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Word Tipo Definizione Traduzione

Kosher adj Real, home made autentico

affordable adj Similar to cheap Conveniente
plot n part of a book/film Trama
get sick v not feel good Stare male
every so often sometimes Ogni tanto
foreign adj person of another nationality Straniero
to feel ashamed v vergognarsi
reckless adj without coscience temerario
distressed adj
intervene v to enter in a situation intervenire
shameful adj Vergognoso
beggar n a person asking for money on the street Mendicante
snatch v to take strongly strappare
struggle v to do something with difficult combattere/lottare
accountable adj with responsability responsabile
deserve v meritare
feeling to another person with the same background,
solidarity n experiences or a person in a plight solidariet

allegedly adj questionably true vero ma ancora da provare

plaintiff n A person who starts the civil trial querelante
bombarded too much input Bombardato
extradite v to force a person to change country estradare
rape v Sexual abuse of a woman Stuprare

witness n the person who watch a crime Testimone

assailant n the person that attack Assalitore

illiterate adj A person who isn't able to read or write Analfabeta
botched orrible and unsuccessfully Qualcosa non fatta per bene
lack v not present Non presente
panic v, n panico
frowned upon adj incouraged visto di buon occhio
make the most of make the best from a bad situation fare il meglio
shoplift v taccheggiare
bolster v To substain Sostenere
the grind n To make something daily with difficult Duro lavoro giornaliero
run v to manage a firm Guidare/gestire
undue adj unmerited indebito/inadatto
lenient adj not strickt indulgente
influx n Flow of people Influsso
brace v To prepare Preparare
swell v to increase the dimension/volume of a part Gonfiare
plight n bad condition grave situazione
conquer v to obtain a country in a war Conquistare
retain v to maintain trattenere
niche n Confortable place phisiccally Nicchia
flourish v do well in a particular environment Fiorire
uprooted adj Someone is strongly take out of his country Sradicare

intimidating adj frightening intimidatorio

bone up on v to review ripassare
welcoming adj accepting someone in a friendly way accogliente
overcome v to pass or to control a situation superare/vincere
dim adj Without light/Stupid Cupo/Stupido
bright adj With a lot of light/Brilliant/Intelligent Luminoso/Intelligente
grudgingly adj without willing non volentieri
enable v to make possible permettere
take into account v to consider considerare
myriad n large number miriade
involvement n partecipation coinvolgimento
deprived adj similar to lack non presente
bias n prejudice pregiudizio
innate adj inborn, intrinsic innato
obstruct v To block Ostruire
regimen n Daily routine Regime
trait n characteristic Tratto
irrelevant adj Not relevant Irrilevante
Word Tipo Definizione Traduzione
marked by deprivation especially of the necessities of life or
deprived adj healthful environmental influences privato

a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue

bias n or situation pregiudizio

innate adj innato

obstruct v to block ostacolare
regimen n regime giornaliero
trait n characteristic tratto
irrelevant adj not relevant irrilevante
grueling adj very hard faticoso
prior adj earlier in time precedente
subtle adj sottile, delicato
terrific adj similar to wonderful straordinario
terrifying adj causing extreme terror terrificante
terrified adj thrown into a state of intense fear or desperation impaurito
incensed adj angered at something unjust or wrong furibondo, acceso

abide v dwell conformare, rispettare, attenersi a

austere adj austero

carrysway v influenzare
blight n something not good ruggine
taint n the state of being contaminated macchia
rugged adj rugoso, forte, duro
endorse v approve of approvare
relish v derive or receive pleasure from gustare
thrive v similar to grow prosperare
deny v refuse negare
rally v to bring people together raccogliere, radunare
borrow v to get a thing temporarily prendere in prestito

lend v to give something to somebody for a certain period of time prestare

white lie n bugia bianca

revolting adj orrible orribile, rivoltante
fare n the price of a ticket tariffa aerea, del treno
tactful adj delicato, con tatto
compass n instrument for finding directions bussola
sway v move back and sideways ondeggiare
strive v to try hard lottare, battersi
reward n benefit resulting from some action riconoscimento
amused adj entertained divertito
perspire v perspiration through the pores in the skin sudare
reharsal n prova di teatro, ballo
cluttered adj filled with a disorderly accumulation of objects confuso, disordinato
withdraw v ritirare
certainty n something that is certain certezza, sicurezza
outraged adj angered at something unjust or wrong infuriati
unsettling adj inquietante
exploitation n an act that treats them unfairly sfruttamento
one-off n una volta sola
plough ahead v to keep going andare avanti

undermine v to destroy minare, indebolire

rudeawakening n shok inaspettato, brusco risveglio
sour grapes n grappoli acidi, risentimento
pretty adj quite piuttosto, molto
pinned down adj incastrato
searing adj bruciante
leap v jump salto
deplore v deplorare
greed n excessive desire of wealth avidit
encroach v advance beyond the usual limit invadere
misgiving n doubt apprensione, dubbio
eager adj veri anxious impaziente
hamper v to empeed impedire, ostacolare
gluttony n desire of food gola
envy n desire to have something that is possessed by another invidia
quirk n peculiar stranezza, particolarit
foretell v to predict predire
fare v to have a good fortune andare
dispel v force to go away dissipare, disperdere
insight n clear perception of a situation intuizione
cue n evidence that helps to solve a problem indizio
numb adj lacking sensation intorpidito, insensibile
straightforward adj free from ambiguity lineare, chiaro
conceive v to understand capire
thriving adj something doing well crescere
blow n an impact colpo
prone adj have a tendency incline
starve v deprive of food morire di fame
ailment n simptom disturbo, sintomo
frantic adj extremely agitated frenetico, molto ansioso
self esteem n feeling of pride in yourself autostima
limp adj not firm flaccido
reasoning n thinking that is coherent and logical ragionamento