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Papers are formatted with 1 The formatting seems pretty similar to

margins, times new roman font MLA.
at 12 pt, left aligned and double I tend to write in an active voice so
spaced. thats pretty neat.
Use and active voice. Its odd you can only cite your degree if
You will have a title page, and you have a master or above.
abstract, and a reference sheet. The required parts seem pretty normal
The title page will have your for a published paper.
name, email, degree above a Sports Science papers use MSSE as
bachelor, affiliations, word opposed to normal AMA citing which is
count and the title of course. strange. From what I can tell the rest of
The abstract will contain the the format is the same. Though it does
objective, design, results and a say that there in no firm structural laws
conclusion. Up to 150 words. 3- in AMA so I guess it makes sense that
10 key words from the text at different disciplines will have different
the end. rules.
Citations in text will be Its also strange that you have a cap on
documented by Arabic refences you can use in MSSE, though a
numerals, multiple can be cited minimal amount will probably lead to
at once when separated by a more concise writing so Id say that a
comma. good call.
Reference list will be by
numbered by the order they
appear in text.

Medicine & Science in Sports


References are in alphabetical

order, not citation order, and
they are numbered
For original studies youre only
allowed 40 references
Review studies are allowed 75
references but all must appear
in the text