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Check-out: exercise your memory for names and faces 143

17: Business relations 18: Too many docs!

4 people handed you their business cards at the last Can you memorize the names of the doctors below and
trade fair. Each card includes a photograph of the what they specialize in? Take as much time as you need,
person. Take a few minutes to memorize the names then cover them up,and, on a separate sheet of paper,
using the 3-Step Memory Booster. Then cover up the list the names of the memory techniques you have
business cards and complete the math problems in the learned so far in this book. When youre done, write
time-lag box. Afterward, write down the correct names down the correct doctors name beside each specialism.
on the business cards below.

Sky Gloria
Dr. Payne Dentist
Dr. Dunn Ophthalmologist
Dr. Snyder Cardiologist
Dr. Lawrence Dermatologist
Rodney Dr. Wheeler Obstetrician
Appleton Dr. Burton Gastroenterologist


(45 x 3) + (32 + 56) = ___ Gastroenterologist

(35 7) x (42 6) = ____
(21 6) + (7 x 8) = ____
(6 x 12) (23 7) = ____





Your score: _____

12 specialties: 2 points
34 specialties: 3 points
56 specialties: 4 points

Your score: _____

12 names: 2 points
Solutions on pp.1845
34 names: 4 points

19: On rst-name terms

Below are the rst names of the distinguished guests you would like to meet at the
Place 6 Xs on
next art show. Memorize the names in 2 minutes, then cover them up and solve the
the grid below
time-lag problem. Afterward, draw a circle around the names of the people you want
without making
to talk to in the lower list of names.
3-in-a-row in any

Douglas Fiona Patrick Heidi

Colin Olivia Richard Rachel

Rachel Vanessa Eleanor Gabriel

Dustin Patrick Benjamin Douglas
Pamela Fiona Olivia Adam
Your score: _____
Heidi Colin Philip Ella 13 names: 2 points
46 names: 3 points
Oscar Patricia Bianca Richard 78 names: 4 points

20: Party time!

As you chat with the party hostess, 4 guests arrive and the hostess 67 + 45 6 = ____
introduces them to you. Can you memorize their names and faces? Once 34 + 4 8 = ____
youre done, cover up the names and faces and complete the math 23 7 + 26 = ____
424 234 = ____
problems. Afterward, write down the correct name under each face.

Philip Wolaver Sharon Druce Sara Winspear Mary Houseman

Your score: _____

12 names: 2 points
34 names: 4 points

Solutions on p.185
Check-out: exercise your memory for names and faces 145

21: Whos playing?

Imagine youve seen a poster advertising a concert in Elton John
which 8 famous singers are performing. Can you Prince
memorize their names? Once youre done, cover up the
poster, and on a separate sheet of paper, take 2 minutes
to list as many words as you can think of beginning with
the letter U. Afterward, try to recall the singers names. Eric Dion

Lennox George
Your score: _____ Whitney
13 names: 2 points
Houston Alicia Keys
46 names: 3 points
78 names: 4 points

22: The philanthropic six

On the right are the names of the 6 volunteers who will
help you organize a charity event. Try using the 3-Step
Memory Booster to memorize their names. When
youre done, cover up the names and faces, and take
a 5-minute break. Afterward, write down the names
Mr. Frazier Ms. Burke Mr. Vargas
you remember under the correct faces below.

Mr. Osborne
Ms. Pearson Ms. Chambers

1 0
Time to add up your points:
Your score = ( ____ x 100) 48 points = ____ %
Compare this with your check-in score. Have you
improved? Try using the 3-Step Memory Booster
Your score: _____ the next time you meet someone. Youll be surprised
12 names: 2 points at how well you remember the persons name later
34 names: 3 points on. The more you use the method, the easier it will
56 names: 4 points become, and soon it will feel like second nature!

Check-in: do you have a head

for storing numbers?
For most people, its a challenge to memorize numbers, be it a phone number
or a PIN. Fortunately, a few simple techniques and a willingness to learn can
help you become more procient at memorizing numerical information. Before
discussing these techniques, lets assess your current memory for numbers.

1: Window shopping 2: Momentous years

Can you memorize the prices of the following items Here are the dates of 3 historical events. Pick one you
of clothing? Study each price tag for 10 seconds, then dont know already and memorize it. When you are done,
cover them up and, on a separate sheet of paper, list move on to the next exercise. Afterward, return to this
as many girls names beginning with A as you can think exercise and recall the event and the year it happened.
of in 1 minute. This will create a time lag. Afterward,
recall the prices of the 3 items.





1989: The Berlin Wall falls, paving the way for
German reunication
1982: the rst music album is released on CD
shoes 1994: Nelson Mandela is elected president of South
Africa, marking the end of Apartheid.

Your score: ____

1 price: 1 point Your score: ____
2 prices: 2 points Event and year recalled:
3 prices: 3 points 3 points
Check-in: do you have a head for storing numbers? 149

3: Driving too much?

You are about to go on a 6-month trip abroad and so that you can gure out how much he drives the car
reluctantly decide to leave your car with a friend. When in your absence. When you are done, cover it up and
your friend drives you to the airport, you think it might take a 2-minute break. Then recall your odometer
be prudent to memorize the reading on the odometer reading. Afterward, return to the previous exercise.


Your score: ____

4 points for correctly
recalling the number

4: Important phone number

Is there a friend or family member whose phone
number you dont know by heart? Look it What belongs
up and write it down in the rolodex. to you but your
friends use it more
Spend 1 minute trying to memorize
than you do?
it. Then cover it up and solve the
riddle on the right. Afterward,
try to recall the phone number.

Your score: ____

3+ errors: 1 point
2 errors: 2 points
1 error: 4 points
Solution on p.185
no errors: 6 points