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Check-out: exercise your short-term memory 51

30: The ag game Your Score: ______

Study the top 2 ag garlands for 5 seconds. Then cover them up and color in the blank 13 correct: 2 points
45 correct: 3 points
spaces of the ags below, and write the name of the country each ag represents.
67 correct: 4 points
8+ correct: 5 points

Italy Denmark
USA France Greece

Japan Portugal
Spain Korea Mexico Canada

31: Identical layout Your Score: ______

You have moved to a new house and want to arrange the furniture the way it was in 1 room correct: 2 points
your previous home. For each room, look at the objects and their location once. Then both rooms correct: 4 points
cover it up and draw them in the empty plan below.

1 0
Time to add up your points.
Your score: _____ 83 points
= ( _____ x 100) = _____ %
Living room Compare this score to the
Bedroom score you got for the check-in
exercises. Have you made any
progress? Of course, your brain
workout doesnt stop here.
To expand your short-term and
working memory capacity, make
sure you use it regularly and,
above all, dont forget that its
all about maintaining focus!

Check-in: how well do you

remember the past?
This chapter explores how long-term memory works and what you can do to
improve it. Some exercises will ask you to retrieve memories from your own past
while others will involve memorizing material and recalling it after a time-lag task.

1: Your life
Look back at your past and answer the following
questions as accurately as possible. Leave the space
blank if you cannot remember the answer.

A: Where were you on Sunday a week ago?

B: What was the name of your secondary school?

C: What color hair does your dentist have? Your Score: _____
1 point for each correct
D: What was your previous address? answer

2: Dining with the famous Your Score: _____

A genie has granted you a wish to have dinner with 8 world-famous people (past 14 correct: 2 points
and present). Write down on their plates what each person is famous for. 58 correct: 4 points

Greta Garbo Muhammad Ali Marie Curie Cleopatra

Oprah Winfrey Mahatma Gandhi JK Rowling Isaac Newton

Check-in: how well do you remember the past? 55

3: Visual memories Your Score: _____

How attentive are you? Try to answer the questions below using your visual 12 correct: 2 points
memory of each object. 34 correct: 3 points
57 correct: 4 points

A: How many wings do dragonies have?

B: Is the width of a credit card greater than 3 in?

C: How many arrowheads does the universal recycling

logo have?

D: In Michelangelos painting, Creation of Adam,

which hand is Adam using to reach out to God?

E: A standard ruler measures up to how many inches?

F: Which colors make up the ag of the UK?

G: What is the diameter of an adult human eye?

Solutions on p.181

4: Weekly shopping
Here is your food-shopping list. Will you be able to bring back all these items? Study
the list for a few minutes. Then cover it up and name 12 countries in Asia. (This will
provide the time lag.) Afterward, try to recall as many items as possible. Write them
down in the space provided.

Carrots, Cookies,
Milk, Leeks, Pears,
Tape , Cheese,
Envelopes, Eggs,
Tomatoes, Wine , Your Score: _____
Grapes, Cereals, 13 items: 2 points
47 items: 4 points
Ham 811 items: 6 points
1215 items: 8 points

5: Closet crisis
You are trying to help your friend reorganize her closet 13 times table. Afterward, return to the exercise
after a dress-up session. Below (left) is what the closet making sure the closet on the left is still covered up
originally looked like. Study it carefully for a few minutes and draw arrows to show where the items were
and then cover it up. Now take a minute to recite the originally located.

Your Score: _____

13 objects: 2 points
46 objects: 3 points
78 objects: 4 points
910 objects: 6 points

6: What were the questions?

The rst exercise in this section asked you
4 questions about your life. Do you remember
any of these questions? Write down as
many as you can recall.

Your Score: _____

1 question: 1 point
2 questions: 2 points
34 questions: 4 points
Check-in: how well do you remember the past? 57

7: Dog-sitting
Youve offered to look after your friends 3 dogs while traits of each dog and then cover up the words. Now to
shes away on vacation. When your friend brings the create time lag, spell out loud the rst names of 8 family
dogs to your house, she describes each ones personality members. Afterward, try to write the traits of the 3 dogs
for you. Take a few minutes to memorize the character in the answer spaces below.

BUSTER clumsy, courageous,
possessive, enthusiastic
resolute, needy
joyous, noisy, quick


Your Score: _____ If you recalled all the characteristics

13 characteristics: 2 points and attributed them to the correct
46 characteristics: 3 points dog, give yourself an extra 4 points:
79 characteristics: 4 points Your Score: _____

8: Shoes galore
Study these 16 types of footwear for a few minutes. Then cover up the picture 1 0
and name 10 of your favorite cartoon characters to create a time lag. HOW DID YOU DO?
Afterward, write down as many styles as you can recall. Time to add up your points.
Your score: _____ 48 points
= ( _____ x 100) = _____ %
Did you fare better than you
thought you would? You
probably noticed that to
complete these exercises, you
could not rely on your short-
term memory. In other words,
you could not keep the
information in your mental
workspace because it was
interrupted by another set of
information during the time lag.
So you had to sift through your
Your Score: _____ 14 styles: 2 points long-term memory. Turn over
59 styles: 4 points to discover how your long-term
1012 styles: 8 points memory works and discover
12+ styles: 10 points ways to boost its aptitude.

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