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Zeus Web Server

Zeus Web Server was a proprietary web server for Unix and Unix-like platforms (including Solaris, FreeBSD,
HP-UX and Linux). It was developed by Zeus Technology, a software company located in Cambridge, England. The
original authors and company founders are University of Cambridge graduates Damian Reeves and Adam Twiss.

Support for AIX, Tru64, and Mac OS X was dropped on 10 June 2008.[1] No new ZWS releases have been made
since January 2010,[2] and the company no longer offers a similar server solution. In July 2011, the company was
acquired by Riverbed Technology,[3] who ended support for ZWS on November 30, 2014.[4]

Zeus was designed to be a high-performance web server[5] and was commonly used by hardware vendors
submitting SPECweb99 benchmarks for their hardware.[6] The SPECweb99 benchmark was retired in 2005 and
replaced by SPECweb2005.[7] While some SPECweb2005 submissions were made using Zeus, by 2008 it was no
longer among the top performers.[8]

In addition to static content serving, Zeus supported dynamic content via CGI, FastCGI, Apache JServ, ISAPI,
NSAPI, mod_perl, SSI and Zeus Distributed Authentication and Content (ZDAC), a proprietary FastCGI-like
protocol. While Zeus mainly competed with other commercial web servers such as Oracle iPlanet Web Server, it
also claimed a high degree of compatibility with Apache HTTP Server (including .htaccess support and a URL
rewriting system comparable to Apache's mod_rewrite), with the expectation that Apache users would migrate to
Zeus as their server load increased.[9] NSAPI and ISAPI were supported to ease migrations from Microsoft IIS and
Sun Java System Web Server.

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