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10/24/2017 Randomly error with cloze : Anki


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Randomly error with cloze (self.Anki) search

1 submitted 20 hours ago * by Gersh66
this post was submitted on 23 Oct
Hey everyone, 2017
I have a bunch of cloze cards that 1 point (100% upvoted)
seem to have encountered an error. shortlink:
When I click space to reveal, the
information goes away instead of username password

showing the cloze deletion. Does

remember me reset password
anyone know what might be causing
this or how to fix it? It goes Front -
> space -> Back
Submit a new link
I also have some cloze cards that
are appearing with a back? It will Submit a new text post
show the normal sentence above, Anki
but revealing the deletion shows a subscribe 4,231 readers
repeat below the original card. Any 54 users here now
fix for this? These go Front ->
space -> Back Welcome to /r/anki!
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use the Anki "friendly, intelligent
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web-based version of Anki.
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Keep your posts on-topic. 1/4
10/24/2017 Randomly error with cloze : Anki

Be polite and kind.

Posts that are off-topic will be
[] Gersh66 [S] 1 point 19 hours ago removed. Rude or snarky
I'm sorry. I'm new here and don't comments will be removed.

quite understand what you mean. message the moderators

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[] [deleted] 18 hours ago
[deleted] Jae_t
[] Gersh66 [S] 1 point 16 hours ago
about moderation team
1. Front
2. Space < > discussions in r/Anki X
3. Back 1 2 comments
permalink embed report need help with my deck that
contains overlapping cloze
[] troy_civ 1 point 17 hours ago
Can you rule out the possibility this
being caused by an addon?
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[] Gersh66 [S] 1 point 16 hours ago

How would I do so?
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[] troy_civ 1 point 16 hours ago

remove all addons and check if the error still occurs
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[] No-More-Stars 1 point 16 hours ago*

Can you post:
The Anki Version number:
Help -> About. This should typically be between 2.0.x and
Data from "Front Template" & "Back Template" of the note template
which is causing the problem.
Find a problematic card, press E, then click "Cards...". Both
fields should be visible.
HTML source of the problematic card:
Find a problematic card, pressing E, select a field, then
Ctrl+Shift+X. Obtain the data for each field.
A list of addons installed:
Tools -> Addons -> Open Addons Folder
Can you format these as code in reddit via placing 4 spaces before each

or surrounding them in backticks: `<code goes here>` ->

<code goes here> 2/4
10/24/2017 Randomly error with cloze : Anki

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[] Gersh66 [S] 2 points 16 hours ago*

For the HTML source, is there a different command input for mac?
using the typical substitutions yielded nothing.
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[] No-More-Stars 1 point 16 hours ago

Edit: Can you go back to the note template editing screen and
insert {{cloze:Text}}<br/> {{Extra}} into the "Back Template"
field. That should fix your problem
If this fails, continue as below:
Thanks so much! You can also press the "Down Arrow" in the edit
toolbar and click "Edit HTML". I presume the mac shortcut would
be Apple+Shift+X
The brackets just specify a replacement. `hello` should be
transformed to hello .
Formatting as code isn't vital, just makes my job slightly easier.
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[] Gersh66 [S] 2 points 16 hours ago

Allright!!! Yoiu're amazing! I can study in peace again. Thank
you. FOr future reference. What could have caused this
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[] No-More-Stars 1 point 16 hours ago

No problem mate!
Not too sure. A few ideas (none of which seem likely):
Bad addon
Bad downloaded deck (not sure if possible)
AnkiDroid shortcut keys accidentally being hit (again,
extremely unlikely)
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[] Gersh66 [S] 2 points 16 hours ago

It could be. I noticed it happened after studying using the
app on my iphone.
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10/24/2017 Randomly error with cloze : Anki

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