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CAMPING TENT D&C 132:8 Behold, mine house is a house of order, saith the Lord God, and not a house of confusion. Blocks- I want blocks in a special order. 2 red, 2 white Ask kid to put in order, but donâ t tell the order. When done, tell the order. Was it confusing to know what to do with the pieces before you knew which order the y were supposed to go in? Was it easier when you knew which order they went in? Have kids pair up words. What is a miracle? manifestations of divine or spiritual power. What is faith? Faith is to hope for things which are not seen, but which are tru e Is there an order to these two words? Write faith -> miracles Why would faith come before miracles? Moro. 7: 37 1. 37 Behold I say unto you, Nay; for it is by faith that miracles are wroug ht; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men; wherefore, if t hese things have ceased wo be unto the children of men, for it is because of unb elief, and all is vain.

Did Christ preform miracles when on Earth? What were some of those miracles? O f those who Christ helped, what did they have in common? - They had faith If we want something in our lives, and we need to have faith, how do we get fait h? Bible Dictionary Miracles do not produce faith but strong faith is developed by obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ; in other words, faith comes by righteousness, WRITE RIGH TEOUSNESS (although miracles often confirm oneâ s faith). The Lord has revealed himself and his perfect character, so as to enable the min d of man to place confidence in him without reservation. Faith is kindled by hea ring the testimony of those who have faith. Tell me a kind of miracle? Have child come up and pretend that they want that miracle. Pretend blocks are the miracle sought. If you were given this miracle would it give you faith? Why not? Have child go out of room and play hot, cold, warm. Pretend other children are the promptings - Half tell correct and half tell her wrong. She has to decide who to have faith in. Bible dictionary: All true faith must be based upon correct knowledge or it cannot produce the des ired results. Faith in Jesus Christ is the first principle of the gospel and is more than belief, since true faith always moves its possessor to some kind of ph ysical and mental action; it carries an assurance of the fulfillment of the thin gs hoped for. A lack of faith leads one to despair, which comes because of iniqu ity. So if she had listened to the wrong promptings, would she have ever received her miracle? Close with Mormon 9:15-19

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