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Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management

Boston House, Thumkunta, Hyderabad

Suggested project titles

1. A study on Job Satisfaction among the employees in the company with

reference to
2. A study on Customers perception on air conditioners : A study with
reference to shopkeepers
3. A Study on Investors Preference towards equity broking.
4. A study on Training Effectiveness in the organization
5. A study on Effectiveness of Performance Management system among
the employees
6. A study on Effectiveness of Quality Initiativeness among the
7. A study on Cash Management System in company
8. A study on Inventory Management system in the company.
9. A study on Awareness and satisfaction among the investment in
Mutual Funds
10. A market study on perceptual positioning of Electric switches Among
existing and potential electrical dealers
11. A study on awareness and Attitude towards the electrical products.
12. A study on knowledge Management among the employees
13. A study on employee awareness of training in ttk healthcare ltd.
14. A study on Organisational Culture and Climate of Employees among
the employees.
15. A study on market potential of compact flourescent lamps
16. A study on market potential for video conference equipments.
17. A study on Cash and Receivable management of the company.
18. A study on Materials Management of Indirect Materials of the
19. A study on Motivation and Morale among the employees.
20. A study on Consumer awareness towards milk products.
21. A study on Attitudinal Survey among the employees.
22. “A study on reader perception about travel magazines with reference
to express travel world(magazine of Indian express)
23. A study on Employees Retention in the company
24. A study on capital investment methods of appraisal of the firm
25. A study on Performance Evaluation of different Portfolio’s resources
26. A study on Revenue and Financial Statement Analysis in the
27. A study on Capital Budgeting and Appraisal methods of analysis.
28. A Study on Different Schemes with Comparison and Evaluation among
the Mutual Funds
29. A study on awareness and growth of unit linked insurance plans
among the general public.
30. A study of employee perception on participation programme in the
31. A study on Customers attitude towards marketing of third parties
products (Insurance).
32. A study on investor’s perception towards complaint redressal system.
33. A study on investor’s awareness of systematic investment plan for
Security companies.
34. A study on employee’s perception on effectiveness of Team Building
35. A study on Impact of Online Trading and Dematerialization of
36. A study on impact of stress among the employees.
37. A study on Equity analysis on stock broking.
38. Moving the Wheels of Prosperity Project Report on Portfolio Evaluation
of Big Cap Companies.
39. A Study on the Customer Relationship Management in the
40. A study on Human Resource Planning among the Employees.
41. A study on Job Rotation, Enrichment and Simplification among the
42. A study on different price movements of commodity futures
43. A study on selection criteria for choosing schools for nursery and
44. Effect of CRM practices and brand loyalty
45. Perception among Management students(Girls) towards alcohol
46. Customer satisfaction towards various telecom service providers
47. Customer perceptions towards branded sweets

Suggested areas of project titles

1. Measurement of Impact of _________________________________________

2. Measurement of Attitude
3. Measurement of Potential of _____________________________
4. Measurement of perception about ________________________________
5. Measurement of satisfaction about / for ____________________________
6. Measurement of awareness about ______________________
7. Measurement of effectiveness of __________________________________
8. Measurement of preference for ________________________________
9. Measurement of service quality of
10. Measurement of market penetration
11. Measurement of market share of
12. A study of factors affecting __________________________________
13. A study of innovative training methods
14. A study of strategies for ______________________________
15. A study of evaluation methods_____________________
16. A study of new product policies ______________________________
17. A study of test marketing strategies_____________________________
18. A study of new media and their