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24: Moments from the past

Answer these questions accurately. Put an x in the A: What was your telephone
box if you dont know the answer: number at your last address?

B: What was your rst job?

C: What did you do on Saturday

night two weeks ago?

D: Can you name one of your

primary school teachers.

Your Score: _____ E: What was the title of the last

12 correct: 2 points book you read?
34 correct: 3 points
56 correct: 4 points F: What is the eye color of your

25: First glimpse of the ocean Your Score: _____

Your friend is describing the rst time he saw the ocean while on vacation. 13 correctly located objects: 3 points
Try to visualize the scene as you read the postcard. When you are done, 46 objects: 5 points
710+ objects: 8 points
cover it up and recall the names of 10 people who were in your class in
secondary school. Afterward, draw what you remember of the scene.

v e ry g
, wit the
a s calm right in o men
I t w t h e t w
a n rst. boat on r e were were a
oc e sa i l t th e er e da
s a w the
e w as a t h e lef boat. Th men an s a
I her p on owing o
e tw There w
es. T er u r e th
wav ce. Clos a small b o v
rig h t . o at.
i s t a n a r d h r e ea t h e e s ailb
d bo :t on th
t to gulls ach over le girl als
abou er of sea n the be etching a l itt r sand
b o s t r a s h e
num of four he sky, hw and
p t beac cket
grou cloud in s on the red bu
le rd er
sing o the bi g. H
x t t h e r do
Ne ith
ing w nd her.
be i h
Check-out: exercise your long-term memory 73

26: Birthday wish

You accidentally spill water on your god-daughters birthday wish list. The words
become illegible so you try to remember what they were. Study this wish list for a few
minutes. To create richer memories, try to think of each item in a personal context.
Then cover up the list and try to nd your way in the maze on the right. Afterward,
rewrite the list on the blank sheet below and see how many items you can remember.

Dollhou Stickers
Books Tea se
Truck Doll
p h o n e
Play- Dress
Your Score: _____
14 items: 3 points
58 items: 6 points
911 items: 8 points

27: Follow the recipe

Youre tired of referring back to your cookbook to remember the ingredients you need
The formula to
for a recipe. How about trying to memorize them instead? Take 2 minutes to study the
convert C to F is:
list of ingredients, then cover it up, and complete the time-lag task on the right. Now
F = (C x 95) + 32
draw a circle around the ingredients you need. How many
Fahrenheit does
218F convert to?

butter, onion,
pasta, celery,
our, salt,
Solutions on p.182
milk, tuna,
peas, cheese Your Score: _____
14 ingredients: 3 points
58 ingredients: 6 points
911 ingredients: 8 points

28: Geography lesson

How much do you remember from your geography lessons at school?
Draw arrows to link each river with the sea or ocean it ows into.

South China Sea
A: Mississippi
English Channel
B: Jordan
Dead Sea
C: Seine
Atlantic Ocean
D: Ganges
Persian Gulf
E: Danube
Black Sea
F: Euphrates
Indian Ocean
G: Amazon Your Score: _____
Gulf of Mexico
H: Mekong 1 point for each correct

Solutions on p.182

29: Who said what? Your Score: _____

You are having dinner with new colleagues and they all tell you something about 12 quotes: 3 points
themselves. Take a few minutes to memorize each statement and the face it belongs 34 quotes: 6 points
56 quotes: 8 points
to. Then cover up the picture. After a 5-minute break, write the correct statement in
each speech bubble.

Gardening has I have 4

Im learning to I do not like I go shing
I am on a diet always been children: 3
play golf big cities whenever I can
my passion boys and a girl
Check-out: exercise your long-term memory 75

30: All mixed up! Your Score: _____

At a conference, you bump into a colleague and all the business cards you both have 12 cards: 3 points
collected fall on the oor and get mixed up. Take a few minutes to memorize the names 34 cards: 6 points
56 cards: 8 points
on the business cards in the holder. Then cover them up. Now, to create a time lag,
recall the 8 Wonders of the World. Afterward, identify your business cards from the pile.

Jennifer Rob
Smith Mary Ma rt
James lin
ith Moor
Lee Mary Sm e
Moore Ca
Barbara Mar
And m s
Robert ers
on Jame
Susan Malin e e
Wilson Susan
n Emily
Daniel Kim Darland n
Taylor Anderson Da
Ta iel
Lind r
a No
n Joseph

31: Stamp collector

Youve spotted 10 stamps that you think may interest your friend who is an
avid stamp collector. However, youre not sure whether he already has them. 1 0
Take a few minutes to memorize the 10 stamps below (on the left). Then,
to create a time lag, turn back to pages 7273 and add up your score for Time to add up your points.
the exercises on those 2 pages. Afterward, return to this exercise (making Your score: ____ 122 points
sure the stamps you studied are covered up). Study your friends collection = ( ___ x 100) = ___ %
and cross off the stamps that you have spotted that your friend already has. Compare this score to the
score you got for the check-in
exercises. Are they different?
How much were you able to
focus your attention and create
rich memories?
Do bear in mind that you
cannot improve your memory
over the course of a single
day! What you can do is
maintain the good work and
Your Score: _____ make sure you keep applying
12 stamps: 3 points the basic principles described
34 stamps: 6 points in this chapter as often as
56 stamps: 8 points possible when trying to
7 stamps: 10 points memorize something.

Check-in: whats your

imagination like?
Recall a special moment in your life. Do images of the moment come to mind
rst? Of course they do. This is because we rely mainly on our sense of vision
to build memories in the rst place. This chapter looks at how honing the ability
to create powerful mental images can lead to a better memory. Try the following
exercises to assess your visualization skills.

1: Close your eyes to see A: Your mothers face. Your rating: ____
Visualize the following images and
then rate the vividness of each B: A market stall. Your rating: ____
image on a scale of 1 to 4:
C: The sun setting behind a mountain. Your rating: ____
1 = vague impression
2 = complete but lacking detail D: A cat warming up in the sun. Your rating: ____
3 = complete with a few details
4 = vivid impression E: A forest in fall. Your rating: ____

F: A sailboat on a rough sea. Your rating: ____

What is your average rating (sum of all your

ratings divided by 6)? Your Score: ______

2: What happens next? Your score: _____

Look at each scene and try to imagine what will happen next. You can either 1 scene: 3 points
draw or describe the next scene in the space provided. Try to imagine 2 scenes: 6 points
something funny or surprising. You have 2 minutes.