A chance at a normal life

         ... ... ... With a frustrated sigh, Chelsea slammed her journal closed and laid back on her bed, listening to the soft sounds of music her stereo played. She’d been getting a lot of writers block lately. As well as writing poems that didn’t make sense to her, or in writing that she couldn’t understand. She hadn’t been able to think properly, and got too frustrated when she couldn’t finish a line. Just thinking about it made her angry. Chelsea got up and, grabbing her key that she kept as a necklace, she unlocked one of her drawers under her bed and placed her journal in there.

That was where she kept her most prized possessions. Chelsea was very paranoid about robbers, or burglars. She wasn’t exactly scared of them, but being the number one news woman for the police had made her very cautious around her home. She’d put in security alarms at both the front and back doors of the house, and as an added bonus, she had bought a house that was just a couple of blocks away from the police station. She knew it was just a matter of time before something bad happened to her. She knew there wasn’t a thing called ‘a perfect life’ and listening to all the police stories she had heard, she knew something bad would happen. Looking up just in time for her alarm clock to strike 6:46, she cursed. She was going to be late, even though it only took five-ten minutes to get to the police station and she had to be there at seven, she always gave herself five minutes to ready herself for the day to come. Unconsciously throwing her key necklace on the floor, she ran to grab her keys and her work bag wished her fat fluffy cat Buster

goodbye and made her way out of the houseand got there in time to see a black sedan drive away. How odd. Okay, she thought, now I think I’m getting a little too paranoid. She turned and locked the door, doing all three locks just to make sure it was closed. She jumped nearly two feet when a car horn startled her. “Hey, Chelse!” Chelsea instantly relaxed at the sound of one of her police friend’s deep voice. “Hey, Rick,” She waved at him, and before double-checking the door to make sure it was locked, she made her way over to him. “Shouldn’t you be at the station?” “Everyone’s been called out to a reported brutal gang battle. I’m here to give you a lift; it’s down near trade and Fifth Street.” Chelsea knew exactly where it was, but she was surprised there had been an attack; that was one of the good suburbs around town, not known for any criminal offence. “I can follow you if you like,” she offered.

Rick snorted. “Don’t be ridiculous, Chelse, get in.” He pointed to the blue and red lights on top of his car. “I can get us through traffic in no time.” Knowing the argument was a waste of time and energy; she walked around the police vehicle and got in the passenger seat. “Crime site, here we come.” She muttered.

Rhage gave a little yell before falling flat on his face, and then hearing the sound of the running machine finally slowing down. He could feel the layers of skin on his chin being burnt away by the friction of the belt. And it didn’t make the wounds he received from his slayers the night before any better, even though they were healing. It was a hard battle, but of course he and his brother won, but they left a lot of mess in the alley. He knew he would pay for that later. He growled as hard as he could, but it sounded like more of a sick feline than a lion. “Ha-ha! Rhage fell down!” Little Marhio

squealed and laughed from besides the machine, the treadmill’s electric cord and plug in his hand. Rhage had been going at 45kmh on hill for 6 miles. His legs felt like jelly, and his head swam with the hit it received for colliding into the belt of the machine. “You little brat!” he snarled and as Marhio ran out of the room, Rhage followed...and then stopped dead when he saw Marhio in his Dad’s arms, and his dad looking like he wanted to rip Rhage’s head off. “Control your kid, Terrohr,” Rhage complained. “He’s a nuisance.” He rubbed his chin and winced. “He was just having a bit of fun, Rhage, back off,” Terrohr kissed his son affectionately. “Where’s your mother, my son?” “She’s sleeping,” Marhio said in an innocent voice. “And where should you be?” Terrohr pointed out. “Dada,” Marhio complained. “Come on, let’s go to bed, say goodnight,” “Night, Rhagey,” Marhio waved before

Terrohr nodded to him and walked to the grand staircase. “Frickin’ kids,” Rhage muttered, before walking back into the gym. Even though his legs felt like Jelly and he was sweating all over, he needed another couple more miles to finish off training. And then he got about four hours of sleep before he needed to be at class in the training centre. Rhage, Terrohr and Blaylock took turns in teaching the training classes for the recruits. Once they went through the transition, they would be trained to become warriors in the fight against the vampire slayers. “What’s doing, Rhage?” Darius came up from behind him. “Hey, brother, just doing a couple of miles before I hit the sack,” “You got the matt’s tonight, don’t you?” Darius asked and Rhage nodded numbly. “Go to bed, true? You need some more shut eye if I was you,” “Why is that?” “Apparently, Blay and Terrohr have planned something for today’s session,” uh-oh, Rhage thought, last time they came

up with something that they didn’t tell Rhage about, Rhage was hunted down across the state. It made him cringe just thinking about it. This was going to be bad. “Great. Yeah, suddenly I’m not feeling too well.” Rhage put the wet towel across his back; fist knuckled Darius and then headed to his room. He could feel his tiger tattoo move beneath his muscles as he walked. He hated his tiger. A special gift from the scribe virgin, it was. Well, really a punishment. Whenever he got too emotional, this little puppy would come to life. Pain normally set it off, anger, and then there was the physical frustration, but that’s a whole other story. Rhage collapsed on his bed in a heap, without even taking off his pants or his daggers and went into a peaceful sleep.

Chelsea bent down and examined the blood that covered the walls of the alley, noting that it was black and not red on her notepad. “Told you, it was worth it to come,” Rick

said from behind her, making her jump. She thought she was all alone. “Alright, thankyou, Rick, but I could’ve taken my car out here,” Chelsea said, and Rick snorted in defiance. “Nonsense, Chelse, what are friends for?” he gave a squeeze to her shoulder and then bent down. “That’s some weird blood,” “Are you sure it’s blood? It looks too dark to be blood,” “we’ll get the forensic team to analyse it,” Rick said and stood up, Chelsea following. “Could you see if there are any witnesses, Chelse? I’m going to go talk to the other officers and get them to go around the blocks and look for any weapons,” “Yeah okay,” Chelsea steeled her gaze away from the black blood and went to on-lookers, hoping that she’d get somewhere tody. The blood looked familiar to her. Somehow, she knew it was blood, and that it was bad blood. Dangerous. She didn’t know how she knew this, but she knew it meant badness. Trying to get back to work, she walked up to the first on-lookers and got out her notepad.

Rhage entered the classroom to find Blaylock and Terrohr already addressing the class. “That is your task for today, fail and it could be costly,” “Do I want to know why you’re here teaching my class, because last time this happened something bad happened to me.” Rhage said and he saw lots of worried looks and a few smirks. Smirks? He must be hallucinating. “Blaylock and I have set a task for the trainees,” Terrohr said and instinctively Rhage growled low in his throat. “Hold up there, Rhage, you haven’t even heard what it is yet,” “But it involves me because I wasn’t told about this.” Rhage concluded and ran a hand through his hair. Blay chuckled deep in his throat. “Yes it does. You know that scene that we neglected to clean up last night because it was too close to dawn; well the police found it early this morning,” Rhage growled again,

knowing what they wanted to do. “You don’t have a choice Rhage, so sit the fuck down and listen,” Terrohr said but Rhage couldn’t sit. “Tell me,” He said with clenched teeth. Blay nodded and told him the facts, no bullshitting about. Rhage had to breathe slowly through his nose to control himself. He could feel the tiger growing bigger around his back; its arm stretching over his and both Blay and Terrohr took a step back and held their hands up in surrender. “Rhage, not in front of the kids, dude,” Rhage squeezed his eyes shut and turned around, not facing the kids, he took deep breaths; two quick breaths in, one long breath out. “Jesus, what if they don’t make it in time, Blay? I’m going to be a pile of ash,” “We’ve thought about that, if they don’t get there by three hours to dawn, you can get it done yourself, or we’ll come get you. It’s their job to figure out the planning-“ “If you want me to control myself, you will not tell me the details. Please for the love of virgin,”

“Alright,” Terrohr shrugged. “Mr. Rhage, you can count on us,” One of the trainee’s said and Rhage just nodded, not trusting his mouth. “When do you want me to do it?” “As soon as the shutters lift for the night,” Oh, the things I do to teach, Rhage thought sourly.

Chapter 2
Chelsea sat at her desk in the police station and typed up her report. She had to finish it by the end of the night and send it to her boss at the newspaper for him to read. It had to say all the things that happened, and if anything major happened. That was her job. Sometimes she liked to be away from the newspaper. She had to go there a couple of times a month, but other tan that she got to stay at the station with the officers. They were nice and more than friendly and she liked them a lot.

“Nearly done, Chelse?” George, the chief of police leaned down and scanned the work she had written down on the computer. “Looks good.” “I’ve done a piece on all the other robberies and knife attacks today, and I’m just doing this piece on the blood we found covering the alley. It should make a good story,” “That looks great, Chelsea, why don’t you go home? You’re nearly always the last one here. Have a night off for once,” George said. “Don’t be silly, George. I don’t mind. And if I don’t finish this, my boss will go bananas,” George laughed. “Oh, God love you, you’re adorable,” he patted her head and then kissed it. A loud ringing went off. “Sorry, Love, that’s my phone. I’ll talk to you later,” “Alright,” Chelsea said and he went into his office and shut the door behind him. Trying to make herself concentrate, she got back to her computer and tried to type so she could hopefully finish early. It was extremely doubtful, but she liked to imagine she could. On a normal day, she would finish

close to last in the police station, but there would always be the night shifts to keep her company. She almost never finished on time. It was very depressing sometimes. And now because she didn’t have a car, she was going to keep Rick waiting. Chelsea thought it’d just be easier and tell him to go and she could walk home. It wasn’t that far away. “Chelse! Can you get the door?” Rick’s voice was muffled, and Chelsea caught him a couple of meters away from the door. She ran over to the door and opened it for Rick, thinking he had a lot of paperwork in his hands like he normally did, but she saw was a big surprise to her, and she just held her gasp. Rick was pointing a gun at an astonishing man, which was handcuffed, and mighty tall. Chelsea had to tilt her head a little to see his face. He was bloody handsome! Chelsea knew she had never seen a better male in all her life. And somehow Chelsea seemed calmer around him. She knew she didn’t know him, but she knew deep inside that she would probably get a long better with

him than even Rick. She was shocked at herself; she didn’t know where the thoughts had come to her. “Chelse, go get George and some of the other officers, will you? I’ll take you home soon,” Rick’s voice was strained, as he literally pushed and dragged the muscled man forward. The man looked down at her, and she could swear he took a deep breath in and drank in the sight of her. She swallowed unconsciously, and as his gaze fell on hers, her cheeks reddened at how handsome he was. “Chelsea!” Rick said firmly and she seemed to snap out of it. “Sorry, Rick. I’ll go get him.” Chelsea managed to say and she reluctantly took a step backwards. “No, don’t go, stay with me,” The male’s voice was smooth and deep, and went right into her, warming her insides. “Shut up!” Rick said and pushed him towards the cells. ”Hurry up, Chelsea,” Chelsea got with it, and went to tell George about Rick. “Ah, yes, he called and told me he was

suspiciously walking around the crime site, and when they caught him, he was carrying a lot of weapons.” Chelsea could see such a big male carrying weapons. He must be in the mob gang or something. But then, Chelsea always got a bad feeling when someone was bad, or dangerous, and she was usually right; this man didn’t give off the vibe that he was bad or dangerous to anyone, least of all her. She sat back at her desk, and tried to type, but all she could think about was the male. The one with the spectacular eyes, and face, and body. She could just imagine that perfect body on top of hers. “Chelse, do you want an officer to take you home? I can’t leave yet, I’ve got to look after the suspect.” “Don’t worry, Rick, I’ve still got a report to fill out about today. Take your time,” She said softly. “Thankyou, Chelse, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do tonight. You don’t mind waiting?” “Of course not, Rick,” He kissed her cheek before storming off, and she knew he didn’t like the guy he brought in.

Rhage let the ignorant officer handcuff him and take him to the station. Part of this stupid plan was to get caught which he decided to make obvious. Terrohr packed him with the full packet of fake guns and fake knives, to give the officers some inspiration to arrest him. Personally, he thought it was a bit too obvious, but the officers didn’t think so. As soon as he caught sight of the woman who opened the door, he went to complete lust. But then it went straight to curiousity when he inhaled. Instead of the normal human spices that they gave off, it was a half human and half vampire. Like she hadn’t gone through her transition yet. It was very concerning. Her change was soon. The way she looked at him was as if on some level she knew what he was, but just couldn’t place it. Like she didn’t know. Now he grew really concerned; if she didn’t know that she was close to her transition, she would go into it and die. Unless someone found her, but it was extremely unlikely. The

poor thing. Rhage knew what it felt like, to be left all alone, and he didn’t want her to go through that. Now, he was in one of the holding cells, waiting and hoping that his boys would figure out some secure way of getting him out. It was doubtful, because when he was that age, the only thing that would appeal to him would be going in all guns blazing. “I’m going to get you and put you away for as long as I can.” The officer that was close to the half-breed woman sneered through the bars. “And how do you plan to do that officer?” Rhage asked slyly, and he knew he had gotten to the officer because of the way he tensed up. This was going to be his fun for the night, he knew. “You’re guilty of something, and I’m going to find out what. Even if it is for unlicensed firearms. I’ll put you away.” Rhage smirked and leaned back against the wall. “Go knock yourself out, officer, I’ll be here.”

Chelsea tried to finish her report, but she kept thinking about the man. She just couldn’t get his face to go away from her mind. She wondered what they could be doing to him. She knew Rick could be aggressive sometimes, and he knew he could be a jerk. Knowing him, he would try and find a way to blame the whole blood alley on him. Even though he was carrying lots of weapons, and he looked suspicious, but Chelsea knew that didn’t mean he did anything wrong. Finally giving up, she stood up, and tried to walk towards the cells without showing any interest. It was hard because of all the officers surrounding the whole place. Getting in to see him was going to be hard. But she knew she could do it. She very good at persuasion, she always got her way, even when she was a child. Walking over to the automatic water machine, she pretended to fill herself a cup, and then when no one was watching her, she sneaked through the door that lead to the cells.

“Hey, Ms. Turner, you’re not allowed in here,” She sighed when she heard an officer walking behind her. She turned, and held his gaze until he lost the look of fierceness and she spoke in soft, but firm and persisting tone. “I was never here, you never saw me go in here. You have a headache, why don’t go and tell your boss that you’re calling off sick.” He nodded and went away slowly and she had to smile. It took a while, but she could do it perfectly now. She didn’t know the ‘how’s’ and the ‘why’s’ of it, but she really didn’t care that much. When she got to the cells, there wasn’t anyone guarding them, but then she wasn’t surprised. No one ever did guard the criminals because everyone was busy with something. She also knew that she didn’t have a lot of time before an officer came in and spotted her. As soon as she gave a peak into the cell from the side, she saw him crack an eyelid, and then gave her a grin. “I knew you’d come back,” she gasped as

she felt warmth flow through her again at his deep voice. “I…” He chuckled. “What’s your name, sweety?” He asked softly, still holding one eye open. “Ch-Chelsea,” she confessed without thinking. The male closed his eye, and breathed in slowly. “Chelsea. Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful woman.” “Excuse me?” Chelsea shook her head. “You know you’re not supposed to be here. This is where they keep the big bad wolves.” He said, making her smile, and he immediately mirrored her smile. “You’re not a big bad wolf,” she said quietly. He tilted his head a little, as if to watch her differently. “And how’d you know that?” He asked smoothly, in a deep addictive voice that gave Chelsea the Goosebumps. “I…I just know. You seem familiar,” She said hesitantly. ”Have we met?” He gave a knowing smile. “No, we haven’t met. But I know what you mean,” “You do…?” She asked softly and bent down in front of the cell.

“Yes-“ “Chelsea!” What are you doing?” Rick shouted from behind her and pulled her up. “You’re not supposed to be here,” “I…just wanted to question the suspect on what he has to say about the alley from this morning,” Chelsea said. Rick just looked even more disgusted. “That’s my job, not yours-“ “Rick, do not talk to me like that,” Chelsea used her trick again. “You will give me twenty more minutes. Go and finish my report would you?” When he nodded, and walked off, Chelsea turned and immediately her cheeks reddened when she saw that the suspect had come up to the bars of the cell, and was staring at her with an amazed expression. “What?” Chelsea asked. “How’d you do that?” He asked. “I…I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just told someone to do something, and they do it. I stare into their eyes, and it’s like you’re…” “…in their head,” He finished with a smile that said I-know-what-you-mean.

“Yes…” Chelsea trailed off. “How did you-“ “I can do it too, Chelsea. I know some people who can do it as well.” “I’m not doing anything,” Chelsea protested. “Yeah, you are, Chelsea,” The male said. “Time to break this puppy,” An officer’s voice echoed off the wall. “Rick can do anything,” another said. “Chelsea, go. I’ll be here for awhile. I’d like some company,” He raised an eyebrow as she reluctantly stood. She could feel his gaze on her until she rounded the corner.

Chapter 3
Rick slammed his fists on Chelsea’s desk, and she jumped in shock. “Why did you go and see him?” Rick demanded. “I told you, to see if he had anything to do with the alley,” “And?” “I don’t think he does.” Chelsea said quietly. “Did he tell you that? Criminals aren’t very reliable. Do you know his name?” “No, Rick,” “Then why’d you stay there for so long?” “I don’t know, Rick. What’s his name?” “No one knows. He’s not saying anything.” Rick ran a hand through his hair. “I’m trying to crack this guy, but I don’t know how,” wow, Chelsea thought, obviously he’s a little stressed, but who wouldn’t be when it’s nearly midnight. “Well, then maybe you should let him go,” Chelsea said quietly and cringed knowing

what she was getting herself into. “Are you crazy? He was carrying weapons that have no trace on them, what-so-ever! And you want to just let him go?!” “Jesus, Rick, calm down,” Chelsea scrolled on the computer a bit. “I’m sorry, Chelse. You don’t deserve this,” he squeezed her shoulder, and then stepped back and thought for a minute. “Come with me,” He said and literally dragged her out of her chair and into one of the interrogation rooms that had policeman in there. “George, send Chelsea in there,” Rick said. “What?” Both George and Chelsea said in unison. “Send her in, I think she can talk to him,” “Do you know how dangerous that is, Rick.” “We’ll all be watching. We can have someone in there if she wants. I think she can crack this guy,” Rick persisted. “Chelsea?” “I’ll go see him,” Chelsea said. “Just stick to the questions we usually ask.” Rick warned and took her to the one the male was in. She braced herself, but when she entered,

all of that disappeared when she saw him on the ground with blood coming down his nose, and on his shirt. She gasped, and ran forward, making him look up and gave her a smile. “What do I owe this pleasure?” The suspect said as Chelsea dropped to her knees in front of him and went into her pockets for a tissue. “Ms. Turner, don’t go too close-“ “Rick, What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Chelsea said with accusing eyes. He reddened slightly and got flustered. “I-“ “Get the fuck out!” She yelled and he left reluctantly. She turned on the suspect and put the tissue up to his nose. “I’m so sorry,” She murmured to him and he just grinned at her. “Are you okay?” “It’s going to take a lot more than a couple of pussy punches to hurt me, Chelsea,” He looked and smirked into the mirror where the other officers were watching and waiting for a slip-up. “So, they throw you into the wolf pit already?” He asked as she dabbed at the blood on her face.

“Something like that,” She murmured with a little smile. “What animals,” She muttered under her breath. “Human’s can be stupid sometimes,” He agreed like he had heard me. “Jesus, look.” Chelsea whispered to him so the officers wouldn’t hear her. “I’m going to try and get you out,” “Don’t worry, Chelse,” the suspect said. “It’s not going to take much to get out, and I’ll be out before you know it,” he said with a grin. “How can you smile when they practically just beat you up?” Chelsea said with aggression. “I’ve had worse,” he said. “Trust me,” “Oh, I believe you,” she said and wiped at his nose again with the now bloody tissue. Chelsea’s hand paused when the opaque window behind her made a large smashing sound. “What the hell was that?” Chelsea muttered under her breath. “They’re probably just fighting again.” She muttered an answer to her own question. “No, I’m afraid. It’s my time to go,” the suspect said stopping her hand with his,

looking at the window behind her. “What are you-“ the window behind them smashed, and Chelsea saw a glimpse of Rick flying through before she cowered away from the crystal shards, screaming while she did it. She was pushed against the back wall, and then the suspect’s thick warm body covered hers, a hand pressing her head into the crook of his should. “You could have handled that a bit better, boys,” the suspect muttered. “Sorry, boss. One of them is really stubborn.” “Chelsea? Are you hurt?” Chelsea looked up, and saw five men in warrior gear, and her eyes widened when she saw all the guns and knives they were carrying. One of them grinned and winked when she met them in the eye. “Chelsea, look at me,” Chelsea turned her head to the soft but commanding voice and then regretted it when the suspect’s pupils’ dilated until it covered his whole entire eyes. “Are you hurt, Chelsea?” He said slowly and

softly, and Chelsea’s head shook sideways, still staring at his black eyes. “You’re going to be fine, Chelse,” his words rolled over her, entering through her and going right into her brain. He wrapped his arm around her, and turned to the men with the guns. “Is everything secure?” he asked in a very authoritative voice. “Mostly, the other trainee’s are having problems with some of the officers but that’s about it.” “Alright let’s go,” “What about the human woman?” Chelsea dimly heard another man talking, but she ignored. “She’s in my care and none of your concern. Let’s move.” She was lead out of the interrogation room, down the hall and into the foyer where her all the main officers’ desks’ were. “Chelsea...” a voice followed by a grunt spoke, and Chelsea turned her head to the sound. George was on the ground, blood covering his face from a cut on his cheek. She gasped at how gruesome it looked and George looked up and his eyes widened and

Chelsea followed his gaze to the suspects arm on hers. “George...” “Run, Chelsea!” he choke midsentence when a man kicked him in the ribs. “Sweet virgin,” the suspect muttered. As Chelsea went to George’s aid, the hand on her arm tightened and held her in the place. “Let me go!” Chelsea pulled and the suspect sighed and turned to another man. “Can you hold her for a minute? I need to sort this shit out before we leave.” “Yes, sir,” the suspect sat her down and four men came and stood beside her, one of them putting a hand on her shoulder when she tried to get up again. “Stay here,” one them said. She watched as George was brought to his knees and a man came close to his face and slowly waved his hand in front of him. “Please,” She whispered, “Let me go,” “Soon, sweetheart,” The one that had his hand on her shoulder said, unconcerned.

Rhage was impressed by the efficiency of his students, being at least a couple of hours before he expected them to be there. But, then again, they were a bit sloppy; beating up some of the humans, breaking the interrogation room glass window. He didn’t like telling them off, but they needed to learn the proper way of dealing with something like this. Once he cleaned everything up, he went back into the foyer where Chelsea was up and practically clawing at Juan’s face to get free and Rhage could tell he was a little shocked at the ferocity of her eagerness. The boys around him were just laughing at the both of them. “Please, please!” she screamed and Rhage snarled protectively and possessively and darted to her side, pushing Juan away and pulling her into his arms. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” he snarled as she started crying and pushing at his chest. “We just wanted a bit of fun, Mr. Rhage. It was harmless.” “Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, what’s wrong?

Look at me,” Rhage commanded and she did, and then instantly fell under. “What’s wrong?” Her lip started trembling. “Please, let me go. I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean it!” she said frantically. “Hey, hey, hey,” he said and grabbed both of her hands in his when she started to push away again. “You’re alright. You’re safe with me, Chelsea,” Rhage could hear her pulse rate slow the tiniest bit and he started rubbing small circles over the main part of her veins on the insides of her wrists. “That’s better,” He murmured. “What didn’t you mean?” “I didn’t mean to make a mess. Please let me go...I’ll clean it up again, I promise.” She begged, and Rhage could feel his tiger claws going down his arms when he heard one of his students give a chuckle. “You fucking animals,” he snarled at his students and the smirks on their faces faded. “Get yourselves to the training centre, and I’ll deal with you there.” He turned his back on them and put all his energy into her, calming her down and

taking the compulsion the boys put on her off. When she was stable enough, Rhage got her address and transported her straight home. “I...I thought you were good. You said you were good.” “I am good, Chelsea. You’ll see,” Rhage kissed her temple and then making eye contact with her, he slowly brought his hand in front of his face, taking her memories away.

Chapter 4
Rhage smashed through the doors to the training centre and zeroed in on his students which were sitting together on the mats. Blay and Terrohr were laughing, but stopped when they saw the expression on Rhage’s face. “Which one of you did it?” Rhage snarled and all of them visibly flinched. “What happened?” Blaylock asked. “I thought it went well,” Terrohr asked. Rhage narrowed his eyes at the boys. “Come on Rhage, their bus is here. Let them go home,” Without even saying a thing or waiting for a command the boys ran into the showers. “Hey, we’ve got a meeting with the boss in ten, so have a shower and get down there. We’ll see the kids out.” Rhage breathed in through his nose. “Yeah

okay,” he said slowly. “But I just want to congratulate them on their task.” Blay narrowed his eyes, but nodded and let Rhage go into the showers. “I knew you shouldn’t have done it, Lash,” Juan said from the changing room. “Oh, it’s not that important, stop being such a baby, Juan.” “Boys,” Rhage’s voice was soft, danger lacing every word. He grinned at the sharp intake of breaths and then continued. “Tomorrow, you will all be here at normal time. Anyone who decides to skip will get double the punishment I’m going to hand out tomorrow,” when silence greeted him, he said, “Is that clear?” “Yes, sir,” was the quiet replies. “Good. Until tomorrow,” Rhage said smoothly and then made his way to the king’s office. Twenty minutes later, all of his fellow brothers were with him, including his races’ king, Theo. ‘How did the training go boys? I heard they had a hard task,’

Rhage just barely held back a growl, while his fellow brothers Blay and Terrohr grinned. “It actually went pretty well considering.” Blay said with a shrug of his shoulders. “There’s something I’d like to discuss with you,” Rhage said slowly and the king nodded, ready to take as much shit Rhage wanted to dish out as possible. “While I waited for rescue, not that it wasn’t fun and all,” Rhage glared at Blay while he faked a cough to hide his laugh. “But, I actually found a woman there,” before he could say anything else, his fellow brothers all groaned, thinking they knew what he was going to say. “Let me finish!” When they was silence, he continued. “Her change is soon,” He spoke slowly so the words could sink in. “I could feel it. But...” Rhage paused, an image of Chelsea crying in front of him. “She doesn’t know. She has no knowledge.” There was a collective gasp, and the king rubbed his forehead. “You’re sure?” when Rhage nodded Theo sighed.

“Alright, we’ll check her out,