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***************************** NEWS RELEASES SCIENTISTS CUT THROUGH THE CLOUDS TO SEE SHIFTING ARCTIC ICE NASA researchers have new insights into the mysteries of Arctic sea ice, thanks to the unique abilities of Canada's RADARSAT satellite. Using special sensors to take images at night and to peer through clouds, NASA researchers can now see the complete ice cover of the Arctic. This allows tracking of any shifts and changes in the extent or the thickness of the ice, in unprecedented detail, over the course of an entire winter. Headquarters contact: David E. Steitz (Phone: 202/358-1730) Jet Propulsion Laboratory contact: Susan Mitgang (Phone: 818/354-5011) ----------------------------

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***************************** Video File - August 21, 2000 Item 1 - Satellite Measures Sea Ice Thickness - JPL TRT - 5:00 Contact at Headquarters - Dave Steitz (202) 358-1730. Contact at Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Jack Dawson (818) 354-0040. Item 2 - Canadian Space Station Robotic Being Readied for Flight to ISS - KSC (replay) Item 3 - Future Flight Central - Ames (replay) ---------------------------ANY CHANGES TO THE VIDEO LINE-UP WILL APPEAR ON THE NASA VIDEO FILE ADVISORY ON THE WEB AT WE UPDATE THE ADVISORY THROUGHOUT THE DAY. The NASA Video File normally airs at noon, 3 p.m., 6 p.m., 9 p.m. and midnight Eastern Time.


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