Sl No 895

Circular Number RD 48 LGP 84

Date 07/29/86

Section Land Grants

Subj ect Sanction of diversion/conversion of agricultural lands into nonagricultural use within the zones of "Green Belt" - Clarifications thereon.



No. RD 48 LGP 84 Kamataka Govermnent Secretariat, 5th Floor, 3rd Stage, M.S.Bldgs.,

Bangalore, Dated: 29th July 1986.


Sub: Sanction of diversion/conversion of agricultural lands into nonagricultural use within the zones of "Green Belt" - Clarifications thereon.


It has come to the notice of Govermnent that applications for conversion/diversion of agricultural lands for non-agricultural purposes are being rejected by the competent Revenue Authorities on the ground that the said agricultural lands are lying within the area declared as "Green Belt" on the basis of Govermnent Notification No.RD 48 LGP84 dated 24th October, 1985.

2. The new sub-sections (3A) and (3B) were inserted in section 95 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964 by the amendment made under the Karnataka Land Revenue (Amendment) Act, 1984 (Kamataka Act No.23 of 1984). Sub-section (3B) is intended to prohibit absolutely the diversion of any land lying within the area declared as Green Belt, to any non-agricultural purpose. Sub-section (3A) provides the mechanism for declaring an are as Green Belt.

3. In order to bring into existence the Green Belt, two actions have to be initiated and completed by the state Govermnent. The first one is to make a rule for identifying the limits whithin which an area can be declared as Green Belt. This has been done vide Govermnent Notification No.RD 48 LGP 84 dated 24th October, 1985, whereunder the necessary rules were issued. The other action which is necessary rules were issued. The other action which is necessary is to issue another notification declaring as Green Belt particular areas lying within the limits of cities and towns or within the prescribed distance from such

limits. This notification is yet to be issued. Consequently, there is no area at present which in the eye of law can be regarded as a declared Green Belt.

4. In view of the above legal position, it is hereby clarified that till such time as the notification necessary to actually declare a given area as Green Belt is issued, as contemplated under sub-section (3A) of section 95 of the Karnataka Land Revenue act, it would be impermissible to reject an application for diversion of agricultural land for other purposes, in cases where permission for the diversion can otherwise be given under section 95 of the Act. Applications for diversion received under section 95 of the Act may be examined under that section and either rejected or granted by invoking grounds permissible under the said section and the rules concerning such diversion, and the requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act. If, however, it is found that permission can be accorded under section 95, then, such permission cannot be refused now solely on the ground that the area concerned is lying within a Green Belt, as in the eye of law there is no such Green Belt at present. These instructions would hold good till the notification required for declaring an area as Green Belt is actually issued.

(D. S.P ARAMASHIV AIAH) Under Secretary to Government, Revenue Department.

RD 48 LGP 84(P-I).tif

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il~,,:: ,,,>n I" WP"

. ~,ut'f!~-j., ~~


'\' '", ,,' ~ kthl' a p,:E>MrUr l'&v1GV of <J:,IlofMIf' of convaX'lIi(ln of aericultural

, ',,' landil to non-agricultural. \l8a, " has (lOme to the notice of tlu.

,,' Gov<lrnment that in many of the N_II ea dealt hy the A3e1ai:e.nt

.... l .>rolllie eioners/Tahs1ld e r s <1uring the year 1984-85, the AsHstant.'

'\, Com~ie~iOMralT!th8ildlrtl :1W~ faihd to adhere t,o'tM proviSiona'

.", conhined in Bect-ton 95-96 and 91 of tM K&rnata)<a Land hovenue

r ,,:."" Act, 19H end the Circular :lnattU~ttona and r,uitlal1nea '1~euod by;

l ,'>:' (l')vo:rnme(" froID time to tit:1e in this regard. tioJre.,t the lapsesl

I "" irreg1J.iBriti<'!$ ,11'", dC'tatllld ,,,11 belowl

I," • ( t ) Court I f~~o;i' RI,4/- h-LIS no t bean affixed on the

l,:::' ' , '." ;:;liC ;:i::::ral caaea j th::atutor:v period of four norrtha,

I ., '1", preSCJ:i bed 'moer Section 95( 5.) of tM Act for d i9poeal of oonvl3r ..

i ,\ '~" .. , "," 8ion applicJUonfl was not Gdllersd to. 'lha).:11 wera inordinate

I W ' delays in PJ:'c leflSin,n; the appl1c"tions and in passin.~ the ordere,

I \\\<v' \" '(J.nd COUlllltmicatln&them 'lithin the p~eSlcrtbe(l ti'1l) l1'11;lt.

';,'::'" " ,J(2I) Agriculture' lande hJ.\e b~on conv~rtAd for indllEltr~al

I'" '_; ~~: '" purpoa as 'Ill th,;mt 1ns1Btit\i! upon the producticm of the pravia lanal

RegiStration' Cert1f1cnt~ iael\ed by the De(lllrtl10nt of Indna tries

I ",:nd CDmm~roe.

l '" 1t:I ~ •

t (4) The 9J(tonJ; of land c{lDverted' /in eU8slt of the extant appll..eQ

,; for I 01' more thnn ;:he aotual raqu1:rementil of the applicunts, as

. per the 'QuildiU/~ .,lana. '


1 'l.,-'

, .

Ka~utuka Gov~rnment ~eorQte.riat; 11.S .Buildings,

Bttl'lgo.lore. datedl 4 -2-1986.,

SU'tll - Review of oonvorolon (I<lseo and B o!!le i~~egula.r:l.t1ci~~,

rGg<lrilin2: 183119 of inetructiOllll. ' "


(5) Conversion has been aancti0ned 1n tP'<'p"nt 'of the mortgaged,

laudr without obtaininil tho 'consent ot tfLe mnrtgJ.gfeB, ' '

I (6) Conversion fino hee been Bhort-la~i~d ~d phodl ieoH not


'. ,

: _,Y"

(7) Opinion of the Local Bodie.l, i.e. concerned Town Munic1pal1-

, tiea .an d Villa. '3 Panchaya be I in BO far ala 1 t 1a r.HtWflnt un per • the pl'ovi~iona of the Act, is not obtained before sanctioning. corLVOrai0n.

~ (8) In a few Caaop., c~nvcr~ion h.e been ~anctio~ad within 2 or

:5 daye of reo'lij1t of ';uch flpplic,~t!,on9. 'l!hin. obvlollsly,<H'1

, tM ac t rcn of tho ean(!t:Lonin'~ Il.uthox: t 'hy cp en to ~oubt nod" eunpio ren, Tha prJRI",..1 h"d p"'''" OdO)",l .. *" nil. a.j1~""'''ntl,V not follovod

a n b'l.l.oh ca.St4:O.

(9) Conv'lJelon"hae been eanctioned for a purpoc o diffal:ant

frolil the r,,\O applied fot'.

( 1Q) In G erta1n cas ss , wtc ccp t es produced by tr.o applic:tnta h a ve disclo<'1ad the ",xi-stene 0 of houl3oR/etl.'U~tuJ:"~s in tho L,noll

.... 2/-

c > .'

I , I


, ,.\


(fOW;l1t to b~ cGnvQ=',~a for rC9 t~ Gll tinl "u:tpona pt'iol" to rna!o.n,1 IlPpl.ication" to t'-"j' n.lllctionitlp.- Hnth,ort ty, _\ction has not "8~n

t"i(Otl d~ contor.l;>1J-tOil uJld~r cjection 96(2) of tho? Act and cOlUpoundinG fine aa :"''?X rul0 1011 oft'l'i! Kar.nai:e.kol L"no Revenue Hulce, 1966 ' ' nOither l"vlod nor focQvcrcd,

, ('1) _\(;:rc"ment,s on €tamped ~apcrs have not been obtained to

, LHl'Ure th" t th& ''lpp11c~llta abioc oy1:)';o c o nd it ion~{ th",y must' in' all e9.I3"'3 nccor'; '<I'J. til tho law in force) E'ubjoct t o which conve r»

, 'Oion wa,e aanc t i one s ,". ihoEo n~re01,''''n ~ 1t2,V<, been obt"in(!d tall • cond1 t'.one etipul,\t:,q Mv," not boon 1ncorpcr"t~d and Ln a fel-( cuo ea , agre"",on~n it,","" b00n,OX'?cuteif ~y porGon:) ot-;,',l: th"n the app LLcan t e ,

,12) In a fi'w ca e ee , "V'~" thoU/lh kha t a Df t'>o lc,,,ds aau{;ilt to be

c onvext o o !lo~s not a t and t n 't"o n,'<f,10 of the applicants, convp.rslonEl rowe be en S,l'lct1otled~

/(13) In caso" ",1>,,"1:<) fr'?,/I7l0ni:cd lands h,w(' be;~"~~~r:ht to be converted. pcrmiSGi 0" of, the c omp o t e n t autl:ori ty under flecpion

9(2) of the Karnatulw. Prevention of r'rQ(';"1oh tation and conaollcation of HOldings ket, 1966, h,'w not beon obtL\in"~ and prod UC'8cl by the (l,pplic~nts.

(14) In SOlllG c aaee , 3l<-te-nahtod laud hilS toen couvor t ed rot'

r r% 1{1 an t La L p rp os oe ld thout ,'l"thor1 ty!

{15) In certain oases, ~ccorde havo not bo~n examined w1th

r<?f 'renc~ to the p::cvgion'<J 'f !'ccti<ma 79(A}, 79(:5) lind 80 of the Karnataka Land Hcf~~G Act, 1961.

{16 ) -od

Orden! of rejection of «pplic.:ttions hs v o n¢t been cOI1lPlunicat·' to tho concorned apRlicant9 in certain cnsos.

(17), In a foY c:J,e;;e, outOatGd "No , obj:,"Uon Certlficat&su and o ecttiflca t{)G issued' by the iI')C'H,,),);)tcnt au t.ho ; 1 tioe have !leon "ccr:pted fer eu,,"lctionine: ,conv,:r'!ion.

Be aLd e e , ,romic:;)ions of the n"'tu~o itJt'ld above, certain adP'lil'li-ltratl"", la('~",s h.wG aleo b o en noti~~d i.n few cases, Therefore, it iE r"l{uosted th:,t,offil:'eJ:s em\lol1Elt;ed to e xc cr-c Lao pOlolorr v(~str..d t:~l,-"I,r;.ra <ld\o"'t<-14.Y~ITitJuch It).p8cg!irt.?gulari tiou and the order p&"'''cod in Bach oa aa sHQuld bo n Bclf-contnincd and speaking order. TI,e a hov a may bo no t od for c<[ul and ntrict coinpl1nnl:''''

in f'u t u r e , '

4.0.10.. '.L.. (K.K,\HOI),J'(f,li JL\I) <, \ J_ ("\,._ Under ..J0cr,~tdry to Go v urnTllOI"-. • RJv::n1;o j(;p,,\rtruent ..

--Copy to ,- 'V

1. Al] the )i'l1J>ion;,1 ~"m1111n8i"n"r" ffor inform,',tion nnd necessary ,,-ctJ on.

• ••• 3/-

I '\

", "




no.fin 137 top 85

lCaCf,Clttlk;:J. Gov"rnment Secl:etaciat,. r1.8 .Build1ngs,

B:tn;t,al0l:e,d>ltedL 4 -2-1986 •.


Bubl- Ravia" or ccnvoze ion o ... e"u and BomB lrcegul,nit16"", ragarding ia3U& of in~tructionG.


kfter a "",neT.:;.l' rav1o" , 01 ""'f''',:'' bf conver-eion of ael:iCultural landn to non-~gricultural usa, i~ haa come to the notice of the Gov"rrunont that in ma.,y of the c"'!Jee ueal t J>y the .\OSlatant lJ"''''isgioners/Tahetl<l.:rg uurin.r; the year \984-85. the Assistant.' Com",ieeionera!Tahsild lTC n vv o rrl11cd to adhere t;o'tho pz ovf af ona

cont'l.iP"'o in Hection 95-96 and 97 of th<l KaruatH.k:~ Land hGvenua Aot, 196,< and the Circular ln~t.ri.t~ tions and <",uidalinea '1~suod by' r-')vornmer" from time to tine in thiS reenro, Gome .,f the lapeee7, lrrsgulori ties ;:trll d ~tal1"d ,\9 below:

,( t ) Cour.t.f~ZI1Lo:i' n,.4/- h,lS not beet! Ilffixed on the

", np:>lic',\tions, ---'. '

(2) In scvon'l c",""ee, tha !?t.ltutOry pOTlo~ of four norrthe , pToscribed \mder Suction 95(5.) of the Act fo .. ' dlgposal of e onver .. "ion applic.ltlona wue not (ldh"r,,~ to. jCh~H.11 "era iuordintlte delays in prc,e,:>sin~ the appllc,\tions and il, passin" thl'l or091'a. "-nd COMl11unicatinH ·thcCl ·,Uhin the pc"gcrtbeo U'lG l11)it.


v(l!) AgricultuTa lands he!." C b~()n conv)rtp.,j for ind'll'ltrlal

purpoee8 l<ithou:t lnsletlnL; upon tho production of th<) pro"hHonal Rcgistr':':J:ion' Certificat" iGeued by the wl?art,~ont of Ind1ls tri BB ,,:nd Comrn:1rco.

1.. I

(4) 'rhs 6xten'; of land eonvel'ted'/in elrCG88 of the extent nppliea

for, or mora than ~e actualrequirementa of tho appllc~nts, as

p3r the buil'Hn~ :,>l .. ns , .

(5) Conversion haa been sanctioned in rp.~p"ct '0 f the mortgaged,

l"'utir without obi;;;linin(.; thG consent of the etpr;;gageee. ' ~

) {6} Convereion fine hae been ehort-la~l€d ~nd phody fees not


(7) Opinion of th~ Local Bodie", i. e , c onc e rned Town ~lunicipali-

tioB,and Vil1ac~ Pnnchayats, in ~o far ae it ie relevant Be per the provi2iDne of tho Act, ia not obtain~d before sanctioning. Convora1nn4

(8) In" few Cd(lC"'. c.onv0ruion Ms b e on ~anction,ld wi thin 2' ot'

3 day" ofrM"ipt of :uell "Pl'l1r."tione. Thin, obv'1ol<elY,m,1·koe th~ u<:tlon of th(l eanctiol1in'c D.uthorj_·r.y op.m to ,loubt I\ne1' aUflpi.e i on , ThE!' pl"3R!""l"'1 hnd 1'1"('-"'" n(llJ't"il p'l':n fie R.11DAT'()ntl.'f not follovod in bkQ.h C.)$~~" i.

(9) Conv0~~lo~'h."'" b o en E'anctiofiGd for a puz p o s e diffBl.>Jnt

froct the r-,'" applied for,

(10) In CCl:'tuln c a a oe , RTC cop l e» proo1Jcedby t\to applicani;s have d1sclo~",dth" "Xl.atencc o r IlOUS{)('I/str\l0tur"s in th(l lc,nd"

.... 2/-



I"otl"ht to be oonv0;>',cd for roniOBntinl pu rp oe e prior to mahIli; applic"tiol'le to t1-co', Bitl1ctioninr. lwth,o:ti tv, .se ti on hB.S not b,,'!n

t'litf)n "$ contDl':lpl.).tM undc r ;jedton 96(2) (If tho? Act and cOlllpoundinG' fine aa :'lOr rule lOV of t'te Kar.nutakaLand Havenue Hulce, 1966 . neith(~r leviod nor focovored,

{11} .\greemonts on !tamped papers have net bee~ obtained to .

, '..lsura tMt thp ·a.ppJ,~c2,nte abide by ,t.he cond i tiOll8( they must' iil' all' ~MeG ac co r-i with the law in force) ~ubjoct to which conver-

. ai on w;;.e sanctloned.4,lhcr.e flgreor,'en ~ have be un obtain(~ll. a~l •• conHt10ne Bt1puLltCq Mve not berm incorporat~d and in a [ow oa.o€s. . agrec,1entn helve boqn,ox'ecutea ty pBrr;onn orh',r than the dpplic:>.nte.

,12) In a few ce.o ee , cv<m thour!h kha t a of t~e 1,'."os souGht to be (lonvtll'tod does not a t and in t~e n.~!;)e of the appliCi).nt$; convorsion!! have been o,mct1o!led~

-/ (13) In ca·~(la whnre fr -, ,g!'leirtod lando have be;~'" eour:ht to be DonV(lrt,'d, permiSGi or, af the comp1tohl; autl'ority unuer aect Lon

9( 2) of the Knrnatuita Pri?vention of Pr<l[[r1entatlon and consolioation of Holdings i.ct, 1966, !).l(l not beau obt;:>.ine~ and produced by the applic~,nta •

(14) In eono C ises, ~lC~tetl,~'nt()d laud has teen converted tor

f xes tel sn t Ia L p' r pos ce without ;'Ll,!thority~

{15) In certain case::;, Iti?cordp have not bo sn examined with

. rut' ·rene e to the p rcvd s.i.on's ~f <'Gction!! 79{ A), 79(:B) lInd 80 of "the Karnataka Land licdorm~ Act. 196!.

(16) Orders of rejection of ap~lic~tione h<vc nQt beon cOffiMun1cat·'

-oil to the conc3rned ap~licRtlts in cettain casos. '

(17)' In a fow cas~e. ou toa.t:;d "No. obj2ction Cp.rtif1catee" and 1\

oe7t1fica t«s issued' by the iT'lCorop3tcnt authOl'itioe huve he,m

ace epted for aanctlonlne; .CotW,;r'!ion. -; '"

Bea Ld e s , ~mmi.~ 3i()nS of the nature ii~t,)d above. certain adMitli.Jtrati"G lapec!s hwo also b e en notir,id i.n f~w cases, Therefore. 1 t is r"G:U ested th .... t offiC'e"s emryolJared to e xc o rc Lae power€' "'<'$'(:(;0 t:,;, 1.1,,, .. · .. "o,'~d"v,"lr1 "\le!l lapso,,/irt0gulnl:i ties and tho order pf>Slit1d in each case should be a B()lf-C'ontninod and speaking ora"r. T'lO above may bo not ad for. caroful and strict compliance

in future, '

, I

.4...:_ "\

D L~

(X.K.1IWl1"J:fIR IUr) t... \ ._ t\" "--*(:cr'~?tary to Go \idrUI'llOr:, , .

Rw »u.o Jop'.I:dment.

-.Copy to:- I,V

1, All the ;liv1eioni11 r."l11miRFlione>l"B ffJr i nt'o rm.vt.Lon and necessury ae t.Lon ,

, .•• 3/-