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RAINSHADOW Students actively working in the new

STAFF science classroom.



Infusing Project-Based Learning With ēno

having difficulty with the product. Polyvision prompted to change it the first time you login.
Technology in the also has another site that is more helpful for Students also have a login, which is copy5bell.
Classroom lesson planning, http:// Our goal at Rainshadow is always to This site will give make learning meaningful and relatable.
Rainshadow has become much more
you support documentation, but it will also
technology-based in the course of a summer.
give you pre-made lessons to be used with the
Each classroom has use of the ēno board,
an innovative product that will allow us all to
Easiteach software that we will have for free.
The site provides you with an Easiteach
Inside this issue
engage our students in more effective and
reader for free, so you can use the lessons
more meaningful learning. We must, however,
also begin to feel more confident in using the that are already created for free. You will Project Based Learning and Eno 1
need the software to create any new lessons
software that is available with this product.
There are several sites that we need to you would like to use. Just by using the
Predictors of Academic Success 2
look at to support what you will be working with
in the classroom. The first site is the educators
Polyvision eno board, we have elected to use
two products. The first is the Easiteach
Meaningful Questions 2
site on Polyvision, http:// This site will
software, the second is the SAS Curriculum School Events 3
Pathways. To access this curriculum, go to
provide you with basic information about the
eno board product as well as informational Shadow Counseling 3
Your username is details5contain and your
videos, webinars, and tutorials if you are password is know5itself. You will be Resource List 3

Rainshadow Community Creating Empowered Community Members

Through Real-World Education
Charter High School

What does this mean? It means we work hard to expose students to a variety of experiences in
the local community. It means that we want our students out learning from the world and
feeling empowered to have an active voice in changing the world. It means that we want our
students getting their hands dirty and their minds active as they grow as young adults.
9:00 a.m. 12-1 p.m. 3 p.m.
To Do List for this Meet in Vikkie’s Room Lunch Independent Work:
Finalize your technology
Staff Development Download software for 1 p.m. lesson plans
Polyvision Meet in Joe’s Room for
Alissa’s presentation Review resource list for
9/14/09 Using Easiteach: take one more ideas.
hour to create a lesson Child Abuse Protocol
using Easiteach with Crisis Response Plan Review calendar for
resources. FERPA upcoming events.
Suicide Intervention
11:00 a.m. Testing Protocol
Share lessons with the rest Guidance Curriculum in
of the group. the Classroom

Teacher’s Domain For Thematic Teaching Ideas

The 21st Century
Focus on: Invention & Science
Exploration What is necessary for life to exist? Skills Movement
Students might investigate through the
Teacher’s Domain the recent studies of Mars,
History and whether there is H2O on Mars or not. According to the
Investigate the correlations between the Students can learn about Mars, and then Framework for 21st
determine the right ingredients for life on a
earliest explorers to cross the ocean and our
modern space exploration pursuits. Is there a future potential life-inhabited planet. Students
Century Learning,
difference? See the Robotic Exploration of might also ask the question of whether or not there are skills, knowledge, and
Space Timeline for additional support on the the ingredients for life as we know it might be expertise that students will need to
Teacher’s Domain. different for some different species. Examples succeed in work and life. In the
What is the history of Wells Avenue in of life on Earth through the Planet Earth series discussions, educators recommended a
terms of when it was established? As people might compliment. combination of rigorous courses
moved into the Reno area, how did the imparting both core content
migration and establishment of the city occur? knowledge and skills to engage
Based on how historical explorations of new students and increase achievement.
places and migrations have occurred, have Math Civic and community groups outlined a
students research the concept of space set of 21st century skills and
exploration and what possibilities lie on the Read about how Arthur C. Clarke knowledge that citizens participating in
horizon. Check out predicted the possibility of a space elevator, democracy must possess. Business for interesting and then learn about the modern technology leaders identified skills and knowledge
ideas for the Reno area. Have students plan to create this idea. Check out http:// they perceive as essential for success
a city of the future. in the workplace.
Then, go to the Teacher’s Domain and 1. Core Subjects
check out the Nanotube Space Elevator
segment. Discuss the math implications for on 21st Century themes, like language
English this kind of technology. What is arts, mathematics, science, global
nanotechnology? How will it impact our awareness, and financial literacy.
Should we spend money on space
exploration? Students could write a short future?
2. Learning and Innovation
essay exploring the topic, after watching a
Creativity, innovation, critical thinking,
brief video clip about Space Exploration on
the Teacher’s Domain.
Check out and problem solving.
Students might look at creating a new
way of living based upon environment.
Exploration and invention of: a “better for great video segments 3. Information, Media, and
planet”. Reading utopian science fiction
divided by subject matter Technology
might compliment this investigation.
and topic. It includes
discussion questions and 4. Life and Career Skills
See more at the Educational
lesson plan ideas. Leadership Journal for September
2009. Available at Rainshadow.
Rainshadow Classroom
Predictors of
Academic Success
It’s noncognitive elements
that weigh most heavy

1. Positive self concept

The confidence that leads to the
determination to succeed

2. Realistic self-appraisal
The ability to accurately assess your
own strengths and weaknesses, and to
use this assessment to further your own

3. Successful navigation of the system:

knowing how to access resources and
how to use the system to help you
achieve your goals

the theme, it is the instructor’s responsibility to

Infusing Project-Based pose questions to the class that will generate
4. Preference for long-term goals
Knowing how to set and achieve long-
Learning further thought. There are several “terms” for
term goals, delay gratification, and
this type of teaching: inquiry-based, problem-
These are tools to help students to make persevere in spite of obstacles
based, or project-based learning. It is the
connections. Please investigate some of the
questions that are both the most difficult to
partner sites on the Polyvision Wiki site, such 5. Availability of a strong support
generate, and the most crucial to the process.
as Fablevision and the Easiteach website. person
Two years ago, as we began to explore our
You can use the software for creating basic Finding someone to confer advice,
local region through the history of Fourth
animations, storytelling, creating comics, etc. particularly in times of crisis
Street,students became interested in the Tent
Also, this group also provides some brain-
City that formed along the train tracks. At
based workouts for students. 6. Leadership experience
first, there was a lot of anger and frustration
It will take some time to familiarize Having the ability to organize and
about the situation. Students understood that
yourself with all of these new features, and influence others
this influx was due to the current econimic
perhaps you won’t be able to instantly get
issues, however they also felt that the city of
students actively working at the board. You 7. Community involvement
Reno did not provide enough shelters for the
can, however begin to expand your comfort Being involved in the community
homeless. At the time, the men’s shelter had
zone. For each of us, it will look different.
just been closed up. This spark of interest
As you begin to work towards your larger 8. Knowledge acquired in and about
became interviews with the director of the
quarter and semester projects, however, think a field
shelter, a police officer stationed at the site,
of ways that you can utilize the technology Having the explicit and implicit
as well as a spokeswoman from the Reno
we currently have. For example, Joe might knowledge of a particular field of
Redevelopment Agency. What started as a
work to create his online store in front of the study
question turned into answers, and answers we
class, allowing students to work on
didn’t anticipate.
customizing as a group. Rachael’s ambitious Jackson, Robyn R. Never Work
Part of developing great questions is
goal of using Skype for announcements is Harder Than Your Students, 2008.
listening to your students. What moves them?
another way to infuse new technology in the
What bothers them? Sometimes, students will
classroom. To get the most out of your students,
pretend as if there are no answers to either of
you need to know them. Recognize
these questions. That’s why the teacher as
Beginning With Something facilitator is crucial. I used to use a large
that for many of our students, you will
be their touchstone for many of these
Meaningful white pad to discuss ideas as a group. I am
elements because they aren’t getting
excited that we now have the technology to
Across the board, throughout each class, them at home. This list is a predictor
conduct a class discussion that can be
we should begin with the theme of for students achieving academic
recorded, saved, and modified as we grow,
Exploration and Invention. Now, we all know success at the collegiate level, however
change, and develop new questions as a
this is a somewhat vague and open-ended it is definitely relevant to the high
theme. That is a good thing because it will school setting. Teachers have both the
allow you freedom in your class to interpret ability and the responsibility to support
how this theme will become relevant. From these elements everyday.
School September October November

Events 18
Eno Board Training 9-12 p.m.
Progress reports due for the
Veteran’s Day, No School
The following displays first 4 1/2 weeks.
upcoming events, discussions,
accreditation concerns, etc.

17 5 17,18,19
Count Day run through Staff Development Day NV High School Proficiency

24 24 26
Official Count Day Monster Mash Bash Event, at Thanksgiving Break, No
the old Zulu Supper Club, 7-12 School

TBA 29
Holland Project 50/50 trial End of Quarter, Half Day,
show. Tentative day for Halloween

Shadow Counseling Resource List

No, it’s not a new style of counseling--
it’s just your one-stop shop for all counseling
issues as Rainshadow. Alissa has put together
a great site for students, parents, faculty, staff,
and community. All of the issues that we will
discuss as a part of today’s staff development
are available online at http:// You can also
access her page off the Rainshadow website.
Alissa looks to provide each student with Reno revitalization plans.
academic advisement, referral services, crisis
management and intervention, collaboration
with staff, community collaboration, downtown_reno/BungalowDistrict.asp
curriculum implementation, and counseling. Revitalization for the Wells Ave. Area,
For this staff development, we will use the including the Neighborhood Plan.
website to cover the following topics:
1. Child Abuse Protocol Technology in the classroom, including
2. Crisis Response Plan articles about Skype. See this magazine at Rainshadow. Great tips!
4. Suicide Intervention
5. Testing Protocol
6. Planning for Guidance Curriculum and Thanks Todd! Use the free login to Final Thought...
Groups access. I don’t know if we can get in A good teacher is like a candle-- It
otherwise. If not, check out Teacher’s consumes itself to light the way for
Domain for similar stuff. others.
Free to use for Northern Nevada Keep lighting the way!!
teachers. Great stuff through PBS!