 or 5 GHz (Dual Band) distrib-
Typical power consumption 10 Watt
utes sufficient bandwidth to all available terminals (PCs, smart phones,
SNMP Basic / Extended / and tablets). The device has passive cooling, is extremely energy-effi-
Bonding capacity MBit/s 35 cient, completely noiseless, and can be easily upgraded to future tech-
Recom. # of users in LAN 5 nologies thanks to its module slot.

Real bonding of all connection band- Hot Plug Modules

widths with / without TCP optimizing ADSL 2+ (Annex A or B)
Quality of Service / traffic shaping Gigabit Ethernet
(per WAN module / VPN tunnel) VDSL2 / ADSL2+
NAT and port forwarding UMTS / HSPA+ / GPRS / EDGE
Monitoring (graphical and remote-syslog) 4G Europe/Australia
Rule-based routing 4G Europe II
Traffic accounting via external server 4G Americas
Multi-user web administration system LTE / DC-HSPA+ / EDGE / GPS (EU)
CDMA 450 Bands A, H, L
802.11 B / G / N WLAN CLIENT
Delivery Content

1 Multichannel VPN Router 200 Optional Additional Licences

1 Power supply unit Extended SNMP Monitoring
1 Power cable Streaming Optimization
3 WiFi antennas
Node Stacking
1 Manual
1 CD with software

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