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Chapter 1


Introduction :

Perseverance originally comes the Latin word Persevertia which means to abide by
something strictly. Perseverance is one of the virtue that we should develop in ourselves.
Perseverance thoughts crystalize into the habit of temperance, self-control which solidify into
circumstance of success and peace. All great things had discovered by great thinkers is through
the habit of perseverance. Without perseverance, all great ideals would perish. Thomas Edison is
the great inventor of all time, he encountered 10,000 failures before the perfected the incandescent
light. Without his persistence, theres no incandescent light. Thomas Edison never give up in his
dream, until he achieves what he wants. As the bible say whoever say to this mountain, be lifted
up and thrown into sea! And does not doubt at all in his heart but believes that what he says will
take place, it will be done for him. In life there are many troubles, trials, and sufferings we need
to encounter, but if we dont have the perseverance, we cannot endure all the trials, and all the
sufferings in our life. We easily give up on the things what we want in life. We fall into the path
of least resistance.
Perseverance is one of the beautiful thoughts who gets what he wants in life. You can
achieve everything you want in life if you never give up on your dreams, you love the process of
success not the result of success then you will harvest the fruit of perseverance. A person who
have perseverance, he will never let the temporary failure stop him to achieve what he wants.
In our generation, people now a day want instant gratification, they want to get the things
they want in life now. They dont delay gratification, they love temporary pleasure, they dont
have perseverance, and self-control of themselves. They easily fall into temptation of life and they
easily give up because they dont want to suffer and dont endure pain. The thoughts of this
generation filled with pleasure, entertainments and funs that is why people fall into the temptation
of drugs, lust, envy, vanity, egotism jealousy, fornication, pornography and any of the things the
encourage gratification. If you choose this things you will soon to be perish, you will filled with
life unsatisfied and theres no fulfillment in your life.
The thoughts of perseverance who endure all the trials and sufferings will lead into the habit
of joy and peace and happiness. The person who persevere and willing to sacrifice greater will
harvest greater. Christ endure all pain in the Calvary after three days of His death, He resurrected
from the dead and received the glorified body, ascended to the heaven. Henry Ford who had little
schooling, because of this ideas and he perseverance He build a most successful business of all
time called Ford Motor. Perseverance thoughts will help you to because successful in life.